Senior KMT leader to visit China for talks

TAIPEI: A senior leader of the Kuomintang (KMT), Taiwan's main opposition party, will visit China this week and meet its top Taiwan policymaker, the party said on Monday (Feb 6), amid continued military and political tensions between the two sides....

The KMT said its Deputy Chairman Andrew Hsia would leave for China on Wednesday and meet Song Tao, the newly appointed head of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, in a rare high-level interaction between top politicians from Taiwan and China given the current strains.

Hsia, a former Taiwanese diplomat and one-time head of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, and his delegation will "conduct exchanges and dialogue on the basis of equality and dignity", the KMT said.  CNA

Could this talk be meaningful when the KMT is still thinking of equality when Taiwan is just a small break away province, not much bigger than Hainan Island? Dignity and respect would be accorded to them as leaders of a province but what equality can the Taiwanese expect? Still thinking and dreaming that Taiwan can stay separate from China, like a separate state? China has already decided when the reunification would take place as the longer this is unresolved the more difficult it would be and the more the Americans and Japanese would put their mischievous fingers into China's domestic affairs. China is not going to drag this further and Taiwan should better prepare for a peaceful reunification on the best terms they could get from China.

The KMT leaders are representing a political party, not even a ruling party. The most China would treat them is party to party leaders, not as govt leaders. If senior China govt leaders were to meet them, it would be generosity and courtesy from the China side. 

There is no other option except reunification, one way or another. Those Taiwanese still hoping for Taiwan to be part of Japan so that they can change their Chinese names to Japanese names and speaking Japanese like the colonial days under Japan should stop dreaming. It would not happen. The Chinese people have pride and dignity and fully able to deal with the Japanese when the time comes, and to protect the sovereignty and the culture of its people in Taiwan.

Also, for those hoping to become cannon fodder for the Americans, this could be a grim possibility if they are going to turn Taiwan into another Ukraine and fight to the last Taiwanese. How many Taiwanese would want to die for a sure lose cause and be dead before the war starts?


Anonymous said...

Senior KMT leader to visit China for talks with the head of the China Taiwan Affairs leader? What will they be talking about? Certainly not about Taiwan independence for sure. And why would the Chinese Government allow that, tells us something is going on.

KMT is not the Government in Taiwan, but the opposition, and China is giving them the privilege of visiting. Why?

As in Venezuela, the USA and the West only recognised the unelected leadership of Juan Guaido for years, and not Nicolas Maduro, the legitimately elected leader. Guaido has now been pushed under the bus, being ineffective in unsitting Maduro with insurrection, supported by the USA.

And in Myanmar, ASEAN leaders and the USA ignored the Military leaders and only wants to meet and talk with the opposition. Nothing can be achieved for sure, without the Military leader's participation and they have to recognise that. But such a stand is what the USA wants, a chaotic Myanmar, that they can instigate protests and disorder, using the CIA and Western funded NGOs to incite the ground, hoping to eventually install another stooge in Myanmar that they can control.

If Chinese leaders do get involved in the Taiwan KMT leader's visit, it does matter politically, and shows the USA that China can play the same game by engaging with the opposition. Taiwanese civilians are feeling the strain of confronting China and wants peace in order to have access to the Chinese market. Farmers especially have been hard hit by mainland China, while younger Taiwanese are not especially happy to be inducted into the military to fight a war that will destroy Taiwan, win or lose. The KMT knows this and the voters have indicated this in the election just concluded.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of japs, half japs living in Taiwan and signicant number as appointees in state institutions. It has become apparent their loyalty is to jepun who has been eyeing Taiwan as more prize worthy catch than all the tuna in the oceans they can devour.
I am convinced it is in Russia and NK's interest to ensure China defeats the US and their assembled allies in the region. Losing is not an option.
A Ukraine style war using Taiwan as blood spilling playground will allow Russia and NK ( SK ) to finally settle war debts with jepun and render their yasukuni shrine into a waste recycling plant.
It is a no brainer the Europeans and Israelis would never have tolerated a shrine honouring top nazi leaders.

Anonymous said...

Some Chinese Taiwanese are quite shameless. Just like some shameless Hongkies that fell in love with their colonial masters.

Anonymous said...

A large number of Chinese civilians and prisoners of war, possibly over 300,000 were murdered by the Japanese military in and around Nanking in December 1937. It is estimated that several million Chinese civilians and soldiers were killed by the Japanese during World War II. China should name its next powerful aircraft carrier 'The Nanking' to remind of revenge.

Anonymous said...

When Taiwan reunites with the motherland, every Taiwanese can aspire to be the President or PM of China. They would all have equal rights as any Chinese as citizens of the next biggest economy and likely the most powerful country economically and militarily.

Why would they want to be second class citizens of another country? They would always be like the Ryukians or Okinawans, second class citizens and to be sacrificed for the interest of other countries. Whether Japan or the US, they would turn Taiwan into an island fortress to be the main target of China's attack. Both the Ryukians/Okinawans/Taiwanese would share the same fate, as cannon fodder.

The Japanese don't even accept their foreign born Japanese. How would they treat the Taiwanese? The Americans would treat them as pariahs, worse than the blacks, to be beaten whenever they pleased.

Anonymous said...

I think the Japanese would treat them as third class, after the Ryukians and Okinawans. And the Japanese would move all the American bases to Taiwan to protect the Ryukians and Okinawans from being targeted.

The Japanese would happily sacrifice the Taiwanese first. The whole of Taiwan can sink into the ocean for all they care.

Anonymous said...

Both the Americans and Japanese would love to use the Taiwanese to fight the Chinese. The Japanese would kill two birds with one stone, get rid of the Taiwanese, kill more Chinese and get the Taiwan Island for themselves.

Would the Taiwanese think this is good for them, this is what they want?

Anonymous said...

Many taiwanese like hongkies are quite dumb type

patriot said...

Kuomintang shall rise again and thenceforth the lsland shall be a province of the PRC.


Historian said...

Many taiwanese like hongkies are quite dumb type

Can't help it. They come from the same tree.

Historian said...

A large number of Chinese civilians and prisoners of war, possibly over 300,000 were murdered by the Japanese military in and around Nanking in December 1937.

This is simply terrible.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Patriot

China is bidding their time with great patience for the 2024 GE of the KMT's return to Power.

The DPP going to collapse soon and that Tsai Woman have to run road to Japan or the UAssA to be a lap skunk of them.

Stupid Taiwanese loved to be sodomised that the DPP with all their criminals DPP ex Leaders and Presidents like that Chen ShuiBan past Corruptions and misdeamours still elected them the last two terms.

Nowadays the younger generations or so many daft countries with their so called better electrocuted are worse than their foreparents who though are lesser educated but smarter.

Most been influenced by the decadent lifestyles of the Western Barbarians.

The Young with too much been influenced by the Unruly Barbaric Lifestyles of the Barbarians.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog, Historian.

Anonymous said...

China has all the time in the world to deal with Taiwan. China will take its time to exert economic pressure on Taiwan, which it is now doing, in measured ways, so as not to cause severe hardship to fellow Chinese. Militarily, China will refrain from invading, but keeping the Taiwanese on tenterhooks. That is putting psychological pressure on young Taiwanese in the military. They have to be stuck in military service and unable to enjoy civilian life as freely.

That is probably how China is changing the mindsets of ordinary Taiwanese as indicated by the recent polls, which the KMT benefitted.