Covid19 - More than 100 cases of hate crimes daily against Asian/Chinese in the USA


Watch this short 4 minute video about the hate crimes that are happening daily in the USA.

When Trump called the virus Chinese virus, more Chinese looking Asians were attacked. A family with two young children were stabbed....

The sicko useless poor blacks also think that because of their burly built they could threaten and beat up small built Chinese in the subways because of Covid19.

Small built Asian/Chinese should armed themselves with handguns and shoot a few of these racist bastards to show that they cannot be bullied and would hit back when attacked.


Virgo 49 said...

Good wake up lessons for those Bananas who thought that the Whites and their cronies are Angels.

Scorning their own kind and thinking that their Whites Masters and their kind are a Superior Race.

But, alas human beans memories are short.

They will still suck up to them when it's over.

Anonymous said...

The rate of infection in the United Snakes of America is rising. About 27,000 more has been added. The more gets tested, the more are discovered to be infected.

Trump is still in cavalier mood while the people are still enjoying their democratic rights to freedom, helping the virus to spread.

But even with a few million dead, Trump will take that as collateral damage. Pity those who are among the dead.

For memories sake, the Spanish flu was traced to have originated from Kansas, USA. But this has been vehemently denied for obvious reasons, with France, UK and China being named the co-originator to dilute the blame game. But why call it 'Spanish flu' just because Spain was the hardest hit? Did the world clamoured for compensation, with a reported death toll of as much as 50 million people? Will the world clamoured for compensation from the United Snakes of America for starting the trade war?

Anonymous said...

Promoting blame on China again. See the slant towards the end. It never varies. Forget uncensored. That website is all uncensored propaganda!

Anonymous said...

RB matilar is a joker and need to be sodomized. No need to delete his posts. As a incest practitioner, no one taking him seriously anyway

Virgo 49 said...

Now CNN demonizing China for her lack of transparency.

Leaders who praised China now NOT so sure of her transparencies.

Wah, turn tails very fast.

Actually, frankly all these what's rules and procotols that are implemented now are just assumptions and presumptions that they thought the best ideas to control the Pandemic.

All different presumptions everyday by what's expurts that contradict one another.

All still fumbling and rambling along.

Anonymous said...

Every country, esp USA, UK etc are under reporting. Why no one question their transparency? Trump and his team have been lying and lying, why no one attack them?

The western media, including our local media, only want to repeat the western smears on China. Why?

Anonymous said...


Keep deleting the spamming posts of MATILAH The Morherfuxker, who raped his own daughter and got divorced by his wife, and escaped to Perth to avoid arrest and conviction, is not the solution.

This wild animal's penchant to commit crimes has been proven by his aggressive, vicious, vulgar, extreme racist and frequently offensive postings and behaviour in this blog for all to see.

The time has arrived when the law must be invoked to take its course.

There is no need to give face any more.

Anonymous said...

RB did the right thing.

Shut this American dog out completely.