Partner Asean Act - Be warned, it is mischievous!

 The western media are trolling about how good this proposed American Partner Asean Act is to Asean. It would boost the image of Asean if it is passed in Congress. Does Asean need the approval of the American Empire to become respectable and enjoy a better status in the world?

This unilateral Act is something like the Taiwan Relations Act. It is something written by the Americans for the American interest, not in the interest of Asean. The unilateral Taiwan Relations Act allows the Americans to use it to meddle with the internal affairs of Taiwan, claiming that it is lawful to do so, because of the Act. The Americans did not ask the Taiwanese and now can unilaterally come to the defence of Taiwan. Do the Taiwanese have any say in what the Americans can do to them?

The Partner Asean Act would eventually have the meaning, that the Americans could quote this Act to interfere and meddle with Asean's affairs. The Americans did not ask the Asean countries about this Act, did not ask for Asean's approval. They are saying that with this Act, Asean is like their ally and they can say and do what they want with Asean and interfere with Asean's relationship within Asean and with other countries.

Asean must protest and say no to this Act. Asean must not be unilateral become part of the American Empire. However, this may be pointless as the evil Empire would do as it pleases, whether Asean likes it or not. Like in the case of Taiwan Relations Act, the Taiwanese may not want the Americans to meddle in their relations with China. But the Americans can ignore all the protest and objection by the Taiwanese. They can simply said that they are governed by this Act, by their law, to act as they please. It is American's Rules Based Order!

The Americans would introduce more of such laws/Acts to give them the right to mess around with the internal affairs of other countries. How many silly countries are still chirping about the American Rules Based Order, to volunteer themselves to be controlled by the American Empire, under laws/Acts imposed on them unilaterally by the Americans? 

How about Indonesia Relations Act, Malaysia Relations Act, Singapore Relations Act, and the Americans can quote these Acts to conduct wars in the guise of defending Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or any country, without the consent or invitation of these countries?

Would Asean raise any objection to this Partner Asean Act when they have no part or intent in its making or want to be part of it?


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and All

This Act means that you idiots must obeyed our Americunts Rules Based Orders and you are our Vassals.

Sinkieland would be their Running Ahem to psycho the Members as their Lobbyist and staunch balls carrier.

Always think that she is the wealthiest and smartest amongst all ASEAN members.

See our Hen lobbying for more Defence Budget to enrich the Masters.

China and North Korea are Threats?

Knew that the Americunts are encroaching here to create chaos and buying from them to engage China and Kim?

Who the Real Warmonger here in this Region and the World?

Are it necessary in thinking that fellow ASEAN members are going to invade Sinking Land?

Observed carefully when in ASEAN and other World's Summits or Meetings, can see our PeeAyam and our delegation been isolated from the Rest.

That's the Reality

Anonymous said...

That why we must root for Russia not to be defeated in the war in Ukraine not because of what''s been done to Ukraine but for geopolitical reason.
After all, it is not Ukraine's will to fight. Its really a US and NATO's proxy war against Russia, with Ukrainians as sacreficial lambs.

If Russia is defeated,.their next and main target is China using Taiwan as it is using Ukraine now. Already American provocations have increased- selling more arms, more American troops to be stationed and inviting the Taiwanese FM and Security ministers to the State Dept for a secret meeting.

The Americans are masters at using lies and deceptions to start a war. Iraq's WMD, VIetnam's Gulf of Tonkin incident, Assad's and Gaddafi's alleged human rights abuses in Syria and Libya.....
And if fhere is a war in fhe Pacific, Asean economies would be fucked and would be told to chose a side with regime change one of the American tactics offered to an unfavorable answer.

So Hura to Russia, not against Ukraine but NATO.

Anonymous said...

Sinkiesland would be the 1st to kee chui & said it a good act. Our chicken mother (Hen) after holidaying in munich, announced we will be buying more F35 to please the master.

Anonymous said...

Singapore just announced bought more very expensive F35 jets from the US, and now this new Act, easy guess who's colluding with the Americans to rein in the region . . .

Anonymous said...

China must start passing acts openly to rival the USA. What about a 'Cuba Relations Act', or 'Partner Russia Act' to enable China to station troops to train Cuba's military personnel, and having military personnel giving moral support in Russia. Of course Russia does not need Chinese troops, but as an act of solidarity to pay back the USA in its own coin. What is applicable to the USA must also apply to China? Anything wrong with that?

I believe China is already doing that with many countries under security agreements. But it is not specifically to confront the USA. Anything that comes out of the USA security agreements with other countries is all about confronting China. Even with countries thousands of miles away, like in Africa and Latin America, the call by the USA is asking them to sign security agreements to counter China. How is China a threat to Little Britain I wonder, for them to talk about the 'China Threat', mimicking the USA narrative.

Anonymous said...

After almost two decades, the F35 is still having engine problems as revealed in the latest update. Little wonder China does not even want the carcass of that F35 that fell into the sea while landing on an aircraft carrier around the South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

Hura your head lar. War is a very cruel thing killing many innocent people including civilian drafted against their will. What ever the politics hope the head just die to spare the innocent

Anonymous said...

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky - American clown puppet - said on Friday that he would like to meet directly with China's paramount leader Xi Jinping. There has been no official Chinese response to his overture.

Virgo49 said...


Scott Ritter's Video RUSSSIA must win the War.

Hura to Russia and Anon 8.57

Balls to Hypocrite Anon 9.48

Dont be a pious nut.

Humans that are EVILs deserved to be Exterminated.

Anonymous said...

China has no interest in meeting with Zelenskyy. Why? Zelenskyy has no clout to talk about anything important. He is just a stooge taking orders from the USA. The fact that earlier peace talks between Putin and Zelenskyy ended in sabotage by Boris Johnson, says all there is to say about talking to Zelenskyy. He is trying to self invite and wanting attention, nothing else. Xi has no interest to talk to a clown.

Macron has also said that he is visiting China for talks with Xi in May, but there has not been any response by China about that visit either. Is Macron self inviting like Antony Blinken and having to cancel his visit when Beijing remained muted about that visit? What is Macron going to talk about in Beijing? China must be wary, after Olaf Scholz visited and then appeared to have change his stance towards China lately. Same with Marcos Jr of the Philippines now appearing to play both sides of the divide.

China meanwhile announced officially it is welcoming the visit of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. That has rattled some feathers of some people. China obviously does not welcome leaders with sinister motives who invited themselves.

There is now a joke about that visit by Biden to Ukraine, purported to be in secret. The whole MSM was gloating about the bravery of Biden visiting the Ukraine war zone. Before Biden flew to Ukraine, it was reported that there was a call to inform Moscow of that visit, which therefore is no secret to the Russians.

It was reported that Biden flew to Ukraine, a very brave act indeed with missiles flying around and Biden was touted as a hero in the eyes of those who were led to believe the propaganda. In fact, Biden flew first to Germany, then to Poland, all safe havens, and went by train into Ukraine, close to the the border with Poland. Does the train trip say anything about the hero losing his nerves? That had been revealed by social media. So, Biden's heroic act was a non event and just propaganda staged to pull wool over unsuspecting eyes as always. But the MSM will never broadcast the real story.

Anonymous said...

Mine is also 'Hura to Russia' but x 1000 times. :)

"What ever the politics hope the head just die to spare the innocent"
The USA is actually worse than 'Medusa'...and can rightly be called United Snakes of America.
NATO in reality is North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation.
The NordStream sabotage was a 'gift' from USA and fellow NATO member Norway.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.59

Frankly, this Clown Skky knew that time is out for Him and Urukiane.

This is the only salvation for him and Urukiane to surrender by going to the China's proposals.

That's why he even said it's good but needed some amendments and proposals.

The West UAssA and the idiotic EU are too ashamed to open their mouths to surrender and Skky been pressurised to do so in surrendering.

So this is the only way out to save their damn water faces.

They should be thankful to Xi for their rescue from Damnation.

Anonymous said...

The USA is petrified of China's move discreetly to broker a peace deal in Ukraine. They are already demonising the move by China throwing spanners into the works.

The USA does not want the war to end, though they hypocritically said they want to end it. That is a blatant lie.

Anonymous said...

Is little sg trying to play the role of deputy sheriff in Asean on behalf of its Crime Boss, the USA? To prove it is punching above its weight or actually choke when swallowing every inch of love given by the yanks ?

Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese saying, slaughter the hen to frighten the monkeys. Oops, oops, I mean slaughter the chicken.

Peace is the best thing for Zelenskyy. It is only peace that could allow him to enjoy his loot. Without peace, he would be killed in one way or another. Some Ukrainians would do it for his role in plunging Ukraine into a silly war and the deaths of millions of Ukrainians.

If the Ukrainians did not kill him, the Americans would when he is no longer useful to the Americans.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 10.51

Must listen and see the above Scott Ritter's Live Talks of how the Russians are been bullied and looked down as subhuman by the Imbeciles Euro nuts and the AMERICUNTS.

Likewise the North Koreans and the old PRCs who are been discriminated and scorned by the Rest of the idiotic influenced world.

Putin and Xi and Kim are not going to be bullied and goes into the same history again.

They are now the World's most strong boned and not afraid to die human beans.

So be it if the Russians had to annihilate the Whole World with their Nuclear Bombs.

Only the cowardly Whites and their cronies are afraid of dying.


Anonymous said...

Be careful not to be vassal states of the EVIL empire!!! They lie, cheat, steal and destroy!!!

Virgo49 said...


All these videos shown that the Peoples of the West are more afraid of been annihilated in WWIII.

Virgo49 said...


Anonymous said...

Is this American Partner ASEAN act a move to enable the USA to lead ASEAN and turn it into a proxy to confront China? Nothing good is on the line you can be sure, only bad intentions as with all USA's attempts at dipping its dirty hands to churn the region into turmoil.

Slowly and clandestinely, the region is being lead to the slaughter. More USA presence in Philippines, more ASEAN hardline tactics in Myanmar, more avenues for the CIA and USA funded NGOs to meddle in the internal affairs of ASEAN members. Remember, Liz Truss even wanted Nato to expand into this region. What has Nato got to do in this region may I ask?

Anonymous said...

Why would the Americans out of the blue come out with this Partner Asean Act? Why would someone so far away want to be nice to you?

Such an act, like the Taiwan Relations Act, is the evil American's way of saying, I want to meddle and control you. It is now legal to do so, under American law, Rules Based Order.

How many silly Asean countries would to accept this Act without protesting or condemning the intent and motive of the Americans? Or they are happy to become Americans stooges?

Anonymous said...

Remember, they also threw US$150 million pigeon wings to be shared among ASEAN members. Now, they have taken the bait. See leow!

Anonymous said...

Too late to regret. Now they can pass any act to control ASEAN, whether ASEAN agree or not.

If ASEAN talks to China, they will threaten 'Ah Siang' with - 'You are either with us or against us'. No more choice. US$150 million down payment already taken.

Anonymous said...

Nice misleading sleight of hand.
Sounds like another Nato forming.
Beware of what is coming next.
Like what they did to Europe.
ASEAN will have to confront China and fight to the last man.
USA will defend every inch of ASEAN, with weapon sales, but
ASEAN will have to fight to the last man.
For the USA.
Or else....

Never mind, it is all collateral damage if even the last man cannot stand up.

Anonymous said...

The thing is that many silly Asean leaders would love to go to war, not themselves but sending their soldiers to war, and they talk very big, act like very tough, like cowboy gunslingers...to fight China or Russia, on the side of the Americans. Fight to the last man, they roar. And the dumb soldiers would die without knowing why.

If they end up on the winning side, they would claim credit. Very good, very tough President, PM or Defence Minister, taking the country to war and win. But if lose, like Ukraine, many died, country destroyed, they would still be alive like Zelenskyy with a lot of money stashed away overseas where they can flee to.

Can you imagine the Ppines or Malaysia wanting to go to war with China with a few pieces of teeny weeny antique war boats they bought?

Anonymous said...

The lessons in Korea and Vietnam have all been forgotten. With all the aerial superiority and weapons, they still fled with tails between their legs in Vietnam. And they think China is easy meat?

Now trying to start the propaganda talk that China is having doubts about being capable of tackling Taiwan, and that China is preparing to send weapons to help Russia and threatening China with high cost. When all hell breaks lose and full scale war starts, talking about cost is irrelevant and threats no longer matter.

Ironically, the USA and the West had the same mindset about Russia over the years, by pushing and prodding the Russian bear, thinking that Putin will not retaliate and was just threatening. They were shocked and awed that Putin retaliated with more than what they expected. Now, they know what Putin is made of. He does not believe in idle threats. Try pushing him too far and you get his answer loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Evil American warmongers, everyday trying to provoke a war but using proxies to fight the war and die for them. The Americans would only use their own soldiers if they are fighting a very weak state that cannot hit back ie they would be doing the shooting without the enemies shooting back like in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

They would not dare to start a nuclear war! It would be pure madness. Putin has called their bluff, threatening to hit back with nuclear weapons if Russia is at risk. I would be an all out nuclear war.

Anonymous said...

Asean got many heroes wanting to die for the Americans.

Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Not only ASEAN heroes wanting to die for the USA. The Europeans are now also dying for the USA. And Japan is ready to fight to the last man for Taiwan, on behalf of the USA. How loyal are some attack dogs!

Have any one heard anything yet from the USA about fighting to the last American for Taiwan?

Building Brics said...

Putin won't start a nuclear war. He is too scared to lose. The US, on the other hand, might start a nuclear war. They got nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

The USA and Nato thought Putin would never step in to liberate Donetsk and Lugansk and was just threatening, and thus they kept pushing Nato Eastward and attacking Donbass. But Putin did step in. And the USA and Nato were actually unprepared for that.

The USA and Nato thought they will always have the upper hand, with sanctions at their disposal and SWIFT under their control. Putin had all these figured out before he acted. Eight years of building up his resources, planned his moves, consolidating his position, made alliances, although he was still caught with his reserves in Western hands. But that was a useful lesson well learnt by the rest of the world, and alerting them to what they will ultimately face in the event of their not towing the Western line, and risk having their reserves frozen or seized. Why are some countries and allies dumping US assets, like their US Treasury holdings? Today the USA may look upon you as their ally, tommorrow is another thing. Europe is paying the price.

That more countries are joing BRICS says it all. They want an alternative to the US hegemony. They cannot continue to sit on their hands and wait for the day when it is their turn to be taken to task.