Soros to topple Modi

Soros invested US$50 million to support NGOs around the world, with the intended purpose of creating chaos in many countries on the pretext of advancing democracy. That plus the US$300 million by the USA, and more by the West, is no small potato to destablise countries they do not like. Using that leverage, Soros was also able to launch attacks against currencies across the world to benefit his empire. He failed in Hong Kong and also in Malaysia going against strong leaders like Mahathir and Xi.

According to reports, Soros invested about US$12 million in NGOs in India alone, most of which primarily in advancing democratic parameters in India. Now, India is already touted as the biggest democracy in the world, with elections held according to schedule. Why is there a need to promote more democratic parameters in India? The crux of the matter is, the USA failed to control Modi as their stooge and they need a regime change to fix that.

By openly advocating a regime change in India using Soros, it sends a clear message to India and Modi that further unrest in India is not impossible, using the Muslim issue as base. India and Modi must now realise that what the USA is doing against China is also what they are in for moving forward. It may be unthinkable for the USA to kick up another confrontation on another front with India, but they desperately need to pry India's suppoort away from Russia, knowing Ukraine is in dire straits. Attacking India and Modi seems the only way out.

Biden had also broached the subject of a regime change in Russia, which came under criticism worldwide. It is gross interference in the internal affairs of another country. They may be able to do regime changes in smaller countries, but Russia is no small country and a military power as well. On top of that Russia is a resource rich country and will not fall so easily. 



Anonymous said...

British PM Sunak
help Soros to destabilize lndia?

Anonymous said...

Blood is thicker than water. Also his wife and in-laws are wealthy buggers in India.
He should arrange a visit to India with Soros And thereafter departing without him.

Anonymous said...

In a contest between a Jew and an Indian, who would end up the winner?

The Jews are very successful in American politics. The Indians are also successful and gaining grounds in corporate America.

Anonymous said...

India is going after the BBC, raiding its offices in Dehli and Mumbai over 'financial transactions', which have yet to be revealed. That has raised accusations by the West of the Indian Government clamping down on free speech, meaning that India is merely retaliating against the damaging BBC documentary on Modi over Muslim issues.

Under the USA's 'Rule of Law' hubris, countries being targeted always start with claims of human rights abuses and religious issues, that will be leveraged and stoked into highly contentious political issues, and eventually meandering into regime change narratives. That was played out in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and China and Russia long knows that such was the modus operandi of the USA's 'Rule of Law' hubris.

Little Britain is one of the attack dogs used by the USA and obeys the USA like a dog on a leash. Little Britain's role in the Ukraine war is clearly a testimony to that claim. Watch closely how they even report their inflation figures in tandem as always, LOL.

That raid on the BBC offices is sure to elicit demands by the Brits for Sunak to take a stand on the matter, knowing the BBC is the de facto propaganda arm of the British Government. Now Sunak is caught between a rock and a hard place. Pacifying either side is out of the question for him. Not taking sides is just impossible for his survival as the problem has to be solved somehow.

On the one hand Sunak is anxious to capitalise on doing more trade with India, with Modi being the first one he called after becoming PM, primarily with the aim to ink trade agreements with India going forward. On the other hand, Little Britain is being given a serious shock and awe by Brexit, with more and more British businesses moving house to the EU and elsewhere and Sunak is banking on India to provide some relief with its market size and growth potential.

That exit by British companies and industries is unleashing a double whammy on Little Britain's economy. The first is the jobs moving out following the businesses exiting. The other is the loss of tax revenue from those companies shifting to Europe and elsewhere.