Covid19 - Foreign workers clusters blossoming and spreading

There were 10 more cases at the S11 Dormitory @ Punggol, which now has a total of 98 confirmed cases.

At the Westlite Toh Guan dormitory, five additional cases were found to be linked to this cluster. There are a total of 34 confirmed cases here now.

Four additional cases were linked to the cluster at Toh Guan Dormitory, which has a total of 18 confirmed cases now. The dormitory is a newly declared isolation area.

The Sungei Tengah Lodge had 12 new cases linked to the cluster, taking the total number of confirmed cases to 18.

At the Tampines Dormitory cluster, eight additional cases were found, bringing the total there to 17.
In total, six more cases were linked to the Cochrane Lodge I and Cochrane Lodge II clusters, both in Admiralty Road West. Both places have a total of 12 confirmed cases.

There were three more links to the cluster at a construction site at Project Glory, which has a total of 21 confirmed cases now.

Seven additional cases were linked to the cluster at Mustafa Centre, which now has a total of 45 confirmed cases.

Three more cases were linked to the cluster at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, which now which has a total of 16 cases.... CNA

From the above there are more than 200 foreign workers affected by the virus and this number is growing. It may look insignificant given the millions of foreign workers here, but it is big enough amber to start a big fire. The only fortunate thing is that they have clearly defined place of lodging. If these workers are residing freely all over the housing estates, my God, the number of infection would be grossly amplified and impossible to trace.

Pray that this problem is contained. And the partial lockdown on non essential activities and businesses is very necessary to keep the foreign workers from moving around and spreading the virus.

The unfortunate thing is that there is no medicine to treat this virus at the moment and their recovery is mainly dependent on their own immune system and unproven medicine that were used to treat them.

The number of clusters even among the foreign workers is growing dramatically.

Yaacob Ibrahim was blasted for his comments about lesser foreign workers in public places. 

'MP Yaacob Ibrahim was upbraided on social media today for attributing the emptying of a green space of migrant workers to the coronavirus.  

Several people accused the former communications and information minister of xenophobia for citing the “inconvenience” caused by workers in a Sunday post about the empty field that is usually occupied by “foreign domestic workers.” ' Yahoo News.

With 2 over millions foreigners here, dunno who brought so many here, it is very difficult not to see foreigners in public places in huge numbers. The ratio now is about 1.5 Singaporeans to 1 foreigners or every 5 people, 2 are foreigners. Could be 1 to 1 if new citizens are included.

Looks like ordinary Singaporeans are not the only ones getting very uncomfortable and unbearable with the presence of so many foreigners. But what to do when they did not know how to use their votes to bring down the number of foreigners in their homeland.

PS Yesterday's 142 case of new infection is a new record coming after April Fool's Day with a partial lockdown that is proving to be a bit too late, too little to stop the explosion.  Too much praises from world leaders is nice and infectious too.


Virgo 49 said...

Long term foreign talent Indian National died of COVID-19.

At aged 32. Can it be that High Tech 1.2M condom owner who cannot afford to even pay 10sin dollars for overnight parking.

And screwed our Sctwerty Uncle is the one??

Karma comes to haunt him?

Heavens got eyes!

Virgo 49 said...

Should be supposed to be just the Mortgage holder of that 1.2M Condom unit.

As most still under Mortgage and now Paid Up owners.

Maybank Soothsayer 100 to 250K gonna lose their jobs even after that COVID goes away.

So do not be too arrogant and yelling at others that you own 1.2 condom or 10 millions bungalows.

Anonymous said...

'Dunno who brought so many here?'

Must be somone lower down the ladder! An animal with two horns and a beard should take the blame, as always! Not the 'yes minister!'

Anonymous said...

cheap and good can only be found in jb, johor ?

Anonymous said...

Foreign workers coronavirus outbreak will be a real test! The number of foreign workers here are not small.

These foreign workers are not so easy to control and pacify, unlike locals. Too heavy handed and you know what India will say. Already foreign Indians are demanding a lot from Red Dot leaders, like colonisers demanding from colonies. Too light handed and you can bet the workers will just flout the law.

In any case, missing their weekend drink binge at their favourite spot is going to make them go crazy.

Anonymous said...

China must learn from India in how to deal with Singapore. See how Singapore cowered under pressure from India? When India demands, Singapore's ball shrink.

Anonymous said...

More than 200 male foreign workers infected by Covid 19.

These more than 200 lonely young men in Singapore ... got any female companions or not?

How many hundreds of thousands of lonely female maids are here in Singapore?

Did the contact tracing of these infected male foreign workers lead to any foreign female maids?

Let's hope and pray the infected maids are working inside the homes of PAP Millionaires.

Anonymous said...

No worries.

The PAP 4G elites will monitor the situation on a day-by-day basis, and then decide on the appropriate action.

Anonymous said...

How are they going to do contact tracing of the the chickens serving the foreign workers. I mean the type of 'two legged chickens without feathers!' They are more prolific spreaders than maids.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

9:56am, you raised a very serious and practical problem. The spread is very difficult to trace and no one will want to step out to be identified.

Anonymous said...

The PAPies govt need to apologize to the public for the rise in so many unlinked cases else it will keep on increasing as the Heavens r watching the 'evils' deeds of gonna holding a GE sooner as there was no proclamation that the GE be postponed till later date. If this Govt is adamant in holding a GE, it expose their selfishness & those voters whom votes for these burgers r like Nuts whom still can't wake up & think cause it will be Sg calamatic demise (after the era of the old man).

Anonymous said...

It looks like the intent is still to hold a GE. The comments by the elites points in this direction, the change in rules to cater to this are all signs of that intent. Otherwise there is no need to trot them out at this point.

All the help they are offering is not without a purpose. They will not let the opportunity slip away!

Anonymous said...

If u look at the mechanization in China for infra structure like railway, road and bridges. We can cut down the foreign labor by 50%. But cheap labor policy does not encourage companies to invest in capital equipment as its cheaper to employ cheap labor. Tiok bo?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Best opportune time to made a kill!

Afraid of the Aftermath of Thousands and thousands of unemployed.

Sinkies still finding leisurely time to explore all sorts of antics to keep themselves entertained with what's their Millieninals style of new recipes to boast and what's new activities.

Will exposed their blunders.

Hold it b4 the Real Aftermath.

Sinkies will hold on to them for a life line.

Afterwhich, another five year term in hand, then said it's the World Happening and do NOT think that they be still digging into the pitiless Gold Mine to assist you.

Too bad, think of your own survivals.

What's need to purge, needs to purge.

What's need to KAPUT, needs to KAPUT.

Anonymous said...

Those out in the streets enforcing the health advisory coming into contacts with thousands of people SHOULD wear a mask lest they are asymptomatic .

Those people yelling into the loud hailer and manning the barriers ......their part-time job agency should procure mask for them ...

Anonymous said...

Ya, planning another 5 years of building a fortune, money from the sky. What can be more important.

Anonymous said...

If the situation turns turbulent, what is the maximum number for foreign rioters that Singapore's security forces can effectively handle on this tiny island state to ensure that no citizen gets hurt?

Anonymous said...

After GE, to the white PAPIES they r Huat ah! Heng Ah! Ong Ah! With Jump shots here n there.
But the poor Sgoreans after GE, is Hell ah! Hell ah ! Xia Suay ah ! All the way for the next 5yrs liow.

Anonymous said...

Opposite Meaning.

Who do you want to see "not get" the Covid-19 virus?

1. Chan Chun Sing
2. Lawrence Wong
3. Le Hsien Loong

Anonymous said...

@ 1.19pm

I definitely do not want to see Lee Hsien Loong kena the Covid virus.


Anonymous said...


All the rest can go and fool around with the COVID-19 virus and die, but not Lee Hsien Loong, please.

He has existing medical con?

The CON Virus may reactivate his cancer cells again?

Look at his face.
So pale already!

Cannot take too much pressure?
Not enough sleep?
Wife nagging every night?

Worry about all his Generals wanting to have an Erection all the time?

Thinking how to FIX this Oppo and FIX that Activist all the time?

Worry about sons don't want to take over the Emperor's jobs from him?

Worry father wake up from the ashes?

Worry about Dr Tan Cheng Bock making a comeback to raise President Ong Teng Cheong up from the grave to settle the 38 Ox Lee Mansion?

Worry one day somebody will finally dig out what is or is not inside the National Reserves?

Worry about Own brother and sister one day go after him?

Worry about his legacy?


So many tons of worries? Must recommend him to listen to this song everyday:


Anonymous said...

Ownself answer ownself?

Anonymous said...

Virus claims record dead but Trump sees light at end of tunnel

Anonymous said...

When we want them to build our condos, roads, offices and MRTs we welcome them. Now we have COVID-19 we try to criticise them for being here. Where is the Singaporean compassion???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 4:07pm,

You read the comments here wrongly, no one is condemning the foreign workers but the govt policy of bringing in so many that would become a problem itself.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Singaporean compassion???
April 09, 2020 4:07 pm

The Singaporean compassion has been killed by PAP's "compassion".

Anonymous said...

"Where is the Singaporean compassion???"
April 09, 2020 4:07 pm

If you asked such a question, you must be very compassionate?

If you are very compassionate, then you would never ask such a question. You would have organised a charity to raise funds to help them. You would not be like a blur sotong!


Anonymous said...

How about:

1) Offering Singapore citizenship to all the Indian and Bangladeshi construction blue-collar workers

2) Expelling from Singapore all the India CECA PMETs

Anonymous said...

Record 287 new Covid-19 cases in S'pore, links found between Mustafa Centre and clusters in foreign worker dormitories



Anonymous said...

from Greedy PAP Rulers
The Late Ruthless Monster did ask where is Conscience in Sin.
That he did, astonished me, as he was and is REKNOWN FOR RUTHLESSNESS.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore descending into Despotism?


Anonymous said...

Wah!!! These few weeks really shiok for me ... good stocks really on sale all over the world!!

Have stopped buying in the last few days as stock markets chionged up.

Waiting for stocks to crash again to buy more. By August when S'pore has 100,000 retrenched will be good time to go shopping again.

Good national day present for myself! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

The COVID-19 Task Force is scoring very well. From 120 to 142 to 287! Better than striking TOTO!


Ale not to wear masks. Where in the world you have such morons except in the US White House and Singapore self-stroking, self-praising, self-enriching, self-serving Multi-millionaire pseudo political leaders?


By next week it will hit 500!

Anonymous said...

When a actual circuit breaker trips(work).what do people do?

Electrical power need to be restore.?