George Galloway - What's wrong with you?


16 min on the 'dangerous' balloon and the numerous lies by the Americans and the Brits about things that would lead to wars and the killings of millions of people, like Colin Powell and Jack Straw on WMD and the vials of detergent held in their little fingers that they claimed could kill everyone in the UNGA or in the British Parliament. And they held the vials in their bare fingers without fear. Of course there was no need to fear as the vials contained either detergent or milk powder. And what's wrong with you, to be lied and lied over and over again. And still believing in the liars? 

What's wrong with you, dummy?

They have killed millions and millions of coloured people. You are still alive because they have not caught up with you. Your turn will come. The Taiwanese would be next if they are stupid enough to be misled by the half Japanese to turn themselves into cannon fodder like the Ukrainians.


Anonymous said...

George Galloway makes a very valid point. If it is chemical or biological powder, holding it in the hand is a no brainer. So, it was a blatant lie, like all others about Iraq's WMD. It stinks to high heaven the vile, malicious, immoral and unconscionable behavior of the Whites that led to the killing of millions of innocent civilians.

You can bet that that weather balloon will be a 'spy balloon' by hook or by crook. You can expect the USA, their doggies, the MSM will spin this narrative to make the case stick. They could even add in fabricated evidence to support their case. Who else was there when they retrieved the debris of the balloon that they shot down?

Like the Nord Stream bombing, it is all up to the Swedes to do what they want with the investigation. But they obviously found unrefutable evidence that could be a link to someone's involvement, and fearing repercussions, refused to divulge the culprit. That tells us the obvious. If it had been a Russian false flag operation, do you honestly think they will keep the evidence and not capitalised on it? Think about that!

Anonymous said...

Demented Joe Biden, in his 'State of the Union' address on Tuesday made a comment that I find contradictory. He said the USA wants competition, not conflict with China. How much truth can anyone read in that statement? It was basically lies to camouflage real intentions, which is preparing for war. They have even given a date for war with China.

Competition means taking up the challenge without using underhand tactics. What is the Chips Alliance spearheaded by the USA specifically for? Why need to have trade wars to target Chinese products? Why need to target Chinese tech companies like Huawei, not daring to compete head on, but using national security as a lame excuse. So, what is the USA doing amidst this talk of competition? Biden seems to have forgotten what he did earlier, adding further toxins to Trump's anti China stance, and is trying to pull a fast one on everyone.

Joe Biden claims the USA does not want conflict with China, but keeps selling weapons to Taiwan and Japan. Does that indicate that the USA favours peace or just appearing to be so on the surface, but prodding countries to act as proxies to stir up conflict with China. Taiwan and Japan can fight to the last man for the interest of the USA, like they did in Ukraine. The USA is peacefully sending weapons for them to fight.

As the Native Indians of America said from experience - "if you see two fish fighting in a pool of water, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby". China, Taiwan and Japan are the fish in the pool. Win or lose or even destroying each other benefits only the USA, not the three combatants.

Virgo49 said...

That gone case dementia and senile old Bidamn took a pot shot at Xi of shooting down China's Weather Balloon.

Hello try to down PRC fighter Jets then Heros lah.

What's for so grand shot down a Balloon? Just easy target.

Also he kept harping no cuts this and no cuts that of their Social Security and Medicare.

Wow piang print monies again?

Or Sell pantats?

Anonymous said...

For his age, don't demand too much from him. Let him feel that he has guts to shoot down a balloon. Imagine the nightmare he had deciding what to do with the balloon. Poor chap.

The Republicans demanded that he be strong. How can he be strong to stand up to China? How can they bully an old man?

Anonymous said...

Biden should tell the Republicans frankly, look, I have problem even to stand up.

Anonymous said...

Some said that Democrats are committing 'Elderly Abuse' putting a dementia tainted old man through all the problems surfacing. The war in Ukraine, the debt ceiling, the inflation battle, the energy crisis, the documents in his garage, the accusations against his son, and now balloongate. I believe Russiangate is still in play, just waiting for Trump in case he returns to the White House.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, abusing an elderly man. It is so lucky that Biden has dementia and forgets whatever said to him in a moment. Otherwise he could have a heart attack from all the pressure and insults thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

Biden's best defence weapon is dementia. Nothing can hurt him. He just smile away everything thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

While Biden has dementia as a defence weapon, Kamala Harris uses her loud cackle to scare the critics and silence the devil. It is comforting for the USA voters that they have made the right choice. The best there is, the best it will be for 2024.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden claims the USA can beat China anywhere in the world.

Joe has forgotten that he could not even beat Russia with Nato and all the doggies helping him. And do not even expect Joe to remember the USA running from Vietnam with tails between its legs. Nor remember the USA getting defeated in Afghanistan, after twenty long years, by farmers using just small arms and leaving billion dollar worth of logistics behind.

As they say, pride comes before a fall. Lessons from Vietnam and Afghanistan ought to have been learnt and being boastful is counterproductive as shown in Ukraine.

Virgo49 said...

You must be a White Barbarian Papuer that belittled all thinking you are a Superior Parasite.