Covid19 -Trump screws Canada's boy PM

After happily conspiring with Trump to arrest Huawei's CFO, boy PM Trudeau and girly FM Freeland were so happy to be on the good books of Trump. They had done what Trump wanted them to do, ingratiated to Trump and think Trump will be nice to them and Canada. It does not take long for Trump to show them his true colour, Americans first come what may. Whatever silly things the Canadians did for him mean nothing.

The USA is desperate for medical supplies and N95 masks are facing huge shortage. Trump not only stole the consignments from 3M, China destined for France and Germany, he ordered 3M to stop exporting to Canada. Canada is also short of these masks and desperately trying to get their hands on them. What Trump did was a tight slap on the faces of Trudeau and Freeland. The two kids are angry but hapless. They could not do anything about it. Trudeau said he would not retaliate.

This is just retribution for sleeping with Devil. The Devil has turned around to screw them real hard and the sick Canadians are going to pay for their naivity and silliness to conspire with Trump. Can they go begging China for N95 masks?  What would China say to these two dumb kids?

The only way to redeem themselves now is to distance from Trump and send the Huawei CFO home to China. That may save them some time and get the Chinese to offer them some aid. Anything less will not work.

This is a very painful less, very embarrassing for the boy PM and grily FM. Would they learn anything from it? Or would he go crying to Trump and say, 'I thought we were friends after working hand in glove to fix China, arresting Huawei's CFO? Don't you remember how glad you were when we agreed to help you? How can you do these to us now? We are friends, we are friends.' No?

Americans first, you die your business.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

MONTREAL: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned on Tuesday (Apr 7) that donations of medical equipment by foreign companies like Huawei in the fight against the coronavirus will have no influence on future government policy.

"We will be receiving donations of equipment from various companies and we're happy that people are offering that," he said.

"But no, we do not expect this to have any impact" on future decisions, he said. "This will not affect our decision on other issues in the years to come."

The prime minister was asked if donations to Canada by Huawei could influence his government's policies toward the Chinese telecoms giant, which is at the centre of a protracted diplomatic crisis between Ottawa and Beijing. CNA

Jack Ma and other Chinese donors should take note of this silly boy's comment and stop and even withdraw all medical aids to this pariah country.

Virgo 49 said...

Still want to have an Independent Mind and NOT to lose face?

Beggars cannot be choosers!

Innocent citizens collaterals to their politicking and Deaths to their own just of a few power crazy nut heads.

God Fearing and Hypocrisy of the Highest Order that stinks to Heavens.

Somemore wanted to be with their Lord in Heaven.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The most pathetic thing to happen in the USA, Canada and many European countries is to send their medical workers out there to help the infected but with little, no or improvised personal protective equipment. How could they be put out there, risking their lives with a govt that could not provide them the proper PPEs to protect them from the virus?

These brave and selfless people just slog on, no complaining, except shedding some tears and some would eventually fall in the line of duty.

How sad that this is happening to the richest country in the world that spent most of its valuable money and resources in making weapons of wars and still conducting wars everywhere while their people are dying, their health workers are dying because of misplaced priorities, lack of medical equipment and supplies and using money to kill people instead of saving lives.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Trump is now blaming the WHO for not declaring a pandemic earlier. Did he not say that the virus outbreak affecting the USA was a 'hoax'? In early January, Peter Navarro was said to have written a memo highlighting the fact that the outbreak in the USA could kill hundreds of thousands. What did Trump do? He did not even read the memo nor search for it! What a joke! If he had done so, maybe making mask and ventilators could have started much earlier in January, not now. Trump really does not care how many are going to die, period.

Perhaps Trump had this idea that, since the virus was a product of the USA, and someone had probably been telling him that the spread in China would not come to the USA, a confidence he took to heart, that he did not even see the need to take any action, short of casting aspersions upon China and the WHO and telling the Democrat's call for action as spreading a 'hoax'. Does that not show that he knew what was going to happen? But the plot did not take into account that the virus 'did' come home to the USA. That is why he now says 'this should not be happening to the USA'. 'American exceptionalism' does not work this time! Now the only way out is playing the blame game.

Make no mistake. Trump's supporters still thinks he is doing a good job. I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

Singapore social distancing distance way too short ! It is
1.5 metre in Taiwan
2 metre in Germany UK

Anonymous said...

With more than 2000 deaths yesterday, the USA will soon hold the double record of most number of infections and deaths. And most are blacks who could not afford the cost of testing and medical care.

All this is the result of one man's mishandling of the crisis. Why are Asian countries like Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, even Russia, aware of the situation in Wuhan and started preparations for its spread, while the USA, touted for it's super duper state of the art spying network, have to be informed separately that the situation was that bad in Wuhan? They are talking rubbish about being kept in the dark by China!

Why, for instance, did they withdraw their biological expert in China in August, send in their fake military games personnel into Wuhan in October and caused the outbreak in November, which the Chinese were unable to figure out what it was. It took more than a month to figure out what it was and when they did they inform the WHO in mid January, 2020 about the new coronavirus. Immediate shutdown of Wuhan was implemented, to curb the spread.

China must be vigilant to counter the second spread and not to be complacent because foreign elements may yet sabotage the country. Not just Americans, but all Whites and Yellow Bananas trying to disgrace their ancestors and licking the Americans arse.

Anonymous said...

Extracts from Taiwan disease control website

In the second phase, which will commence if and when circumstances require, the CECC will institute mandatory rules. All nonessential events, particularly those of an entertainment nature, will be prohibited. For essential activities such as medical care, official duties, and work, social distancing of 1.5 meters indoors and 1 meter outdoors must be observed.

Even if people correctly wear face masks,a distance of at least 1 meter must be maintained.

Anonymous said...

CNA echoes the Westerners

An article in US magazine National Review said Friday, "China wants to use the coronavirus to take over the world."

The view was echoed by Singapore-based news channel Channel NewsAsia, which commented Monday "China has kept its eye on the prize of displacing the US as the go-to major power in global crises."

Anonymous said...

CNA touted itself as an Asian media producing news from the Asian angle by Asians.

How could they be so often caught reproducing western views about Asia and Asians especially anti China American hate mails and news?

Anonymous said...

Buckle Up The Wrong Tree

Social distancing of 1 metre, 1.5 metres or 2 metres is not effective. It's called a cursory diplomatic-political minimum requirements to satisfy WHO's pandemic advisory instructions for diplomatic and political purposes.

If anyone really and truely, sincerely and faithfully, compassionately and wisely wants to protect oneself or others, the correct distance to impose for social distancing is 4.5 metres - because it has been discovered that the COVID-19 pneumonia-causing corrosive-virus (corrosive is more appropriate than corona, corona does not serve any purpose) can travel (propelled by sneeze, wind or Aircon) as far as 4.5 metres and survive for 30 minutes to 3 days outside the body in any environment on several surfaces!

So, in order to buckle up, for safety protection against the COVID-19 disease, individuals must keep a distance of 4.5 metres between one another!

"How to do this?" is not the right question.

The right question is:

"Do you have the WILL to do it?"


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The record daily figure of 1,939 brings the total number of deaths in the US as of Tuesday night to 12,722, which is approaching death tolls in the worst-hit countries so far - Italy with 17,127 dead and Spain with 13,798. CNA

And the Americans, especially the circus of clowns in the White House are hoping that they have reached the peak and things will get better tomorrow and the economy will again be roaring back to normal.

1,939 death by Covid19 in 1 day!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what is a silly American mouthpiece?

Anonymous said...

CNA is Channel News America! Got it!

They always slip in comments that puts a negative slant on China. Or they start interviews with negative questions like whether China is transparent. Sinister motives! Nothing else.

Anonymous said...

1,939 death may not be true figure. Remember, they lie, cheat and steal. How can this be different?

Anonymous said...

That part about the memo from Peter Navarro written in early January, warning about the seriousness of the outbreak and Trump basically just ignored it. How can he now blame China for not telling the world the real situation. This is absurd. Trump is unbelievable!

The thousands of comments, some so comical and sarcastic, just gave me a good laugh at the circus in the White House. The USA just got screwed by this worst President in it's history, and they are still baring their arse for more by supporting him. Nothing more nothing less!

Anonymous said...

CNA is now secretly "owned" by Western Powers, especially the Evil US Empire. The peole who manage, run and work for CNA are "bought over" by Western Powers. No one can dispute that most of their materials have been and still are either lifted wholesale from Western media's or written by lackeys under the payroll of the CIA.

Even those ex-SAF general's can be suspected of secretly working in the interests of USA or UK, especially those who have been trained by Western Universities.

Anonymous said...

When they are using American material to attack China daily, and knowing that China knew about it, it is like that silly Matilah, die die, no choice, must do what they were asked to do, even to offend China. Your assessment is very close to the truth.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Chan Chun Sing commented two months ago that if politicians in Singapore were to do the same as Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam by wearing surgical masks in public, Singapore’s hospital system “would have broken down”.

“While we’re dealing with the current [situation], we must make sure that we think two steps down the road … don’t just look at the here and now,” Chan boasted.

Below are excerpts from The Wall Street Journal April 8, 2020

Mask-obsessed Hong Kong, directly in the path of the new coronavirus pandemic’s first wave, is an example of a community that started early—and remains convinced that masks helped slow the contagion.

Hong Kong should have been slammed by Covid-19. The city of 7.5 million is among the world’s most densely populated and has the world’s busiest overland border crossings with mainland China. Hong Kong was seeded in January with the new coronavirus by travelers leaving Wuhan, China. In February, it recorded the world’s second known death outside China from the disease.

But this global financial hub avoided the steep rise of infections seen in many places. The city had recorded 961 cases, compared with Singapore's 1,481, as of Wednesday afternoon local time, more than half of them imported, with four deaths. All the while, Hong Kong remained mostly open for business, offering hope to cities such as New York mired in crippling lockdowns. Trains fill up at rush hour and office workers line up at restaurants at lunch, most wearing loosefitting surgical masks.

In Hong Kong, there was never any doubt about the need for face masks. Most people here, including an epidemiologist helping guide the response, are adamant that widespread mask use has been crucial in keeping the city from becoming a viral hot zone.

“If not for universal masking once we depart from our home every day, plus hand hygiene, Hong Kong would be like Italy long ago,” said K.Y. Yuen, a Hong Kong microbiologist advising the government. “If you look at where we’ve had clusters, it’s places where the masks come off, like hot-pot family dinners or Buddhist temples.”

From the start of the outbreak, Hong Kong introduced a range of measures intended to slow the virus, including testing, tracing and isolating cases, and encouraging social distancing by closing schools, theme parks and certain other public places.

Since the early days of the pandemic, few if any open economies have masked up as thoroughly as Hong Kong. China made mask use compulsory in some cities. In Hong Kong, citizens, businesses and entrepreneurs drove the effort to ensure mask supplies and instill a culture of widespread use.

Other places with flattened infection curves such as Taiwan and South Korea have also seen broad mask adoption. In Hong Kong it is sometimes difficult to spot an unmasked face on the street.

“No mask, no entry” signs are found outside buildings and supermarkets. Getting around unmasked is tricky. Some private minibuses and taxis refuse maskless passengers.

“Not wearing masks in Hong Kong is like not wearing pants nowadays,” said Alex Lam, a Hong Kong lawyer and chairman of a patients’ advocacy group.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we are Singaporeans, you know?
We don't need to wear must lah.
All our Ministers, MPs and Grasslooters tell us no need wear masks mah.
You go see, everywhere - bust interchange, MRT station, Bus Stops, HDB lifts, Government buildings, even Malls and Food Courts - big big sign, somemore some are electronic computerised sign boards, in Big Letters stated very clearly, repeatedly, day and night:


You see or not? We Singapore leaders very smart one. Just simply wash your hands many times a day can already. Like that sure won't get virus one. We have scholar gods to protect all of us. Their words are gods' words one. Sure correct one. Cannot wrong one.

Hongkongers too kiasi lah. More kiasin than Singaporeans who are well-known for being kiasu and kiasi lah. We Singaporeans now no more kiasi liow.

When infected by COVICT-19, then wear mask lah. And then wait to go to Black Lion (NICD) and get locked up and wait to die lah. Come to think of it, after infected what for wear a mask? Going to die already, still need to wear a mask? Idiotic, isn't it?

If everyone wears a mask, then no more mask for the front-line troops (doctors and nurses) liow. We very short of masks ley. Shsssss... Don't tell other people okay? I tell you this okay. We very sia suay one, you know, we never anticipate early that there would be a huge requirement of masks and medical equipments such as ventilators and respirators, so we never stock up (scare ex-military generals call we all sia suay lah) early, when China was having a hard time. We even sold millions and millions of masks to other countries, you know? So, that's why we are short of masks for three months. Only after people kow beh kow bu then the smart to pass exams Ivy league scholars started to wake their ideas, especially the happy-go-lucky sia suay ex-general good-for-nothing MTI Ministar; he shirk his responsibility and never ensure import of masks and necessary medical equipment from other countries start early, in order to make 100% sure that all our people can be able to buy such items from all the normal pharmaceutical outlets any time at the normal costs. ...... Next GE must know what to do okay. This lazy bum must be kicked out okay?

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong people already wearing masks before the outbreak, during the riots. That probably the reason the spread has not been rampant.

Vietnam is another country of masks wearers. They wore masks riding motorcycles all across the country, because imported second-hand old bikes are heavy polluters. Vietnam streets are so chockful of motorcycles, which is the most economical and convenient form of transport over there. Is that also the reason why Vietnam is relatively light in infections? There are useful lessons to learn here.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

NEW YORK: Medical staff in America's coronavirus hotbed New York are struggling with long hours and a dire need for protective equipment - and as infections surge, they increasingly fear for their own safety.

Doctors and nurses are working around the clock caring for patients hit by the fast-spreading infection, risking their lives on the front lines of the global crisis.
The death of the 48-year-old male nurse crystallised fears of many medical workers who've lamented severe shortages of necessary supplies, including plastic protective gowns and hospital-grade masks.

"It's abysmal," said Andrew, a psychiatry resident in a New York hospital who spoke on condition his name be changed.

He is now quarantined at home with a likely case of the virus himself.... So sad.

READ: New York medical workers decry 'abysmal' lack of coronavirus protection...So sad
READ: US nurses who can't get tested fear they are spreading COVID-19...So sad