Covid19 - Dorscon Pink in Singapore

Singapore is under the state of Dorscon Pink. I am not sure if this is official. I have yet to hear anyone mentioning about a Pink state of affair. I am not sure if the above chart is official. It could be.

Dorscon Pink is a circuit breaker state. It trips while trying to surge to Dorscon Red. Now Red is a very alarming and emotional colour. Many people could become hysterical, in a state of fear. Dorscon Red is a lockdown. Pink is half way there, nearly there but not there. People can still move around doing essential things, buying food, seeing doctors, banking but not socialising, drinking, partying or gossiping in the kopitiam. Movement of people, contact of people will be kept to a minimum and only when absolutely necessary. Non essential services will be shut down.

The situation is getting serious for sure. I am not sure if Pink is the colour that would keep us safe. Can Singapore continue to keep new infected cases below 100 a day and avoid an exponential increase and become an Italy, Spain or New York? The responsibility and effectiveness now rest on the team of contact tracing staff. They need to act very fast and to trace everyone that has been in contact with an infected guy. Anyone that has been infected and walking free is a spreader walking free. One day out there means many people to share the virus. Dorscon Pink by asking everyone to stay home could limit the exposure a bit but not a complete isolation.

Let's pray that the team would not miss anyone out there walking freely with the virus in him. Let's watch the number in the next 7 days to see if community spread is growing or shrinking. If things did not improve, the next improvise state would be Dark Pink or another shade of Pink. No Red, never.

PS.  After yesterday's numbers, with more and more clusters appearing, the situation is not looking on. Would this circuit breaker, Dorscon Pink, be a little too late and make things worse?  Do not listen to clown Trump, this thing would not miraculously go away so easily.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With 300,915 infected cases and 8162 death, the Americans are losing this war against the virus. Tomorrow it will be 340,000 cases, Monday will be 390,000, Tuesday will be 450,000, Wednesday the USA will have more than 500,000 cases.

Despite the grim state of affair, instead of fighting the virus to save lives, this Evil Empire is still busily trying to stir shit all over the world, daily accusing China for reacting too slowly, but what have they been doing when China bought them 3 months to prepare for it? China could not react faster as this was new and China was struggling to find out what this was and not be accused of starting a hoax. China needed to confirm the seriousness of this virus before inform WHO. What do the Americans meant by late, slow? Could they do better?

And they are still controlling the UN to continue to impose sanctions on its enemy countries in a time like this.

God, if there is one, shall condemn this Evil Empire and bring them down on their knees to beg for forgiveness and mercy. The Evil Empire must be destroyed before they start more wars and kill more people.

Anonymous said...

The world needs Donald Trump to dismantle this warmongering Evil Empire. Break it up and scatter them all over the world.

Trump is doing a fine job doing this, quarrelling with all his allies, competiting and stealing their badly needed medical supplies, and unable to do anything to help any of his allies unless they want more arms, bullets and war machines. In fighting this God sent virus, all the weapons and war machines are absolutely useless, not worth a cent.

Well done Trump!

Safety interlock said...

RB, gd morning.
What an innovative idea of having a DORSCON pink added to it as 'circuit breaker'.
Think that there is another electrical term which can be added to after circuit breaker, probably it's a 'safety interlock' to prevent an operation going hay wire in a system, it monitors to prevent further damage to a system quite similar to circuit breaker, maybe this will be last step to DORSCON Red, name it any color like dark pinkest or lighter red.
As Min Gan said we r still far from going Red, different shades of Pink could help to allay the panic situation in SG before the country go onto a resuscitation mode or code red.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Trump has sacked Dr Fauci, the expert that wanted to lock down the whole of USA, against Trump's wishes.

Virgo 49 said...

Pink, pink.

With so many clusters of infections in the Dormitories.

All living in close quarters. You think you can stop the Spreads?

Same time, as carriers all branched out to work at different sites and places in Sinkieland.

Still free movements of people. You think you can stop the Spreads?

Fat Hope! That's what's you reaped for having a BIG POP.

Small and nimble all the While that's why Singapore can overcome so many Epidemics and Bad Happenings all the time.

NOT so lucky this time round.

You reaped what's you sowed for your blunders.

Virgo 49 said...

Dotard Trump hoped for a miracle.

Good Friday. By Easter the Virus will go away.

Their Almighty God will chase away the Virus.

That's why it's true that the Adult Americans believed that their Angels are true as depicted in that America is the Greatest NATION on Earth Video.

Anonymous said...

If they had imposed lockdown 2 months ago as some on this forum had all along been advising, there wouldn't be so many cases of infections recorded today, and residents at the old folks nursery home wouldn't have been infected, and nobody there would've died from the virus.

Anonymous said...

Who listens to clown Trump nowadays? Only his clueless supporters! The things coming out of his mouth are fart, toxic, meaningless, of no value, just simple fart. Instead of helping Italy, France and Spain as he proclaimed days earlier, he is not going to give them masks and medical equipments. No, that was another blatant lie.

The world better wake up. Not just Asian poodles, but the Whites in Europe. Trump said that the United Snakes of America will not let other countries have the mask. Now, that is a clear and simple statement that I think the poodles will understand now.

South Korea and Japan better be prepared to be thrown under the bus when they are in trouble. The United Snakes of America is not coming to your help. All the United Snakes wants is for South Korea and Japan to be their henchmen in confronting China. If they are smart, be aware that they are far closer to China than the snake, and will take the biggest blow should a conflict ensue.

jjgg said...

Never let a crisis go to waste..should it be red? Orange? Yellow? Brown? Going by reported clusters n mortality what should it be..going by projections what should it be.. going by the government's intent to hold a general election..what should it be.. going by the ability to drawdown on reserves to patch up excessive glory spending..what should it be.. no doubt there is a global crisis but while China appears to be relaxing its rules n European nations appear to be reaching its apex..Singapore is stepping up its controls!!! Taking away 4d n toto also!!! Even during Japanese occupation..chap ji ki was flourishing..
All on projections...hehe

Anonymous said...

Dr Anthony Fauci does not understand why the USA still does not take isolation seriously.

After months of running in circles, unprepared, short of supplies, resorting to piracy to secure masks and still letting people run around and spreading the infection. If what happens in other countries that practised isolation, and still reported more widespread infections, wonder how transparent are the reports coming out of the USA, more so under the world's biggest professional liar, Donald Trump.

How his take on the virus have been changing like the weather. First the called it a 'hoax', then he said it is not serious, then he called those not too sick to go back to work, then he belittled the spread of the infection saying it will just go away, then when the infections escalate he started blaming China, then he had his mental capacities back and said that the next two weeks will be very very painful, then just yesterday he got smart and said that the death toll will be very high.

You see how smart 'salesman cum professional' liar Trump can change things with slight of mouth without his clueless supporters suspecting a thing. He is indeed a man for all seasons, knows everything, even the behaviour of the virus.

Anonymous said...

Our leaders will never declare DORSCON RED! So, the innovative mind of the scholars came out with the PINK idea. Yeah right, when the PINK category still cannot trigger the circuit breaker, they will progress to perhaps PURPLE, but never RED.

Anonymous said...


Call a spade a spade lah!

Anyway, the confirmed cases figures don't look pretty!

The UNLINKED confirmed cases on the rise!

Very very very very very very very very Siong!

Where is safe?

Anonymous said...

Right now, it really surprise me that there had been no linkage of infections to the transport system, the MRT and buses. Warships, cruise ships, planes have all been pin pointed.

Few dozen people gathering at old folks home, dormitories, diners, and yet such places have provided most of the clusters.

Who can believe the transport system is not one of the most prolific source of infection just boggles the mind! Sure, finding that out is impossible, but are we dead sure that some infections at the usual suspected places are not actually sourced from people travelling on public transport?

Anonymous said...

Circuit breaker does not restall the FAULTY ITEM THAT CAUSES THE BREAKDOWN.

Anonymous said...

I believe most of those unlinked cases are from people who had occasion to travel on the public transport system. That is one of the most difficult problem to solve, short of shutting it down. That means RED!

Anonymous said...

The most frightening thing about this virus is that people with the virus and having no symptoms are also culprits spreading the infections. How effective are the temperature monitoring outside establishments really?

Ah well, as they say, something is better than nothing!

Anonymous said...

Trump is now demonising the captain of the aircraft carrier for revealing the horrendous situation on board. How does that differ from China sanctioning the doctor that broke news of the outbreak in Wuhan? The US had been championing the rights of the doctor, so should China be supporting the ship's crew in standing behind the carrier's captain?

All the USA had been promoting are farce about human rights, freedom of this and that!

Anonymous said...

to believe that no case of infection happened to commuter of the Public Transports.
it happened and was not reported, the People are put to risk by the Public Transport Operators and the Authority.
Be very suspicious and even cynical of the Situation.
Mask up when travelling in the Train, Bus, Taxi and Private Hire Services.

Anonymous said...

How did the aircraft carrier's crew get infected when it is probably miles away from China's shore. It was probably a self inflicted outbreak on board. Pompeo called the coronavirus outbreak a 'live military exercise'. Read anything between the lines?

There are in fact two carriers infected, and fast becoming floating coffins. Trump is trying desperately to downplay the outbreak.

Anonymous said...

Covid-19 is manufactured in Fort Detrick, USA. It is American Virus. Period.

The Americans are desperately trying to pin the blame on China to distract its true origin.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will like to remind everyone of the simulated exercise conducted by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a couple of months before the Covid19 Pandemic. What is happening today is closing mirroring the estimates made during the exercise.

Would the Bill and Melinda Foundation reveal to the world what that exercise was all about, the premises, the virus, the number infected, the death toll, what would come out at the end of the exercise?

It was quoted that several hundred millions would be infected and millions would die in a coronavirus epidemic. Did they know what the world does not know?

Anonymous said...

There's also pressure alarm switches,non return or one way valves,gate and ball valves,fire alarm system activating manually.lifts alarm buttons,CCTV...etc..etc

Anonymous said...

The 'Live Military Exercise' has backfired!

The US Military Virus was intended to cripple China. It must have been a surprise to the evil snake that China has more or less succeeded in controlling the outbreak so far. The other surprise is that the evil culprit did not expect the virus to also home in on itself. They may have thought of everything, but mother nature still has the last word.

Evil beget evil!

Anonymous said...

the Americunt soldiers who went to Wuhan in China to participate in the Military Sport Even were knowingly or otherwise sent there to spread the Disease,
then there shall be not surprising that Americunt Soldiers anywhere, be it on land, in submarine, aircraft carrier or even space station are infected.
The Warships lnfected soldiers do point to the Possibility that COVID-19 ORIGINATES FROM THE US MILITARY.

Anonymous said...


From Feb 2020 till now, I have supported China companies with US$150,000 of my own hard earned money.

I've targeted those businesses dealing in e-commerce, online delivery, IT infrastructure, 5G, online gaming, e-ecosystem, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance.

Good to see things stablilising & economy stuttering to start LOL!

But those companies mainly catering to exports will be terok terok ... maybe for many years. Many will go bankrupt.

Hence my focus is on those that target domestic consumption & services.


Anonymous said...


Bill Gates went public in 2015 to warn the world about pandemic & he said ALL countries are NOT prepared.


Anonymous said...

Many Sinkies are waiting for Dorscon Red to buy condos 3-6 months later.


Anonymous said...

Alert: New Danger Path

Coronavirus cluster at foreign workers' dormitory

Bangla boyfriend =====> Maid =====> Elderly employers =====> DEATH!!

Anonymous said...

The prophecy by someone that Trump is going to be the last President of the United States seems to be coming eerily true! As of now, isolation is being followed only by some states. Therefore, when states that followed the advice gets to turn the corner, infections will resurface when people move in from other non-isolation states, and thus restart the infection. This is going to be a nightmare.

Trump, meanwhile, seems adamant on opening up the country for business as soon as possible, instead of fighting the virus, possibly to save his own hotels, golf courses and keep the bankers at bay.

He is more focused on the economy than saving lives. What a sad state of affairs befalling the USA! The USA has failed miserably in the eyes of the world to provide leadership in this time of crisis.!

Anonymous said...

The USA has never been a leader but an organized-crime gangster that grabbed others' land, killed the inhabitants, robbed their wealth and made them slaves; and still making many countries kowtow to it through the employment of its military overt operations and the CIA convert operations.

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from the Malay Mail on 4 April 2020:

Fight Covid-19 first, Singapore polls must wait — Lee Hsien Yang

"After weeks of worry, many Singaporeans are now relieved that more stringent measures are being taken to keep them safe from the Covid-19 virus. Yet there remains a strong feeling that the nation is being forced to split its focus at a crucial moment in this health crisis. On 7 April, as people prepare to hunker down at home under the “circuit breaker”, the People’s Action Party (PAP) will be pushing through the Parliamentary Elections (Covid-19 Special Arrangements) Bill."

"The Bill is an indication the PAP is putting its interests, and Lee’s, above those of the country and the people it rules. The ruling party seems to be still obsessing over how to call an early election while it has a full year left in its term, during a pandemic the World Health Organisation (WHO) has called “the worst enemy you can ever imagine”."

"For someone who urged Singaporeans to “trust that you are not working for personal gain, but for national interests”, Lee’s refusal to rule out an imminent election is baffling."

"Since PAP’s defeat is an improbability, why the hurry to the polls? Does it fear the repercussions of the recession that is in the offing? The question needs to be asked: has the government been too reactive and doing too little, just to avoid alarming the people or limit the economic damage? To what degree have its actions been blinkered by its desire to hold an early GE?"

"At this time, Singapore deserves the undivided attention of the PM and his entire team, to honour the sacrifices of our medical frontliners who face the daily risk of infection. Instead, the ruling party is spending precious time and mental energy on electoral arrangements while new clusters of infection are popping up."

"The world has sung Singapore’s praises for its handling of the Covid-19 crisis, citing the many lessons learned during the fight with SARS in 2003. During the SARS outbreak, schools were shut 26 days after the first patient was detected. This time, it has taken more than 70 days since the first Covid-19 case was reported on 23 January. Singaporeans cannot be blamed if they wonder: if SARS was a lesson, why this inordinate delay?"

"There were a total of 238 cases of SARS in 2003. Covid-19 cases reached the 1,000 mark on 1 April, and now numbers 1,114 (as at 4 April). This is not just any fight. Covid-19 is dramatically more contagious than SARS, and it has been fiendishly difficult to break the chain of infection. Distracted by the push for an early election, did the PAP take its eye off the ball? Do Singaporeans feel the government is putting the welfare of its citizens above all else?"

"Governments around the world have declared emergencies and about one third of humanity is locked down. Singapore has seemed slower to respond, couching its incremental measures in euphemisms, such as “circuit breaker” and “home-based learning”."

"Singaporeans should be very angry that the current leadership seems to have misplaced priorities and are also seemingly deaf to grim realities. Definitively ruling out an election for the next few months will lay people’s fears to rest."

P/S: The above except has been taken from the Malay Mail in the public interest. The words of Lee Hsien Yang are of public interest for the mere fact that he is the second son of Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of modern Singapore, as well as the younger brother of the present Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Of the forecast by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation expectation of a few million deaths worldwide, undoubtedly they are thinking of at least millions of casualties in China.

Trump must have complete confidence in the evil plot and known well beforehand, thus brazenly making all the casual remarks that the USA is safe and nothing to worry about, thinking he had China beaten and on it's knees at last, having not been able to do so with the trade war and failed in baiting China with the Hong Kong riots.

But they did not figure on China putting so much resources to keep a lid on infections and number of casualties. And of course the backfiring was probably not foreseen. Heaven must have seen enough of all the evil deeds that the USA had done.

Anonymous said...

Why never install circuits breaker at very beginning???

Anonymous said...

The 4G leaders are strawberries who cry when under pressure and are capable of taking only baby steps. We need real men to lead the Little Red Dot in times of crises like the present one.

Anonymous said...

It's distressing to hear them say during the press conference that they monitor the situation day by day and then decide on the appropriate action.