Which is the evil and warmongering state, China or the USA?

To the unthinking, to those whose minds have been programmed by the western media, they would simply said China. But what is an authoritarian state, what is an evil and warmongering state? Let's try to be objective and look at what each state is doing before we make an informed judgement.

1. Which state is conducting wars everywhere?
2. Which state is threatening countries with wars?
3. Which state is imposing economic sanctions on other states?
4. Which state demands that another state change its political system to what it claimed is the desired system?
5. Which state has the most nuclear, biological and chemical weapons but demands that other states cannot have them?
6. Which state is provoking, accusing, threatening other states and politicising anything that is happening in the world?
7. Which state has the most military bases in the world?
8. Which state has signed the most military pact in the world?
9. Which state is funding terrorist groups?
10. Which state is guilty of invading other states on fabricated information?
11. Which state has been conducting false flag incidents to start wars?
12. Which state has been conducting regime change as if it is its right to do so?
13. Which state has been bullying other states with military and economic threats?
14. Which state has impoverished other states and causing economic hardship on their population?
15. Which state has been interfering in the domestic affairs of other states?
16. Which state has conducted hijacking of other state's goods?
17. Which state has been sailing and flying their military warships and aircraft into other state's territorial limits, violating other states territorial sovereignty?
18. Which state has been lying and lying to the world?
19. Which state has been spying on the govts of other states?
20. Which state has the biggest spy network in the world?
21. Which country killed the most innocent people in wars, declared or undeclared?
22. Which country caused the influx of refugees into Europe, running away from their war torn countries started by the same country?
23. Which state is breaking all the rules of international law?
24. Which state is fanning hate and suspicion daily?
25. Which country killed more than 70 million indigenous people?
26.  Which country practised slavery for 200 years?
27. Which country has more than 1000 military bases all over the world?

What are your answers to the above questions and what is your conclusion?

Cuba hit out at the United States on Friday over its nearly 60-year-old embargo against the island nation, which Havana described as "even more cruel" given the suffering caused by the new coronavirus pandemic.
The communist-run single-party island is finding it tough to source medical supplies and has already recorded 564 coronavirus cases and 15 deaths.
"The United States' economic-financial blockade is the most unfair, severe, prolonged system of sanctions of all time by one country against another," said Nestor Marimon, the health ministry's international relations director. Yahoo News.

Many countries are in the same fate as Cuban, their people suffering because of the evil Empire's economic and financial sanctions. Countries of the world must break this wicked stranglehold on poor countries by the evil Empire. Every country has the right determine their own domestic affairs and political system. No country should be allowed to dictate to countries what their political system should be.


Virgo 49 said...

The USA is still trying to cast China as the Originator of the Wuhan or Corona COVID virus.

Saying we are NOT sure whether it is Lab release or original mutations.

Putting the Big Question Mark so as to point fingers at China to divert attention to their blunders and woes.

The Big Question Mark should be diverted to the USA whether they are the Devils in planting the Virus to destroy China and the World of Asia.

Not knowing that they be also receiving their Evil Deeds.

Anonymous said...

hey rb. Where is Matilah. Not seen him around and missed his obnoxious crude jokes. Mati Liao? LOL.
Anyway, i want to dedicate this video to him to wipe his backside properly,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That shameless American agent? I locked the daylight out of him.

China was the victim of this conspiracy to terminate the Chinese population and to cripple the Chinese economy. After this failed attempt to destroy China, they got the cheek to put the blame on China.

China is so stupid to start a crisis in the heart of China to kill its own people? The Chinamen to day are no longer the oppressed and suppressed cooks and laundrymen and railroad slaves of old America. The modern Chinamen are better educated in science and technology and would not do foolish thing that the stupid Americans still think they would do as uneducated population of the 19th Century.

Anonymous said...

Living in the jungles of the Amazon and South East Asia, indigenous people have been eating wild animals for centuries, even in raw state, viruses and all. How is it that those people can still survive with all the virus infections, if what is said about bats, pangolins, snakes etc is true.

There are some questions that continues to puzzle me. How could the indigenous people have such strong resilience to diseases like Malaria, for example. The reason perhaps lies in 'what else' did not go into their bodies that basically reduced their immunity to diseases. Stuff like antibiotics, consumed directly or indirectly from eating meat of animals and fowls, that are also stuffed with hormones, anti-biotics etc, which we in modern society consumed in quantities, day in and day out. Our 'natural ability' to combat common viruses are now therefore greatly impaired.

Or take the case of the coronavirus now. Statistics have revealed that few children are infected. Why? Children are presumed to be weaker in resisting infections, right? Therefore more children should be infected, right? But that seems not to be so.

One plausible reason could be the lesser amount of antibiotics and other drugs that they consumed, due to their shorter intake time frame, unlike adults that have been fed with it for perhaps decades. That has basically weakened the adult's 'natural ability' to combat viruses, compared to children, over the decades.

Experts have long advised against too reliant on anti-biotics to fight diseases, but the days of over prescription already has done the damage. As for the very old, their immunity due to such prolonged medication, puts them in a fatal position once the virus take hold.

Whether such drugs and antibiotics have been put into use for an agenda or for humanitarian reasons just cannot be determined. But it certainly has created the side effects that we are just beginning to realise. Too late!

Just thinking.

Anonymous said...

If China created and released the virus, why do it at home in Wuhan, then had to go to such extreme to control it? It is akin to cutting the nose to spite the face. Does not make any sense.

If the whites think it great to do their nuclear testing on Pacific Islands, far from their homeland, thinking any consequences will only be on those inhabitants, that kind of thinking and action does not preclude them doing the same thing with this virus.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear fallout does not fly home to roost. Neither will humans be able to carry it back home to do the damage.

But, they failed to figure into the equation, that human factors will bring the virus home.

A couple of hypersonic nuclear missiles, targeted at the Yellowstone Super Volcano, can obliterate the whole of USA with nuclear dust!

Anonymous said...

They have yet to control the coronavirus outbreak and have yet to determine when the infections will end, and some quarters are now already talking about a recovery in 2021? This is a sick joke trying to massage the global economy, now almost in ICU, to roar back to life.

Virgo 49 said...

Dotard Trump to STOP funding WHO as he accused that they are leaning towards China.

The International Community is criticising him.

For sure, after this Pandemic, America is NOT going to command as the Number One World Leader.