Covid19 - George Galloway talks about things the West would not talk about


Above is 52 minutes of discussion about Covid19 that you would not hear from the conventional western media, the war crimes against Iran by American sanction against medical supplies and food, the origin of this Covid19 in Fort Detrick and how it boomeranged, the wicked and pyschopathic men around Trump....

I sat through this 52 minute clip to gain a new perspective of what the Americans are doing harm to other countries and about this Covid19 pandemic. Time worth spent.

Below is 10 minutes of George Carlin in his crudest best about what is happening in the USA to lighten you up. The best part is the last 4 minutes when he talked about the govt and he sounded so familiar.



Anonymous said...

COVID-19 Pandemic

Singapore is doing its best to become top three most highly infected countries in the world, after USA and UK/Spain. So that ministers can get more bonuses at the end of the year?

The Ministry of Hell, oops I mean Health, reported 528 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Tuesday (Apr 28), bringing the overall total to 14,951.

The vast majority of the new cases are work permit holders residing in foreign worker dormitories, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in its preliminary update.

In a later update, MOH said there were 10 cases in the community, of which seven were Singapore citizens or permanent residents; there were also two work pass holders and one visit pass holder who were infected.

A total of 511 new cases were foreign workers living in dormitories, while seven workers living outside dormitories caught the coronavirus.

A 24 year-old nurse of Changi General Hospital (CGH) was also among the new cases. He has no travel history out of Singapore. Therefore, it is highly probable that he got the virus at his workplace at CGH, which should be considered another new cluster.

Anonymous said...

The infections in the UK is getting out of hand. This is to be expected, as many high profile people, including Boris Johnson and members of the Royal Family were infected, even though they had limited engagement with the general public. Hence, the infections on the ground is very serious and widespread. Now the figures have proven the reality.

Anonymous said...

Roy Ngerng was sacked by Ministry of Hell because he used office time and computer to post his blog articles.

Now we have in Singapore one extremely powerful person who uses office time and computer to post average of 195 posts per day on Facebook for the past two months. Why is this person blatantly and flagrantly flouting government rules and policies just because Temasick is a sick organisation registered under private limited but using public funds from MOF and CPF?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the data from CrowdTangle, Temasek CEO posted 6,075 posts in March alone. That’s a staggering 195 posts a day or eight posts an hour (based on 24 hours), or 24 posts an hour (based on 8 hours). In the first week of March, she posted 1,672 posts on Facebook.

While the high-volume and timing of the posts suggests that Ho Ching or her social media team is using a bot for this purpose, it is hard to miss the posts that have an accompanying caption or comment which were clearly penned by her personally.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 6.31

Now they have to deflect attention to their blunders of having 6.9M.

That's why the furry of posts and Ho Jinx posting barking at the wrong trees of MASKs.

Sinkies been penalised for their blunders of the thousands of infections whereas the local only minimal.

If not, we were be like during the SARs epidemic, businesses as usual with only some precautions of temp readings and registrations in Offices.

Unlike today's what's CB like concentration camps.

Now Shame also warned not to cause panic whether by Sinkies or others on said matter.

Sinkies always take the blames for any damn occurrences.

Anonymous said...

They are the ones panicking because the numbers of infected and over 120 clusters caused by their bad handling of the pandemic are leading to a pandemonium. Instead of owning up their blunders the cunning shameful Fox is trying to deflect the blame to the citizens

Anonymous said...

Such daily report of increases by the multiples of hundreds, if not thousand plus actually (because many in quarantined dorms are assumed infected and not tested in order to reduce the actual count of "CONFIRMED" Cases) is causing panic across all sectors:

From TODAY - Singapore has confirmed 690 new cases of Covid-19, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) in a Facebook post on Wednesday (April 29).

This brings the total number of cases here to 15,641."

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-covid-19-cases-april-29

Anonymous said...

The Contagion in Sin is raging and running away like eild fire.
Nobody is able to hold it back except nature.