Covid19 will not destroy the USA, but Trump's big lie would

Covid19 will not destroy the USA, not directly but indirectly as an agent to the folly of Trump and his gangsters in the White House. What would destroy the USA are lies, lies and lies of Trump and his administration.

The biggest lie of Trump and the most sinister, is to tell the American people that he is doing a fantastic job in testing, testing the most people in the world, no other country has done that. Statistically this is a big lie. In absolute terms yes, but in relation to the 330m population of America, it is miniscule. The USA has barely tested 1% of its population when at least a 10% or 20% rate would be necessary to give a good picture of how widespread Covid19 is affecting the Americans.

Trump is spreading this lie to give the Americans a false sense of security that they are hitting the peak and the infection rate is coming down. It is not. The number is now shooting to the roof because there is a deliberate attempt to test as little as they could, aided by the lack of test kits, intentional or otherwise. By not pushing to purchase or make more test kits, the number of people tested is going to be low and inadequate.

Our CNA chart of God's Ladder of Punishment yesterday showed that the infected cases of the USA was 825,000. Just read an American report that it was only 810,000 with an increase of only 25,000. The increase should be 40,000 on that day. Today the expected number as on 22 Apr could be as high as 860,000 or thereabout.

This is Trump's deception and many unthinking Americans and the hillbillies are falling for it and calling for a quick reopening of the economy. They think it is safe when it is not. If testing is done as recommended, the confirmed cases of Americans today would easily be near to the 2m mark. But this is not happening, by deceit and intent of the Trump Administration.

The other key reason why Trump did not want to test even in the early stages of the pandemic is to hide the truth, that the virus had actually infected many Americans way before the incident in Wuhan. It was obvious that Trump was playing delay tactics to avoid early testing that would exposed his sinister plot of planting the virus in Wuhan and China as where it all started. The fact was that it had already started long before Wuhan in the USA.

Trump is not that stupid to not thinking of doing something in January and February and pretended that all was well when it was not. His hands were tied. He knew what was happening and had to play along. He cannot be that dull to get to where he is to the extent of not doing anything in January and February. He just could not and must not do anything or the beans would be spilled.

Today, everything is set and nothing can change the cause of this virus spread in the USA. And for Trump and his Administration to continue to play this game, by not testing enough, they are going to kill many Americans that foolishly believed him and yearning, even protesting aggressively to open for business.

This lie by Trump and his Administration is going to bring the USA to its knee, and knowing how widespread is the virus in the US now, the death toll is going to soar into the millions. Yes, it is the big lie that allowed the virus to do maximum damage to the USA. Without the lie to conceal the truth, the virus could be arrested much earlier with maximum testing and mitigation that the Trump Administration is not doing, playing dumb and delay tactics, and the Americans are going to pay for it with their lives. The premature restarting of businesses will allow the virus to explode in many states that are seeing low numbers today.

Would America be great again after this?

PS.  Latest, CDC director DR Robert Redfield was made to retract his warnings of a worse scenario in fall when the flu season would hit the Americans together with the Covid19 at the same time.Trump only wants to lie about everything is fine, America is Number One. Anyone telling the truth would be chopped if the truth hurts. Lies and lies is the culture of this Clown President. And his right hand man is mad Pompeo, who bragged in Congress that he lied, he cheated and he stole with glee and pride.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Dr Redfield from USa CDC said that in the coming months of winter it will get difficult coz the normal flu season will also appear. The media reported it verbatim, however the title was, admittedly,a trite sensational, the title read ...will be devastating... Trump very angry, so asked Dr Redfield to speak. Dr R said "i said in winter it will be difficult, not worse".
I pengsan liao. What is the difference between, "difficult" and "worse"?????

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE should read the story of Dr Chu. USA tried to cover up this whistleblower. She is America's Dr Lee Wenliang (Wuhan doctor silenced by wuhan local officials). America , CcP all same same, let not the pot call the kettle black. Here is the link.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

WASHINGTON: The ousted director of a key US agency charged with developing drugs to fight the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday (Apr 22) said he was dismissed because he called for careful vetting of a treatment frequently touted by President Donald Trump.

Rick Bright said in a statement that he was replaced as director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and reassigned to a new role because he resisted efforts to push hydroxychloroquine and the related chloroquine as cures for COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus. CNA

Going against the Clown President meant immediate removal. Sacked.

Anonymous said...

To the rest of the world: I think we should just sit back, relax and watch and enjoy the circus in the USA.

To Americans: He lied, you die!

Notice how twisted his rabid mouth can be about reopening the US. He is so adamant about opening up the US, in his words - for business 'as soon as possible'. But in the next breath he tells Georgia Governor that he is opening too soon. What kind of message is he sending. Oh yes, if the opening results in more infections, Trump will not be blamed. And he will say that same thing to all those Governors who took his words on reopening' as soon as possible'. How evil is this 'Liar in chief'! They may all be falling into his trap!

And, I almost fell off my toilet seat doing my morning business, when I read Pompeo accusing China of bullying other countries in the South China Sea. He really has no shame about what he is saying, knowing that the US has been doing exactly the same thing all over the world. Of course, for a man who thinks it is an honour to lie, cheat and steal, what shame is there to bully as well.

Anonymous said...

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Virgo 49 said...

Hydrochloroquine as anti- malaria drug to fight the COVID?

So, from bats to mosquitoes?

Many had died taking these as Guinea pigs as no choice.

Recommend one very potent one from TCM with blessings from President Xi of China.

That is "Poh Chai Yuen"

Sure cure. One hundred percent!

My daughter encountered a Caucasian while hiking in NZ and up a Mountain Ridge.

Poor guy was vomiting and had diarrhoea.

Resting in his Set-up tent.

She offered him "Poh Chai Yuen" brought along here as Sinkied always brought own medications when they travelled. Kia soo mentality.

Next morning, he thanked her profusely. Saying he wanted to import this to his country and be an agent for this.

Recommend to Dotard Trump.


Anonymous said...

If you watch Trump facing the news media and answering questions, you cannot but feel that this man tells lies so naturally, but always get caught and falling flat on his face when pressed for honest answers.

His favourite mode of answering unanswerable questions is to talk nonsense, bring in irrelevant matters and statistics, brabble incoherently, and as a last resort throw accusations at the journalist and accuse him/her of representing the fake news media, and abruptly cuts off that journalist from pressing further for answers.

Anonymous said...

Trump lied, you die.

Listen to Trump, you also die.

Open up America, you die.

Don't open up, you also die.

America is going to die, not going to be great again.

Covid19 is just the remedy to destroy this Evil Empire.

Now, trying to divert the mess in America, they are raising tension in the South China Sea and the Gulf of Persia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo

If 'Poh Chai Yuen' is found to be effective against COVID19, Trump will not advertise it's effectiveness for sure.

This is TCM and drug manufacturers in the US are not in any way making them. China, Taiwan or Hong Kong will benefit from it, not those drug manufacturers in the USA, so what do you think they, as big campaign contributors of Trump, will tell him to do?

They will call on Trump to ban it, maybe labelling it as full of illegal ingredients, or even inventing new legislation to ban such ingredients and make the product illegal. Or wait years for them to test the PCY before allowing it, by which time millions may already have died of the coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

Is the prophecy more than three years ago coming true? It was prophesied that Trump will be the last President of the USA. How is that scenario of the last President of the USA going to play out?

One possibility is the breakup of the USA, which is not difficult to imagine, with social unrest rearing its ugly head, with State Governors going against pro-Trump supporters, with State Governors going against the Federal Government, with homelessness and poverty expected to rise arising from unemployment brought about by business closures.

It could be heaven's way of dealing with the evil empire, knowing that no other state or country has the capacity to bring this global scourge down.

Hope the prophecy comes true!

Anonymous said...

They lied, cheat, steal, rob, hijack, intimidate, rape, devastate and torch-earth. Who are they?

They are the Barbaric Whitemen from Europe, especially the descendants of the Vikings.

Anonymous said...

Trump is like the emperor wearing his new clothes, when he is in fact naked, strutting on his high horse and his supporters, cheering and heaping him with accolades.

Anyone who tells the truth about his clothes will be sacked. They must say only the good stuff, like fantastic piece of embroidery, very well sewn, of the best material, a marvellous job by the best tailor on the planet, for the greatest president of the United States etc. He only wants to hear the good stuff.

How many who cannot agree with him in the White House have been sacked? How many who tried to tell him he is naked have been dismissed?

How does Trump compare to all those whom he calls dictators?

Anonymous said...

Extremely inconsiderate, uncontrollably iratic and overly reacting with killing an ant by using a hammer, POFMA has caused the already rock bottom ranking of 151st Singapore in terms of Freedom of Expression, to drop another 7 positions to 158th.

At this rate, in three years time, Singapore will be 180th, catching up to become North Korea's buddy.

Virgo49 said...

Now CNA reported that Chinese Agents spread messages that sowed virus panic in U.S.


Dotard soon locked down whole USA.

Have troops in place to prevent looters and rioters.

Thought he encouraging Open Up Economy?

White House followed Singapore Style POFMA as Fake News

Americans learning from Singapore

Anonymous said...

Americans spreading misinformation through Channel News America?

Anonymous said...

When businesses fold, jobs are lost, and soup kitchens cannot cope with demand, hunger will certainly kindle social unrest. It will happen in any country. Only a spark will render it out of control.

This is only just a month since the start of the shutdown, and already Trump and his supporters wants reopening because they cannot live without jobs. Trump, of course, needs early reopening to save his businesses.

Trump is now caught between a rock and a hard place. Further extension of the shutdown will worsen the simmering unrest and cripple his business interests. Opening up, on the other hand, may worsen the infections and death rate, which he is obviously well aware of, but choose to feign unconvinced. Either way, both are not palatable choices.

Perhaps starting another fake news about Chinese agents sowing panic over the virus in USA may allow Trump to kill two birds with one stone. It will allow Trump to bring in troops to maintain order and at the same time use the occasion to demonise China with another morbid accusation.

Virgo 49 said...

Divert attention to a Common Enemy.

CNN saw queues of their supposed Rich Americans in many luxury cars lining up for free food.

See how's their way of lives. All if not most have their four wheels and still having their four wheels having to pay for gas lining up for FREE food.

Chinese, would lose their faces if they were like them.

Prefer to eat porridge with salted eyes rather than beg.

Think only in our earlier and our generation but not today.

No wonder, unfortunate ones that has to die, has to die.

So, must open up the economy.

Living in their pretentious and pompous supposed Wealthy First World Nation.

Why they can tahan few years without work.

Sigh, good to see, horrible to eat.

Anonymous said...

So do u think the dude should be sodomize jialat jialat?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is quite sad really, to see so many Americans out of jobs and queuing for free food. And it is often reported that 40% of Americans had only $400 in their savings and cannot afford to see a $500 bill coming to them from no where.

As for the car owners, they are living from pay check to pay check with a lot of bills and mortgages and insurance to pay.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When Trump asked Dr Birx, seriously, on TV about the possibility of injecting disinfectant into the body hoping to treat the virus, it only confirms that his IQ is indeed 72 as was reported.

And he went on with a second question about applying heat and light as a serious possible alternative?

Anonymous said...

When are they going to put this lunatic away into a mental hospital to keep the Americans safe from his insanity?

Anonymous said...

Someone please tweet to Trump that Singapore's Newater can kill Covid-19.