Bill Gates knows when the next Pandemic will hit. How?


It's starting, Bill Gates announced the next pandemic date and outbreak location | Redacted News

The big question, how did Bill Gates know? Is this a sequel to Covid19, an event that could be caused by the experimental vaccines? Is there a relationship? Remember the big exercise that Bill Gates and the CIA and American military held three months before the Covid Pandemic  broke out, going through the whole scenario that eventually swept across the whole world? 

Bill Gates know when and where it will start. It is Brazil in 2025. Amazing, is he God? 


Virgo49 said...

Good morning All

Bill Gates knew the next Pandemic?

Of course he knows as they are going to harvest the next Trillions in their Banks.

For He and his EVIL Kakis are going to release or unleashed another round of MORE deadly viruses to make their fortune.

Didn't anyone noticed his pockmaked face and satanic looks that he spend so much time in their genetically potent killing bio labs churning out the viruses that in a way also permeated into his face.

ONLY dafts and fools believed in the Americunts so called geniuses of what's their illusionary empty mirages of high tech technology that they created to fool the world's billions.

All these their business are all based on their cloudy make believe numbers of what's Face pokes and what's Instagrams are just fads that only silly beans spent and wasted their time on them.

These Conmen knew that a time will come when they will become redundant and saturated. If NOT why now millions throughout the World are been fired or fried cuttlefish i.e. retrenched and sacked and roam the streets aka RTS as our old name for MediaCorpse.

So Bill Gates and his kakais had to find new avenues of harvesting their Trillions.

So this is the Best and Easy Way for their joint ventures Pharms to make that monies.

Many of those Sovereign and EVIL funds will also jumped into the banks wagons to make a share of the Real Humans Killings.

That's where they can foresee and sounded you all the coming pandemics.

Even our own used to chant that this is NOT the only and last one.

Maybe they are also privy of info in their inner circles?

Anyone seen a reporter persistent questioning of a Pfizer Exec who went bersek and started blaring out all their nonsense in his heat of questioning?

That's a good one for the dafts to wake up and be prepared for any unforeseen health issues that are going to creep up on you.

Virgo49 said...


Jimmy Dole's Show of Pfizer Exec Turns Violent after been exposed in undercover Video.

Wow another more interesting one current below.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates claimed that he knew Jeffrey Epstein was evil when he first met him. And he even claimed that he had 'nightmares' thinking about his association with Epstein. Nightmares?

But he claimed he was just trying to approach Epstein to get more funding to support his philantrophic mission. Knowing that Epstein was evil when he first met him, means Gate could not be unaware what Epstein was doing even before he met him. He certainly did not met Epstein by chance or on the streets and they knock it off. He was rubbing shoulders with all the other top echelon Paedophiles, and he knew what adventure he was diving into.

Now, asking Epstein to do good with money sourced from sinful activities is not an altrustic or morally right decision to say the least.

Anonymous said...

China must be vigilant as its opening up means opportunity for another biological attack. And this time China will again be blamed, all because of its opening up.

The USA is only getting rid of its COVID19 control measures and opening up in May, 2023. Why take so long since they have been pestering China to do so? I read the news with some unease.

Anonymous said...

The virulent XBB 1.5 is spreading like wild fire in the US. They are losing control over this but spreading the lie that new mutants may come out from China. The new mutant is XBB 1.5.

Virgo49 said...


US CDC looking at potential stroke risk from Pfizer and Biontech shots.

Cannot kept quiet as no secrets are cover forever.

Virgo49 said...


Who will pay for the Pfizer 's Scams?

Anonymous said...

When the fraud is finally admitted and acknowledged, that the vaccines were hoaxes, how would the governments react?

Anonymous said...

Hard to say how governments would react. They have an interest to cover up their mistakes or admit that the vaccines are useless.

Anonymous said...

No, Gates is no God. But being the guardian of 'The 'Gates' of Hell' he knows where victims of the next pandemic will come from. Brazil has to take note. All members of BRICS better be prepared for biological attacks, with Brazil chosen by the Gatekeeper. At least Brazil has been given early warning, unlike China. Now for demolition, Russia is the box office hit now, next change is China, coming soon is India. All BRICS founders, all accounted for or targeted.

What is in that song 'In the Year 2025' by Zager and Evans - Beginning lyrics 'In the year 2025. If man is still alive. If woman can survive....'. Probably is the situation just after USA and China war, also predicted to happen in 2025. Pretty ominous, right? They know all the dates.

Anonymous said...

Why did Bill Gates want to talk about what he knows, like the next pandemic in Brazil in 2025?

Anonymous said...

Bill Gate said that he had nightmares thinking about his association with Epstein. Why then did he do it and suffer those nightmares is a mystery.

All the other high society paedophiles never talk about nightmares associating with Epstein.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo49 "Who will pay for the Pfizer 's Scams?"

Exactly Virgo, who will pay for all the deaths? //www.reuter.org/Pfizer vaccine 600000-month-2023-01-30.