Singapore is such a well run country

The Bill proposes a legislative framework for three measures; namely a disposable carrier bag charge at supermarkets, a beverage container return scheme, and a food waste reporting framework

SINGAPORE — Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment introduced the Resource Sustainability (Amendment) Bill for its first reading in parliament on Feb 6. The bill seeks to reduce packaging and food waste and aims to drive behavioural changes across Singapore to reduce waste and increase recycling. This includes introducing a compulsory charge of five cents for plastic bags at larger supermarkets.  www.theindependent.sg

Singapore is indeed a very well managed and well run country that the most important issue of the day is how to save plastic bags being used in supermarkets. And this is now being discussed in Parliament as a priority item, important enough for a slot in Parliament.  It is another way to say that Singapore is so blessed that there are no problems more serious than saving a few plastic bags.

During Chok Tong's time, traffic jam was a sign of prosperity, not a sign of insufficient road networks. Now the savings of plastic bags is a sign of no problems, only plastic bag problems. And all the solutions needed to save and reduce plastic waste have been thought off and exhausted. Now it is left with cutting use of plastic bags. Is the use of plastic bags in super market a luxury, unnecessary? How about replacing plastic bags with banana leaves as wrappers? Never mind if wastage of plastic bags did not amount to much savings compares to bringing in millions of people to consume and consume that would dwarf the savings of all the plastic bags used in the island. Nevermind if the cutting down of plastic bags would create more problems and may lead to more expensive means to replace the lack of plastic bags. 

When plastic bags is not available or at a cost, people would need to be carrying some forms of bags everywhere so that when they need to go to the supermarkets, they would have containers available and no need to go home to bring a container. And all would have to buy some containers to dump their waste in the bin chutes or rubbish bins.  Or would they simply throw or pour everything into the bin chutes or bins, without using a bag? Perhaps there would be a new product, selling plastic bags to hold swills and waste. 

What about hawkers selling takeaway food? Are they going to cut down on the use of plastic containers as well? Everyone needs to carry tiffins to buy takeaway food, like in the 50s and 60s? What about ordering takeaway food to be delivered by food delivery staff?

What do you think? Would bringing in 100 people less, save more from their consumptions of everything than the savings from plastic bags?

PS. Why didn't Parliament discuss about how many foreigners should be allowed into the country, how many can be given citizenship each year, or what is the percentage of foreigners versus citizens to maintain our core and to keep Singapore Singaporean?


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB And All

All these damn hypocrites who wanted to save the so called environment had been the worst lot who actually polluted the environment.

As one article stated that the Idiotic World's Leaders who flew in their private jets to their waste time nonsensial no action talked only summits and meeting are alreday polluting the airspace with their jets fumes.

All the Americunts waste dirty fuel warships each and every time held their aggressive exercises towards China and North Korea and provoking into China's Waters.

All their bombings away and Kim in retaliations also fired away his lovely missles to scare the shits out of the Japs and the Cunts.

Save the environment by having less plastic bags? Really laughed at those idiots including my brainwashed children who purposely brought down their separated trash and throw down into the What's Recycled Bins and when the grabage mem came they just simply lifted the bins into their trucks with all the separated items into one big bin.

Now got chance to throw so convenient in our own units chute don't want and carry so heavy all the way to the stupid bins and throw and in the end also ended up in one big lump.

Daft daft imbeciles.

Also in Melaka, they also wayang implemented the same and outside their supermarkets and kampongs can see piles of rubbish and littered and burning away.

Polluted the environment.

Once in South Korea the guide so proudly said we are protecting our environment even with our toothpicks that can disolve itself.

I said tell your Military don't every now and then fired away their bombs next to the DMZ just to provoke your northern kins and that's really spoilt the environment.

Indon Chief telling their farmers dry seasons coming hoh can burn and slash your farmings liao.

All these World's Hogwash Hypocrites saving their BS environments are just wayang lah. You think they will walk their talks.

Bidam and their balls suckers are going to send further bombs to Urukiane to save the environments?

Only Sinking Land with their hypocritical nothing to do except to wayang and that Minister also ah ah ah cannot talked properly hoodwinked the dafts to believe to save the environment.

They don't know how to coerce the young to take up revelent down to earth real economy studies of high tech industries and only know how to enforce their stupid policy that you must buy EV to save what's bullshits environments.

Their COEs bidding would bew more for EVs vehicles.

Daft daft Sinkies deserved to be screwed.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to HoleeJinx instructing TemaSek to sponsor the disposal plastic bags and food containers for every household...using collection protocol similar to the distribution of face masks and ART kits during peak of the Covid scaremongering.

It makes sense to encourage intake of foreigners who are matched by their talents, But should be vetted by non political committee helmed by singkies.

Anonymous said...

I already stock up via Shopee 6 years supply of daily usage 12 inch by 14 inch plastic bags . . .

Anonymous said...

Selling plastic bags may become a new and lucrative job.

Tissue sellers has a new product to sell.

Anonymous said...

Targeting shoppers using one extra plastic bag is barking up the wrong tree, in efforts to save the environment. It will not work. They have to ban it, which they cannot do. That 5c charge for a plastic bag is pure nonsense.

Calling for return of take away plastic cups to claim a deposit is hogwash. People buying take away drinks are not going to stand around to finish their drinks at the stall, but to take away to consume the contents at leisure. Would they take the trouble to walk back to the stall to claim their deposit? I doubt it.

FL said...

The G always cannot solve domestic problems would use money to solve it, i.e.pay for plastic bags in supemkts. Y are Millionisters being paid millions $$$$ n run out of ideas ? Hence, it is d same as in hawk ctrs, coffeeshops n other eateries forcing customers to dump d trays correctly after eating or face paying "money" in court ! It's time to revise Millionisters pays downwards. What say you ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.06

Selling plastic bags outside supermarkets will really be throwing a spanner into the works of the whole purpose of supermarkets charging shoppers for plastic bags. It is literally back to square one.

One the other hand, it is a perfectly legal new business venture, providing business minded beggars to be their own boss by selling plastic bags and tissue papers together outside supermarkets. Tissue sellers are not illegal businesses, right?

Did you people read about the beggar making S$200 to S$300 a day just begging? Oops, sorry Singapore where got beggars someone asked! Holy cow, that is even more than a university graduate. No wonder there is a severe shortage of bus drivers. Wonder where they disappeared to, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Asking Ministers to revised their pay downwards is like asking the Sun to rise from the West.

In Red Dot that is unthinkable, impossible, unheard of, no precedence and against 'principle', and will lead to Singapore's collapse if no one wants to enter politics.

Clear eyed said...

Parliament in the Little Red Dot has turned into a platform for petty talents (paid humongous "allowances") to showcase their meagre ability to distract the masses by bringing up trivial and inconsequential issues. Two birds are killed with one stone. Not only are the masses' attention diverted from serious problems facing the Little Red Dot, with Parliament's time taken up discussing these petty issues, there is no time to discuss the serious issues tabled by the non-White MPs.

Anonymous said...

Cannot lah if they resign how?

Anonymous said...

Ya, with all the talents in PAP, if they resign, where to find more talents?
May have to recruit more political talents from India.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.24

Wow u are absolutely right.

Last few days many wallflowers MPs started to open their golden mouths.

Some for two terms of nearly ten years drawn their allownces of nearly one to two millions have not even give a speech in the Parliament.

As Elections coming soon for a new mandate for the new PeeAyam as Usually he needed a strong mandate to show his worth and supports from Sinkies, many started opening their golden mouths to be noticed.

So that they could be selected to stand again.

Some lucky ones just for the sake of windows dressings as racial mix also quiet as mouses.

When ever they even bring up a single issue regarding Singaporeans or Singapore?

Somemore so lucky racial mix they could jump queues and get their BTO flats fast and yet still complained that cannot sell to all and made greater profits.

Chinkees Sinkies are the most dafts as MYOB.

IQ 98.6 said...

Agreed. Singapore is very well run. If you ever live in another country, you will appreciate that Singaproe got so many good things.

Anonymous said...

It is being well-run to ground zero.

Anonymous said...

Chinkees Sinkies are the most dafts as MYOB

They were the dumbest and were the ones who kept the PAP in business. Now complain for what?

Anonymous said...

Just reduce population..problem solved.

Anonymous said...

When opposition MPs in Parliament did not complain or bring up issues, we blamed them for keeping quiet. When oridinary folks on this blog complain about issues, they asked - complain for what?

Complain too much they say we are 'complaining kings'. Don't complain they say kiasi, kiasu, kia chenghu and stupidity has no cure. Now, tell us what we should do?

Angry in Bishan said...

Singapore's corruption rate has been increasing over the years. Why? Is it because of more foreigners coming in and continuing their home practise in Singapore? Easy to identify who all these people are and where they come from.