American plans to control Europe and Russia partially successful


With almost the whole Anglo Saxon clique backing Ukraine, Russia is alone fighting the war ironically on two fronts, military and economic. With all that support and aid by the clique, isn't it surprising that after a year, they still failed to chase the Russians out of Ukraine? So, the question is, is Russia losing the war? Russia ought to have been beaten back by now. Instead, what we know is that Russia is beefing up its forces, up to 500,000 troops, now said to be used to defend their hold in Eastern Ukraine. That is a formidable force.

The most obvious immediate sign, from the start, of failures was turning the Russian Ruble into rubbles, that turned out to be a fantasy. The second obvious failure were the sanctions, making Russia undoubtedly the most sanctioned country in the history of the world, and yet doing Russia is doing better than the UK economically. That is a turn out from the books.

The most telling failure was cutting off Russian energy exports to Europe, which has done more harm than good for the EU. What is the EU going to do going forward, realistically having to pay for energy that is four times more expensive than what they were getting from Russia via pipelines? Sorry for repeating that. This is not a short term issue, but will take years to overcome.

This winter in Europe was relatively mild and stockpiling before the war was able to compensate for the shortage of Russian gas. Can industries in Europe afford the wait for cheaper energy and lose its competitive edge without more cheap Russian imports? The answer is obvious. Moreover, OPEC+ is no longer the fall back energy tap for the USA to turn on and off as it likes. USA producers themselves are not willing to ramp up production with more investments, designed to flood the market with oil, which is detrimental to their bottom line.

Even if Russia loses the war, Europe will still suffer the consequences of expensive energy for a long time to come. Russian energy supplies have now pivoted towards the East, with India now the biggest importer of Russian energy, followed by China and surprisingly Saudi Arabia. These three countries alone can easily absorb what the Russians failed to pump to Europe, so who loses? With China opening up, and India picking up economic momentum, more energy from Russia will be in the pipeline. 

PS by Redbean. 
The Americans now have absolute control of Europe but Russia is getting stronger by the day. Europe is doomed for sure. This is how the Americans destroy Europe and eventually destroying themselves.


Anonymous said...

The USA is now controlling Europe, having cut off Europe's umbilical cord connection to cheap Russia energy. But Europe is paying a heavy price at the expense of supporting the USA in a proxy war with Russia.

Now, even with a victory in Ukraine over Russia, what benefit does Europe get? Paying for expensive energy is certainly not a benefit but a curse, a long term curse. Europe is jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. There was not even a frying pan situation they were in for Europe, before the Ukraine War. It is worth it for Europe?

Anonymous said...

Out of the blue Europe is now in a crisis with many countries at the verge of economic collapse. That is the price for being friends of the world's number one terrorist state. The Americans only care about American First. Europe can die or be thrown under the bus.

Being friends of America is fatal.

Anonymous said...

We must drink more vodka to support Russia . .

Anonymous said...

Without the war in Ukraine, the American war industry would have to retrench their workers. This Ukraine War is a blessing for the American war industry.

Anonymous said...

Without the war, America would have gone into recession and many Americans would be jobless.

Anonymous said...

There is not only the benefit for the USA's weapons industry. There is also the benefit to Big Oil in the USA, being able to selling expensive oil to Europe, which the Europeans cannot now do without.

Not to forget that with expensive oil, Europeans industries and businesses are moving to the USA, which was actually the target. Unfortunately for the USA, some big European manufacturers are moving to China and India instead, leveraging on their cheaper energy and of course the ready market.

The USA had to use incentives to lure these European industries to the USA, like the 'Inflation Reduction Act' which angered the Europeans.

Anonymous said...

"Russia ought to have being beaten by now", unquote.
Thought Russia would have Ukraine in its' control by now.

Anonymous said...

'Russia ought to have been beaten by now' takes into consideration the amount of aid that the West had been sending to Ukraine and the number of countries in Nato helping Ukraine.

On top of that the sanctions were supposed to force Russia to collapse. But, did it happen after a year of fantasy thinking and make believe in the minds of the USA and Nato?