US Congress - How to bully an old man. Poor thing.


US President Joe Biden was interrupted by boos and shouting during his State of the Union address, with Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene calling him a “liar” after he criticized the GOP’s economic agenda.  RT

See how they bullied the poor old man. There was no decency, no respect for an old man good enough to be their grandfather. Where is courtesy, where is kindness? Bullying an old man suffering from dementia is a very shameful behaviour.

Singapore should send out Kindness Movement chief to give them a lesson in kindness. They were all behaving like brats and thinking they were very clever. 


Anonymous said...

Thailand to ban Pfizer:

'Just days after receiveing her covid booster jab, the daughter of the king of Thailand collapsed and fell into a coma.

Princess Bajrakitiyabha, who is the potential heir to the Thai throne, is in a grave condition weeks after she collapsed.

The Royal Family have been alerted that the purported diagnosis of a bacterial infection is ‘ridiculous’ and that she is most likely the victim of the jab.

Top Thai authorities including advisors to the King have been in discussions with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi and are preparing to have the Pfizer contracts declared null and void according to reports:

If this happens Thailand will beacome the first country to make the contract null and void, meaning that Pfizer will become responsible for all vaccine injuries.

Link to article:

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.59

Reports that she was in a Singapore's Hospital under Life Supports quite a while ago.

Now no further news of her conditions.

Wow frightening as no one still able to comprehend what's going to happen to each and everyone of us that had the shots.

Why no one really took all these adverse reports seriously and even kept encouraging all to go for booster jabs?

Also the West So called Expurts kept saying like flu jabs must be yearly affairs.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog, Patpong.

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Anonymous said...

The US has a population of 325M with plenty of individual talents who are actually worldclass in their respective fields...but somehow their election system can only come up with 2 old folks i. e. choose Trump or Biden for the presidency, Trump being a lifetime 'con artist' and Biden being a 'blur sotong'.
The 'con artist' claimed he did a great favour for america ordering Iran's top general to be assassinated. However I am inclined to think Biden did a bigger favour for america with the balloon fiasco. Afterall Biden's target was bigger and the assassination done with fighter aircrafts, not drones.
Btw, I hope the US system will orchestrate another face off between the 2 old buggers for the presidency...the yanks definitely deserve their part 2

Anonymous said...


The powerful V propagating Machine has enormous tentacles. Besides the Mainstream Media,Authorities worldwide are also in cahoots. Can we be sure this writer's palm were not greased and is he connected to the network?

Anonymous said...

The layers of lies are being peeled day by day. All those in cahoot with the pharmas to spread falsehood and fake vaccines would be exposed and put behind bars. Number one candidate would be CEO of Pfizer.

Anonymous said...

The signs are everywhere that these fake vaccines lie is going to explode is in the silence from the former advocates of the fake vaccines. They know their days are numbered. The net is closing in on them for pushing fake vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. They will concort another lie to cover up. If all else fail, just blame it on any health problems she has, any straw to clutch. Nothing to do with the jab.

This matter affects Pfizer, Governments, Politicians, medical experts and all those involved in making the jab madatory using coercion. So, they will do the necessary to make sure they are not going to be blamed. They will escape the net as always.

Anonymous said...

Me and you, we can die without justice or attention due to the jab. But we need a big fish to die to make Governments pay attention. Sorry for saying that and with all due respects to the Thai Princess, Thai King and family and Thai people.

Anonymous said...

Bullying is in their DNA. Cannot help it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are a couple of pro American and anti China commenters here wanting to push the American's anti China propaganda. My advice to them, please go to post in anti China sites where they are welcomed. There are plenty of them that would welcome their views.

Don't waste your time here. Your anti China and mischievous American views are not welcomed here.


Anonymous said...

US isn't a democracy but plutocracy. The Govt make decisions to benefit big business and MIC, which in return support them in their election campaigns.