Insane USA politicians & Pentagon tinker with the idea to start a war against China at the end of the Coronavirus Pendemic.

   With madmen and insane crooks and scoundrels and charlatans running the United States government and administration the chances of a worldwide nuclear conflagration in a Third World War is getting very close to reality.

   The coronavirus was created by the United States military biological laboratories to kill Asians and Africans and especially to kill the Chinese whom the evil empire considered as its strategic competitor. However, the monstrous evil plot backfired and the coronavirus are now coming to America.  But the USA leadership is indifferent because they strongly believe the virus was created to attack ethnic races only with the yellow skin or dark skin genes and would not attack white men. So with such strong belief they gingerly adopted a couldn't care less attitude. The epidemic is now engulfing the whole of the USA with great severity but the politicians are still quarrelling and fighting and Trump and his officials are only obsessed in demonizing China. Instead of fighting the deadly coronavirus pandemic the United States concentrates on demonizing China and bullying other countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and many more others.

Now the Trump administration  find it hard to fight and contain the coronavirus. Being untrustworthy and irresponsible they try to deflect the people's attention from their inefficiency and incompetence in dealing with the pandemic by playing the blame game of accusing China and the World Health Organisation for all the faults except their own.

The Covid-19 may cause havoc to US economy, trade, commerce and finance. They may find it hard to extricate themselves from this havoc and coming economic disaster. The United States now has an unsolvable debt of about 28 trillion dollars and it is increasing every day. The fear now is the United States in desperation may start a war with China or Russia or attack any of the smaller weaker countries like Venezuella, Cuba, Iraq, Iran or North Korea to solve this critical crisis it created. But war will not solve their problem. It will deepen their crisis and hasten the end of US imperialism.

A New York Times report which is posted in Straits Times on Tuesday, 7th April, on page A16 stated. " US military seeks more funds for Pacific region, post -  virus. Additional $29 b sought for 2021 - 26 to bolster deterrence against China once outbreak ends."

But why deter China? What is there to deter China? China has never attacked any other country and has no intention to do so. On the other hand China like many Asian countries has always been on the receiving end of Western aggressions and occupation. China has decided these western and American aggressions have to stop. In the last few decades China and the Chinese people have with grit and gumption simultaneously built up a strong economy and a powerful military to preempt any future foreign aggressions especially those from the US and its western allies. The US is not happy to see China's exceptional rapid development. They arrogantly believe that only the white people have the prerogative to development and to enjoy riches, wealth and glory. But every Asian country and every other country in this world has the right to progress and improve the livehood of their people. The United States feel a strong, rich and powerful China will prevent US from continuing its grave exploitation of the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is this reluctance and inability of US and its western allies to accept China's phenominal rise and its wicked and evil plots to contain China's development which  is the cause of all troubles, instabilities and wars in Asia and beyond. All other allegations about deterring China's ambition in Asia and the South China Sea is hogwash and hubris. It is a smoke screen, a veil to cover US monstrous objective to hold sway over Asia and the Pacific cum Indian Ocean region under continuous US domination and hegemony. This can be seen in the over 400 US military bases in the Pacific Ocean region in Japan, Korea, Guam, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands and the Bikini Islands as well as Diego Garcia Islands in the Indian Ocean.

China's position in the East China Sea and South China Sea is clear and transparent. The Chinese islands of Diau Yudao in the East China Sea, the Paracel Islands, the Spratly Islands, the Pratas Islands and all other smaller islands, shoals and islets in the South China Sea were occupied by Japan during the Second World War. However, after the Second World War  all these islands were  legally returned to China  by the United Nations Organization under the Cairo and Potsdam  treaties duly signed by all the great powers inclusive of US, UK, Russia, China and Japan. Pretending to forget or ignore these legal bound international treaties doesn't make any difference to China's absolute sovereignty over all these Chinese territorial islands and seas in the South China Sea region. The Evil Empire should stop instigating the littoral states in the region to make false illegal claims to Chinese territorial islands and seas.

However, after the Korean War 1950-1953 and the Indo-China War 1965 - 1975 the US illegally handed the Diau Yudao to Japan and then sabotage and undermine China's sovereignty over the South China Sea islands by promoting the insidious United Nations Convention of the International Laws of the Seas in 1986 to create space for illegal claims on Chinese territorial seas and islands by the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei  and in a way Indonesia which claims part of the Chinese territorial seas around the Spratly Islands. All these silly illegal and illicit claims took place at the instigation and goading of the United States.

China has always been the same China and it has always been in this part of Asia unlike US which came over from England to steal the North America continent from the native Americans after genociding almost all of them or around one hundred million of them in the last 300 years. China had not and has never expand its territories at others expense. On the contrary China had lost millions of square miles of territories to other countries like Russia, England, France, Japan and India during the century of humiliation from 1830s to 1940s.

China does not station any of her soldiers outside China and has no military bases overseas unlike the US which has over a thousand military bases all over the world. Surely the American military bases overseas are not for peace, With these military bases the United States has always threatened, bullied and took aggressive actions to force other countries big or small to submit to American dictatorship. America has always used its military might to exercise its illegal extra-territorial rights on other countries so as to secure their wealth and vast natural resources practically for free for the American elites, the Wall Street crooks and scoundrels and the Deep State of the Anglo-Saxon American Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cabal.

US has stated openly that it intends to increase tension against China in the Asia-Pacific region after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak by increasing its armaments of new radar warning systems, more new cruise missiles, additional forces and new intelligence-sharing centres to improve and enhance US military's ability to confront and deter the People's Liberation Army.  US Defence News stated clearly that its military and the Pentagon is preparing to face increase tensions against China amid the pandemic and the post pandemic. It stated that its current and former national security officials have strongly supported increase in its military power to shore up its illicit operations in the region. They intend to focus more urgently on threatening China's economy and military after the pandemic.

While in a threatening mood against China, US lawmakers and military strategists at the same time expressed fear of the accuracy of the powerful lethal Chinese missiles. It said US needs  to disperse its forces in Asia other than those now largely concentrated in Japan, South Korea and Guam.

Where else can it disperse its forces? Vietnam will not entertain American forces in its territory for US aggression against China for it knows it doesn't pay to antagonize China. The Philippines, may be, may be not , depending on the whimsical judgements of the government of the day. Like Vietnam no sensible Philippino government will allow US forces to use its territory to launch attacks against China. Taiwan, definitely not for it will be tantamount to open declaration of war against China. In such a scenario Taiwan will be devastated and both USA and China will not escape unscathed and the destiny of the world will be held in the balance from unlimited nuclear exchange. Are the mad and insane Americans and its allies  ready to accept such a scenario.

The days when US or any of its allies or any combination of hostile forces can attack China with impunity are over. Don't press China too much. It doesn't pay. China has yet to take revenge and demand compensation  for the hundred years of humiliation it suffered at the hands of US and the West. Any country which trifles with China now will be signing its own death warrant.

US may start a war against China but it may not be able to stop it short of mutual annihilation. Is that what the bellicose insane politicians and warhawks in US want it? Is it worthwhile to be insanely aggressive against China now? In a nuclear war nobody wins. Think hard and pull back and don't let your false ego and fake honour to default to go over the brink of armageddon for you may not have a second chance. China does not want war, but China is not afraid of war either, and if forced to China will fight to win.


Monday, 13th April, 2020


Anonymous said...

Let the Covid-19 to deal with them for the next 10 years and they will be brought down on their knees. Evil will beget evil.

This time their infected rate will go to the millions in another week.

Their death toll will hit 100,000 and more.

Anonymous said...

The Americans will all be lockdown in their homes, in their warships. No where to go. Stepping out means attacked by the virus. This is their due punishment.

Anonymous said...

American warriors in four of the eleven aircraft carries are badly stricken by the Corona virus. According to yesterday's report 545 sailors in the aircraft carrier Roosevelt were taken down by the deadly virus. It won't be surprise if all the other aircraft carriers are similarly. What about the flotilla of escort vessels such as destroyers,frigates, supply ships and submarines? God bless them if they are not affected. I bet they will for the sailor boys always drink and gamble in big groups in their free time.

Virgo 49 said...

Now another Tornado disaster hitting their shores.

Double whammy.

Never know another few disasters hitting them at same time

Time for their demise. Safer for Rest of the World.

About and it's time.

Anonymous said...

It is unthinkable that Communist China's top down system can progress so fast, that even the Democratic capitalist system of the USA cannot match, and is undoubtedly failing, and that is the most terrifying realisation of the Whites, who have been masturbating the capitalist high ground for centuries. Failures always resort to subterfuge. Winners do not have to do that! Why need to?

On top of that, hundreds of millions of rural poor in China, that have been lifted out of poverty, is testimony to that. Oh, yes, they will say the figures are fake and that China paid the head of such bodies money to say such nice things, like the UN and WTO.

If it is fake, why is there a need for the USA to be so worried, even with a company like Huawei? Because they cannot compete on reality and resort to underhand means to bring others down to their level. Innovation dies when innovative companies are taken over by bigger entities to narrow down competition. Such is the reality!

Therefore, how could communism be allowed to triumph over capitalism, the system that is heralded for many centuries, and communism, the system demonised, derided and poverty stricken, be the new engine of global growth? It is a slap on the face of the Whites, which they cannot take lying down.

War is not a sure win for the evil empire. They knew this during the Korean and Vietnam war. Even in Iraq, the 'mission accomplished' is just an empty slogan for self glorification, as Iraq is still mired in conflict to this day.

If it is going to be a nuclear war, there is no winner. Not even the coronavirus will survive, save for those who hide inside Rocky Mountains. For how long? Nuclear fallout lasts for decades or even centuries. It will be much much more than just 'Chernobyl' all over again on a global scale.

Anonymous said...

How did the coronavirus get on board those warships? Surely casual visitors or tourists are not allowed on board. So, why are so many warships affected?

Were those warships already carrying some kind of biological weapons on board, to be offloaded on China? All the time sailing round the South China Sea for fun and exercise? Obviously containment goes awry, and all hell now break loose. They have all become 'floating coffins!'

No wonder China is not too keen to build too many aircraft carriers. Hypersonic missiles can do a better job!

I am left wondering to no end!

Anonymous said...

The America soldiers and sailors are well fed big brutes. They only know how to kill other innocent non-white people as instructed and goaded by their evil masters, their president, senators, congressmen and the ferocious hounds the army generals and commanders in the evil Pentagon. But face with the tiny invisible virus they cower in fear and die by the hundreds. They must mend their evil ways of always wanting to wrest other people's lands, properties and natural resources by brute military might or else they will have to face Karma or retribution.

Anti American aggression

Anonymous said...

The wicked Americans have been impoverishing countries like Cuba, NK, Iran, Russia and many African and Latin American countries by economic and financial sanctions. The people of these countries are suffering poverty for decades all because of the Americans. And they car claiming that they are defending human rights.

China has sent medical supplies to 127 countries in this crisis. The Americans are only thinking of themselves, not helping even 1 country, but stealing medical supplies from their allies.

Anonymous said...

America has a large arsenal of over twenty thousand atom bombs and hydrogen bombs.

America has a huge arsenal of over twenty thousand atom bombs and hydrogen bombs. President Dotard Trump and his senators and Congressmen should order their generals in the Pentagon to take down the invisible army of Coronavirus in the fastest way possible with the atom bombs and hydrogen bombs. You sure bet they will beat the virus this time for sure.

Anonymous said...

The cunning US Defence Secretary Esper told his audience that China is pointing a lot of missiles at the USA. So they must break off from their nuclear limitation agreement with Russia to build more missiles to counter China.

This lying swine did not tell his audience that China has only 290 ICBM but the Americans have more than 6,000 ICBMs and he is screaming as if they are going to be run over by China. 6000 missiles afraid of 290 missiles that they claimed were inferior to them.

The lying Americans cannot go on lying as the truth must surface. The is getting wiser and not going to be conned by the lying Americans.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to that, Trump will suggest detonating a nuclear bombs inside the epicentre of the virus. Oh My God, the target is going to be New York!

No way Trump will do that. Trump is raring to open up New York and elsewhere. It is the biggest decision of his life. He said so!

While other countries like China and Italy, having peaked, are gingerly opening up small areas progressively, Trump is getting ready for the biggest bash in history, to kickstart the economy into becoming the best in the history of the United States.

I don't know how big the hot air balloon will grow before it burst to spill the shit inside?

Anonymous said...

At this time the Americans are dying by the thousands every day they still have the time to think of attacking China and other countries. The American leaders from their president downward to the rest of the cohorts of warmongers are really very wicked and evil. They really deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

China is pointing a lot of missiles at the USA? That means telling everyone that the USA is pointing lots of missiles at China.

The USA points fingers at others, but you can bet your last dollar that they are doing exactly what they accused others of doing.

Huawei has been accused of spying for the Chinese Government and putting spying chips into their hardware, which has so far not been proven. The German leader has been proven to be the target of being spied upon by the USA and that has been proven beyond doubt. The CIA had been selling rigged encryption machines to its allies and had been privy to those encrypted messages for years. That has been proven too.

So, trust the words of the snake at your own peril!

Anonymous said...

Opening up America for business at this time is not Trump's biggest decision of his life.

It is the biggest stupid decision of his life.

Anonymous said...

Conservatively speaking,

With 2.4 million foreigners in Singapore, the corona-virus could have infected at least 10% (both imported and non-imported cases).

Plus another 5% of the 3.3 million locals (Singaporeans and Permanent Residents) could be infected.

That means a total of 240,000 + 165,000 = 405,000 people could be infected

Anonymous said...

If you listen to FOX News and some of the anti China social media set up specifically to smear China, every one of them sounds like lunatics, Steve Bannon, Pompeo, Navarro, Miles Guo, Gordon Chang, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

How do they control zombies? That is how and why Trump supporters react like they do, exactly like zombies when they watched Fox News and hear certain messages, which is 'USA good, China bad' over and over again.

Which is also how Napoleon controlled the other animals in 'Animal Farm'. Ironically, George Orwell was poking fun at communist Russia, but it applies equally well to the USA today!

Anonymous said...

Basically, politicians everywhere are the same.

They argue, boast, cheat, deceive, exploit, flip-flop, glorify themselves, hassle, intimidate, kiss-ass, manoeuvre and manipulate. These actions form an inalienable part of their professional requirements.

However, in order to win votes they have no choice but to project an image of caring for the people, honest to goodness and capable of delivering the promises of the sky (but will always fail you one way or another).

In fact, politicians care only for themselves, their families and their cronies.

In reality, they are the most dishonorable.

In all probability, they are power-crazy and incompetent. They make others to do their job for them, so that when there is failure they won't get the blame, but when there is success, they are bound to claim credit.

It is only a matter of degree, as far as action, behaviour and character of politicians are concerned.

Having said that, I think Donald Trump seems to be the most despicable and unscrupulous - with no principles, no ethical guidelines, no moral compass and no qualms to flout any law, national or international!

Anonymous said...

COVID-19: Top 22 Countries As At 0200 hours, 14 April, 2020.

1. USA 558,999 cases, 22,154 deaths.

2. Spain 169,496 cases, 17,489 deaths.

3. Italy 159,516 cases, 20,465 deaths

4. France 133,669 cases, 14,412 deaths

5. Germany 127,459 cases, 2,996 deaths

6. UK 85,199 cases, 11,329 deaths

7. China 83,224 cases, 3,341 deaths

8. Iran 73,303 cases, 4,585 deaths

9. Turkey 57,000 cases, 1,200 deaths

10. Belgium 30,589 cases, 3,903 deaths

11. Netherlands 26,551 cases, 2,823 deaths

12. Switzerland 25,328 cases, 1,089 deaths

13. Canada 24,804 cases, 734 deaths

14. Brazil 22,169 cases, 1,223 deaths

15. Russia 18,328 cases, 148 deaths

16. Portugal 16,585 cases, 504 deaths

17. Austria 13,945 cases, 368 deaths

18. Israel 11,235 cases, 110 deaths

19. South Korea 10,512 cases, 214 deaths

20. Sweden 10,483 cases, 899 deaths

21. Ireland 9,655 cases, 334 deaths

22. India 9,152 cases, 308 deaths (?)

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Trump says he has all the authority to do what is needed, without the responsibility of course. His plan to open up the US for business is on track, though diametrically at odds with State Governors and healthcare experts.

In any event, it will be a win win situation for Trump. If things go badly wrong after the loosening, Trump will blame the Governors. If things go along as planned and nothing serious happens, Trump will take the credit. See how smart he is. Trump is one President that wants all the authority but does not want any responsibility. And his supporters really love him!

Anonymous said...

War is also the plan of the evil empire, the progression of 'Making America Great Again' by pushing China down.

When the trade war obviously failed to cripple China, not to mention backfiring in many quarters, they had to go to the next stage. Subsidizing farmers using taxpayer's money on and on is alright and is different compared to China subsidizing state enterprises, which is gravely wrong!

When Hong Kong riots failed to incite rebellion in mainland China, they had to resort to another evil plot. They expected China to intervene, so they can shout 'human rights to riot' violations, invoke sanctions and demonise China using 'draconian' measures to quell the riots.

When that evil plot of releasing the 'US Military Virus' in Wuhan, the most important manufacturing hub of China, failed again to cripple China because the Chinese managed to stop the infection with every resource available. Those were labelled as 'draconian' measures, but were now adopted worldwide. The pot calling the kettle black?

With the 'US Military Virus' failing to do it's dirty work, and even backfiring big time, the next stage is war.

Yeah, war is on the horizon. The madness of the evil empire knows no bounds!

Anonymous said...

With the Americans losing their grips on power over the world, those silly Hongkies that were shouting for rebellion will be hanged one by one when the time comes. The only way out for them is now, to run away as fast as possible before the door closes on them. Trump and the evil Americans would not be there to help them.