The US pressuring allies and crony states

The Russian FM claimed diplomats flocked to take pictures with him against US wishes

The US government pressured other nations to diplomatically isolate Russia, but many pushed back, sometimes directly defying instructions from Washington, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

Moscow's top diplomat shared a story from his visit to Egypt last July to speak before the Arab League. The US and its allies unsuccessfully attempted to prevent his appearance, or stage a concerted condemnation of Russia by member states over the conflict in Ukraine, Lavrov claimed, citing Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the secretary general of the organization.

When the lobbying effort failed, Western nations asked Arab delegates “to at least not to take pictures with Lavrov – and I am not joking,” he said.

“For the record, after my speech, which took over an hour, each of the envoys asked me to pose for a picture,” Lavrov concluded....

He praised the members of the Arab League for defying the call, saying such an act “would have required a lot of political courage, if some other nations, including in Europe, were to take it.”  RT

This is a perfect example of how the Americans have been pressuring its allies and crony states to do its bidding.  And recently all the American allies and crony states were again pressured to put unnecessary and humiliating Covid measures on Chinese tourists visiting their countries. This resulted in China telling its citizens to stay away from these silly countries and depriving them from earning Chinese tourist dollars. A typical example of cutting their noses to spike their faces. Serve them right for being cronies and stooges of the evil Americans.

Now which silly countries have been screaming that it was China that was pressuring them to take sides against the Americans when the truth is that it was the Americans that were the real culprits. Another example of accusing other innocent countries of crimes the Americans themselves committed.

Some comments in RT.

This is how the US got its banana republics to vote against Russia at the UN, with a lot of bribes, threats and demands. The Arab league which is usually a stooge of the US, at least its prominent members, acted courageously and responsibly this time. The West influence is waning across the globe and it will be apparent as time goes by.

Waryaa Moxamad
IT IS SIMPLE: They pumped the airwaves with "RUSSIA IS ISOLATED" narrative, which they still do. However, from Asia, to Middle East to Latin America to Africa, Russia is not isolated. U.S. has used corrupted international bodies like OPCW & UN SECRETARY GENERAL OFFICE to make it appear that Russia is isolated. Even using its sanctions power to bully small nations to bite accordingly or bribe officials.

Americans [USA], as in the B I T C H E S of lsrael, have no moral authority to give Arab nations "instructions" regarding foreign policy. Given all the stagnation and bloodshed they have caused in the region at the service of their masters and under false pretext, respect is earned, not demanded.
These actions contribute to Russian strength.
Repressed and exploited Nations recognize momentum and are indirectly taking side.
Soon, they will take actions and oppose WEST by all means.
Arab League, we salute You.

N.O.T.A.None_Of_ The_Above
Someday, it just may dawn on the Americans that nobody in their right minds can take them seriously. Unfortunately, the US will likely just resort to using bigger threats and bigger guns to try to get their own way...

Rebecca Howell
Please, Arab League, don't show everyone your support for Russia while we paint Russians as the bad guys. Hey, guess what, people can judge for themselves who is trustworthy and the people of Islam were warned by their prophet not to trust the West. At least to this point this is realistic. So the tide will turn.


Virgo49 said...

Good morning All

Wow cannot help myself snjggering about the Amercunts's Panic and Panoroid over just one Big Giant they claimed to be China-s Spy Balloon floating above their Skies.

Many questioning why that Bidamn still don't want to shoot it down.

Wow, CHINA now learnt a very vaulable tactic from Sinkiekand about floating a Test Balloon as first coined by our WP's SL.

Just imagined just a Test Balloon to their Terrorities and they are all in panic stations.

What's happen if China were to have Military Bases in Cuba and Venezuela?

Wow, loved to see their reactions.

China and Russia should have a joint Military Base near the UassA and that Little Knuckedhead Brit to have a taste of their own Medicines of how they all the while been taunting China with their Sampan Warships posturing fights with China.

Actually, China should made that Balloon looked like a Condom in shape to middle finger the Cunts.


Virgo49 said...


This laughable video of them shooting down the Balloon.

Virgo49 said...


Another comical one watching now. Really made my day also with some yesterday's Toto winnings.


Anonymous said...

How many U2 spy planes flew over China? How many spy planes flew around Chinese coasts? How many warships sailed into South China Sea?

They won't dare to shoot it down for 2 reasons. Too expensive to use a missile to take down a balloon. Secondly, if they shoot it down, the balloon would unload all its shit over America, or maybe Covid mutant virus to spread across America.

Boys and girls, more balloons would be coming your way if you don't stop provoking China in the South China Sea. China will send more balloons for you boys and girls to play.

Anonymous said...

They need to buy more disposable underwear 'cos they be shitting all the time when China keeps sending 'spy ballons' over...🤣🤣🤣

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.47

That's the true odours and colours of Cowards and Bullies.


Anonymous said...

Wondering what papies will do if they see a balloon near our changi naval base..maybe ask the ammericunt stationed there to seek help from pentagon...haha

Anonymous said...

US need their European colonies to attack China now that it's obvious NATO can't win against Russia:


Next war is possibly around 2025: rerun of the 8 Nation Alliance ver 2 against China

Anonymous said...

China has found a way to send weapons to attack America without the Americans knowing. When the Americans found out the balloon is overhead, it is too late.

Were the Americans sleeping or this is a stealth balloon, testing American radar system?

Anonymous said...

"Did war hawks in Beijing want to blow up Mr. Blinken’s visit?" - WSJ

Blinken scheduled to visit Beijing just after the US pressured Netherlands and Japan successfully to ban advance chips export to China to kill the Chinese chips industry. Blinken is not welcomed, so the Chinese sent a balloon to the US mainland to make the Americans themselves cancel the trip!

Anonymous said...

When the USA and collective West first started the confrontation and sanctions against Russia, and trying to rally UN members to vote against the Russians, they claimed that Russia had no supporters. Drumming this into people's mind was the usual modus operandi of the USA in every evil plot they hatched. Did they succeed? Or are countries still sleeping? Sorry, not today's world.

What did they do with Iraq with their usual modus operandi? They fabricated evidence and claimed that Saddam Hussein had WMD and chemical weapons. After mission accomplished, what did they find? Nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a credible 'Chemical Ali' to show. Lots of Alis in Iraq, no doubt. And what did the UN and doggies do? Nothing, absolutely nothing, despite the millions killed for nothing and all purely based on malicious and fabricated evidence. If this is not a war crime, I wonder what is a war crime that they are talking about? Or is it war crimes recognised only under their own 'Rule of Law'?

What did they do also in Vietnam under their modus operandi? They fabricated the spread of communism by China and Russia towards the rest of South East Asia, citing the Domino Effect, if South Vietnam falls. South Vietnam did fall to the North, but did the rest of South East Asia fell to the communist?

What are they doing in Ukraine under their modus operandi? They accused Russia of attacking Ukraine for 'no reason', refusing to mention or talk about the Minsk Agreement and the 14,000 killed by Ukraine in a genocide attempt against Russian speaking citizens in the Donbass region. Even the UN did not consider those pre war atrocities, only harping on the Russia liberation of Donbass as an act against an innocent and angelic Zelenskyy and Ukraine. Sure, NATO's expansion was also a factor that Putin took into account for his actions. NATO wants to expand right up to the doorstep of Russia, which Putin cannot allow. Same as the USA finding fault with Russian influence in Cuba and confronting Russia. What is not sauce for the goose is not sauce for the ganda, to put it the other way round.

Now, what is the USA doing with China under their modus operandi? All the usual negative narratives about China and all about some thing standing out. China is evil, a threat to everyone around the world, even a threat to the UK thousands of miles away, spying on everyone, but with not an iota of proof, while the USA spied on allies in Europe with the Europeans just taking it in the groin without a whimper, despite being caught red handed.

Chinese products are now all used for spying - communication networks, mobile phones, even washing machines, refrigerators, bread toasters and balloons are in the demonisation playbook. Very soon, they may extend the list to include ladies' bras, shoes, handbags and horror of horrors, panties and marbles inside underwears. Chinese used to say, if you do not do evil yourself, you will not have fear of knocks on the door at midnight. The USA seems to have a paranoia about everything Chinese, but certainly not about asking them to buy more treasuries and hold more USA debts.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese balloons are causing panic, or just hype up hysteria. Even to shoot or not to shoot it down is a thing that is so difficult to decide upon by the military. If it is spying as claimed, just shoot it down, and not talk about the debris. It is pure nonsense and paranoia.

And the Pentagon is in a fix. The Pentagon has literally lost its direction over how to handle those balloons. 'Pants a gone' and skirts are in.

Anonymous said...

Blinken is just using the balloon incident as an excuse to back out of the visit. The Chinese have downplayed the balloon incident as a private experimental launch, so what is the fear.

Yet Blinken is saying that he does not want the balloon incident to be the issue clouding the his meeting with Xi. My take is that the Chinese will not even be raising this as an issue, but will be torturing Blinken over the impending visit of McCarthy and raising issues that he could not push aside.

That postponement is all due to McCarthy's intended visit to Taiwan, which is going to raise tensions further between China and the USA, which Blinken is incapable of pacifying the Chinese and will be castrated by the Chinese during the meeting if he visits now, as he already tasted Chinese ire at Anchorage, Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Instead of shooting the so called spy ballon down, once and for all, they want to keep it going for more hysteria to capitalise on it. What is so dangerous about debris from the balloon if it is a spy balloon? The Chinese are not so stupid to use that method to spread viruses, or unleash biological hazards like the USA itself.

Would they shoot down a spy plane if this was one, or just keep worrying about the debris? Just one balloon, already given an explanation and assurance of its nature by the Chinese, and yet look at their behavior as if the sky is falling. Worry about shooting it down. Worry about debris. Worry about it floating above sensitive sights. WTF giving all the lame excuses.

Anonymous said...

Trump would have said - shoot it down. Or else he would say, it is only a balloon, one balloon. Nothing serious. It will go away after a short time, when the weather gets warmer. It is still winter in the USA. LOL

But then, he will cancel his shoot down command at the last second. That happened with Iran I think. He also wanted to bomb North Korea to the stone age. He never did. Never believe all Presidents of the USA. They bullshit in front of the cameras too.

Anonymous said...

Blinken is complaining that the Chinese balloon is a violation of American territorial sovereignty. Oh really. How dare China violate American sovereignty? This is very very serious matter.

Did Blinken remember the hundreds or thousands of times American spy planes like the U2 flown over China? Did the American violated Chinese sovereignty? What about the continuous spy planes flying near the coast of China? What about American warships sailing within Chinese 12 nautical miles territorial sea? Got violation of China's sovereignty?

What about faking using old maps to attack Chinese Embassy in Belgrade killing several Chinese nationals?

Is China starting to return to the Americans what they did to China before? Would China also be using an old map to fly some hypersonic missiles into American territories?

China is as good as telling the Americans, both sides can play the same game.

Anonymous said...

China must play the same game as the USA. Keep them guessing about China's intentions. Unnerve them with psychological stunts, like what they are playing using Taiwan, sending high level personnel to visit Taiwan on purpose to disorientate China. The USA is so paranoid that it cannot withstand being paid back in its own coin.

This incident shows that the USA Military is sleeping. If the balloon flew from China to the USA, it should already have been spotted a long time ago, over the horizon of the ocean and they could have shot it down then, with the debris falling into the sea and causing no damage.

They were also sleeping when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. That was an undeniable fact, but a stranger than fiction story was invented to explain the incompetence about phone calls not being acted upon. Then there was the 911 catastrophe, when they were also sleeping. There was yet another good story invented to cover their incompetence, about a military exercise ongoing then and the whole air force was grounded. Do you honestly believe the whole airforce will do that, leaving the whole country unprotected during an exercise? And they talk about their military keeping a round the clock monitoring of the skies.

The USA is in panic, as China is tentatively testing its readiness for war. The USA is confidently playing a psychological game by providing even the information that 2025 will be the start of the conflict. That is how arrogant they can be.

Anonymous said...

China played down the cancellation of a visit by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken after a large Chinese balloon suspected of conducting surveillance on US military sites roiled diplomatic relations, saying that neither side had formally announced any such plan.

“In actuality, the US and China have never announced any visit, the US making any such announcement is their own business, and we respect that," China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Saturday morning.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.27

The UassA thought that no one dared to attack their Shits Land.

Or alternatively the Cunts are just Hot Air of their World's Number One Military Power that cannot even detect the Balloon into their Terrority.

What's about their Civil Aviations Air Controls?

Their commercial planes plus others are in danger of colliding into this Foreign Huge Flying Object.

Wah piang only Fools dared to fly to the UAssA.

The other day one daft sinkie said if strike yesterday night Toto he wanted to go to the AssA for holidays.

Jet lagged and anytime can crashed in their skies and even if arrived in one piece kena either gunned down in their streets or in supermarkets and anywhere.

If NOT gunned down then kena clubbed by their red necks or black necks.

Even stomped to DEATH by their policemen murderers.

My friend told me give free to go there also spit at the offer.

Only daft Sinkies wanted to go there and see their last sunsets.

Anonymous said...

It was a visit that Blinken proposed himself, to get a free trip to China and some publicity for himself. China has not agreed to the visit. It is quite similar to McCarthy inviting himself to Taiwan, all for show, showmanship, theatre, wasting taxpayers' money.

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang all the Travel Agencies and the Airlines would come after my neck.

Just opened for business after kena conned by the Pandemic and spent so much in advtgs you dumb ass poured cold water.

Sorry, sorry. This is the only economy we have in Sinkieland.

Sorry to break your rice bowls.

My apologies.

Anonymous said...

We must understand that no one has ever done the balloon act against the USA before, I believe. That is why this is the first time they are getting a taste of their own medicine. They are at a loss as to how to deal with it? Just howling, shouting, banging their balls, rolling on the ground, and threatening even before checking what the balloon is actually doing up there, and immediately resorting to making accusations that it is a spy balloon without examining it.

You see, there is nothing they will not capitalise on to demonise China today. I remember they even accused the Chinese of pooing (shitting) in the South China Sea, just from a satellite image of a patch floating on the surface of the ocean, and straight away claiming that it is shit dumped by some Chinese ships. Having the ability to distinguish Caucasian shit from Chinese shit just using a satellite image is stretching the imagination too far. Imagine how ludicrous they are by generating all that nonsense. That US$300 million a year is a waste for generating nonsensical things that people can never believe and not even sound sensible.

Anonymous said...

So, Blinken was just jumping the gun by inviting himself to visit China, which China had never officially agreed to. How could he talk about a visit which even the Chinese have not formally announced. In other words, it was all self delusion. The balloon incident now just gave him the excuse to 'postpone' the visit, having come to the conclusion that the Chinese probably would not agree to the visit after the announcement that McCarthy is going to Taiwan. Now the cat is out of the bag.

Virgo49 said...


Still adding oil, sugar, salt and vinegar onto the Balloon.

The Americunts main past time and lifestyles are to critise and demonise all creeds.

Only they are the intelligent animals in their shits animals kingdom

Everyone of them intellectuals that spend and wasted their bloody time on other's feeding them with their free printing if bananas currency.

Virgo49 said...

Good morning All

Today's ST had the Americunts reports that China's Spy Balloon is coasting along their setnsitive military ballistics sites.

Right you are Cunts! China is is surveying all your Military sites to hypersonic missles them when the times comes.

Know yourselves know your enemies and win a million wars.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Chinese strategy are with brains and patience.

So are you Wars Mongers now scared?

Thought no one can bomb your homeland and kill you murderers on your home ground?

Dared start a war with China and you all be DEAD DUCKS.

Fatty Weng Roasted Ducks and Chickens and Americunts Delicacies

So better lie low and be good skunks.

Sinkieland FM lamented thay beloved Blinking Idiot cannot visit China to beg for alms.

But they said will visit soon as they are desperate to beg for help or they will have to starve soon as in the past of the PRCs in their poverty years as created by them and their gangs as a boomerang on them.

And the Chinese now will say to their children "Eat up do you know that the Americunts have nothing to eat" as what's you whites used to taunt the old PRCs.

Now see how many millions of you will die and your Whites used to critise the PRCs for this.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the Chinese balloon fallout.

The Chinese balloon fiasco is just a means for America to declare war on China around 2025.


Anonymous said...

The more wealthy you are, the more fear you have of death.
This is universal because the wealthy elites crave for the good life, multiple luxurious homes, private jets, yachts, highend restaurants, etc, etc. They have the most to lose in an all out nuclear exchange. Those at the apex of the US-EU criminal enterprise have been creating mayhem around the planet but I am convinced these wealthy elite criminals will be very hesitant to cross the point of no return with China and Russia. It makes no sense to survive a planetary nuclear holocaust inside a very deep bunker for the next 50 years that is essentially a burial chamber.

Anonymous said...

I always believe it makes no sense to survive for the next 50 years, at least, inside a deep bunker after a nuclear war. That will be really worse than serving a life sentence inside a high security prison. What would humans look like without sunlight to keep their body in working order? I think they will turn into zombies aka living dead.

Those that got incinerated at first strike are the lucky ones in this case. No suffering, no prolonging of their agony and no worrying what life will be like tomorrow.