Covid19 - Chinese New Year Festival in Anxi, Fujian


Mind-blowing TEMPLE PARADE with 30,000 people in Anxi, Fujian | EP10, S2
Feb 2, 2023 Pageant on Immortals, or Youshen in Chinese, is a folk custom in south China to pray for good fortune. It often includes statues of deities and a parade team that leads and carries the statues. This time in Anxi, I went on a self-organized temple parade (or you can call it pageant on immortals) with 30,000 people - 人山人海 ! They carried the god and went on a 3 day long parade. On the first day we covered 15km which was a really mind-blowing thing... This is the real off-the-beaten track in China, and fulfills all your fantasy about China!!! 

Ps. Qingshui god is also an important god in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, where Minnan people can be found! 

0:00 Intro 2:47 Qingshuiyan Temple 3:38 Fireworks 5:44 Heading to the parade 16:46 Food at the parade 21:37 Townhall area

 Anxi is not a major city, in rural Fujian. The people are celebrating a new year in this traditional event and everyone chipped in, doing their parts, praying and providing free drinks and food to all the believers and worshippers. One startling question, is this a nation of people suffering from millions of Covid infections and people dying everywhere, all in mourning, in pain and suffering? Or a happy and prosperous people thanking their gods for their good life? Did the festival in Anxi, a rural town say of a people and country suffering of widespread Covid infection?

PS. The producer, Yan, a young lady from Anhui, China, has a PhD, very likely from the US. She just did a solo trip over 9 countries in 161 days on her way home, starting from Switzerland, across Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, UAE, Iraqi Kurdistan, Oman, Nepal, Malaysia.

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