Covid19 - Trump and Pence have been claiming credits for the situation in the USA

Trump and Pence have been glorifying how well they have done to contain the spread of the virus in the USA and protecting the Americans. They have done extremely well, excellence and deserve all the credits. Is this true?

Who do you think were the people that have been working their guts out to keep the lid on this virus and brought some order to the mayhem? What would happen if the state governors did not step in and take charge of their states, declared all the tightening measures, social distancing, semi lockdowns, testings, wearing masks, running the medical services, hunting for PPEs and medical supplies?

What would happen if the governors would just take orders from Trump and Pence and let Trump and Pence decide and dictate to them what to do? One thing for sure, America would have opened for business one week ago. Business as usual or near usual.

What would be the infection rates today, what would be the death numbers today?

Who should the Americans be thankful and grateful to, Trump and Pence or the governors? Who deserve the credits for curbing the virus in the USA?


Anonymous said...

I encourage all the Americans to break the Stay Home orders and go to the beach. The hot sun will kill the virus. They will be very safe.

Go on and enjoy your freedom.

America is the land of the free.

Anonymous said...

The State Governors have fallen into a trap that Trump sets.

When Trump claimed that he had all the authority to order the opening of the US for business, the State Governors were upset and contend that Trump does not have that authority and is up to the State Governors to decide. That would have settled matters, but Trump is not done yet.

Trump knows that he need not have to resort to invoking that total authority, because he knows that the American public, most of them living from hand to mouth, cannot go on with closures as they have to work to survive. Hence he is making hay while the sun shines, by insinuations and warp arguments, insidiously tempting his supporters to oppose the State Governors by demanding the opening of the country for business. They obliged.

Trump, meanwhile, has also found this golden opportunity to wash his hands from blame and distanced himself from making that 'most important decision of his life', which in fact is already on a rollback trajectory over the last couple of days, judging from his words and actions. After planting his seed of discontent, Trump knows his supporters will do the necessary on his behalf. He started the civil war, but need not be there to end it. He is borrowing a sword to kill his enemies.

The State Governors are in a quandary. Not only did they failed to get Trump's support for supplies to keep the medical facilities running, they are now having to deal with the protestors, and if infections escalates due to any loosening action to meet the demands of the protestors, they will be blamed. Trump will now be free from being blamed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump is God sent to destroy America. And he is doing it beautifully. He is unstoppable. The unthinking Americans will listen to him and Covid19 will be smiling.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All the conditions are ripe for a revolution in the USA. 50% of the people are living from paycheck to paycheck with less than $400 in their pockets. Unemployment hit a record with more than 22m applying for unemployment benefits.

These people cannot stay at home without working, without an income. And they are armed.

And there is a 'charismatic' leader in Trump, God sent, to lead them....to revolt.

The governors and the rest of the Americans that could see the danger of opening up when the virus is still not under control will be hapless as they watch the mobs marching down the streets demanding for opening up the economy.

Either way, the poor and hapless Americans are going to die. They have no choice.

2020, the twin year, will be the year the United States of America becomes the Disunited States of America. Trump will be the pipe piper.

This is going to be a very dangerous development for the rest of the world. It could lead to wars in many fronts.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why people fall for scams, looking at the behaviour of Trump supporters in the USA. They do not honestly have a mind of their own!

How did a country boasting of the best universities and education opportunities for it's people end up with such mindless people? How did a great country in its initial founding, descend into this state, disunited, lead by clowns and cannot find it's way and compete but have to resort to dubious ways to win.

Anonymous said...

The USA is looking for a war that Trump desperately needed.

But with so many floating coffins, above and underwater, crippled by the coronavirus, would they dared to start one now?

Virgo 49 said...

Very Interesting News;

"Israel is now saying that US intelligence warned them in November about a potentially catastrophic pandemic in Wuhan, China and apparently other US allies were also warned in November.

This confirms ABC News reported earlier this week and, of course the TRUMP administration denied it.