Covid19 biowarfare - Open Letter to Trump with 40 questions to answer

This is a very important article by Larry Romanoff. He put in a lot of effort to check out all the cases that were related to this covert operation by the CIA/Americans to cripple China's economy and genocide the Chinese population. The world needs to know all the details that have been dug out to show what the Americans have done but trying to mislead the world and put the blame on China and even start a silly war like the invasion of Iraq. This is worse, and more sinister and will finish a big chunk of human civilisation.

Questions the US government needs to answer:

1. On the topic of the US using biological weapons in China and North Korea, almost everyone today knows the truth, the huge volume of accumulated evidence beyond dispute. After lying about it for 70 years, would you care to finally admit what you did? (1) (2) (3)

2. In your decades-long campaign of biological warfare against little Cuba, including the distribution of hemorrhagic fever, and the swine flu that caused Cuba to kill all 500,000 pigs in the country, the evidence of US responsibility is overwhelming. You have not only lied about this for 70 years but tried to turn the tables by accusing Cuba of being “a pariah state” with a germ warfare program. Would you care to retract your false accusations and finally admit to the world what you did? (4) (5) (6)

3. Please explain why the US has some 400 military bio-weapons labs scattered in (mostly poor and backward) countries around the world, including new ones in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Why not build them in your own back yard? Several nations are demanding that you dismantle these labs and take them home where they belong. Do you intend to comply? (7) (8) (9)

4. In 2004, the Hong Kong Wenweipo published an article titled, “Earliest SARS outbreak suspected in the US”, quoting AP and Reuters about a 45-year-old American woman who became gravely ill with typical SARS symptoms a few months prior to the outbreak in Hong Kong and who died within a day, with the entire hospital and about 80 other individuals with whom she’d had contact all being immediately quarantined. Wenweipo, Chinese researchers, Russian virologists, and military experts speculated the SARS-US virus was necessarily man-made and almost certainly released from a US military lab, the US leak being covered up. Would you comment, please? (10)

5. Can you explain how the Western (US) media immediately and unanimously knew SARS-US was caused by civets when for months nobody on the ground knew anything factual, and later almost everyone on the ground was suspecting Fort Detrick as the source? SARS-US was released in China, in Guangdong Province, but patient zero unfortunately immediately traveled to Hong Kong, sparing China but devastating Hong Kong instead. Would you comment?

6. COVID-US, like SARS-US, appears to be Chinese-specific, 99.5% affecting only ethnic Chinese, with no infected foreigners in Wuhan or China, which naturally raises questions. Harvard University – with apparent funding from the US military – conducted a series of illegal and outrageously unethical “studies” in China (after having been specifically forbidden to do so), surreptitiously collecting hundreds of thousands of Chinese DNA samples, then illegally removing them from the country. Many questions were raised about the (military) application of those samples. Would you care to comment? (11)

7. Please can you explain why MERS-US exploded in South Korea at the JUPITER-ATD bio-weapons lab on the US Airbase at Osan, and why more than 100 South Korean soldiers were suddenly quarantined on the base? (12)

8. Please would you explain why Ebola emerged simultaneously in three different locations thousands of kilometers apart, each within a stone’s throw of a US military bio-weapons lab? (13) (14) (15)

9. Please would you explain why the US military seems to be taking such a strong lead in the COVID-US outbreak in South Korea, and why US servicemen have such frequent contact, “hanging with a Jonestown outfit” (16) like the fanatic Shincheonji religious cult who have been the source of most COVID-USA infections in South Korea? Please would you also explain the coincidence of both MERS-US and COVID-US appearing to have perhaps originated from the same JUPITR-ATD labs at the same Osan Airbase?

10. You recently commented that you could kill the entire population of Afghanistan within days. “Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth. It would be gone and this is not using nuclear. It would be over in – literally, in 10 days.” How, exactly were you proposing to do that? Biological weapons would seem the only alternative. Viral Hemorrhagic Fever and Hantavirus worked for the US in North Korea once; they should work again. Please elaborate. (17) (18) (19)

11. Please would you explain to China and the world why the CDC shut down the Fort Detrick USAMRIID bio-weapons lab? Was it really due, as your media claimed, to a simple “lack of procedure”? Barring massive contamination and/or infections, why was that huge (80,000 sq. meters) site kept sealed for six months of testing and decontamination before being permitted to only partially resume work? Also, could you explain why most English-language news websites were suddenly scrubbed of all reference to the closure of Fort Detrick when the coronavirus erupted in Wuhan? (20) (21)

12. In October of 2019, your country hosted Event 201 that appeared in retrospect to have been a live simulation of the virus outbreak that occurred in Wuhan shortly after. Also, in a 2019 Netflix documentary titled “The Next Pandemic”, your Bill Gates predicted a pandemic resulting from a coronavirus-like outbreak – starting at a Chinese market. Can you explain these apparently startling coincidences? If Event 201 was an innocent civilian exercise, why was the CIA involved as a participant? Did they conduct the simulation?

13. Odd that in the months prior to the coronavirus outbreak (and again during the epidemic), China was hit with 4 unexplained viral outbreaks in quick succession, new or unusual animal viruses that destroyed much of the nation’s livestock and poultry, causing much economic damage and necessitating the purchase of large volumes of US agricultural products. It would seem that Mother Nature decided to align herself with US foreign policy, not only joining your trade war and assisting your effort to ‘bring China down’ but her apparent unprecedented complicity in choosing the worst possible time of the year and perhaps the worst possible location. In your opinion were these mere coincidences, a run of bad luck, perhaps? Please would you comment, and would you care to predict where this will end? (22)

14. It seems the swine flu that devastated China’s livestock in 2019 was not an act of god or nature but was done by unknown persons flying small drones over the country’s pig farms and infecting thousands of locations, resulting in the culling of more than 100 million pigs. Does this seem unusual to you? Would you care to comment on the probable culprits? (See note 2. above) Please note that “Chinese gangs” and “pork speculators” have already been eliminated from suspicion. (23)

15. With regard to COVID-US, we don’t believe it was brought to China by infected soldiers at the Wuhan military games. If that had been true, all foreign soldiers would have been infected first and taken the virus to their home countries, but events did not progress in that sequence. Please would you tell us how it might have happened? Certainly, the Chinese people have a right to know.

16. It has been conclusively proven that COVID-US did not originate at the Wuhan market, nor in Wuhan at all, nor in China. Further, the virus strains in most nations are different from the one that contaminated Wuhan. Please would you comment on this, in light of your “Chinese virus” statements? (24)

17. Similarly, the people in Italy and Iran would like to know how different strains of the virus might have traveled to their countries. As well, the entire world is wondering why there were two large waves of global infection, the first infecting 25 countries at the same time around January 25, and the second with 85 countries simultaneously experiencing explosive domestic multiple outbreaks within a few days of each other around February 25 – and mostly different from the strain in China. Since only the US has all the various strains, it would seem those infections must have originated in your country. Would you care to explain how this might have happened? (25)

18. Following the above, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Iran all reported that their domestic outbreaks of COVID-US had no confirmed cases of exposure with China but showed a connection with the United States. Similarly, Australia claims 80% of its infections came from the US, other countries also identifying infections that were Made in America. As well, the huge pent-up eruptions in Washington and New York were entirely domestic in origin, having no proven connection with China. Please will you explain this? (26) (27) (28)

19. China, Italy, and several other nations in Asia and Europe now have documented proof that COVID-US was circulating in their populations for several months before the outbreak in Wuhan. Japan and Taiwan have documented proof that several Japanese became infected in Hawaii in late September of 2019. Please would you address and explain this? (29) (30)

20. Two years ago, John Bolton fired the entire executive group responsible for pandemic response coordination, eviscerating your nation’s infectious disease defense infrastructure. In light of current events, can you explain his actions and your approval of them? You also cut funding for the CDC, eliminating 80% of their global disease prevention efforts, in other words, the department that could have helped other nations detect and control the epidemics they later suffered. More specifically, a key CDC epidemiologist was embedded in China’s disease control agency, but you eliminated her position and brought her home shortly before the virus outbreak in Wuhan. Please explain why you withdrew her at that particular time. (31) (32) (33)

21. For COVID-USA, why did the CDC forbid testing of Americans? Why did the CDC refuse to test even those already in an ICU and on a ventilator? Was it to prevent Americans from learning of the epidemic already loose in their country? Why was Dr. Helen Chu issued a threatening “cease and desist” order to stop testing nasal swabs her flu research team had taken in Washington State from October 2019 onward? Was it to prevent the knowledge emerging that the virus had already been circulating freely months earlier? This is pertinent because normally the reason we don’t ask a question privately is that we already know the answer, and the reason we don’t ask the question publicly is that we don’t want anyone else to know the answer. (34)

22. CDC Director Redfield admitted that US flu deaths were actually from the coronavirus. How many of the 35 million infections and 20,000 deaths were misdiagnosed? Was this accidental? When the cause of death was discovered in autopsies, why was the information kept secret? Why were deceased victims’ families told they died of influenza when the death certificates read “coronavirus”? (35)

23. I have many messages from Americans in Washington, New York, California, Maryland, Virginia, and other states claiming infection, mostly in the latter part of December of 2019 but several as early as late September, all describing similar symptoms consistent with COVID-US.
“I am sure you get thousands of emails but wanted you to know how much I enjoyed and believed your article. I have been trying to find this information online. I firmly believe I am one of the US citizens who had this virus in December 2019. Please continue your research.”
“I live in southwestern Pennsylvania. I became sick very quickly on December 23 at work. I figured I had caught the flu. Although it was unlike anything I have ever had before. In hindsight, I see that I had all of the exact symptoms of the Coronavirus.”
“It was September 30 2019-October 9 2019 when my husband was hospitalized.”
Please would you comment on the apparent existence of COVID-US being widespread in America from September 2019?

24. The WHO emphasized the most important thing was to “test, test, test”, but the US is the one country that steadfastly refused to test, using many excuses that appear both lame and suspicious in retrospect. Harvard Global Health Institute’s Dr. Ashish Jha said America’s “response has been abysmal. It’s hard to imagine how they could’ve done it worse. We’re still the only major country in the world that [is not doing] widespread testing for coronavirus . . . That’s insane given our technical and scientific capacity.” Please would you comment on this? (36)

25. You gave yourself a top grade in handling this crisis, saying, “I’d rate it a 10. I think we did a great job.” Would you care to explain how you arrived at that figure? Meanwhile, even the NYT disagreed with you, saying, “The failure to tap into the flu study [Dr. Helen Chu], detailed here for the first time, was just one in a series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing during the early days of the outbreak, when containment would have been easier.” Please would you comment? (37) (38)

26. Your White House and US media made much play of the proximity of the Wuhan University to the seafood market – where you claimed the virus outbreak originated. Please would you have one of your staff perform a map search for the following address?: Trade Tower I, No. 568, Jianshe Avenue, Jianghan District, Wuhan 430022. (39) Now, would you care to write a paragraph on the following topic: “US Consulate General suspiciously close to the seafood market in Wuhan”?

27. In early March you amazingly declared as classified all COVID-US information and meetings, with all communication to be rerouted through the White House and coordinated with NSC officials. Only specified individuals with security clearance are permitted to attend secret meetings, with no mobile phones or computers allowed. Excluded staff members claimed they were told virus information was classified “because it had to do with China”. Please will you comment on the need for such extreme secrecy (while condemning China for lack of transparency), and please would you explain how coping with a virus epidemic in your country has anything “to do” with China? (40) (41) (42)

28. Virologists are unanimous that the first act after a pathogen outbreak (whether natural or contrived) is to hunt down the source and locate the ‘patient zero’, so as to stop the infection at its origin. All major countries made great efforts in this regard – except the US who made no apparent effort of any kind. Please could you explain why this is so?

29. For several months now, Chinese, Italian, and Iranian Medical and State authorities have been calling for international collaboration to trace the precise genetic trail of the global outbreaks and identify the true origin of the virus. Since all of the humankind desperately wants the answers, is the US cooperating in this effort?

30. The US media made a great fuss about China punishing its so-called whistle-blower Li Wenliang, some inventing false claims he was forced into a confession and even imprisoned. The official narrative, of course, is that America treasures its whistle-blowers while the Chinese are mean to theirs. But today, Li Wenliang is a national hero in China. Would you care to comment and compare his position with those of Edward Snowdon, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning?

31. It is documented that your Radio Free Asia created and promulgated widely the falsehoods that the University at Wuhan is a bio-weapons lab and the coronavirus leaked from there. Since Radio Free Asia is an integral part of your misinformation machine and reports to Mike Pompeo, would either he or you care to comment on this apparent slander?

32. Your White House and media have tried to shame China with accusations and insinuations of a bad record of biological pathogen leaks, even though China had only two or three small leaks about 10 years ago, and nothing since. However, your own CDC verifies that between 2005 and 2012 the US had 1,059 instances of theft or leaks of dangerous pathogens that broke containment. One every three days for seven years. Please would you comment on this disparity? (43) (44) (45)

33. A virus test in China costs less than $100 and is paid by the government. In the US, the cost of the same test ranges between $1,500 and $3,000 and must be paid by the patients – who may have no health insurance. Please would you comment on the relative attractiveness of the US Health Care System, and please would you note for whom it is attractive?

34. This is the documented China timeline for the COVID-US outbreak:
Dec 26, 2019: Jixian Zhang detects four anomalous pneumonia infections in Wuhan and reports them to the provincial CDC the next day. The provincial authorities immediately inform the national CDC which prepares to implement the pandemic response protocols. Prior infections had still not been grouped or identified.

December 30, 2019: China’s national CDC notifies the WHO.
December 31, 2019: The WHO publicly reports the new virus outbreak.
January 7, 2020: Chinese virologists identify the virus and confirm a full genome sequencing five days later.

In light of the above, please would you explain your claims that Chinese medical authorities “covered up” the outbreak and “cost the world two months” of preparation time. The claimed two-month delay would mean China had to notify the world in October of a virus that would not emerge for another six weeks. Please would you elaborate on your claims?

35. If it were China with the above history and SARS, MERS, AIDS, EBOLA, bird flu, swine flu, and COVID-19 first erupted in the US, you would claim this as 100% proof that China was responsible. It cannot be a surprise that much of the world today is naturally tending to lay these outbreaks at your doorstep. Would you care to comment?

36. Mr. Pompeo instructed the global State Department staff to vigorously blame China for COVID-US, although I believe Mr. Pompeo is on record as having stated that the government “lies, cheats, and steals” in order to accomplish its objectives. If memory serves, he publicly admitted that lying is one of the most powerful American abilities, sprinkling baseless accusations like pouring dirty water into clean water, to leave a polluted slurry. Since Mr. Pompeo functions at your pleasure, would you please comment on the extent to which you share his philosophy? (46) (47)

37. Mr. Pompeo issued the global State Department staff with specific orders to paint the US “in every interview” as “The greatest humanitarian nation in the history of the world”. But you recently increased sanctions on Iran, preventing the purchase of critical medical supplies, and you ensured the World Bank would decline Venezuela’s plea for financial medical assistance. While China, Russia, and Cuba have sent medical supplies and physicians to nearly 100 nations around the world, your USA has provided assistance to nobody. These actions would seem inconsistent with your self-image of a ‘great humanitarian nation’, instead of appearing to the world as almost savagely inhuman. Please would you reconcile this apparent discrepancy?

38. Many people in Iran and Venezuela too, are dying every day now as a direct result of your policies. Please would you explain the pleasure derived from killing?

39. Recent news reports that you called the President of tiny South Korea to beg for medical supplies. That seems a bit pathetic, but perhaps you could explain. Reports that China is shipping thousands of tonnes of medical supplies to the US. Would you care to comment on the position that the world should treat the US as the US is treating Iran, and refuse to send anything?

40. The 1918 “Spanish” influenza pandemic that killed between 20 million and 50 million people were proven to have originated in the US and propagated throughout the world from secrecy and recklessness. The 2008 H1N1 pandemic also originated in the US and spread through the world from the same causes, your CDC for 6 months unable or unwilling to identify the pathogen, while maintaining the secrecy and promoting misinformation, causing between 200,000 and 500,000 premature deaths worldwide. HIV-AIDS also originated in the US, its simultaneous spread to two other continents still a matter of fierce debate. Would you care to comment on US culpability in these deadly epidemics? Do you plan to apologize to the world for your carelessness? Would you support class-action lawsuits in favor of the victims?

I believe the truth about COVID-US will eventually come out. There must be many people with personal knowledge of the source and method of distribution. What we need now is one more brave Edward Snowdon or Chelsea Manning to leak the information. We will then see how truly the US treasures its whistle-blowers.

Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He can be contacted at: 2186604556@qq.com

The above is published by veteranstoday.com.  All the footnotes of this article are available at the site. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/04/02/facing-us-bio-warfare-an-open-letter-to-president-trump-from-the-people-of-the-world/

The Americans need to come clean, be transparent, be truthful, stop lying and answer these questions and not to mislead and confuse the world by blaming China and WHO.


Anonymous said...

This article is only the tip of the iceberg but it is an excellent report.

The 40 questions the unscrupulous unethical immoral and lawless Donald Trump has to answer to the whole world would probably be faced with stone silence.

Knowing the dirty double-crossing Trump, he would simply ignore them and would instead make use of some of the points within the questions to twist the whole thing around and point the finger back at China and WHO again and again.

This scoundrel of a US President, never seen before in the history of USA, will only submit to the law when on his own death bed.

Nevertheless, the world must continue to investigate into many of the evils the US and its CIA and Military have done, are doing and will be doing.

Virgo 49 said...

Let Grandma goes off on TRUMP.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Countries of the world must not allow the Americans to pull them by the nose and run around in circles. The sinister American lies must be exposed quickly.

China must not always stand there like a dumbass and allow the Americans to throw stones at them. China must hit back aggressively and counter every wild allegations by the Americans and at the same time point to all the evil deeds of the Americans in their wicked sanctions and impoverishing so many countries and their people.

China should lead the world to defy and break away from the American sanctions and allow those victimised countries to grow and proper and give their people a better life.

If need to, it is time for a clean break with the Americans and set the rest of the world free. So many countries are still suffering under the threats and oppression of the Evil Empire and waiting for a leader to set them free from the American bondage.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Un may have been targeted already. He is said to like imported food and liquors.

If they want to get rid of him, doctoring his food is possible. The US is perfectly capable of introducing undetectable stuff into foods that may look innocently good for health, but over long term digestion becomes toxic. Remember the Butter vs Margarine controversy? Remember fluoride in toothpaste? Remember the rage over anti-biotics?

Do you honestly believe that sports people like US sprinters of old, who still hold decades old sprinting records, did not enhance their performance with drugs? There are drugs that may not be deemed illegal at that point of time, but may be designated as illegal after serving its purpose.

Anonymous said...

I believe the US could be or have moved some of their biological research labs onto warships at sea, knowing that countries are against their presence and the dangers they posed. Nobody has the means to discover them or protest their existence!

How did so many aircraft carriers, warships and even submarines become infected with the coronavirus and why are they trying desperately to clamp down information, even firing the USS Theodore Roosevelt's captain for trying to reveal the truth on board?

Such research labs on board, or carrying such bio-weapons on board is logical to my mind. At sea, during conflicts, having such bio-weapons on board is convenient, easily available and can be used at short notice, same as the missiles. But they probably failed to have fool-proof containment apparatus on board in case of leaks or equipment failure over time.

Like the dumping of radioactive waste in steel drums into the ocean, failure to predict the ability of the drums to withstand the test of time may lead to leakage that will come back to haunt mankind. They have yet to find a solution to deal with Chernobyl, not to mention the drama still besetting Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

The problem with most of the attempts on social media trying to counter western propaganda are written or posted by Chinese nationals writing in Chinese, which will only be understood by those reading Chinese.

If only there were more Nathan Rich or Gwelio 60, reporting on the reality of China at ground level with their physical presence over there. Of course they have been demonised and accused of selling their souls to the Chinese. How else can they win people's hearts and minds on level playing fields, other than by vitriol and clueless mindsets without being there?

Anonymous said...

A very well researched documented piece by Larry Romanoff.

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are!

They having all these biological virus and germs to in these warships and subs to attack
Playing dirty.

Backfired, they themselves affected.

Human beans tried to be too smarr and created all sorts of nonsense to destroy themselves.

Anonymous said...

Of course everything is going to be blamed on China. Years or even decades of planting this mindset of hatred of China in Western and Eastern minds had been so successful that truth becomes irrelevant and lies becomes the truth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many western sites that are balancing the American propaganda with their version of truths, eg Democracy Now, Russian TV and many others. Unfortunately they are drown by the huge number of sites paid by the Americans and CIA.

There are also many authoritative westerners that are speaking up against the evils of the American Empire. John Pilger is one such thinkers. He also said that other than the more than 1,000 American military bases all over the world, especially around China and Russia, there are more than 400 American bioweapon labs on land and in the sea.

The Americans have scattered their offensive bases and labs all over the world to make it difficult to wipe out at one goal. Most American lackeys and crony countries are homes to these military and bioweapon labs.

Anonymous said...

American confirmed infected cases now 825,000. In less than 5 days it will hit 1 million cases.

Death now 45,000. Everyday increases by 2,000 to 2,500. See how fast this will get to 100,000.

Anonymous said...

The leaks by Edward Snowdon and Chelsea Manning, like all others, will die of old age.

The US will always make sure that they will escape responsibility. The poodles will initially fake a rebellion, then slink into obedience and follow the orders of the evil cult leaders.

This has been the order of things - then, now and forever.

Virgo 49 said...

Either way, China have to suffer the Great American Hypocrisy.

Whoever wins in Nov 2020, both Republicans or Democrats are all EVIL.

Both Dotard and Biden cursing one another of either been too soft or too beholden to China.

China. Whichever way also kena sabo by one and sundry.

Anonymous said...

Some white countries, mainly US, UK and Australia are full of themselves, diverting blame of their poor handling to WHO and China. There is also an Asian country that is also stirring anti-China hate -Taiwan or to be precise the ruling DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) of Taiwan. After capitalising on the HK protests, they are doing it with the coronavirus, without giving a thought that it will increase the racist attacks on Asians in these countries. Bigots and racists aren't to be bothered whether the victim is Taiwanese, mainland Chinese or other Asians. All will still be categorised as Chinks and gooks to them in verbal or physical assaults. Recall the recent racist attack on a Singaporean and Malaysian students in Melbourne.

Luckily there are many westerners who have lived or still living in China who post on the social media taking the side and defending China against the lies of some of the western nations and their media. One of them is Daniel Dumbrie. He has a fantastic rebuttal to these lies on a recent podcast on YB that we should all watch-the link


The other is Nathan East- the hotpot king. These are the vbloggers we should support to counter the lies of antiChina freaks like Steve Bannon, Gordon Chang, Skynews Oz ,Foxnews etc.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For a few centuries, the whites have been spreading the lies about the yellow peril to the rest of the world and teaching their children to hate Chinese.

The real peril to the world is the White Peril or the White Curse. The natives of all the continents, Asia, Africa, North and South America and the Oceania all became victims of white aggression and conquests and many were brutally abused, beaten and killed.

The danger to the world is really the White Peril. But after spreading their lies for so long against the Chinese, many Asians and Africans also felt to this white lie without thinking why. So they divert the attention of the natives of the world from their atrocities and murders to the Chinese who did nothing to the rest of the world while also fell victims to the White Peril.

Today China is redeveloping and investing in Africa is such a scale that Africa is the next big thing in the world's economy with many countries moving out of the developing state world. Even with China doing so much to help raise the standard of living and development in Africa, the whites are still trying to smear and demonise China using debt traps as an excuse.

Anonymous said...

American politics is as fake as a reality show. The winners are the powers behind the throne, who controls who it wants to be the next President.

Both parties, Democrats and Republicans are birds of the same feather. Just look at the circus in the White House and Congress dealing with the Mueller report and the impeachment fiasco. This is just a show written to please the show watchers around the world. All the cut and thrust, defence and offence, and who to bring or not to bring to give evidence, are all according to the script. In the end nothing is achieved, much time wasted, the only result is it's entertainment value. But wasn't the show interesting?

Now the same game is being played with the coronavirus situation. In the end the people pay the price, the main characters change their position as White House occupants or opposition, and no one is the wiser. The policies, home or foreign remains the same and China is still going to be the punching bag.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Remember Jeffrey Epstein, the peddler of paedophiles?

Trump, Clinton and many top politicians including Prince Edward, used his services. He was killed in jail. Or they might switch a dead person for him and Epstein could be living free somewhere.

This kind of corruption and abused of the police system.

Virgo 49 said...

Wow. Latest

Australian frigate joined the US Fleet at the South China Sea near Vietnam confronting a China's survey or drilling ship.

State of Missouri suing China for the COVID-19.

Wah. Really fast to divert attention of their guilts.

Anonymous said...

Australia is trying to postulate as the big brother of this region. To hell with this racist ingrate.

Descendants of exiled convicts of UK, who stole the land of the aborigines, thinks that with the evil empire behind them, they can swagger in front of China. Trying to brandish a big sword in front of Guan Yu?

As I said earlier, the poodles are beating the war drums to draw in the attach dogs to tear China apart. Besides the Dingoes, the German shepherds are starting to join in the attack.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They are in a hurry to start a war to take China down. The thing is that the victor is not clear. China no longer a pushover. Together with Russia, NK, Iran and many Middle east countries, this time things would be quite different.

Would Singapore be the traitor that join the whites to fight China?

Anonymous said...

Australia is really a little country, population wise, but behaving like it is a big country. One day they will be driven out of Australia by the Indonesians.

Virgo 49 said...

Now news already some tensions between Indon and Aust.

Withdrawal their what's Aussie Ambassador.

Good. Indon as ASEAN leader will hit back at them.


Anonymous said...

China does not even need to have a hot war with Australia. All it should do is to stop trade with Australia and buys from other countries including NZ.

Imagine 40% of exports supposedly going to China, now going nowhere. And that's not counting the Chinese tourists and students going there , spend to boost their economy.
Their political master, Uncle Sam with their "America First" policy and with recent reputation of ditching their allies and friends (ask the kurds), is not going to take up those exports.

There is a saying - Don't bite the hands that feed you.
Cocky Aussies will come begging on their knees and this is the reality.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore government, before and after "independence" has always been pro-Western powers, leaning very close to UK and the USA, and nowadays inside the pocket of Mafia Trump. It is so clearly displayed for China and the World to see. Didn't even bothered to hide.

China's leaders must be damned stupid to trust the present set of Singapore leaders, 90% are either bananas, coconuts, groundnuts or nuts.

Singapore leaders of Chinese descent speaks and THINK in English, not Chinese. Whereas, the leaders of Malay descent speak Malay as their primary and most important language, and speak English as a secondary language, most importantly they THINK in Malay. Likewise, the leaders of Indian descent too think in Indian.

This factor (the culture they think in) is significantly important because it goes deep into their blood and their heart of hearts.

China should be very weary and worry about Singapore during a conflict with the West.

Always remember:

1. Whitemen speaks in Fork Tongue.

2. Pro-Whitemen, who thinks in White, and carry Whitemen's balls and lick Whitemen's feet, speak in Double Fork Tongue.

3. Most of the Chinese in HK, Taiwan, South-east Asia are once running dogs and scoundrels of the Western Empires. Not too long ago.

4. Once a traitor always a traitor.

Anonymous said...

is right to warn China to be wary and weary of Oversea Chinese Banana, coconut and other nut traitors. These traitors are Western Culture Centric.

Virgo 49 said...

In a Forum held at the NUS cultural Auditorium between Prof Zhang Wei Wei and Kishore.

Prof Zhang as Teng's close advisor at that time said that Teng had once spend sux years in France but unable to learn their language.

He told Zhang that it's a good time as if able to absorb and learned their language and culture, he would not able to think more as a Chinese and cultural as a Chinese.

The bananas been long time influenced by the West, especially those who lived in the White countries will lean more towards them and many fine examples like our Great Matilah who is now been quarantined dumb and helpless by Mr RB will always dispute and bombarded anyone WHO talks bad about the Whites.

So does many Bananas Sinkies. Who slurred and speaks like Englishmen being a pain to your ears.

So, they will consciously always be on the side of their Whites and will condemn anything you blared against them.

Virgo 49 said...

Just read our CNA news reports of that Pompei accusing China of their virus leak and our own added vingear and salt and oil of our own saying China covering up a whistleblower and hiding the facts.

Why that mad Mathahir wanted their people to learn their Malay as First Language?

This is to divert them NOT to think too much the Westernized Shits and cultures.

See today's Sinkies Young Manure generation as young as teen and twenties already start swindling with all sorts of crimes.

Defiance against all sorts of laws and orders.

Westernized to the core of the decadence Western cultures.