When American thinkers, scholars and ordinary Americans are saying, 'America is a terrorist state'


When American thinkers, scholars and ordinary Americans are saying, 'America is a terrorist state', the game is over. 

Watch this 8 minute clip from 1:30 to 6:00 to hear the painful truth from Jimmy Dore and how Tucker Carlson was so stunned that he did not know how to respond. Many top American thinkers and professors are standing up to tell the Americans of the lies Washington and the Military Industrial Complex are telling them and leading them to WW3, a war of annihilation of the human race, and the Americans would not be spared.


Anonymous said...

The irony is that while thinkers, scholars and ordinary Americans are saying 'America is a terrorist state', the Residents still infesting the Swamp are claiming they are freedom protectors and upholding democracy. When others in the Middle East fight for their freedom against the USA installed stooges, they are branded as terrorist.

What do we call those who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines? Who were those people who blew up the bridge linking Russia with Crimea. Putin called them 'International Terrorist' and he is perfectly right.

The trouble is that the Evil State will never call a spade a spade, but twist around using 'word salad' popularised by Kamala Harris, to musk many things that were apparently wrong with their system, but inventing nonsensical answers to parry or deflect away the blame for their mistake.

One such example is recession, which they are trying to re-define themselves, while the whole world have to stick to one definition of what constitutes a recession, while the USA is trying to invent one definition that fits their agenda for their own use. So, never expect the USA to admit falling into recession today. Just using words to steer the problem away will solve the problem.

Another more sinister move is inflation. There is now a new definition being used - 'Super Core Inflation'. It is a very telling move that the world better take note, which they are now going to use, by removing the key components of inflation - food, energy and housing cost from the calculation of inflation. These three are the most important key elements of inflation, and the most compelling, and removing them means inflation figures in the USA will ultimately tank.

That they are eyeing inflation of 2%, which if they used the normal way of calculation by including food, energy and housing, will never be achieved in a thousand years. Raising interest rate to tame inflation has obviously failed and is hurting the economy. Using the Super Core Inflation calculation will allow them to achieve the 2% target, but that will be one big lie and really pulling wool over eveyone's eye.

So, by hook or by crook they have to pull the inflation figure down to fool the ground. The reality is, will people continue to be fooled when inflation figures fall, but cost of living remains in the stratosphere?

Virgo49 said...

US keeps pushing for war.

George Galloway seriously exclaimed that Jimmy Dore would stand for President instead of just the damned Elephants and Donkeys.

But he would definitely be put down by the Deep States just like J.F.Kennedy with bullets to his head.

Anonymous said...

Trump said that he is going to remove all the warmongers if he is re-elected into the White House. I think that is a far fetched idea. The Deep State will choose to differ. Trump just shot his own foot in the eyes of the Deep State.

War is steep in the agenda of the Deep State - with the Pentagon and Military Establishment being two of the most militant component party of the Deep State. The USA only has the war economy sustaining and propping up its military spread all over the world. And in order to preserve its US$ hegemony, they can not do without its military power to confront Russia, China and Iran. That battle is just hotting up and that means the continued rising importance of its military spending, thus war mongers are essential for the USA.

Anonymous said...

However, what Trump said does not mean he will do. Did he drain the swamp during his first term? Yes, he may have done a little, but what different specie did he reintroduced into the swamp? just the same old same old warlike trouble making tribe. Does it make a difference? Not one bit!

Virgo49 said...

Aiya! Same cheeks from the same arsenal lah.

Both smelly with shits.

Americunts with their Airs of Superiority thinking that they are Saviours of the World's Wars had mentalities that the are infallible and invincible will never ever change their Deranged Mental State.

Virgo49 said...

Same Arse lah!

Arsenals also can. After all they are both Wars Mongers, the Republicans and Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Saviour of the world, for world peace, human rights, etc are just slogans to con the rest of the world.

The reality is to control and rule the rest of the world. They are the Empire, they rule the world.

Anonymous said...

Actually the two parties answer to the same boss - The Deep State. It is a two party system created to fool the ignorant. And it worked for centuries. Is there any difference between such a system and a dictatorship? Democratic USA voters are in effect fooled into electing the person choosen by the Deep State as proxy, using the two party system as a veil to fool the masses.

And would you believe two dinosaurs are again fighting in 2024. No other choice? No others more capable? And saying that an 80 year old is healthy, vigourous and fit is an insult to humanity. Is this trying to say that no 50 t0 60 years old are more healthier, vigourous and fitter? Are USA younger politicians all sickly beings? And looking at dementia Joe stuttering on the rostrum trying to come up with words is an agonizing torture to watch. It was really 'elderly abuse', putting an old man with dementia up there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.16
Trump himself filled his cabinet with warmongers and.China hawks who never missed a chance to cause conflicts with China. John Bolton, Peter Navarro, Mike Pompeo, Matt Pottinger etc.
Trump started the spIralling downward relations with this trade war, racist rhetorics and blamegame on Covid19.
US is fucked if the next president election is again between the same 2 old men of Biden and Trump.
By then, looking at fhe political class running fhe US today, it seems the only quality among them is to spread more China lies, hate and blamegame not about the living improvement of Americans.

Anonymous said...

Every USA election has to have a bogeyman to blame for all the ills of the USA itself. Russia and China, because of their rising clout and influence, have been the perennial bogeymen for both parties in the USA, as their favourite punching bag. By capitalising on and hyping up the threat of these two countries, the USA voters ultimately will choose the one party proclaiming itself as the most anti Russia/China in its stance. That is how the system works in the USA-styled democracy and it did work for decades, from the era of the former Soviet Union, when it was a competitor against the USA.

Today, this tactic is used to divert all the USA domestic problems, including personnal problems of the White House occupant himself, resulting in a show of brinkmanship as to who can demonise Russia and China better. That same modus operandi had also been displayed in Little Britain, between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, when both were trying to capitalise on who is more hardcore anti-China in their recent election stunt. This is how most other Western system also works.

There is now hysteria, or rabid dog syndrome, after China stated its stand in a position paper and indicated its plan to broker a peace deal in Ukraine. Look at how agitated the USA and the West have reacted, fearing that China could realistically come up with a peace deal, which they are trying very hard to sabotage even before it began.

When China refused to get involved in the Ukraine War, they tried to forced China to take a stand against Russia, which China refused. They even tried to put pressure on China, trying to play the psychological card, by saying that Xi is capable of inflencing Putin to stop his liberation move in Ukraine and must do something. Why must China condemn Russia according to the dictates of the USA? Russia is an important ally, an important and evolving trade partner. Like India, China has its own security and domestic interest to take care of first, and no country can change that.

Now that China is trying to step in to foster a peace deal, they straight away raised ridiculous claims that China is not sincere, raised conjectures and throwing spanners against China's effort, as a peace deal is not in their interest.

So, as in all things, whichever way China deals with problems, it is always wrong and not to the liking of the USA and the West. Take COVID19 as an example. China's lockdown had been continually demonised to no end. China's re-opening had been hyped up as a doomsday event.

Ostensibly the only agenda of the USA and the West is to split the alliance between Russia and China, so that the USA can continue with its divide and rule agenda, and sustain its hegemonic intention. I believe Russia and China are perfectly aware of the intention, so does countries of BRICS, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Central Asia. East Asia and ASEAN countries do not appear that clear in their awareness.