Covid19 - "America Is A Failed State Run By Psychopaths" Jimmy Dore


24 minutes about psychopath America. 

It is not just about the Ukraine War. It is about the evilness of Covid vaccines and psychopaths. Those that are accomplices to this scheme, be warned, your time is up and you are going to face justice very soon. The truth is coming out, painful and still being suppressed but not for long. 

Pfizer admitted in US courts that they did not defraud the govts. They just delivered the fraud the govts bought.

The believers are no longer going to keep believing in this vaccine blindly. Their views have changed and more and more people are coming forward to stop this genocide. The truth cannot be kept under the carpet any more. The truth must surface.

The people are fighting back to save lives, not allowing the psychopaths to take lives.

America is a terrorist state, run by psychopaths.

The big pharmas are criminals. and so are the psychopaths.

PS. Rage Against the War Machine demonstration the the Lincoln War Memorial in Washington on Sunday, 19 Feb 2023.


Anonymous said...

325M people with many universities in the world's top 10....but their system can only have 2 old buggers for the presidency is enough proof it is a failed state.

Anonymous said...

And the worst part is the next in line is a joke. The whole outfit running the USA is a circus of clowns.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they get on well with that one in Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

George Soros is now targeting India and Modi, and talking about a regime change before 2024. Soros is leveraging on the Muslim issue in India, hyping it up to create more chaos, like what the USA and allies were doing in Xinjiang before. The USA and its doggies knew Modi is a strong leader and difficult to hold down, and we in turn know who is behind George Soro's move.

India is in the crosshairs of the Evil Empire over its stand on Ukraine, and its continued support for Russian energy exports and its war funding. It does, however, come as quite a surprise that this is happening to India so soon, and the attacks so co-ordinated after the release of the Hindenburg Research papers that was supposed to create turmoil in the Indian stock market and financial system. That the damage was minimal is now forcing the hand of the USA and the West. They have to move up a notch with their attack.

The USA is trying very hard to make India move away from Russia, the same modus operandi they were used to split the China/Russia alliance. The effect of these three breaking up is instrumental to the USA's successful designs on Europe, which is the total collapse of Russia leading to a regime change. The oil and other sanctions failed, so far, to curb Russia's ability to sustain the war in Ukraine. The biggest shock was that despite Russia being the most sanctioned country on earth, it is still doing much better than the UK and Europe. This is giving the USA and the West something to think of.

With the weapons support by the West for Ukraine looking unsustainable, they are desperately asking Allies to step up their support by sending tanks to Ukraine for Zelenskyy. Will tanks be another game changer? Russia has thousands of tanks engaged in the war in Ukraine. What is a few dozen tanks for Ukraine going to achieve?

Anonymous said...

Russia, India and China are founding members of BRICS, a potential adversary to the US$ Hegemony and SWIFT. This is another reason the USA wants to break up their alliance by divide and rule and sabotaging the BRICS agenda.

IQ 98.6 said...

What were the exact words that Pfizer used in the courts about the fraud? I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...


If all countries (except US-EU and their doggies) start to trade in their own currencies and even resort to barter trade, the USd as weapon for sanctions, robbery and mayhem will be neutralised immensely.
Next step should be a collective effort to minimise trade including people to people contact with the US-EU and their doggies by the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Iranian President's visit to China resulted in various new trade agreements signed to use the Chinese Yuan as settlement. Totalling the equivalent of US$400 billion, that is another huge slice of global trade bypassing the US$

If reports are correct, many Middle East oil producers are now said to be willing to do the oil trade with China, also using the Chinese Yuan.

What does all this mean for the US$ and why countries like China needs to hold on to the huge amounts of US$ as reserves? There is no stopping countries from deleveraging on their US$ holdings as they trade more with China using the Chinese Yuan.

Anonymous said...

Hello IQ98.6 - I am not sure about the exact words, but the bugger obviously is lying (or cannot understand English) if he said Pfizer admitted to anything in court. The 5th amendment provides the right not to self-incriminate. Their lawyers would have told them to say no comment, or simply plead the fifth.

Anonymous said...


What a contrast from the other comedian, Zelensky, mad doggie of the US-EU criminal enterprise. Because of Zelensky, milions of ordinary Ukrainian folks have become refugees while thousands have become nutrients for the soil.

It is important to ignore job titles and pay attention to what is being said and to appreciate the honest intentioneven if the truth hurts.

The late George Carlins was a stand-up comedian but a brilliant one.
His message to all americans and the rest of the world as well :
""The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it."

Anonymous said...

A Union Pacific train carrying coal suffered a catastrophic derailment on the eastern edge of Gothenburg, Nebraska on Tuesday morning, in the fourth such accident to befall the small town in just 10 months. Emergency and railroad crews were sent to the scene for cleanup after 31 cars carrying coal tumbled into a twisted wreck.

“It seems to happen all the time,” local resident Jesse Ambler told the Daily Mail. “The rail company keeps laying people off and building longer and longer trains, but with less people to maintain the tracks,” he explained, describing the disaster-plagued stretch of tracks as “one of the busiest railways in America.” RT

Anonymous said...

NABLUS: An Israeli army raid killed 11 Palestinians, including a teenager, on Wednesday (Feb 23) in Nablus, the Palestinian health ministry said, in the deadliest escalation in the occupied West Bank since 2005.

More than 80 Palestinians suffered gunshot wounds, the Palestinian ministry said, in what the Israeli army called a "counter-terrorism" operation, spurring international concern and calls for calm.

Top Palestinian official Hussein Al Sheikh decried the incursion as a "massacre" and called for "international protection for our people".

The Israeli army said the raid targeted militant suspects "in a hideout apartment" accused of shootings in the West Bank. It added troops came under fire but suffered no casualties.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said "the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory is at its most combustible in years", with tensions "sky high" as "the peace process remains stalled".

"Our immediate priority must be to prevent further escalation, reduce tensions and restore calm," Guterres told the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. CNA

Why UN did not condemn all the massacres in Palestine? The ass Sec Gen could only talk about preventtion of further escalation when this is happening for decades and happening everyday. See the hypocrisy and haplessness of the UN?