Covid19 - Aren't Singapore lucky?

Singapore is so lucky not because the USA now has more than 330,000 confirmed cases of infection and we have less than 2,000. Singapore is lucky not because the USA and many countries have 10,000 or more Covid19 death when we only have 6. And no, Singapore is not lucky because we have the best millionaire politicians in charge of this pandemic.

Singapore is very lucky that this pandemic hits when it only has 5.8 million people in the island and has yet to build up to 6.9m. We are damn lucky that today we still did not have 10m or 20m population that some so called intellectuals are saying we could have them. Aren't Singapore so lucky that our problem is to manage the welfare of only 5.8m people in the midst of this horrendous pandemic? How would Singapore have fared today if there were 10m or 20m people in the island?

How much would be the infected cases, the number of death, the people going jobless, the amount of money needed to withdraw from the reserves to help the 5.8m people instead of 10m or 20m people? How much food and medical supplies and masks stockpile, hospital beds, medical staff, contact tracing staff, quarantine venues/facilities etc etc will be needed? Aren't Singapore lucky that someone is kind enough to let Singapore face this problem at this point in time and not later? Aren't Singapore so lucky to be given a preview of what kinds of problems it would face in the future with a population double what it is today?

This pandemic is like someone telling Singapore not to be greedy, not to be crazy, not to be so confident that it can manage a 10m or 20m population with a problem like this. This pandemic is not going to be the last. Many would come along and could be worse and the consequences and pains could be multiplied by the number of people in the island. This is a lesson to tell Singapore, while it still can change course, change its assumptions about growing and growing its population as if there are only benefits and not consequences in an unlimited and unrestrained population growth policy, that it cannot go down that path of no returns.

Aren't Singapore being so lucky that this has to happen now to pull the brake on its wild and reckless population growth policy, to be given time to seriously think about this wild ambition just to grow its GDP numbers by growing its population?

What do you think? Is Singapore lucky? This pandemic coming at this time is the kindest thing to happen to Singapore.  Singapore, you have been warned well in advance, of your folly.  Operate within your limits and not to bite more than you can chew.  The mediocrity behind this non stop population growth policy is showing.

The latest one day increase of 287 is only the tip of the iceberg, only the eginning. Given the compact living space in the dormitories, given the foreign workers habit of close socialisation, enjoy close proximity, given that there are more than 300,000 of them here, once infected, a 30% infection rate is not too much to ask for. It could be 50%. At 30% we are looking at 100,000 cases. At 50% it is more than 150,000 cases. These are numbers that are not too far fetch from reality given the way this virus is spreading.

Prepare for the worse as this looks like inevitable. Do we have enough hospital beds, ventilators, medical staff, mortuary, masks etc etc? What would happen to the economy, joblessness, those who are living from paycheck to paycheck...?


Virgo 49 said...

Why Hong Kongers wore masks all the time even they do NOT even have an indication of any infectious diseases.

It's because of their POP of too many living too close for comfort in too close of promity.
Any diseases will spread like wildfires affecting them deadly.

Hong Kongers have no choice as their POP is so large and limited land.

But, some dafts have choices and yet they want to be living like the HongKongers and even some in OVER populated countries to court disasters.

Stupidity really have no cures.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Sg is lucky lucky lucky!

You know why?

Aiya..... our very very very soon to be PM is Mr Heng!

Heng means lucky lah!

So Sg is very very very lucky!


Anonymous said...

Probably need to write this straight to Ah Long face : "不见棺材不流泪" or one will not cry when one sees a coffin in front. And some more wanto hold an election & even persists on holding it sooner , see the greediness in powder, monies & selfishness in these white burgers.It take an Covid-19 pandemic to partially bring these white burglars down a little, after this epic saga, can tell u these white burglars will not learn any lessons but to blame the people each time any incident happen! Slogan like No Need wear masks when u r well & go on life as normal during this pandemic is telling these white burglars to look into their ownself fault first. Jus too bad the old man & old guards r mostly gone, u hv an A Dou leading this Sinkies in a shit hole, it's evident that One Cannot Trust SomeLee that is Claimed to be Dishonorable, if one don't even care the authenticity of his papa last will, how will he ever to trust anyone who feed him the information, it's bad that A Dou doesn't believe his own people but got to listen to a compatriot of Kiwi Land, white burglars only trust whites fellows.

Anonymous said...

RB, you are under-reporting for the USA. The total infection stands at more than 460,000 as of today.

Oh, I forgot, it is good Friday and you probably not going to spoil Trump's big congregation party. Trump told his congregation that they are already turning around. But, but it could not be that fast. From more than 460K to 300K is astronomical. It's hypersonic.

When China steadied their infection figures, they said it is all fakery. I'll be damned, if the USA turnaround is not fakery. Oh, perhaps their God works in mysterious ways. Cannot argue about that!

Now, should I say 'Happy Good Friday'? Better not!

Anonymous said...

Singapore has imposed a new lockdown until at least May 4 — closing all schools and nonessential workplaces.

“If their case numbers continue to creep up to a point where they don’t feel like they can keep up with the case finding, case isolation, contact tracing, monitoring contacts and isolating the contacts, then that will be problematic” said Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

- The New York Times, April 9 2020

Anonymous said...

We are very very reactive!

To conquer this we must be PROACTIVE!

Just do it!

Anonymous said...

You should note that taking out the reserves are to help 5.8 million people, citizens and non citizens. That is really great.

But the reserves are not for Singaporeans to be concerned about, so let's not keep talking about it. It is not even for the late President Ong Teng Cheong to even ask about it. That is how secretive it is. If Ong Teng Cheong cannot know, what figures have been trotted out by many people are probably just throwing confusion to dilute the suspicion.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:05am, I rely on our reputable Channel News America, Oops, Channel News Asia for the numbers. This morning it was still 437,000. The number just changed to 465,329. I just checked.

Even 465,000 is an under stated number. But no one dares to accuse the Americans for under reporting. No country can have a correct number as the number is not only evolving, but you need to test all the people to get the real number. The USA and many countries are not testing enough, so the number is very low. India is a very good example. But even the USA, with such a shortage to test kits, and with so many people not wanting to be tested, their number is a fraction of what is really on the ground.

They fake, they lie, they cheat, they steal, they threaten, they bully, they sanction, they accuse every country in the world, but the most guilty one is themselves, the Evil American Empire.

By the way, 465,000 is definitely too low. The average increase is between 15 to 20% in the early stages of infection where the USA is now. They should be registering 50,000 or 60,000 cases daily.

Anonymous said...

They said that the foreign workers infection are linked to Mustafa Centre. That is probably the easiest way out for contact tracing. I suspect most infected foreign workers are not going to tell the truth about who and where they visited, besides Mustafa Centre. You know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Right RB. How many have the USA actually tested to come up with the 465,000 positive cases? They have a population of more than 330 million and probably not even 1% is tested.

More developed and advanced countries will get infection first, fast and furious, because of people moving in and out of such countries and more affluent people able to afford travelling. It is not just about Chinese people bringing the virus into other countries, but other countries people travelling to China and bringing the virus home.

Now about India and Africa, the explosion has yet to happen. Lack of testing and reporting does not mean low infection. It could be a disaster waiting to happen, because the spreading becomes more widespread. With India's population size and number of people living in poverty stricken areas, the consequences could be unimaginable.

I pray that the situation in India does not go to that stage.

Anonymous said...

[South China Morning Post April 9]

As the number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore climbs, the Chinese embassy has increased its outreach efforts in recent weeks, engaging with Chinese nationals living in the city state – from students to business federations – to assuage their concerns and distribute protective supplies, including face masks.

Aaron Yang, vice-president of the Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association in Singapore, said there was initially confusion among members of the Chinese community on whether they should wear face masks when they head out. In China, donning masks is deemed necessary, he said, but officials in Singapore had maintained that only those who were unwell should wear them.

It was not until Friday that the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reversed that advice, citing how there is new evidence suggesting that an infected person can show no symptoms and yet still pass on the virus.

Even so, the Chinese embassy has been giving out 10 masks to each Chinese national in batches.

Yang, who is a Shanghai-born naturalised Singapore citizen, sees the embassy’s distribution drive as an act of reassurance to Chinese nationals who are far away from their families and friends.

In January, Chinese nationals living in Singapore bought massive amounts of face masks to send back home when the coronavirus was raging in Hubei province.

That contributed to a shortage of face masks in the city state, driving the prices offered by Chinese sellers up almost ten times on e-commerce platforms.

Anonymous said...

How massive is massive, 10,000, 100,000, 1m pieces?

This massive is a gross exaggeration. The amount bought would not be enough to cost a shortage here because there was already a shortage in the first place. China is the biggest manufacturers of masks in the whole world. There could be some initial shortage in some corners of China, but this would be overcome very quickly.

There have been many disinformation going around to smear and discredit China. There is this mischievous report from Taiwan that China wanted to buy 200,000 body bags from Taiwan? The body bags are like trash bags that China is producing cheaply and easily and in huge numbers. Why would China need to buy body bags from Taiwan? The intent is mischievous, to mislead the readers that China's coronavirus deaths is in the hundreds of thousands.

The fact that China has unlocked Wuhan and Hubei and the people are free to move around said it clearly that they have controlled the virus. They cannot be so reckless to let the people move freely when the virus is still spreading.

Beware of disinformation and mischievous information and comments from the ignoramus.

Anonymous said...

This kind of news report is also circulating in the USA, of Chinese buying up masks to send home to China during the Wuhan outbreak, thus resulting in the shortage. It's purpose is to generate hatred against the Chinese in the USA and push the blame for the shortages to China yet again. How many can each Chinese buy to send home?

Did not the US Government claimed that they have huge stockpiles of everything? Now, the world, apart from Trump supporters, realised all such assurances are just plain lies. Some of the stockpiled stuff are said to be decades old and unusable - masks crumbling like dust and ventilators already rusted through, thus leading to the shortage. That of course will never be admitted, because it is a national security issue. No one in the US Government probably thinks much about renewing the stockpile periodically, only concerned about how and when to start the next war!

Anonymous said...

COVID19- USA Current Figures are:

Confirmed Cases:



16,512 (under reporting; many dead bodies not tested for COVID-19 because of insufficient test kits)


25,139 (does not mean fully cured, lungs have already been damaged beyond repair)

Anonymous said...

Think Jack Ma or the Chinese government should donate one or two million surgical face masks to Singapore out of goodwill, as part of their declared mission to help the world overcome the pandemic.

Anonymous said...

Tump is going after his 'watchdogs'

Next, Trump may go after his 'attack dogs'

Finally, Trump may also go after his 'lap dogs'

Meanwhile, China has outlawed the eating of dogs.

Is that the reason Trump is going after dogs now?

Anonymous said...

Just how skewed are the reports of the Western Media can be seen in this report saying 'Vietnam challenges China in virus diplomacy by sending mask to many countries'.

Does China complain about Vietnam sending masks to other countries? Why is the word 'challenge' needed to emphasis the point that Vietnam is also doing it's part to help others? This is the kind of agenda that the Western Media is insidiously promoting, by sowing discord among countries in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Expect some to fall victims to the Contagion, overtress, resign to look after family member etc.
As it is a World-wide Pandemic, there is shortage of them everywhere so they are likely unable to be sourced even with high reward.
please keep oneself safe and healthy,
do not risk the Wellbeings of our love onees and others.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Inability To Call A Spade A Spade!

Yesterday was Thursday, An unfortunate day. Singaporeans were shocked to have discovered that the number of COVID-19 virus patients have increased by a record 248 confirmed cases, to reach a total of 1910 confirmed cases. This is despite the island is already under an official LOCK-DOWN (which has been surreally called a "circuit-breaker" by someone who likes to make his fellow Singaporeans go in circles circularly). That's the reason why so many people are still not taking the COVID-19's Pandora seriously. The leaders are themselves not serious! Half-hearted!

With a Special COVID-19 Law passed on 7 April, why can't the leader call a spade a spade? A lockdown is a lockdown. For goodness sake, don't call it a circuit breaker!

And if there's is a need for people to wear masks when in public places, tell them straight in the face:


But NOT a weak half-baked advice:

"You will not be discouraged to wear a mask." (This is not even an advice!)

It is again another indication of a leader who is unable to face reality squarely, inability to call a spade a spade, reluctant to admit mistakes and take it like a gentleman. This is definitely a sign of weaknes.

Today is Friday. How many cases do you guess it will be at the end of the day?

Friday is symbolically a bad day, not good. It reminds us that Jesus was crucified and died on Friday. It was the saddest day.

Yet Christians, unable to face reality squarely, chose to call it Good Friday. And it got stuck until today. Ironically sad and sadly ironical.

Many has chosen to call Friday 13 an Unlucky Day. So, how can it be good?

You see, when humans are unable to face reality squarely, they twist and change the bad sounding words to other words, in order to comfort themselves. For example,

1. Using NEWATER to describe recycled old dirty filthy sewage water;

2. GST actually taxes the poor and even the jobless, the pensioners, the aged, the sick, the crippled, the unbound and the deads. But they said GST is to help the poor. Really unbelievable!

3. An Indian by birth, (legally indicated by her Birth certificate and Identity Card and by previous applications numerous times, from school entries to Jobs entries, to General Elections entries, to Speaker of House entries) can be declared as a Malay just because a exclusively selected team of people said so.

However, no matter what, nobody can nor wish to rock the "sampan" (a small narrow wooden boat) for three reasons:

1. Most males have become eunuchs (castrated their own balls) after going through two years of NS intensive indoctrination to obey orders and say "Yes, Sir!" very loudly whenever their Officers order them to do something.

2. Most girls and boys have also been through 15 years of "national education" (from childcare 3-years-old to pre-university or polytechnic 18 years-old) a slow process of daily subtle brain-washing consistently and persistently, by "teachers" (actually trainers) who have themselves been brain-washed beyond redemption.

3. Citizens' initiatives, leadership qualify, talent pool and collective power have, over 55 years, been slowly but steadily eroded and diminished until only a very few soul-searching hearts are brave enough to call a spade a spade!


Draw your own conclusion/s.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yesterday there were 287 confirmed cases. Today it is 198 cases. If it goes on at these levels, Singapore would have no choice but to call a Dorscon Red.

Anonymous said...

The earlier report by ST was 248 Cases yesterday. Later in the day, the figure was updated to 287. In other words, another 39 cases was added within a few hours. Perhaps due to slowness in testing or slowness in updating by the horse's mouth?

If the 39 were added to today's 198, it would mean today's figure is again above the 200 mark, ie 237.

So, I predict the next few days will be around the 200 mark.

Total now is 2108. That means the rate of infection is 370 per million. China's rate of infection is only 70 per million.

Now Singapore is among the top 10 countries (after USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, China, Switzerland, Iran and UK) with the fastest rate of infection among more than 179 countries!

The COVID-19 Tasked-and-Forced Team deserves a Gold Medal For Reactive Actions!

Anonymous said...

The number of new infected cases will remain high for the next few days ... becoz these were infected 1-2 weeks ago, before the lockdown.

The critical date is 20 April .... If the lockdown is successful, there should be zero or just a handful of new cases per day from 20 April onwards.

If local cases remain high after that ... then they will do a strict lockdown like wuhan. And easily 2 million people will lose their jobs within 1 month.

S'pore stocks & properties will be damn cheap though.

Anonymous said...

Those that live beyond their means will now know the meaning of saving for a rainy day. Too late!

Those that took out mortgages from banks, without a job, will face sleepless nights. Banks as you know, will give you an umbrella on a sunny day, but will take back the umbrella when it rains. Never mind, it only happens to the other guy, not me, they used to retort!

If the property's value falls below bank's valuation and the loan exceeds the market value of the property, more headache! How to find cash to pay the bank the difference? Sell off stocks maybe one solution. Sell off one other property maybe another way. But at what price?

If jobs do not come back, as Virgo often say, skydiving could be next.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 3.51

Worry MORE of the Aftermath of this Coronvirus pandemic for Singaporeans as it would takes real time for the World's Economy engine to start churning again.

After this, think the Ruling Govt of the Day must start drawing New plans of new vision for Singapore.

Cannot be business as usual with the old model of the past by date stale internal domestic economy of boosting their GDP statistics.

One way to implement that yearly profits of Limited Companies and MNC corporations to deposit with MAS or a new Regulatory Agency a 20 % amount for Reserves for these types of Emergencies.

Only allowed to draw for the shareholders and themselves the balance profits or earnings.

Present profits :-
Be kept for five years in a row and be allowed to withdraw another token sum if there is no contingency that happens within these give years to their past shareholders and themselves.

Balance still be in deposits.

The cycle goes on with their ongoing profits with the next.

If their Companies and Corporations shown any losses in between the years, then they can also withdrew their own reserves to save themselves.

This is the way of old Chinese businesses that saved for a rainy day on self sustaining.

It's unfair that the Govt used the tax payers MONIES to bail them out whilst all the while, they enjoying their profits into their pockets.

This be a more equitable and fair process.

Likewise, for those salary men and women.

A lesson that do not think that good times are forever and lived beyond their means thinking that help will be always on.the way.

Living pompous and wayward lives.