Covid19 - Singapore setting record with 728 cases in a day

SINGAPORE: Singapore reported a record 728 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday (Apr 16), bringing the total number of infections in the country to 4,427.   CNA

Singapore is setting new records everyday for new cases of infection. 728 is a number that no Asean countries ever seen. And this is happening in tiny Singapore with a population of less than 6m. As of today, only the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia have more cases than Singapore but not for long. Singapore's record breaking rate if maintained, would push Singapore ahead of them in a matter of days.

And on Friday another 623 cases bringing the total to 5050. Indonesia and the Philippines are just hitting 6,000. If this rate of increase is maintained, in two days Singapore would be more than Indonesia and the Philippines, the highest in Asean, number one in Asean.

This is going to put a lot of pressure on our limited resources and hospital facilities. This is going to put a lot of pressure on the govt to declare Dorscon Red, something they are very reluctant to do as it would not only affect commerce but also the possibility of holding a General Election. The Covid19 will now decide if a GE is possible in the next few months.

What is happening to Singapore in managing the Covid19 is a fairy tale turns bad. But what to do, it happened. Let's move on. What, you mean the GE is on?  Oops, just asking aloud, not spreading rumours.


Anonymous said...


Singapore leaders can be proud of being FIRST again. like the Evil US Empire.

For quite sometime now, Singapore has not get any FIRST, except the Fake Universities Rating.

"Do not wear mask when you are well. Wear a mask only when you are unwell" - this misguided, stupid and harmful advice right from the very beginning repeatedly fantasised by so many ministers as well as displayed unceasingly on official notice boards everywhere, is the main cause of putting the population of 5.7 million people OFF-GUARD and, therefore, open themselves to infections easily and rapidly.

Until now not a single one of those who propagated that advice has the honesty, integrity, sincerity and courage to admit their COLOSSAL ERROR OF JUDGEMENT and Apologise to the whole population.

Utterly flabbergasted and disappointed!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If I am not wrong, Singapore does not have infectious diseases experts. Specialists like Paul Tambyah, Leo Yee Sin, Leong Hoe Nam are not good enough, their advices not good enough. It is better to listen to angmoh experts. And I think this no need to wear mask when well is recommended by angmoh expert.

Angmoh tau kee. Locals, well, err, hmmmm, don't think they are good enough.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The USA is heading towards open violence. Trump is calling his supporters to liberate their states by defying social distancing and stay at home calls and open up their states for business.

These violent people would soon resort to violence when the rest of the Americans fight back to keep them indoors. Great job Trump. Start a revolution and open conflict in American homeland.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. No Dorcon RED until we hold thr GE.

Cannot let this Golden opportunity slip thru.

So, still better enjoy your balance semi freedom before they sweep clean all the Seats in Parliament and imposed not only RED.

But dark RED. Like the curfew in the 60s and 70s.

Each day, just two hours zones by zones marketing and other business.

Orr Kong if caught outside your flats or whatsoever dwellings, 5 to 10K masok dalam.

Have to replenish the Kitty of Reserves.

Old Man said...

Actually Sg lost this old man with an iron fist to handle crises during critical times. None of these current cohort of leaders live up to mark or have the tough qualities of the old guards to handle this crisis, in the end it becomes evident, so vote wisely in the coming ge.

Anonymous said...

Trumpet can continue blow his trumpet but nobody will listen to him, in the end its country collapse by it's own, let's wait n see now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With 600/700 cases a day, how many people will be needed to interview them to find out where they had been, who they had contacted. The next them, how people would be needed to do contact tracing, how many people and phone calls to make or visit?

Compare these with the 700,000 Americans infected, how many people would be needed to do interviewing, investigation and contact tracing?

Virgo 49 said...

Today's Shits Times Mr Shame berating a Singaporean who wrote to the Chinese papers for the infections increase due to the foreign workers in the Dormitories.

Wah, Shame angry that not due to their unhugenic habits but due to the close proximity of communal livings conditions.

Have he ever have the guts to tell his Master that having a 10 millions POP is very dangerous due to our shortage of space and communal livings.???

Now Corona virus and later when we have another Toyota virus after Corona, how many Sinkies gonna to die with the 10M POP.

POP like 177,0000 thousands Americunts in the HINI then they know.

Never learn from others mistakes for the sake of just growing the enconmy for theit performance bonuses.

Anonymous said...

Social Distancing And Retaining 890,400 Foreign Workers Is Self Contradictory Objectives

Submitted by farhan on Thu, 16/04/2020 - 11:49am
Social Distancing And Retaining 890,400 Foreign Workers Is Self Contradictory Objectives

Singapore is already tiny and over-congested. Yet the gahmen encourages companies to keep the 890,400* Work Permit and S-Pass workers by offering levy waiver. Then now our SAF, SPF, MOM officers being used as butlers, security and food servers to these foreign workforce. Then the gahmen want to practice 'social distancing'. Keeping the foreign workforce and maintaining social distancing are mutually exclusive ideas. The PAP ideal is an impossible outcome. It is either more people in our island, or people spread further apart.

- More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/
FB: http://fb.com/allsgstuff

Anonymous said...

The alternate parties should take this time to strategize. Don't whack the pathetic pap for their so-failed attempts to contain the virus. pappy is sinking its own ship. just let nature takes its course.

Anonymous said...

They thought they had everything under control, what with the world heaping praises.

But the honeymoon ended abruptly, because they failed to look at the weakest link after Mustafa Centre came into the picture. That should have sent alarm bells ringing, knowing that that was the must go place close to Little India for foreign workers and locals. Added to that was the unknown infections on the MRT and buses, which we not seriously taken into consideration, or sweep aside carelessly for economic reasons.

I agree with the comment at 9.48 am. Had the old man been alive, things may be different now. His high handedness may be unpalatable to some, but his actions have always bring results. I am not a fan of his, but looking at the overall picture, the present leaders are undecisive. Maybe pandering to the peasants is more important than making hard decisions.

Just look at the ruling of whether to wear mask or not to wear masks when running, cycling or walking. Why make it so complicated trying to differentiate normal walking and brisk walking? If people find it difficult to breathe wearing a mask while running, cycling or doing brisk walk, tell them not to do such exercises during this time. After all, is this something classified as really essential? I am flabbergasted.

Anonymous said...

The GE is on.

Even if those hospitalised patients needed to be carried on stretchers to the voting booth. Or maybe the voting booth will be carried to the patients bedside.

The South Koreans did it, so why not us?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in the USA, the walking dead are staging protests to support Trump's idea of opening the US for business as soon as possible.

But Trump, insidiously, is pushing responsibility of doing that to the State Governors and medical experts now, after sowing seeds of discord between his supporters and the Governors. He relish holding all the power, but shy away from responsibilities. When it comes to Trump vs Biden, that is akin to choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. The USA is toast in either of their hands!

Anonymous said...

They had discovered that Trump's IQ is only 72. Can you imagine the IQs of those idolising him, listening to him and thinking that he is godsent? And they are going to liberate America from Covid19 by letting it wash across America as Trump wanted.

Anonymous said...

That child in the White House is still more concerned about China hiding real figures than fighting the coronavirus at home.

Alright, even if it is true, what about the USA? Those figures reported will be more hideous if real nationwide testing is carried out. How many in the USA have been tested? About 1% at most! So, are the figures for the USA or for any other country real truthful?

Moreover, how could those figures from the USA be real when dead bodies piling on top of each other are being discovered in old folks home, and others probably waiting to be discovered. Just trying to create diversion does not turn attention away from the catastrophe engulfing the USA.

Anonymous said...

Friends telling me,third keys on the cpf logo has been found!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The year before Covid19 was identified, hundreds of thousands of Americans died and misdiagnosed as death due to pneumonia. Some reexaminations had found that they died of coronavirus. But the Americans kept mum about this dreadful episode and refused to talk about it. Neither would they talked about Fort Detrick and their patents for coronavirus.

The peculiar characteristics of the Covid19 are proof that it was designed as a bioweapon, very deadly, very infectious, very difficult to detect and prevent, and very deadly on coloured people.

The fact that it struck in the heart of China's industrial base, just before Chinese New Year and the biggest migration of Chinese people, to spread the disease fast and far and wide, were not coincidences.

This bioweapon is meant to destroy the Chinese population and cripple the Chinese economy. There were more than 15 major diseases that struck China within a year in the midst of the trade war. Coincidences? China is so dirty and filthy with infested dirty rivers and canals and slums?

Anonymous said...

The USA is appealing to China to loosen exports of medical equipment and supplies to the US.

Now that they know they have to depend on China, they still are talking tough and criticising China as doing this on purpose. China says it needs to ensure such products are up to certification, having been criticised by the US and the West for selling faulty kits months earlier.

Why appeal to China? Isn't the trade war, started by the US, still on? People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Anonymous said...

Today's Bloomberg headlne: Singapore Leader's Wife Blasts Criticism on Nation's Virus Spike

So sia suay ! An un-elected "official" that's so outspoken on the nation's affairs, grabbing international media headlines.

Anonymous said...

I never expect that after the death of our 'grandmaster' deflector, they had to call upon this woman to do the deflecting.

Just laughable!

Anonymous said...

It's official. Dr Fauci just said on 17th April press briefing that emminent "evolutionary epidemiologists" have concluded that the point that the virus originated from bats is entirely consistent.. Dr Fauci said he will release the studies soon. This epic statement from highly honest and respected Doctor , debunk the myth that virus came from Wuhan lab, which was the starting question from a reporter to Dr Fauci.

Virgo 49 said...

Today's Shits Times our Great Tommy Koh gave an article just boasting of his family's affair.

Saying that his grandchildren so called Chinese special names have great meanings.

Great meanings? With English Christian Names?

Please lah! Don't bullshits lah.

Telling in a monologue advice to his grandchildren not to eat wild animals that the Chinamen ate that caused this Outbreak of Virus.

Decades ago, my friends been eating all these bats in JB and no Wuhan or Coronvirus surfaces?

Even during the Nipah outbreak in Matland we were eating their pork in Matland.

Why can't he also said the Americans may be the ones to plant the Virus in China?

When the WHO said its NOT certain what's the outcome of this Outbreak?

Wah. Real bananas.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Dr. Fauci!

Anonymous said...

Trump was just about to launch an investigation into the outbreak in Wuhan. His people already had some manufactured stuff to put his plan into action to pin the blame on China. Now Dr. Fauci has sabotaged his evil plot.

Now, Dr Fauci has to go because he is 'China-centric'!

Anonymous said...

sorry, i gave wrong link. you can hear Dr Fauci in the last few minutes of the April 17th white house briefing here,

Anonymous said...

Please do not worry too much Uncle Redbean, your PAP government being so highly paid would surely come out with very efficient solution to the COVID-19 situation in Singapore. Commerce and GE are the two most pressing issues in Singapore today. This is the best time to hold a GE. Singaporeans are in a very insecure mindset and very unsure of the future. So, for most of the voters it would be better to vote for the devil you know rather than the one you do not yet know.

Your million dollar government should have known that the crowded conditions of your imported labour force would become a pandemic hotspot. Maybe, this was a minor oversight. As someone once said, let move on.

Anonymous said...

"We do not have the luxury of the benefit of hindsight."

ie We do not have foresight.

Anonymous said...

The new daily record virus cases is now 942 for Saturday, bringing the total to 5,992 - which surpasses for now the total in Malaysia (5,251), Indonesia (5,923), Philippines (5,878) and Thailand (2,733), according to Johns Hopkins data.

If 50% of the foreign male workers are infected, Singapore's total could rise to 140,000 to position the punch-above-its-weight city state among the world's top 10 infected nations.

Anonymous said...

Why do they announce the number of infected cases so early today when today's testings is not totally done yet? Other days, the figure is usually announced after 10 pm.

Am sure if they announced after 10 pm, today's cases will easily shoot past a thousand.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is wrong to say that the dormitories are the most crowded place in Singapore and thus easy for the virus to spread.

The most crowded place in Singapore is the train cars. Now that we have a few thousands of foreign workers and Singaporeans and PRs and residents infected, and given that even after clear of the virus, they can test positive again, there is no place to run or to hide.

Would the govt feel safe to let loose all those that had been infected into the community? Would the people feel safe?

This is a very tricky situation.

Anonymous said...

Now that the infections among foreign workers living in dormitories is spiking and frantic measures are being made to isolate them, the next target to pinpoint would be the domestic maids working for households. Their numbers are not insignificant and how many have contacts with the foreign workers and are therefore also silent carriers of the virus.

Would we wait for some signs of infections among them or from them, which will then be too late to regret. I hope they have learned useful lessons from the foreign workers living in dormitories, and not think that such comments on maids are from people 'trying to be smart', who should see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing as advised by the Jinx.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Scientific methodology is logical but at times idiotic. When something happened, they would try to find the link, logically using empirical data and facts based on some assumptions.

For instance, when a child is born that is neither white or black, the scientists would make a first assumption, the parents could be mixed or a white and a black. This is the first step to narrow down the guess. Next they will see if the child has a moustache, just an example, and they would look at the groups they have narrowed down to see anyone with a moustache, and so on and on.

So here they used the genome sequence and try to find a match. In nature, close species have very similar genome sequence with only a few that are different, like monkeys and humans.

When their first assumption is that it is a natural occurrence, they would look at nature and bats happened to have the most coronavirus, so they looked at bats and try to find the nearest piece of peg that can go into a square hole, and eureka, here is the answer.

Why can't this be manufactured by humans in a lab using coronavirus from bats. Earlier they talked about splicing and patching. So far all proven wrong.

Look at the money trail, or look at who is likely to benefit, and who is supposed to suffer the most consequences is another approach. The conspiracy theorists have a very strong case on this than the so called objective scientists.

If China did not handle this rightly and firmly in the beginning, a few hundred thousand Chinese, maybe millions would have died by now. That was the intent. A very high probability. China as a country would be doom.

Accident, the Chinese so stupid, still fumbling and bumbling like Trump with an IQ of 72? Scientifically the Chinese has an average IQ of 100, the highest in the world, equal only by the Jews. All the allegations and so called evidence of Chinese workers in the lab that caused the outbreak had been debunked.

Keep on guessing. The scientists that Fauci claimed to have come out with a study is also not conclusive.

Anonymous said...

The seats in the trains are designed to maximise sitting as many commuters as possible. Thus they are very narrow and people sitting side by side are as good as exchanging their breath. How dangerous, but stupidity has no cure type never mind.

This virus is going to teach the unthinking about hygiene and being safe. Hope they learn something. First the jam trains are a time bomb.

A small island stuff with walking zombies is a bigger time bomb. But many idiots, claiming to be intellectuals, with many degrees, loved packing more and more people into this piece of rock, for what?

GDP? Go and die lah!

Anonymous said...

rb, your point that "dr Fauci's remarks that bats are the source is non conclusive".
i have theory. maybe DT pakat with XJP, you dont sabo my Fort Dettrick leaks, I don't sabo your Wuhan lab too, we blame the bats. Politically, blaming the bats is safest. You can't go to war over bats but you can if the virus are man made. keechiu?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much Singaporeans, you are in safe hands. No one can foresee what will happen tomorrow. So please stay calm and your government will protect you. In the meantime the pending GE is more important.

Uncle redbean, please write about the GE. That will calm the nerves of Singaporeans.

Virgo 49 said...

Taiwan to quarantine 700 navy sailors after virus outbreak on a goodwill mission to the Pacific island state of Palau. In March.

So, if those at Paciifc had this virus so early, how can they accused China of the Original Source of Outbreak.

Pacific nearer to USA than China.

So should be American Virus.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 5:37pm, there will be many theories and conspiracies. To prove a link to the bats is easy but unlikely to be conclusive. Political intrique is another angle to look at and that clown in the White House is very proud of making dirty business deals.

The most conclusive evidence would be a whistle blower from the people that planted the virus. Other than that, it would be very difficult to prove except trying to look at what is likely or probable, like the probability of false flags or black ops.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The only thing about the GE is that man proposed, God disposed.

Man may die die want to have GE, but God may die die fixed up man and make sure it cannot be held.

Anonymous said...

Years back, 1 commenter here wrote about increasing shooting cases and it did happen regularly to this date.
Think the same commenter also wrote that Sg shall collapse due to disaster and this shall most likely be in the form of disease and the elements. Those forecasts were made as recent as less than a year past. Read past msn articles to find those forecasts, they are beginning to appear.

Anonymous said...

There are more than 7,000 death in American nursing homes due to Covid19.

Have there been cases in our nursing homes?

Anonymous said...

Old Folks' Deaths In Nursing Homes Are Premeditated Murders!

Cases of death in nursing homes are mainly due to foreign workers/nurses getting the virus from their off-day boy friends and transmitting the virus to the old folks, who are bound to die when met with the COVID-19 corona-virus.

Such deaths should be classified as premeditated murders!

Nobody can claim "I don't know" as a self-defense.

When WHO proclaimed COVID-19 CORONA-VIRUS PANDEMIC, everyone is supposed to and MUST KNOW! There is ample warning that the old, pregnant, infant and those with existing medical conditions will die as a result of the infection. So, nobody can claim ignorance as self-defense for causing the deaths of those in the nursing homes. Because everyone of those in nursing homes have medical conditions, in one form or another.

Anonymous said...


All I can say is that NONE OF YOU are able to interpret the statistics correctly!! LOL!!!

And that makes me VERY HAPPY, as I can continue to take advantage of the masses ignorance & poor brain capability (like yours), in order to continue making lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck
to You making lots of money for Your Medical and Funeral Expenses. However,
bo grand wake and send-off because of Circuit Breaker.


Anonymous said...

I know a miserable miserly friend who is very poor. He can't even afford to pay for his $3 meal. I have to pay for him whenever we go out together.

But all he has is tons of money!

Anonymous said...

a really poor elderly.
The greatest consolation is that l cannot finish the offers l got everyday from friend and relative.
Offers include meals at restaurant, coffeshop, hawker centre, beer and cigarette, fruit and provision, visit and tour to other countries and even cobsultation at clinic.
Feel very bless though poor like a pauper.

Anonymous said...

Who is patient zero in Singapore?

Is he a Singaporean, foreign worker or tourist?

Anonymous said...

It's written all over the wall,

But choose to major.

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are!

Two weeks back attend a friend's MIL's wake.

Wah piang, whole void deck sealed up with police like tapes and go in main entrance with one calling us for temp testings and register our particulars.

Saying Government's requirements. What's happen if one of them also wake attendees have high temp and tested positive?

Wah, sure kena all call up by CID or Army Intelligence for lock ups quarantine.

So, better don't die at this time. How Rich you are also people scared to attend your wake or funeral.

Think, poor guy the funeral poor attendance as all scared to be locked up.

Virgo 49 said...


Very common in Sinkieland.

Those who stinged on others are Richer than what's you think are poor.

As they have to service their Condoms, Cars and many many others debts.

Had one friend with Car, single and properties here and overseas.

Have to blancha him all times we are together in small talks.

This is how they made their ends or millions.

Even some kins.

Common in Sinkieland. Most bite more than they can chew.

Virgo 49 said...

Award winning Oscars movie "Parasites"


Anonymous said...

The real surprise is that it is true that the rich are more stingy than the poor. Hard to believe, but seeing is believing. But believing is hard for sure!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, so efficient, 4 pm already reported 596 cases. No need to wait for more reports to come in later. So damn clever.