Covid19 - Stupidity has no cure

SMRT this photo was taken by my colleague on the North-bound train at Bishan at ~5.15 pm today...
You cut train frequencies to save cost...at a time when the gov is strongly advocating social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19....how do you expect people to abide by social distancing rules when you don't help to create an environment to support the initiative ??

Above are two pics with attached comments from CNA.  Both shows the crowded trains during Dorscon Pink aka circuit breaker period.  The people who took the pics were exasperated at the cutting down of train frequency in view of more people working from home and the attempt to save operation cost.

Did the people making this decision to reduce the frequency of train not able to see that it would lead to more crowding when social distancing is the order of the day?  Paying millions does not guarantee that you would not get monkeys.

With trains so crowded, how not to expect higher rate of infection?

PS. After all the complaints, SMRT is readjustment the frequency of the trains.


Very To Lan One said...

The CEO of SMRT should be sacked and fined for breaching National Orders.

The owner of SMRT, whoever is the CEO, should also be sacked and made to go jail for six months for aiding the COVID19 coronavirus to spread its infections.

The Minister for Transport, Kwa , should do a hara kiri or resign with ignominy! No pension for him. He has amassed more than enough wealth from taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

Policemen should go to their residences or offices to arrest them and charge them in court immediately! Otherwise, how to be fair to those who have already been infected? Where is justice? Where is the law and guardian of the law? Where is Shame emu gum?

Anonymous said...


This is very very very very very very very very STUPID!

Really no cure! No cure! No cure!


Anonymous said...

Social distancing, 2 metres apart, or 2 feet apart? What a joke. This is criminal.

Anonymous said...

Is this why community spread is increasing and cannot be traced?

Virgo 49 said...

Made MONIES more important first lah?

Why have 2.3 M in now and later 10M?

So that they can filled up all the trains, buses, HDB flats and Private properties.

Mathematician scholars and their hai kow yew statistical Execs and Management had calculated and forecasted how many millions to fill up these internal combustion of economy.

What's other innovative enconmy we have besides all these and servile industries of tourism and vices? ?

When they have some stations that are not utilised in their capacities, they just simply do not open these stations.

Every workhorse in Singapore must fulfill their capacities for their bottom line and their performance bonuses.

Dotard Trump is their IDOL. What's a few thousands deaths when the economy is so important!

Anonymous said...


It is a SHAME!



Anonymous said...

shall lead Sin
to its Demise.
is staring at the Face of Sin.
is sealed and Sin with Sinkies are reaching their Destiny.

Anonymous said...

The bigger question is why the fuck got so many people outside, after 11 days into a lockdown?!?!??! All working in essential industries?!?!?! Or got free happy hour?!?!?!!?!

The slowdown in MRT frequency was about 1 in 10-15 min.

That means within 20 mins got so many people accumulated in 1 train.

If really got so many people working in so-call "essential" industries, then gahmen better cut down on their definition of "essential".

From friends working in gahmen, they so far ALLOW A LOT of companies as "essential". Even those manufacturing companies also "essential" where you have hundreds of staff having to go to plants & factories & industrial parks to work.

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh……..the Jinx will be annoyed further. No more negative comments, boy, or else be asked to get out of her elite face.

Anonymous said...

Mr Heng said that these are problems that need to be looked into after this is over and lessons to be learned.

Will anyone take responsibility for those mistakes? Oops, problems, not mistakes. Will any big heads roll?

Incidentally, isn't another paper general/ex army chief running the MRT? That is the problem!

Anonymous said...

“While we’re dealing with the current [situation], we must make sure that we think two steps down the road … don’t just look at the here and now,” 4G Chan Chun Chin boasted.

Pioneer said...

Just look at the pics of crowded mrt trains. All of you are supposed to be stay at home or are all of you inside the trains going to work places as essential employees ? Or are they going to visit their relatives which is an offence during this CB. So, do not complain of reduced number of trains.

Anonymous said...

To Pioneer,

If you bothered to read what anonymous April 20, 2020 9:58 am has written:

"From friends working in gahmen, they so far ALLOW A LOT of companies as "essential". Even those manufacturing companies also "essential" where you have hundreds of staff having to go to plants & factories & industrial parks to work."

There are a lot of companies exempted from ceasing work during CB. Don't think these people don't want to endanger themselves. They have to work, OK? Not everyone has a good life like Pioneer and can stay at home and mock at others.

Anonymous said...

I refer to Anon Apr 20 (10.40 am): "If you bothered to read what anonymous April 20, 2020 9:58 am has written:......................................."

Then, we have to ask the authorities to check on those taking trains if they are really essential workers (as claimed by u) to stop the overcrowding.

Anonymous said...

Worry not! Worry not!

Our future pm is gg to be Mr HENG!

So everything will be HENG HENG HENG lah!

Thus worry not!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Most definitely our SG State controlled media ..mouthpiece of the Party State like Mediacorp Tv and Radio ..and so called 9newspaper won't be allowed to ask any questions regarding the transport weak link or mask 's controversy since the starting point of contagion.

These people the radio Dj actors actresses writers...they just flip flop. .and... do not our support as they do not have a mind of their own..

Anonymous said...

They do not deserve of our support at all afterall they just follow instruction blindly at the expenses of the people. They have no choice so they just churn out whatever they r told

Totally pursuing someone else bias , perspectives like what cna always say

Anonymous said...

The lack of media independence is like a shackle ...if the shackle was broken earlier the mask very critical n vital role would be brought to light to general public here in Singapore months earlier.

It would help tremendously !

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think I was watching Channel News Asia, and sometimes I believe I am watching Channel News America. So confusing, don't know which is which.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Now Starhub giving Free Preview think included CNN.

Fox pro Dotard.

Try watching CNN instead of CNA.

You see the difference in their journalism and ours.

See their journalists arguing with the Dotard Trump on his idiotic policies and their exchanges live.

Insulting each other. Just loved to see that Clown flapping his hands and telling lies and lies.

Later, rebutted by their Studio Hosts with his past slides of this Dotard's earlier speeches and contradicting himself.

Our CNA commentators just read whatsoever their Masters fed them.

Including our Great Uni lecturers and those hai kow yew analysts or soothsayers.

Tank kees better than them in their prophesies.

Anonymous said...

I think that dude needed to be sodomized jialat jialat lor

Anonymous said...

If I vote PAP again in GE 2020;
Does this mean PAP will continue to screw up after GE 2020?

If I want change, does this mean I have to vote for new people?

Anonymous said...

Why do we have no other mainsteam news media? In fact Mediacorpse is the only choice and States Times (not the real one) is the other. All others have to die of unnatural death? Does that not tell us whether this is by choice or by definition?

What is our ranking in transparency by the way?

Anonymous said...

Why do Singaporeans allowed a bunch of nincompoops to fill the island with so many people that they are faced with so many threats to their normal existence?

Having too many people on this island is an existential threat to the lives of Singaporeans.

This island does not belong to the few nincompoops and they cannot do what they want without the approval of the Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Do you think I want to see a white racist beat up Ah Loong and his wife?

Anonymous said...

This is the best time for our ministers to visit Australia and walk the streets of Melbourne or Sidney. They will love it.

Anonymous said...

Election predicted to be September. Time to teach the elites a lesson.