Xi Jinping invited President of Iran to visit China

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will make an official visit to China next week, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said.

Raisi’s planned visit will take place between February 14 and 16 and is at the invitation of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the ministry announced in a statement on Sunday.

The three-day trip will include talks between Raisi and Xi, a joint meeting of the leaders with Iranian and Chinese businessmen, and the signing of cooperation documents between the delegations of the two countries, according to Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency.  RT

This is how an official visit by a foreign leader would be announced. The Chinese Foreign Ministry would announce the dates and the agenda of the visit and at the invitation of the Chinese President Xi.

Compare this to the so called Blinken visit to China. That was announced by the Americans but the Chinese did not say anything. Blinken's visit was initiated by the Americans without consulting and getting consent from China.  It was not by the invitation of China. 

When China invites a friend, there would be pre visit consultation and discussion on the agenda, which is usually on cooperation to the benefits of both countries. When someone wants to pay a visit to China without being invited, there would also be consultation and discussion by both parties. In the Blinken case, China would want to know what he wants to discuss and whether China would want to discuss with him. China would also set the time and place for the visit which may or may not be in Beijing, depending on the value of the visit. Xi would not want to meet him for sure.

In the visit of Iran's President, China would play the hospitable host, laying out red carpet and all the niceties to make the visiting President feel welcome. China would play the warm and gracious host. In a non invite visit, especially one like the Blinken visit that is unfriendly and wanting to talk about conflicts and meddling with China's internal affair, China would act very official and business like, minus all the pleasantries. It would very likely be like a war talk.

Blinken's cancelling of his visit to China could likely be due to China's disagreement on his agenda as China would no longer waste time talking to unfriendly and rude visitors wanting to mess around with China. Blinken probably got the message when his agenda was thrown out of the window and ended up with nothing to talk about. He had no choice but to call off the visit. The hot air balloon as an excuse to call off the visit was exactly what it was all about, hot air. 

China did not invite him to visit Beijing as the US has been misbehaving with so much hostility and creating so much trouble for China. China did not care whether he comes a calling, and can spend time doing more important things. Though Blinken is still saying he would like to visit China, it is unlikely that he would be warmly received. He might be the first Secretary of State that have not been invited to China, have not set foot in China. He might even be sanctioned like Pompeo once he left office.

There is no reason for China to want to invite him. Period.


Anonymous said...

The US side even self announced that Blinken will get to meet Xi on his Beijing trip. Very thick-skinned !

Virgo49 said...

The UAssA thought that China is their Vassal State and suka suka said Hey! We are coming to your house and made sure you prepared every damn hospitality for us.

Get wine, women and songs ready.

Our President specially loves to fondle small little girls.

We just like the Japs are cheeko pehs.

Do so immediately.

Anonymous said...

The Americans think they are so important. Blinken's self invited visit to China is like somebody just drop in to see you without you inviting them. And as a matter of courtesy you just greet them as you are without any fanfare. You may be in your shorts or whatever and offer him whatever is convenient. No special food or drinks, your home will be just like it is with no decoration.

Anonymous said...

There were some speculations on the internet that Blinken actually did not want to visit China, but that the visit was to lower tensions between China and USA was just a cover up.

After his experience in Anchorage, Alaska, he knew this time he will face even greater backlash from the Chinese, and he used the balloon incident to postpone his visit.

The fact that Beijing did not even invite him should tell us he is not welcomed. And he even expect to meet Xi, when he is not even on Xi's level of protocol.

Anonymous said...

The USA is not longer important in the eyes of many. At the G20, Biden was an invisible man, only able to garner meetings with the Anglo Saxon poodles and Japan. Japan is also largely invisible in the eyes of Asians and is the attack dog in the China/Taiwan dispute. The center stage of the G20 fell on Xi.

Likewise, Saudi Arabia did not gave Biden the red carpet treatment, complete with a colourful flypast when he visited. The Saudi's extended that to Xi during his visit. The treatment shows that the USA is no longer valued in the Middle East as well.

Anonymous said...

USA = Unwelcomed States of America

Anonymous said...

In Europe, citizens are getting sick and tired of the war and are calling for the end of NATO, which is totally controlled and dictated to by the USA.

The big dog, Germany is eating out of the hands of the USA. It is a shameful change under Olaf Schulz, who has no marbles to fight back. Angela Merkel had been standing up to the USA during her tenure as Chancellor, even fighting to build Nord Stream 2. That has all had been upended by Schulz, who just basically is a 'yes sir' man towards the USA. All the years of cultivation by Merkel for better relations with Russia has been destroyed for good.

Anonymous said...

The USA and the West are now claiming Russia does not want peace in Ukraine. When peace was within reach, they scuttled it time and again. What are they talking about?

Now that the war is dragging on in Ukraine, with Russia getting ready for the big assault, they are talking about wanting peace, even using the UN for leverage. They had only planned for the war to last for a short spell, with sanctions expected to cripple Russia and causing its quick collapse, and ripe for a regime change. Now, they realised they had it all wrong and could not untangle themselves.

The fact is, they are unable to keep aiding Ukraine without knowing when the war will end, and are generating all kinds of excuses like telling Ukraine they needed months to manufacture tanks for them, fooling Germany to commit tanks to Ukraine like a fool. Now Olaf Schulz is having his testicles caught in seaweed as what the Chinese like to say.

Undoubtedly, Germany is burning its bridges with Russia for eternity. Putin has long memories and he planned his move after bidding his time. Eight years of letting the West play around with the Minsk Agreement, is time enough for him to get ready his stockpile of weapons, and his weapons manufacturing industries are now churning out missiles and weapons that the West found unsettling.

The USA is caught in a bind, tangled up in Europe and unable to pivot towards China. There is only a short time frame for them to capitalise on their slight edge over China overall, but that gap is closing fast. They knew it, but they have to deal with Russia seperately first, and they are finding out the difficulty of doing so the hard way.

With Russia and China sticking together, they USA is unable to have any edge taking both of them together. But destroying Russia is now not a fait accompli and confronting China now is not to its advantage. The USA is roping in Japan, allowing Japan to expand its military to take on China. Japan should remember North Korea is now watching. Neither is Russia unaware.

Anonymous said...

North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation is totally controlled by Ultra.Satanic.Alliance

While Merkel was cultivating better relations with Russia, the U.S.A was cultivating Schulz and others of his ilk to replace Merkel.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.18

Just to add another analogy that that Oaf Olaf's testicles are stuck in the wooden horse's hole in the saddles and he cannot move forward to dismount and mount.


IQ 98.6 said...

The USA and the West are now claiming Russia does not want peace in Ukraine. When peace was within reach, they scuttled it time and again. What are they talking about?

When was peace within reach?

Anonymous said...

When the Americans preach, they have a lot of daft believers willing to believe them.

IQ 98.6 said...

Anon 4.42pm Unfortunately there are also a lot of daft sinkies who lack the ability to think critically and answer simple questions put to them.

Anonymous said...

Is the Philippines military planning a coup against President Marcos?