Covid 19 - Fear factor and time for making tough calls

SINGAPORE: The number of locally transmitted and unlinked cases of COVID-19 in Singapore is increasing, said Health Minister Gan Kim Yong on Tuesday (Mar 31), as he stressed the importance of taking safe distancing measures seriously.

On average, there are 25 locally transmitted cases a day, Mr Gan said during a press conference that was held virtually on video conferencing....

“Particularly worrying are the unlinked cases. We have an excellent contact tracing team, and they are going all out to trace down each and every new case, identify the links,” Mr Wong said.
However, he cautioned that it will be “very difficult” for them as they go about doing their work, with new cases “popping up” every day.   CNA

Exactly, when more and more cases are popping up, it will increasingly be more difficult to trace. And knowing how infectious this virus is, a missed case can mean many more infected cases. There was a time when Singaporeans need not worry too much when cases were few and easily traced and checked. At a time when daily cases were in the 1-3 bracket, I thought things were under controlled and improving.

Today we have 40 to 70 cases daily and more frightening, unlinked local cases average at 25. This is no joke. It is spreading in the community. This is serious. But this is subjective also depending on one's mindset on what is serious and what is not serious. The good thing is that there are many examples to learn from. We have seen how Italy, Spain and New York, USA failed so miserably. In fact the whole of Europe is going the Italian and American way.

When there were 15 cases, Trump said they would just go away, like a miracle. But many countries are not taking this lightly. Many countries have jumped the gun and went on to lock down their countries. Singapore is at a cross road, to lock down or not to lock down. Do we want to wait till we are like Italy and New York then decide to lock down? Or should we lock down now while we can, while the cases are still manageable and to nip it in the bud?

It is a tough call, but someone must make the call. And this is not rocket science but a political decision based on what is happening around the world. There are enough information and data and failed cases to learn from to make this decision, and it must be made now. Any dilly dally like clown Trump would see Singapore sinking into another Italy or New York.

The decision made by the govt today, to lock down or not to lock down would affect the situation in the next fortnight or next month. Only time will tell who is right and who is wrong. It is a judgement call.


Anonymous said...

Lock down in Singapore should have happened at least one month ago, as some had advised on this forum.

Grade F-minus for the PAP 4G elites' performance.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Latest reports of so many PAP new faces going round with their incumbent mentor MPs tell you that the lock down will be only after the G.E.

Cannot waste this most opportune opportunity as Heavens Send Fear Factor to sweep the G.E.

So, enjoy your balance leisure freedom whilst you can till the lock down into RED and hope you are NOT the unlucky ones to get the dreaded COVID.

Anonymous said...


So many many many many many many many many unlinked confirmed cases!

Very very very very very very very very Siong lah!

Now it is a national Roulette game!

Everyone has equal chance to Kena! Yes anyone anyone anyone can Kena! No matter how careful you are!

Very very very very very very very very Siong liao!

Anonymous said...

PAP Preparing The Ground for Politics Using COVID19 as Weapon Of Mass Destruction.

Many millionaires are painstakingly preparing the ground with Fear Factor to make their only justification to go ahead and hold the General Elections.

ALl the generals are having an erection in secret?

What Big Nose Pimple Face Millionaire said about constitutional problem is actually a constipation problem. As if he was born only yesterday year, the Big Nose Pimple Face Millionaire pretended to forget that PAP has been amending the sacred Constitution like changing underwear!

Dr Tan Cheng Bock is going to be strike by the PAP's lightning for the 3rd time! Maybe this time the coronavirus will help him win big because he is a decent down-to-earth leader fighting against ivory-tower self-enriching millionaires?

Dirty Politics seems to be the order of the day in a Pandemic and is now embedded in Singapore as one of those things - like nobody's business - without blinking an eyelid?

Anonymous said...

How many USA Military Forces Are In The Same Boat As This?

"The captain of a US aircraft carrier carrying more than 4,000 crew has called for urgent help to halt a coronavirus outbreak on his ship.

Scores of people on board the Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for the infection. The carrier is currently docked in Guam.

"We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die," Captain Brett Crozier wrote in a letter to the Pentagon.

Captain Crozier recommended quarantining almost the entire crew.

In the letter Captain Crozier said that with large numbers of sailors living in confined spaces on the carrier isolating sick individuals was impossible!"

The Pentagon is keeping a very tight lip about the number of COVID-19 infected soldiers in the US Military - all the 5 forces: army. air force, navy, marines and now also space force.

Dirty Trump of course will no even breathe about it. Because this will be really alarming. As he has said that for the last 3 months he has been playing down the seriousness of the COVID-19 Pandemic because he did not want to cause a alarm but he knew the seriousness long before WHO declared it as a Pandemic!

The habitual liar Trump is very skilful in twisting and turning his words even at the expense of looking asinine!

I believe the US Military is having the BIGGEST number of infected cases in the world, even surpassing the US own reported national figures of 170,000 confirmed cases and over 3000 deaths, so far?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With internet and digital news, the world is given a front row seat to watch how Trump and the Americans are lying to the world. Shortage of medical equipment and supplies, the first batch of N95 masks and surgical masks just arrived in Kennedy Airport and still bragging about sending medical supplies to help other nations. Where, when, which country has received any medical supplies from the Americans?

And the Americans soldiers are infected. This is an attack by the supernatural forces against this most powerful armed force in the world. No one can take them on, only the forces of Nature and all their weapons are useless.

They have killed so many innocent people all over the world. Now it is their turn to die, yes with no declaration of war, just like they did in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa and every corner of the world.

They must die to pay for their war crimes.

Anonymous said...

if Sin gets LOCK-OUT,
The Choice now is between the Deep Blue Sea and the Cliff.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A lockdown is more to restrict people flow. But goods and food will continue to move.

Imagine the supply chain to feed 11m people of Wuhan during the lockdown. Essential services cannot stop even during a lockdown.

Anonymous said...

USA doesn't deserve sympathy.

Even as Iran suffers from the coronavirus with thousands dying, the inhumane Trump regime increases sanction pressure on Iran instead of easing them.

Anonymous said...

Right! USA doesn't deserve sympathy. The whole world has suffered enough from wars, sanctions and bullying from the USA. This is Karma.

Now Trump is beginning to realise the deep shit the USA is in. Now he is talking about the very very painful two weeks ahead.

Hospitals are begging for help with medical supplies and staff. Morgues are overflowing with dead people and corpse are kept in refrigerated trucks. Yes, they were laughing at China earlier on for letting a dead body lie on the streets, with a picture worth a thousand words on Yahoo. How fortunes have changed in a space of a few weeks!

The aircraft carrier infection is also out of control and navy personnel are begging for help as well. With calls for help coming from every quarter, Trump is still bragging about sending medical supplies to Italy, France and Spain? Trump is obviously still in the midst of his reality show on TV, not in real life!

The nuclear powered aircraft carrier is the most powerful object of destruction in the world and still needs to beg for help? That is news to me! Just using all the nuclear missiles with multiple warheads on board should solve the problem. Trump will make that suggestion sooner or later. His mind works in mysterious ways!

Meanwhile, the 20,000 infections per day is likely to spike without lockdowns on highly affected cities across the country. Trump is still running around like a headless cockroach.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

COVID-19:,US Death Toll Racing Like Bullet Train At 1000 mph

Last Friday, US death toll hit 1000.

On Sunday, it went above 2000.

On Monday, it exceeded 3000

On Tuesday, it scored 4000.

Today, Wednesday - 5000?

The blood of those who died needlessly because of serious lack of ventilators, proper test kits and medical equipment, are in Donald Trump's hands.
When he became President one of the very first things he did was to cut the Health Budget severely by half!


Even when the medical experts warned him that death toll will reach at least 200,000, he reduced the figure to half, to 100,000. This is the kind of screwed-up leadership the US Voters had voted for!

Now, America is really great again! Great for producing Screwed-Up Presidents!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A commercial carrier landed at John F. Kennedy airport carrying gloves, gowns and masks for distribution in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, three hard-hit states battling to care for a crush of coronavirus patients.

The airlift is a product of a team led by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, which formed “Project Airbridge,” a partnership between large U.S. healthcare distributors such as McKesson Corp, Cardinal, Owens & Minor, Medline and Henry Schein Inc, and the federal government....

The first plane, funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, carried 130,000 N-95 masks; nearly 1.8 million surgical masks and gowns, more than 10.3 million gloves; and more than 70,000 thermometers.

FEMA will distribute most of the supplies to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with the rest going to nursing homes in the area and other high-risk areas across the country.

The flight from Shanghai, China, was the first of about 20 flights to arrive between now and early April, the official said. Additional flights will carry similar gear from China, Malaysia and Vietnam, the official said.

“It will be allocated based on need,” the White House official said.

Involved in the effort are the FEMA transportation task force as well as officials at both the U.S. embassy in China as well as the State Department’s East-Asia Pacific team, the official said. NYT 29 Mar

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Compare the above with this report from MSN.

FEMA said in a written statement that it has created an “air bridge” to quickly bring medical supplies from manufacturers in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Honduras and Mexico.

The first FEMA flight landed Sunday at Kennedy Airport with an 80-ton shipment that included 130,000 N95 masks, 1.8 million face masks and gowns, 10.3 million gloves and thousands of thermometers, to be distributed to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Contracted flights arrived Monday in Chicago with supplies that are being shipped to other states. An additional 19 FEMA flights are scheduled, with more flights being added daily.

This report conveniently left out mentioning China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China also sent medical equipment and supplies and medical staff to help UK.

Anonymous said...

Would they appreciate the help?

Just wait and see how those ungrateful Whites will turn around to spite China, saying this help has been given by China to clear their conscience for spreading the virus worldwide. Chinese in white countries are now targeted for the very same reason. If the yellow bananas think the Whites will accept them as equals, they are dead wrong. White supremacist's mentality will not change for another thousand years.

It is the way they look at everything that China does. If China do it, it is condemned. If China does not do it, it is also condemned.

Anonymous said...

The white have been oppressing the Chinese for 200 years, smearing the Chinese and inciting the rest to the world to hate China and Chinese, blaming China and Chinese for everything.

China and Chinese are their scape goat, their punching bag. They have got used to this and think they could continue to bully China and Chinese as before.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

The Red Indians have been bullied and coerced into submission. The Blacks have been bullied and coerced into submission.

The Whites ganged up trying to bully and swallow up China more than one and a half centuries ago, and forced to open up the country to the opium trade. The Japs consider themselves half whites and join the Whites to humiliate China. China endured the humiliation, and did not capitulate completely to the Whites, though Hong Kong and Macau was leased to the Whites under an agreement.

China is not the same as one and a half centuries ago. China will fight back.

Ten countries are in direct collusion with the USA to confront China. Japan stands in the forefront of the pack, followed by the USA, UK, India, Vietnam, S. Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and few others. Japan knows the blood debt owed to China will one day have to be repaid and is therefore closely allied with the USA for protection. Further, Japan is not happy with the Chinese overtaking them in many fields, particularly in the electronics sector and their number two global financial crown.

Virgo 49 said...

Teng Siao Peng's quote: Riding on Top with the Tiger.

LKY's copied his quote on Sinkieland's unique situation surrounded by the You know who.

Teng said you can help them but their behaviours are wild lifes like the Tigers.

When they don't need you and your help, once you dismount, they will eat you without mercy.

That's is in their criminals genes. Cannot alter or change.

Anonymous said...

(Yahoo News Singapore March 31): On Saturday, citing property website 99.co, Bloomberg reported that the Singapore government has booked more than 7,500 hotel rooms and serviced apartments to house returnees. This includes hotels from international luxury chains such as Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc and InterContinental Hotels Group.

Rooms in hotels such as Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa typically cost hundreds of dollars a night, and the government is picking up the tab.

"Student Chelsie Lee landed in Singapore from the U.K. last week, prepared to spend 14 days of mandatory, coronavirus-related isolation at home. Instead, she was whisked away to a five-star hotel on a resort island." .. [read more]

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump called Xi and talked for an hour about Covid19.

But he did not say that he asked Xi for help, to send more ventilators, PPEs and medical equipment and supplies to the USA quickly. This is likely what he said to Xi.

'Shhhhhh, please don't tell anyone I asked for help for more medical equipment and supplies. The Americans would not be happy about this. Thank you, thank you. And I would not mention Chinese Virus anymore. And I will tell my mad dog Pompeo to stop calling it Wuhan Virus. I promise.'

Anonymous said...


Notice her surname is Lee?
Could she be related to SOMEBOLEE?
These are likely White Horses and White Mares?

These selfish elitists napped almost all (leaving one or two for commoners so that you cannot accuse them of monopoly) the Top Scholarships for Status and Prestige purposes, even though their parents are already Filthy Rich and can easily afford to pay for their studies in Ivy League Universities overseas.

Anonymous said...

In reality, would you believe that Trump would keep his promise to rein in Pompeo? I think Xi knows better than to trust Trump's empty promises. One day, Xi is his best friend. The next day, Xi is his enemy.

China is going all out to help Italy, repaying old kindness extended by Italy to China. But China knows that helping USA is just like helping a wounded snake, that once it gets well, it will bite you back. The USA is a very poisonous snake, that does not repay kindness with gratitude but will turn around and kill you with one bite. China need not go to great lengths to help the evil state.

Virgo 49 said...

Low Ran Wong said these hotel stays are not luxurious as you all imagined to the Interviewer.

Saying with a smile.

NOT at all luxurious ?

Even taxpayers paid for their stays do not even have the chance to have a stay at these hotels.

They are pampering their own white horses and mares on taxpayers monies.

Others from other destinations back just simply fourteen days SHN at their own homes.

Some maybe strike second prize with suspected COVID had to stay at designated lower grades hotels at their own expense.

My daughter back from NZ after spending two months there now at SHN for four days.

The Papies using tax payers MONIES like their Ah Gong monies only pampering their own.

Those UAssA and Brits Unis are usually their sponsored scholarships students belonging to their Elite Class of inner circle kakis.

No secret that even their Ministers and MPs children are the recipients of these scholarships.

Anonymous said...

Russophobic pundits are gasping in horror and floating bizarre theories as Moscow sends a planeload of much-needed medical supplies to the US amid its worsening coronavirus epidemic.

Andrew S. Weiss
This is nuts. Kremlin spox Peskov says Trump accepted Putin's offer to send a flight w #coronavirus medical equipment to US. Hopefully someone will tell Trump that he's playing right into a propaganda ploy

Bianna Golodryga
Not to mention that while Putin is sending supplies here, Russia has also “received more than a million face masks and 200,000 coronavirus testing kits as a gift from Jack Ma”. So what exactly is Russia sending to the US?

Anonymous said...

Italy & UK receives doctors from China, Cuba and Venezuela


Anonymous said...

COVID-19: Why hotels are used for some to serve stay-home notice in Singapore



The small little chee bye kia trying to justify the unnecessary expenses on hotel stay in Sentosa.

Little mother-fucker.

Anonymous said...



The world's official numbers have exceeded 880,000, climbing furiously fast to 1 million, confirmed patients suffering from acute pneumonia inflicted by the COVID-19 corona-virus. The overall death toll has exceeded 44,000 and rising exponentially day by day, mainly due to the severe shortages of proper and appropriate medical equipment, especially respirators and ventilators (items critical for saving pneumonia patients' lives). It is really very sad to think that such a situation of medical logistics problems can still exist so pathetically in this modern Cyber Age!

~A Sprinkle Of The Rampage~

European death toll hits above 30, 000.

Italy's death toll hits above 12,000.

Spain's death toll hits above 8,000.

US's death toll hits above 4,000.

Iran's death toll is reported as more than 3,000 but it is likely above 6,000.

China's death toll, owing to early quick and strict lockdowns, remains below 4,000 officially but could be more.

UK's death toll is very minimal, looks suspiciously inaccurate and false, especially so when UK's Royalty,the Ptime Minister, the Health Chief and many other prominent leaders have already been infected.

India's death toll could be very high and scary but owing to lack of rigorous testing, absence of virgorous detection and poor reporting, the tiny figures reported officially are super-suspicious.

African countries, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia and Latin American countries could be the same as India.

~The True Situation~

Whatever the respective countries' reports may be, the truth is burried deep in the conscience of their leaders. It is impossible to ascertain the real actual figures of infected and deaths caused by the COVID-19 corona-virus at this point, nor in the future.

However, a good estimate should multiply official figures by 10, if not by 20, because each carrier of the COVID-19 corona-virus can easily transmit it to at least 10 to 20 other people in a very short time. Primary, secondary and tertiary transmissions can all happen within a 14 days' window.


The fight against this COVID-19 corona-virus is not simple and easy. It is complex and complicated because the events in each country varies widely and when one country's subsides, another peaks. And the who pandemic is like the game of musical chairs.

This COVID-19 Pandemic really brings out the true character of World leaders, political hacks, scientists, health-care professionals and individual groups of common folks - the vilians, the vicious, the ugliests, the bad, the indecisive, the fraudsters, good, the kind and the helpfully compassionate. The human world is really worse than the animal world.

It takes the tiny microscopic virus world to expose the reality of the human world!

Virgo 49 said...

Trying to prop up the Hotels industries with life savings hard earned monies from Others.

Not their own just to show that Sinkieland's economy is still thriving.

For Donkey years been depending on open legged service industries with no other viable alternative industries to cushion this type of unprecedented as accordingly to their hai kow yew mantras.

This Painful Pandemic will hopefully wake them up to diversify Sinkieland's other more survival's industries.

Anonymous said...

The STI (Sg taken ill) index stands at 1k.on April fools Day..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

April 1 is likely to be remember as Fools Day in Singapore. Unlinked cases have hit 138, which means there is community spread now and growing. Is Singapore going to wait until it becomes Italy or New York before some real tough decisions will be taken?

By then it would be too late.

Anonymous said...

Declaring DORSCON Red will be too much to ask for. Too many things at stake, no GE for sure.

How about DORSCON Pink?

Virgo 49 said...

SGH car parks ALREADY converted to Temp holding hospitals with beds.

Hold on a while more please until our Pow Chai another next five years term is confirmed.

Then we know what's to do.

Have to sacrifice some as that Devish Matilah said.

The State is more important than you daft Sheppies.

Anonymous said...

Our Position In Life Determined How We Think

To the ordinary people, if one person dies in the family due to COVID-19 corona-virus infection, it is shocking and extremely sad.

To a country's leader, if one person dies of COVID-19 corona-virus infection, it is not shocking; neither is it sad. It is insignificant!

With a 5.7 million population, even if 100,000 people died of the COVID-19 disease, it's only a tiny fraction of the whole population. That's chicken feeds. Moreover, the government can easily import another 100,000 or even 1 million foreigners to replace the loss of 100,000 unfortunate souls.

To any one holding the title of PM, others may address him as Prime Minister, to him PM means Power and Money.

To him, of paramount importance is his power, i.e. to ensure that he can remain in power.

No, not just remain in power. He must ensure that he has a very strong grip onto the power. That means he must have a very strong political mandate from the lazy-to-think sheepish commoners/voters.

That is the number one thought in his mind all the time. Number one in his every move. Be it economic, cultural, racial, religious, health, political, legislative, judicial or executive matters.

Number Two in his mind, also of paramount importance, is MONEY $$$! Money is extremely important to the PM because of these three main aspects:

1. The Economy.

Money is derived from taxes. Taxes are dependent on economic activities, which in turn reflect the Health of a country's economy and its progress.

If the economy is good, the PM gets the credit, the supports and the strong mandate. If the economy is bad, especially when there is a pandemic and every country is under some forms of lock-down, and economic activities reduced to a trickle, then the PM's seat is going to be shaky.

Many quarters are going to accuse him of incompetence, lack of foresight, devoid of ideas, anything you can think of. His power will be affected in one way or another. His position will be shaky and challenged. Some opportunistic politicians will be quick to seize the opportunity and put up a challenge to unseat and replace him.

In short, economic downfall of a country usually follows by the downfall of the party in power or the leader in power.

2. Remuneration.

Money is usually used as a means to buy loyalty and obedience.

A PM needs capable people around him in order to help him rule the people, run the country and protect his power base. How is he going to ensure that the people surrounding him don't go against him, his leadership, his orders and his policies? The answer is: Money.

He uses money as an incentive to keep his top lieutenants loyal, his top administrators happy, his running dogs obedient (like Matilah) and his enemies close.

He pays them or bribe them well, both openly and behind closed doors.

Some countries' leaders even make use of sexual favours/traps and debts (loans) traps to blackmail their top lieutenants, administrators and enemies alike. (I believe Matilah is under this category).

3. Personal Wealth.

Any person who aspires to hold the top post in a country has to be already very wealthy or has to accumulate a lot of wealth as he climbs the pyramid of power. If he is already wealthy, he can buy his way up the pyramid in the pyramid club. If he is not already wealthy, he has to find sponsors, godfathers or beg, borrow or steal the money to support his journey up the pyramid of power. That means he has to repay those people who have helped him when he has reached the top.

Irrespective of whether he was rich or not, once he has become the PM, he will automatically ensure that he enmass wealth, legally or illegally, sufficient for him to retire happily ever after, without the law or his enemies going after him or his descendents.

So, the thinking of an individual as a commoner and the thinking of an individual as a top leader are miles apart. Even in matters of life and death!

Virgo 49 said...

Singspore First World Country like America? With her homeless millions and Singapore Poor By the Hundred of Thousands?

Yesterday, went to a PA gym. Was shocked again thinking new protocols after self temp readings had to line up and file a form.

My God, that Papies helper or por lam par shouting uncle come come.

Asking him what's all about? Wah piang fill up form again everywhere you go ah ?

You want to apply for the 500 bucks alms is it?

No lah, going to gym upstairs.

Ok go go.

Wah piang. Sinkieland First World Country with thousands lining up just for that 500 bucks.

Made them like beggars and beholden to them.

These Papies helpers and now even those at Govt Hospitals and even elsewhere are damn rude..

Shouting here and there and using Papies power and what's protocols to intimate you like criminals.

Farking one of the MOST useless handicapped Screerty jobs and they behaved high and mighty.

Thinking that that Shame is the pillar behind them to haasle you.

So, its just a facade that Singapore is a Rich and First World Country with so many thousands just seeking help for five hundred miserable dollars.