Israel - The arrogance of a small aggressive state

Sanctions and military threats are the preferred ways of dealing with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said, claiming the approach was necessary to stop Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

“If you have rogue regimes that are [intending to get] nuclear weapons, you can sign 100 agreements with them, it doesn’t help,” Netanyahu told CNN's Jake Tapper on Tuesday, three days after a drone attack widely believed to be Israeli hit a military facility in the Islamic Republic.

“I think the only way that you can stop or abstain from getting nuclear weapons is a combination of crippling economic sanctions, but the most important thing is a credible military threat,” he added....

Over the years, there have been number of sabotage and assassination operations in Iran, targeting the country’s military, nuclear scientists, officials and installations. Iran and many international observers have blamed Israel.

Israel has also launched hundreds of airstrikes in Syria, which its government touted as necessary to counteract Iranian influence in the war-torn country.  RT

The above is from an article in RT titled, 'Netanyahu explains Iran approach'. Israel by any means of measurement, is a small state. But the arrogance of Israel, behaving and talking like a super power, is exceptional and obvious and this could only happen for one simple reason, it is backed by the USA, the world's number one terrorist state. Without the USA, Israel would be wiped out within days by the Arab countries.

Today, not only did Israel invaded and occupied the land of the Palestine, the whole of Palestine has been turned into a concentration like Auschwitz, the Palestinians are prisoners in their own land. The Israelis are also expanding and moving into Palestinian land. And the US pretended that nothing has happened. The UN is no where to be found. From a piece of stolen land from the Palestinian, now Israel is about to take over the whole piece of Palestinian land. The western media are so quiet about this sorry and deplorable state of affair. Where got aggression, where got human rights violation, where got war crimes?

After defeating the Arab states in several wars with the backing of the Americans, the Israelis now is planning to attack Iran, a country several hundred miles away, to deter Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons while itself has acquired nuclear weapons with the help and consent of the Americans. The Israelis is behaving just like the Americans, only they, the Americans and Israelis, can have nuclear weapons, not anyone else. Their nuclear weapons are for peace, and can brag about nuking any state the labelled as enemy. Other states having nuclear weapons are dangerous, not for peace. What sickening rationale is that? The rationale of terrorist states.

Did UN hear anything about Israel's aggressive plans and aggression against Iran? Where is the UN?

Who are the rogue states, with nuclear weapons and everyday at war with other countries and threatening to use nuclear weapons? China, North Korea? Common, stop the lie. The rogue states are the USA and Israel and the NATO states. Period.

Israel, a small state, with the backing of the Americans, is threatening to bomb and attack Iran. It is attacking Syria and Palestinian everyday. In the West and the American rules based order, what Israel is doing is peaceful, within the rule of law? 

What do you think?

Comments from RT

Dino Bowers
The unmitigated gall of his pompous a$$ to accuse another nation of being rogue when they are terrorizing the native Palestinians, randomly dropping bombs on Syria, and using their Bankster influence to sabotage Lebanon is absolutely revolting!

Iran, better hurry up and get some nukes, or you'll be getting a very unwelcome visit from the evil twins.

Amusing how the real axis of evil, uk_pirateland & usa_fascistland ...including the rogue isreali_scumbags claim everyone else is the problem!!


Anonymous said...

Israel launched airstrikes against several “terrorist” targets in Gaza on Thursday morning, hours after a rocket fired from the area was intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system.

“The IDF is currently striking in Gaza,” the Israel Defense Forces confirmed in a tweet around 3 am on Thursday morning. About 30 minutes later it shared some details about the targets of the raid, claiming that “IDF fighter jets struck a production site for raw chemical material production, along with a weapon manufacturing site belonging to the Hamas Terrorist Organization.”

Terrorist Israel calling Palestinians terrorists.

Anonymous said...

The terrorist government of Tel Aviv has taken the first place among the biggest criminals in human history.
An occupying conqueror has never decided to destroy the entire nationality of a country.
If the oppressed Palestinian people defend their homes and families with weapons, they will be called terrorists and will be attacked with tanks and fighters.
The leaders of the countries supporting these invaders are to blame for this disaster.

Virgo49 said...

Good morning All

Now Saudi Arabia which the M.E. Arab States looked up as their Impromptu Leader as the SA is their Holy Place Worships of their Muslim Faiths is leaning away from the UAssA and if the Americunts were to create chaos for the Saudis, they be in unison as their Arabs League of Bros faced head on as ONE to face the Scums of the Earth the Cunts.

SA for too long been conned and yoked by the Americunts and had actually a betrayal to their Muslim Bros that they are all too afraid to stand up to the UAssA.

Now with the Russos Urukians War that awaken many of them of the Scums agenda of the Cunts that made them now MORE United.

With now Russia and China as somewhat their Allies, the Whole of the M.E. States may form an Arabs Alliance and once and for all exterminate the dam Israelis who had been killing and bullying them for century.

When any conflict were to raise with the UAssA and China were to be un full swing, the Arabs would in unison once and for all wipe out the Israelis to HELL.

The Myth of the Israelis been Invincible is just a Fallacy.

They are just hot airs with the Americunts supports of superior arsenals and with the Arabs Masses they could be easily defeated.

If the Afghans can with their peasants could defeated the Americunts with their No Action Talk Only soft legged soldiers why can't the Arabs whacked the Israelis to Kingdom Come?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't our very 'honest' 'rule base order' advocacy gov. sanction israel

Anonymous said...

Where is the UN? Good question. They are not around when crimes are committed by USA, the collective West and Israel. The UN is only alive, visible and audible when it comes to dealing with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Myanmar. Don't believe me, just check back.

When the USA and Nato were doing carpet bombing all around the world - in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and even trageting the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and killing innocent Chinese, the UN could not see all that. When Russia strikes buildings and killed some civilians, it is a war crime and a war cry by the UN, USA and all the doggies.

How about the UN do something about those sanctions that are killing innocent citizens of countries under sanction, instead of pretending to be moral and principled.

Anonymous said...

When the Americans are down and out, and the Arab countries turn on the Israelis, it would be a very ugly sight. The Israelis would have no where to run. And the Arabs would have no mercy on them.

Anonymous said...

Off subject:

The USA is accusing China of spying, using a spy balloon. It boggles the mind. Why does China need to use a spy ballon for spying, when it has all the satellites capable of doing a much better job? They cannot even find evidence to support their accusations that Huawei's 5G has backdoors used for spying?

This is an old overused tactic that the USA is again resorting to before Blinken visits China. Antagonise and hope to have the upper hand. It always happens before any meeting by any USA leaders with Chinese couterparts. Does that indicate that the USA is really interested in deflating the tension between the two countries? Or just pretending that they are the good guys and be seen as wanting peace, when their real hidden intention is harbouring a mindset for war.

Sparks will surely fly between Blinken and Xi during the meeting for sure, with this kind of attitude and the impending visit of McCarthy to Taiwan, another antagonising move. Xi should not meet Blinken and let a more junior minister take his place, as Blinken is not on Xi's level in diplomatic standing.

Now about the spying accusation, I also read about some maniacal claims coming out that even Chinese washing machines, refrigerators, toasters and other consumer products made in China are also used for spying on USA and Western citizens. As if China is so interested in what USA and Western citizens are doing by spying on them.

Very soon, I think they will come out with even more ridiculous claims, maybe one reaching to the extent that any Chinese in the West are spying using their 'two jewel marbles' carried inside their underpants. Think about that possibility.

Anonymous said...

Blinken would never have a chance to meet Xi. He might not even be allowed to visit Beijing and maybe Qin Kang would see him in another city. They are begging China not to sell T bills and not to support Russia. At the same time they are irritating China with their silly antics.

The BRICS countries would bring down the dollar first and see whether they can still print money to support their military aggression everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Now they keep making sure the Saudis and Iran can never talk peace. If these two Middle Eastern countries should ever come closer to each other, a false flag is enough to split them apart. An Alliance between the Saudis and Iran is bad news for the USA and Israel, just like the Russia/China alliance which they are trying deperately to split.

Keep in mind that Saudi Arabia is already not in the good books of the USA and sacrificing them in a destructive war with Iran is no great loss. With Israel having the same mindset about Iran, instigating a confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a walk in the park, without even the USA being seen as directly involved, by just using Israel as a willing proxy.

Anonymous said...

Driving a wage between Iran and Saudi is not going to work anymore. Both countries are in secret dialogue to avoid a false flag on them. Both are not stupid to want to fight each other to the last man.

The recent drone attack on Iran could be an attempt on a false flat incident to blame the Saudis to provoke the two countries into open conflict.

Every move the Americans and Israelis are doing are easily exposed. They have been playing the same silly tricks too often and for too long. The Arab world is not going to trust the American and Israeli terrorists anymore.

Anonymous said...

The USA, UK and Israel have been calling everyone the 'Axis of Evil', not knowing that the whole world can associate this 'Axis of Evil' moniker on the USA, UK and Israel themselves, and fits them like a glove.

This shows that all the money, including the US$300 million a year spent on propaganda, is not working.

Anonymous said...

The Israelis are acting as if they are an Empire, ruling the whole Middle East, kicking the Arab countries around with no fear of repercussion.

They better pray that this day would not come. The cruel they are, the cruel would be the retribution.

Anonymous said...

Israel is the appointed Sheriff in the Middle East, representing the Evil Empire in countering the Muslim countries over there.

Australia is the appointed Sheriff in the Pacific Islands region, representing the Evil Empire in countering the influence of China.

Japan is the appointed Sheriff in East Asia, representing the Evil Empire to provide protection to Taiwan and countering China, vowing to fight to the last Japanese in 'Taiwan'.

Phillipines was the appointed Sheriff in the ASEAN region before, but the Evil Empire now appointed someone else, since the Philippines under Duterte was not very co-operative. All also to counter China.

Sorry, I do not know who is the Evil Empire's Sheriff in Africa countering China. There must be one!

Anonymous said...

Israel has been the bully in the region because there is a bigger bully supporting her.

Anonymous said...

Oops..China did it again:

A second Chinese spy balloon was reportedly flying over Latin America, according to the Pentagon, in comments that came as the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, postponed a visit to China after the intrusion of a separate high-altitude Chinese balloon into US airspace.


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