Covid19 - Poor Dr Fauci


Above is a short 6 minute clip of an interview with Dr Fauci by 'ABC News anchor David Muir (on) how the U.S. could reopen and how citizens could get more tests.' In the clip you could see how Fauci was trying to say what his boss expected him to say and instead of telling the truth he went on lying and denying that there is enough information to know what this virus could do should America opens up prematurely. Poor chap.

And Fauci also had to go round and round to avoid answering whether they is enough testing done at the moment to make opening up a safe option. He had to repeat what Trump said in his briefing, that the situation in every state was different and some state had fewer cases and could be open while others could not. Such a statement coming out from Fauci is an absolute lie, a statement that he best not be quoted.

Remember, Trump said there was only one case in America. Then there were 15 but would all go away. But what happened? Today there are more than 650,000 cases from these 1 and 15 cases. This virus is a prolific multiplier when given the chance, and it was given the chance that in 4 months it has spread all over the world and infecting more than 2m people.

The situation in the USA is more dire as they just did not have enough testing done, and in many cases when done, the results would only be known in 9 or 10 days. How are they going to do contact tracing and how could contact tracing be effective when the virus is given a free run for 9 to 10 days?

The USA is waiting to explode. And the earlier Trump and his clowns start to open up a few states here and there, with every state having a minimum of at least 1,000 cases, think how these are going to spread all over the USA. Remember, it started with 1, then 15, then 650,000. Now it is given a chance to start with a few thousands and the clowns said it is ok. Those states with a few thousand cases are safe bets?

Many wiser countries around the world are delaying opening up for business as they know how precarious the situation is. The lockdown must continue until they are in a position to control the testing and the spread. But king clown Trump has proclaimed that the peak is over and the USA is ready for business. And his accomplices, the unthinking in Michigan are protesting in the streets, defying all stay at home orders or social distancing. It would be a repeat of New Orlean after the Mardi Gras Celebration. Well done Michigan. 

And well done Trump. And poor Fauci could not do anything about it but to go along to bring Americans down, with more infection cases and more death. His reputation as a scientist would go down with the clown king.

PS. Trump and his cronies, especially European countries, are reminding the Chinese of the Opium War when the European powers ganged together to attack China for curbing their opium trade in China. China must be in full military alert and exact revenge on these criminals for the wrong they did to China in the 19th Century. The European invaders are thinking of bullying China all over again.

It is time for revenge.


Virgo 49 said...

Now CNN.Dotard TRUMP just like our beloved President said must empowered those who must be empowered.

Don't know what's the F they talking?

Leave to the Governors now to make their decision in their opening up.

Afraid that China will be the Number One Economy as they are opening up with their situations more or less in Control.

Still boasting that USA tested more than any other countries of their kind.

Their Naval sailors 655 affected. They trying to keep a secret because think these bastards are the ones who want to sabo China in getting nearer to them.

That's why they sacked their Captain of the Ship.

Half sick., they dared to attack China? They were be eliminated.

Chinese don't want to fight winning a sick person as no honour to them.

Just let them try.

It's be the end of them.

Anonymous said...

The mad dogs are trying to divert the attention to attacking anyone or anything to hide their failures in curbing the pandemic. Now attacking China and WHO. This is what they are good at. But their inadequacy and stupidity are glaring.

They could get away with such nonsense in the past but not now. China is not a pushover anymore and would give them a good thrashing if they dare to attack China. The Americans are also spreading their nonsense in the South China Sea to raise tension when their warships are in dock, stricken by Covid19 and non operational.

Anonymous said...

Trump's call for an investigation on the origin of the Covid19 virus would end up like the Cheonan Incident when they blew up a South Korean warship killing more than 20 sailors and pointing the finger at North Korea,

After investigation the South Koreans found out that it was an American false flag incident and quietly dropped the case. The dead South Korean sailors died in the hands of their American masters and they could not say any or do anything. They just had to accept their fate as semi colony of the Evil Empire.

An investigation into the origin of the virus could lead to Fort Detrick and this time the world would demand an apology from the Americans and the American soldiers that were the spreader of the virus in Wuhan be charged for crimes against humanity.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans should listen to NY Governor Cuomo than to the conman in the White House.

Cuomo spent his time tackling the problem on the ground, grabbing the bull by the horns, instead of blaming everyone, trying to find a scape goat like the clown in the White HOuse.

Cuomo should be the President of USA. Unfortunately God sent in the clown...to bring down the Evil American Empire. A good man missed the job he deserved and the position offered to a clown that only talks nonsense and flip flop everyday depending on his mood.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is a problem solver, no politics, no nonsense, no distraction.

He has a job to do, a big and difficult job to do, and he is focused on it.

Virgo 49 said...

CNN Cuomo's bro also Cumo caught the virus and is recovering.

He, also strong critic of DT.


Anonymous said...

The Americans are hiding their infected cases by cutting down on testing. They should have at least 700,000 cases today, not 667.801. Testing is slowing down, therefore new cases are increasing at a lower rate, to give Trump a chance to brag that the USA is peaking and things are improving.

This is how the Americans lied about their statistics now and in wars. They always under report to show how good things were but over reporting on enemies killed.

Anonymous said...

I foresee this evil Dotard will be assassinated by his own people, either during or after his presidency.

Anonymous said...

The curve is not flattening in the US. They are faking it by under testing, slowing down the test. What a crime to use such data to say it is safe to reopen America. Many more Americans are going to be infected and die.

Anonymous said...

Dr Fauci said that the situation in some states are different and some states have fewer cases and could be opened for business. Now, we know Dr Fauci is also infected with the White House disease, lying according to what the 'Liar in Chief' wants him to lie about.

How do you know that some states have fewer cases, when testing covers only about 1% of the US population overall? This pronouncement can only fool the 'stupidity cannot be cured' Trump supporters. It cannot fool the rest of the world, and ironically certainly not Dr Fauci himself in reality, but he must now tow the line, or out he goes like many others. Trump is now even blaming the Democrats for all the resignations from the White House over the course of his Presidency, when accused of not having enough expertise to deal with the crisis.

Why is Trump so eager to open up the US for business? The economy cannot be seen to be in bad shape because Trump's re-election is his main concern, regardless of how many will die. If the economy tanks big time, as it certainly will, and results in massive job losses, which is already happening, social unrest is bound to arise. Remember, US citizens are said to have less than US$400 in their pockets to cope with emergencies. That is how bad it is.

Moreover, China today reported a -6.8% plunge in it's first quarter GDP. The USA must not be any worse in Trump's mind, so the earlier the USA reopens, the better. Then he can tell his zombie supporters that he has been doing a fantastic job.

He is still spinning his way around, talking about sending aid to Italy, Spain, France and now Russia. With ventilators in short supply in the US and states outbidding each other to get them, Trump is offering ventilators to Russia. But Russia knows it is all nothing but hot air and vintage Putin knows it will not happen, so they, in order not to make a fool of Trump, said that they will accept ventilators from the US, IF NEEDED! That says it all, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Singapore must still aim for population of 10 million


PS: He lives in Australia

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are now calling on the WHO chief to resign. Does that surprise anyone? The WHO chief is doing his job and is not bending to what the US dictates, and that is to put China in bad light.

The WHO chief, by praising China's efforts in dealing with the coronavirus, is the final straw that broke the camel's back. He must be removed. Does that differ in any way from the regime changes orchestrated by the US, whenever legally elected Governments do not follow the US dictated direction?

You can be sure that if the present WHO chief is removed, they will ensure that a US-centric figurehead will be installed. Right now, no Government of any country has raised issues with what the WHO has done in this pandemic, except the US and Taiwan? Most Governments even condemned the US action is withholding funding for the WHO in this critical situation.

Anonymous said...

Govt 'has drawn lessons from planning inadequacy'- PM Lee



Anonymous said...

No one can say anything good about China even China has shown the world how it successfully contained the virus planted in Wuhan by foreign agents. This success was ignored especially by the Americans. They are now attacking WHO and it Chief Dr Tedros.

Earlier, Bruce Alyward, the leader of the WHO medical team that went to Wuhan to investigate the virus confirmed how successful China was in tackling this epidemic. For praising China's good work, this eminent Dr has be ostracised and cut out from WHO activities by the American group. He has been silenced.

Anonymous said...

So long as Chinese are undivided, patriotic (which is evidently increasing rather than decreasing, even with the West trying to sow discord) and have the means to effectively defend itself, China will survive.

Talk is easy about bombing China back to the stone age. As Bruce Lee said about martial arts and martial artist breaking bricks and boards - Bricks and Boards don't hit back, I do! Or something like that.

The USA is now not in any position to deal with big crisis, including starting a war with China. 911 proved that they could not prevent it (leading to the speculation that it was an inside job). The 2008 financial crisis saw the big banks failing and it was only the massive bailout that kept them alive today, all using taxpayer's money. Now, it is apparent that they are also not able to deal effectively with the coronavirus, with shortages of manpower and essential medical supplies and equipment.

This time around, they will probably need another bailout of the big banks that are tottering on the edge, if the crisis worsens. The few trillions already committed will look like just drops in the ocean if the derivatives time bomb is to deflate. Then, no way will any bailout be able to do the job. I shudder to think further!

Anonymous said...

4 American aircraft carriers are attacked by the virus, USS Vinson, Nimitz, Roosevelt and Reagan, all out of action with sick sailors.

The latest, USS Mercy, the hospital ship in LA has 7 sailors confirmed with Covid19.

This is asymetrical warfare at its best. Unseen enemy, no defence, and can hit the Americans anywhere, anythime.

Anonymous said...

There is also reports that a French warship (aircraft carrier?) is also having infections on board. How were all these warships infected?

This will never be investigated, or if investigated the cause will never be revealed. It might lead to where it should not lead to. Just say it is national security and no one is the wiser.

Anonymous said...

Not only the US aircraft carriers have been infected, US ground troops in the Middle-East, Europe, Guam, Hawaii South Korea and Japan have also been infected.

Most of these are infected by prostitutes they hugged, kissed and screwed. Then the sex-maniacs passed the viruses to those inside the camps who did not visit the prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

The prostitutes infected the soldiers or the soldiers infected the prostitutes is another chicken and egg quiz.

We never will know!

Anonymous said...

Besides the Cheonan false flag incident, the attack of an oil tanker in the Gulf was said to be an Iranian operation.

First they said it was a torpedo, but the holes above the waterline on the side of the ship indicated anything but a torpedo. Then they said the Iranians came back in the dark to remove the evidence. How they could be around to take grainy videos at the right time and place, and allowed the Iranians to remove evidence is beyond belief. In fact the Iranians were rescuing crews on the tanker, it was later reported. All the accusations failed to stick and everything fell apart.

Now, no one, outside of the US and EU, takes any serious note of any attempts by the US to put more pressure on Iran. They have lost all their credibility in words, deeds and leadership.

Virgo 49 said...

You are right Anon. 11.14

Do not know whether all know that the Reusable masks as given by the Govt with the black ones for adults and the blue and white are for children.

Wah piang no wonder wear so tight and cannnot breathe freely.

They out of stocks and gasa buta also give the rest after the run out.

So, this is their planning inadequacy.

Anonymous said...

@206 pm

"The prostitutes infected the soldiers or the soldiers infected the prostitutes is another chicken and egg quiz.

We never will know"

Whether chicken infect eggs or eggs infect chicken, it is a two-way transmission, that any fool can know.

We always know.

Never say "never can know" unless you are lazy to find out and devoid of ideas.

Anonymous said...

China's economy shrunk by 6.8% for the first 3 months of 2020.

That is the indicator that the world is in for a very hard time, especially small states like Singapore.

China is the anchor economy to lift up the world economy during times of crisis in the last two decades.

Now that China herself is facing a difficult time, the other countries will be in a worse position to deal with the economic recession/depression.

Better be ready for very severe rainny days.

Busy Body Number Two said...



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Which of the following is/are the probable answer/s
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