Covid19 - Karma at its best

If, I said if, if the virus in Wuhan, China was planted by the American soldiers, then the karma at works is as perfect as it could be. It is acting fast and furious at the perpetrator of this deadly and infectious virus and sending all the virus back to them and hitting them hard and all over the USA. No one is spare.

Though no one is able to confirm if it was started by the Americans, it is very difficult to confirm such a dubious and hideous act done secretly not to be detected, there were many factual things that point to the Americans as the culprit behind this world pandemic.  On the other hand, the Americans played dirty by accusing China in the very first instance. If, I said if, this act is proven to be from the Americans, it only confirms how evil they are.

Remember the sinking of the Choenan in South Korea killing more than 20 South Korean sailors? Yes, the modus operandi is the same. Create a false flag incident and blame the North Koreans. In this incident they planted a bomb inside Choenan, blew it up and claimed that it was hit by a North Korean torpedo. Subsequent inquiry found this to be false and the South Koreans quietly and meekly stopped talking about it and dropped the case. Before they found out the truth, they were talking about a war with the North. Once they knew that the culprit was the Americans they could not do anything about it.

If, I said if this is finally proven that it was the Americans that committed this abominable act in Wuhan, then karma has done its job well. The most severely affected country now is the USA, with the most infected cases, more than 3 times that of China and the number of death nearly double that of China and growing. It is not stopping and could be many many times more than China in infected cases and death when this is over.

Not only that, the USA is going to be hit with the worse recession it has ever known since 1930. Unemployed is now more than 6.6m in a week, double the historical record hit last week at 3.3m, and counting. The economy is at a standstill, cannot be restarted though Trump wanted it to be restarted by Easter.

And it exposed how badly prepared the Americans are, in their fumbling ways to deal with this pandemic, not enough medical equipment, not enough medical supplies, not enough medical staff, not enough hospital beds, and medical staff are dying because of everything is not enough.

And for attacking China, smearing China, demonising China, it is now highly dependent on China to help them tie over this crisis. The Americans needed China for most of its medical supplies and equipment, and if they are not so face conscious, they are also dependent on China's medical staff to assist them to fight this crisis and their shortage of medical staff.

And because of this crisis, they are helping a boom in the Chinese medical industry.  The whole world is rushing to China for medical supplies instead of the hapless USA. The USA can only talk about helping others when they don't even have enough medical supplies and equipment to help themselves, even have to beg Russia and China for help. They are in a way helping to make China Great again. China is now the most sought after countries for medical supplies, equipment, expertise and leadership while the Americans are showing to the world that they are a bunch of clowns messing around a pandemic and getting worse everyday.

What about the American way of life? No more freedom, stay at home. Cannot go everywhere to commit mischief.  Every American is too busy fighting to be alive. No more wars, the Americans soldiers are being attacked by the virus and are dying. Fear is everywhere in homeland America.

Karma is great! Do not play with Karma. Do no evil. Karma will come after you, swift and fast and furious. You cannot run, you cannot hide, you cannot fight your bad Karma.

Down with the evil doers! Cannot imagine what this Evil Empire will look like at the end of this pandemic. And Trump was God sent to facilitate and destroy the Evil Empire. In such a major crisis, you need a clown to make it even worse.

PS.  The wicked Americans would be repeating daily that this was started in China and hoping that the world would believe them and forgot that they are the real culprits behind this pandemic. They will furiously repeat this message daily, in all the western media to make it stick.  Unfortunately they have been crying wolf once too often and no one is going to believe in them. It is game over. They can continue to stir shit, to want to pick a fight, to slander and smear China and other countries they called enemies, keep doing it, while the virus devours the innocent American citizens and destroys the lives of all Americans.


Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around.
It's a Universal fact called Cause and Effect or aka Karma.
Everyone on this planet or even the Universe r bound by this Karma Law, u reap what u sowed.
There is s Chinese Saying "诸恶莫作,众善奉行" & "善有善报,恶有恶报,不是不报,而是时辰未到。"

Anonymous said...

The Americuns currently at tackling at their own 'Games of Thrones' with this Corona Virus Home coming whom they once viewed it as Far From Home even their own Avengers with Captain America wouldn't work as they sought for Superman & Wonderwomen to fight this Hulk & King Kong, they now realize how their medical team r as if their facilities r all kept in the Jurassic Park waiting for some kind of Iron Man to do a total lockdown at a Fast and Furious pace, some tot that they need to out this virus game like an Apocalypse thinking it Jokers at work & wanted to be bziness as usual during Easters Days, they really think like Chimpmunks in LaLaLand...

Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang. Even their ventilators are NOT working or spoilt without proper Manintance.

Now just started giving out contracts to just service and repair their faulty ventilators.

Spend too much on their bullying other nations Military expenses.

Building up enormous Military just to intimidate and threatened others into submissions.

One Prof of their Uni said what's so great of America when a student asked him to define the Greatness of America.

He said their Military Budget exceeded more than 26 countries combined.

Their literacy is seventh. 27th in Maths, 22nd in Science and 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality.

Four in labour force and four in exports.

Only lead the World in three categories.

Number of incarcerated citizens per capita.

Number of adults who believed in Angels.

Defence spending where they spend more than the next 26 countries combined.

25 of whom are Allies.

Go to YouTube for this enlightenment video. 56 com


Virgo 49 said...

Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

TRump is asking Americans not to buy surgical masks and N95 masks. Make the masks at home. There is a shortage of surgical masks and N95 masks. These masks are needed in the hospitals for the medical workers.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo..the Americunts mostly XLLLLLLLLL in sizes.

Due to their Good Lives in exploiting others.

No need work so hard. Burgers and Coke and Cum.

Their BRAs sizes can even be cut into two or three masks.

Just use them lo.


Virgo 49 said...

Way Lao,

Matilah desperately defending his White Masters but was cut short by MR RB.

Now jumping like a mad Ass.

Frustrated to be lock down dumb and ar kow.

Later squeezed own ball to DEATH

Anonymous said...

RB did the right thing.

Shut this American dog out completely.

He is so lost and helpless.

Anonymous said...

Life is Like A Boomerang

Life is Iike a boomerang.
What we give is what we get.
So create thoughts, words and deeds
That we will not regret.

life is like a meteorite.
In a flash, it is forever gone.
Do right things or do things right,
Karma follows US all along.

Do not waste time on revenge.
For it hurts US as we hurt them;
Let it go and set it free.
Karma takes care of what it's to be.

Anger destroys all good merits.
Hate sends US down to deepest hell.
Suffering in hell with no merits,
None can hear US scream and yell.

Arrogance brings no honour but slide.
Pride sets our downfall while high we ride.
These two run together side by side,
They make US a king without clothes to hide.

Forgiveness is best remedy for all hurts.
It soothes our soul and cleans our gurts.
It's good to forgive when we're hurt.
So that we can stop collecting more dirt.

Live a life of compassion as far as we can.
'Cause life is really like a boomerang.
For our karma follows US like a ghost.
It's certain to appear when we fear most.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


I am trying out the moderation feature provided by Blogger. If it is working, your post may not appear immediately as it would come to me first for approval before I release it.

This is done mainly to stop the American running dog from spamming this blog. It may be a bit inconvenient and frustrating for the time being, but it the best thing to do to frustrate and cripple this dog from more mischief.

Thank you for your understanding.


Anonymous said...

Desperate Trump admin hijacked Germany-bound face masks - The Washington Post

German officials on Friday were stinging in their criticism of the Trump administration after a consignment of face masks that they said was ordered and paid for by the Berlin police was diverted en route from China.

Andreas Geisel, Berlin’s senator for the interior, said the delivery made it as far as Bangkok before being “confiscated.” In a statement he said he couldn’t provide further details of what happened at the airport but “we are currently assuming that this is related to the U.S. government’s ban on mask exports.”

“We consider this an act of modern piracy,” he said, calling on the United States to “comply with international rules”. “This is not how you deal with transatlantic partners. Even in times of global crisis, wild west methods shouldn’t rule.”

The statement did not name the company involved, saying only that it was a U.S. firm, but German press reports said the consignment was ordered from 3M.

Berlin mayor Michael Müller, who like Geisel is a member of the left-wing Social Democrats, called the action “inhumane and unacceptable.”

In Brazil, the health minister this week said some of the country’s purchases from China fell through after the United States started transporting planeloads of equipment from China.

“The United States has ordered 23 huge airplanes to China to bring back the materials that they’d acquired,” Brazilian health minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta told reporters. “Our purchases — which we expected would bolster supplies — many fell through.”

In France, a number of regional officials told the Libération newspaper that they had ordered masks from Chinese suppliers, only to be outbid by American officials at the last minute.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The moderation app is working. I have intercepted several of the running dog's comments. Not going to appear here anymore.


Anonymous said...

RB very good leh except now no more chance to scold this incest practitioner and sodomize him in words at least but I hope he is still reading the blog.

SSO said...

Well done, RB.
You should have used the Moderator long ago. Especially, when POFMA was introduced.

Anonymous said...

Now the talking point has been hammering on the suggestion that this virus comes from nature and not cultured in the biological lab. As more diggings into the source of the virus, it will probably be traced to a lab in the United Snakes of America, so the story now changes and the new template to follow is that the virus comes from nature.

Hell, how many times have the world been misled by the United Snakes of America. The Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan were all based on cooked up evidence and threats. The US soldiers and military leaders do not even understand why they were fighting in Afghanistan.

Yesterday, the spike in coronavirus infection in the United Snakes of America was 33,000 compared to 27,000 on Thursday and 20,000 on Wednesday. At this rate and the promise by Pence of building 100,000 ventilators by the next 100 days, may be too little too late to save the expected death tally of 240,000.

Germany has accused the United Snakes of America of acting like pirates, seizing masks meant to be shipped to Europe. Hope the whites in Europe will now open their eyes wider, because the United Snakes of America cares for itself, not for NATO countries. They can all die and it is not the responsibility of the snake. That in itself shows how desperate the situation in the USA is.

They can lie, cheat and steal, but what they are doing spills all the beans! You cannot hide the truth! And the truth is, the United Snakes of America is truly being toasted!

Anonymous said...

When all this ends, the EU, South American countries and the rest of the world would know who are their true friends, and who are just fair weather friends or mere parasites.

What did Trump say just days ago? That he will be sending mask and medical equipments to help Italy, France and Spain? Why is the United Snakes of America under Trump now seizing the masks meant for Europe! He words are not worth the value of the fart that comes out of his arse! Trump says one thing and do the opposite. This is the trust that countries are placing in the United Snakes of America. What kind of world leadership is the United Snakes of America trying to project?

Anonymous said...

Now Canada is crossing swords with Trump over the banning of masks exports to Canada, which is facing a steep rise in infection and needed the N95 masks for its healthcare personnel. Now Canada knows what it is like to be sodomised by Trump for doing Trump's dirty deed of arresting Huawei's CFO. This is karma!

Even if the US is willing to pay three times the price for masks meant for other countries in Europe or elsewhere, it is still unethical to do so, knowing that such masks are meant to be used by healthcare personnel out to save people's lives. There is now a bidding war for masks going around the world and the desperate USA is outbidding everyone, paying double or triple the price.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

U.S. President Donald Trump has asked manufacturing giant 3M to stop exporting American-made N95 face masks to Canada. Mercedes Stephenson has the pushback from 3M and Canada's political leaders. Plus, Jackson Proskow looks at how desperation is deepening in the U.S., and...Global News

The US has been accused of redirecting 200,000 Germany-bound masks for its own use, in a move condemned as "modern piracy".

The local government in Berlin said the shipment of US-made masks was "confiscated" in Bangkok.

The FFP2 masks, which were ordered by Berlin's police force, did not reach their destination, it said.

Andreas Geisel, Berlin's interior minister, said the masks were presumably diverted to the US. BBC

The president of the Ile-de-France region encompassing Paris, Valerie Pecresse, said this week that a shipment of masks ordered for her hard-hit department was snatched at the last minute by "Americans who made a higher bid".

"The Americans pay cash sight unseen, which obviously can be more tempting for people just looking to make money off the entire world's distress," she said. CNA

The president of the Ile-de-France region encompassing Paris, Valerie Pecresse, said this week that a shipment of masks ordered for her hard-hit department was snatched at the last minute by "Americans who made a higher bid. "The Americans pay cash sight unseen, which obviously can be more tempting for people just looking to make money off the entire world's distress," she said.

Virgo 49 said...

In a REAL crisis, then you shall discover who are your true friends, your supposed friends, your hypocritical friends, your por lam pars friends and your parasites friends etc.

After this has past, hopefully so, the rest of the world will know and taste the true odour and see the true colours of the United Snakes.

Anonymous said...

The USA is in effect pushing the drowning EU further into the water by hijacking the delivery of masks meant for Europe. This is a clear indication of what the evil snake will do to it's allies in NATO in years to come. If Whites can treat whites this way, what about people of different colour and creed?

The snake had been exploiting the EU's proximity to Russia by creating an imaginary Russian threat. Here in Asia, it is exploiting the likes of South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia by creating another imaginary threat against China in the South China Sea. Who is provocating who by sending warships to conduct military exercises so close to China. Would the snake even allow China to conduct naval exercises with Cuba close to US shores?

Just read somewhere that Pompeo let slip a very telling remark at the White House that the coronavirus outbreak is a 'live military exercise'. What does that mean and people are asking?

SSO said...

Trump is truly a very despicable mafia chief of the highest order!

This is how he wants America to become great for?

A Despicable Lawless Modern Pirate!

Anonymous said...

COVID-19: AIR RAID SIRENS NOW! No More Alarm Bells. STOP Playing Catch-Ups!

1. 20 New clusters in 10 days (25 March to 4 April) - spreading across the whole island - East to West from Bedok Childcare Center/Kindergarten to Jurong SAFRA; North to South from Yishun Industrial Area to Downtown Maxwell MRT Station.

2.. Rate of infection: 208 cases per million people! Highest in the region, even higher than China!

3. Rate of death is now increasing one per day for the last 3 days.

4. Most clusters involve large groups of people like the PAP's Sparkletots Kindergarten, the various Foreign Workers' Dormitories, the super-huge Mustafa Shopping Arcade, Churches, Industrial Areas, Old Age Homes, SAFRA and Singapore Cricket Club.

5. Generally, most people still going about as if there is no Pandemic, no COVID-19 corona-virus threats in Singapore at all. Everyone walking around and mixing in groups happily without wearing a mask, without the slightest fear of getting infected by the COVID-19 corona-virus, that not only attacks the lungs but also attacks the brain!

6. The frightening speed of increase in terms of confirmed cases and death rolls in the US, Spain, Italy, Iran, Germany and UK still does not ring a bell!

Still delay until 8 April, 5 days until announcement! Why not immediately? Time is on our side? After wasting three months of precious time, still got time to delay for 5 more days for more spreading to take place?

7. What is this Half-baked Half-hearted, Face-Saving advice? What's so embarrassing in admitting your mistake? Everyone makes mistakes. As a real leader and a real gentleman, just tell your people This:

"We are sorry. We made a mistake following the advice of the WHO experts, who now turn around to advise everyone to wear masks for self-protection. We strongly advise everyone to wear a mask when in public places!"

Singaporeans will forgive you if you admit your glaring mistake and apologize. Not only that, most will say you are a real man, a true leader. I am sure you do not like the majority of your people to think that you are a half-man half-woman and a pretentious leader of no courage, isn't it?

So, please tell everyone to put on a mask (whatever mask) when they are in public places. This will greatly enhance the all the efforts of the 30-day lock-down or circuit-breaker. Otherwise, the 30 days may be wasted again.

Stop using half-measures. Go full swing. Plug every single hole that needs to be plugged. This COVID-19 CORONA-VIRUS has no mercy. So, we should also allow it no mercy - no chance to survive anywhere - inside our bodies or outside our bodies.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee Hsien Loong on Friday told everyone that the COVID-19 Situation in Singapore is under control.

I fully agree with him.

Obviously, what he meant was that the COVID-19 situation in Singapore is UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE COVID-19 CORONA-VIRUS!

Anonymous said...

COVID-19 Pandemic

World Counts:

1,174,675 confirmed cases
62,754 deaths
241,842 recovered.

Top 10 Jackpot Losers:

1st- USA 305,820 cases and 8,162 dead
2nd- Spain 124,870 cases and 11,818 dead
3rd- Italy 124,632 cases and 15,362 dead
4th- France 83,031 cases and 6,521 dead
5th- China 82,647 cases and 3,322 dead
6th- Iran 55,743 cases and 3,452 dead
7th- UK 42,441 cases and 4,320 dead
8th- Turkey 20,921 cases and 425 dead?
9th- Switzerland 20,278 cases and 641 dead
10th- Belgium 18,431 cases and 1,283 dead