Covid19 - Should China sell medical supplies to pariah countries like Brazil?

Mandetta said last week Brazilian states are well stocked for now, but Brazil had to turn to several countries before it could find a taker - China - for its 1.2 billion reais (US$228 million) order to restock.

Brazil's education minister has also accused Chinese suppliers of profiteering on the pandemic, and mocked Chinese accents.

The minister later said he would apologise if China agreed to sell Brazil 1,000 ventilators.  CNA

Now why would China send medical help and supplies to such ungrateful and unfriendly countries? Brazil is not alone, there are the USA, Canada, Australia, to name a few. Do these pariah countries think that China has no choice and must send them the medical supplies, and they have all the choices to get them else where? The Americans have set up an airbridge to ferry badly needed medical supplies from China by flying several flights daily on this mission. And UK is asking for more ventilators from the Americans that are getting them from China.

The best thing for China is to ignore such countries and let them curse themselves to death. There is no need to be nice to unfriendly and hostile people and countries.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

Just blame the Chinese genes of Maganity in their hormones.

They are maganimous to others except their very own.

Due to the facts that they are more a threat to them than others.

Maybe not now as glaring to the PRCs than the overseas Chinese.

Any sad news of others, wow donations kept pouring in.

Own kind, you die your business.

Who ask you to be useless.

Anonymous said...

RB totally agreed. There are so many countries that need the stuff so should put those countries first

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yesterday the USA recorded an increase of less than 4% confirmed cases where there normal average is 10%. If the Americans were to stop their testing, the rate of increase would be 0 and they claim that the crisis is over, no more new cases.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Trump said it will just go away, like magic. I always ask - how did he know? Unless this is his handiwork, so he knows! But then it backfired. This should not be happening to the USA, he complained.

Trump is already waiting to open up the US for business. The last two week's lockdowns of states have been bad for Trump's hotels, golf courses and the banks are asking for payments. Report said that banks are ready to start seizing assets, so Trump has to do something, something like making the biggest decision in his life. Oops, making the biggest decision on other people's lives, I beg your pardon!

But, despite the escalating infections and deaths in the US, Trump is still insisting that he is going to help Spain, after Italy. The hot air balloon is getting really big. Soon, the USA will be helping everyone around the world, verbally of course! How can they be helping when they are hijacking medical supplies meant for others! Boggles my mind!

Trump now has to look for more targets to divert the attention away, like blasting the WHO for his own administration's failure, despite the world class intelligence gathering machine that failed to recognise the seriousness of the outbreak, while other lesser intelligent countries were frantically preparing to battle the virus months before the US.

Trump is even claiming credit for recognising it is a pandemic, a wisdom he suddenly found after the event. Why then is there a need to rely on the WHO or China for advice? The 'Liar in Chief' of the den of liars is really the laughing stock of the world.

As I said, Trump is looking for more targets to put into the shit hole to stir. India now comes to mind. Modi's India needed all the medical supplies at this point, so Modi wanted to curb exports of medical supplies to the rest of the world, USA included. That decision elicit a threatening response from Trump and Modi slithered into his rat hole. But, if the situation gets bad in India, Modi is going to be roasted by the Indians at home for allowing medical supplies to be exported at this time.

Then, there is also Taiwan taking the WHO to task. Who the hell do they think they are? Not even recognised by the UN and much of the world, they think that because the USA is behind them, they are acting real tough. This should tell us that there is a big stick prodding behind the Tsai government back to make the issue bigger, since WHO is the new scapegoat for the USA's predicament.

Anonymous said...

I think the testing has slowed in the USA, so infections also seems to be slowing. Logical, since testing kits are in short supply.

Nah, all the figures of every country are fakery. The point is, how many people have the USA tested. How many in India and Indonesia or even Japan have been tested? They should reveal the percentage of total population tested to arrive at the infection rate. No country would do that!

So, every figure and every statistic tells a story, but no one is wiser for it. Keep up the fairy tale. After all, fairy tales, as fairy tales are, never goes out of fashion.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are lying about everything concerning the virus. With con man Trump as the pipe piper, lying is natural. And the rest of the world are looking at how the Americans are lying but 50% of the Americans are still believing that Trump is the best President they ever had and would vote him for a second term.

Anonymous said...

Wait and see. Unemployment is going to create social unrest in the USA. The helicopter money of trillions is not going to help the clueless supporters pay their bills. Those money printed out of thin air will go towards share buybacks to prop up 'too big to fail big banks' and crony interest, including Trump's family businesses.

Let see how long they can keep believing. If they can last another term living on cult believing, that will be unbelievable!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All the biz having to pay mortgages, rentals, assets but no income will be hit real hard. All the printing of money has a real cost, inflation. Inflation couples with recession and unemployment will make many people running out of money, will bring down a lot of biz and countries.

Eventually all those holding on to US dollars would have to write off one or two zeros from their holdings. This will bring the end to the American dollar as the international currency of choice.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump Has Made America Great Again!

The United States, under the lackluster, flip-flop, deceptive, denying and horrific leadership of the lying Donald John Trump, has overtaken Italy to become the greatest and highest death toll from coronavirus in the world!

The latest figures from Johns Hopkins University show more than 20,000 people in the US have died of the disease.

Not only that, the US became the first nation to record more than 2,000 virus deaths in a single day.

This great achievement has made America Great Again! That's why this Easter churches are going to open and celebrate the great achievement of President Donald John Trump!

However, the Governor of New York, Mr Cuomo said, "These are just incredible numbers depicting incredible loss and pain."

New York state has become the epicentre of the outbreak in the US, recording more than 180,000 of the country's estimated 520,000 cases.

Many of the dead, have been killed by a virus they thought had been over-hyped, a misconception caused by President Trump labelling it as a Hoax from China!

As of last Saturday, every single US state has declared a disaster in response to the Pandemic three months late. All because of the fantasy leadership of President Trump!

All American citizens must thank President Don Trump for this great achievement!

Anonymous said...

Hope the world has learned a useful lesson for being enslaved by the big bankers under mountains of debt. On hindsight, it is just a hopeless vision that will never be realised! Human greed cannot be overcome by any means!

The whole world is practically living on borrowed money, to be repaid from what they have yet to earn. That makes the consequences of any crisis like this even more unimaginable.

If the situation gets real catastrophic, money, even tons of it will not solve problems. Money cannot buy what is not available, like food. And in such a time, agricultural and more backward countries will survive.

And in times like this, national survival is more important than honouring trade agreements, so you die your business. We have all seen this before, or even right now before our very eyes!

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake. Trump is going to use the Easter bash to promote his campaign for re-election. After all, everything is free - free platform, logistics and crowds galore for sure!
Plus, Fox News will be there in numbers to record this historic event!

Trump will be telling his congregation how successful they are in dealing with the virus, how he is keeping the death rate low and repeating that, if the death toll is less than 100,000, he has done extremely well and everything is under control. In this holy week, wonder whether he will also put China and WTO bashing into his sermon?

And the clueless will clap and cheer and suck up every word and later go home and live very happily ever after.

Meanwhile, it will also be fun time for the virus. It loves crowds!

Anonymous said...


Ventilators & N95 masks are not rocket science.

There are now at least 5 different FREE blueprints on the internet for manufacturing ventilators ... where the manufacturing cost of each ventilator is less than $100 if done in a factory setting. (Branded programmable high-tech ones from Philips, MedTech etc can cost $10K each.)

You can even make at home if you have purchasing access to some electrical / electronic suppliers.


But I predict it will be at most a small sideline of ST Engineering or A*Star, just a standby capability to activate as & when necessary. Or small batches at a time for govt contracts.

Why?!?!? Because you can't make money out of it ... Not at this moment in time. The time has passed.

Now, it is a race to the bottom. 6 months later, the whole world will be drowning in ventilators & masks.


Anonymous said...

I understand the piece of blue plastic filter that goes into each mask comes mainly from China. Having the raw materials and putting the pieces together is easy. That is low tech and many countries can do it, but producing the plastic filtering material is not that easy and not many countries have the ability to make it and have to again depend on China. Of course people can always make mask of their own specifications, but what is it's effectiveness?

Now everyone is jumping onto the mask making wagon. When this is over and there is little profitability associated with it, it goes back to square one, repeated shortage when the next cycle of outbreak of another more lethal virus comes around. Do humans ever learn lessons from history? I guess not!

Nowadays business rely on the 'just enough' policy of stock control.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, you called the United States of America, Canada and Australia pariah countries. Remember, you are living in a glass house, please do not throw stones.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:11pm,

OK, I would not disagree with you about our glass house. For the other 3 countries, history is going against them. Look, things are so bad there that they have to put a con man and a congenital liar as their President, and Canada has a kindergarten teacher as their PM. In Australia, they put a bunch of white racists in the govt.

When countries do not put up their best talents to lead, fall they should be. Just look how easy the Indian talents are taking over these countries in business and govt. Modi should set his goal to take over these countries to propel India to become the next number super power in double quick time without having to work so hard to uplift the Indian humanity that would take another 50 years or more.

The Indians are proving themselves to be better than the whites in these countries and it is a matter of time become Indians rule these pariah countries.

Anonymous said...


It is also a matter of time before Indians (new citizens) rule Singapore.

In fact, the Singapore Eunuch's balls have been squeezed and castrated by the Indians already.

Just look at who are now sitting at the following key positions:

1. The President of Singapore - Indian, masquerading as a Malay.

2. Minister of Home Affairs - Indian.

3. Minister of Foreigners Affairs - India .

4. Minister of Law - Indian, some more is the same Indian controlling the Police Force, CID, ISD, Immigration!

5. Senior Ministers- one of whom is Indian.

6. Chief Justice - Indian.

7. President of Law Society - Indian.

8. Minister of Communications and Propaganda - Indian.

9. The Think Tank.

10. The Presidential Advisory Council.

11. The Academics at LKY School of Policies, etc.

Have I left out anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean, you wrote " Just look how easy the Indian talents are taking over these countries in business and govt. Modi should set his goal to take over these countries to propel India to become the next number super power in double quick time without having to work so hard to uplift the Indian humanity that would take another 50 years or more."

There again, remember your glass house??? Indian talents taking over top positions in your country too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore is in a different situation. Singaporeans also love Indian talents. And we have very talented Indians ready to take over all the top positions including the PM. And all will be well as the Indian talents in Singapore will be colour blind like the Chinese here. We will live happily together thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Tharman Shanmugaratnam is the prfeered and desired premier for Singapore.
He is choice of the intellectuals of all races.