Covid19 - What Pfizer said about the Covid vaccine fraud?


A 2 min clip on how Pfizer tried to defend itself on its fraudulent vaccine. It was not to be blamed. Blame the stupid govts that bought into its fraudulent vaccine. If what Pfizer said is true, must be or else they would not have admitted it, then the American govt, European govts and their crony govts are so easily duped by them to by into their fraud.  They cannot be coerced by the Americans to buy into the Pfizer fraud, could they? More than half of the world's population stupidly, foolishly, consumed the Pfizer fraud like mindless sheep.

Only China and developing countries that used non mRNA vaccines are spared and saved from the Pfizer fraud. India is partially saved as they turned to Ivermectin half way.

This is the hoax of the Century. So many willing parties.  And many still in a state of denial and still pushing for more boosters...and a crime against humanity.


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Denial is a big river in the West:

'Over the past 18 months, skeptics of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and those pointing out high rates of adverse reactions have been subject to ostracism, deplatforming, and flawed 'fact checks' to shut down opinions and analysis which conflicted with official narratives.

Now, the data has begun to speak for itself, thanks to people like former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd, who has devoted the last several years to deep-dive research and analysis of pandemic-related data (in fact, he's written an excellent book on the topic). Dowd, along with partners Carlos Alegria and Yuri Nunes, launched Phinance Technologies - where, aside from traditional macroeconomic analysis, they have produced comprehensive reports on pandemic-related disabilities and excess deaths using official data.

Their latest analysis reveals that the rate of Serious Adverse Events in the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials closely tracks a spike in disabilities reported after the vaccine rollout.

In part 3 of our US disabilities analysis we observed that the rise in disability rates post 2/2021 correlates closely with the rollout of the vaccination schedule. When looking at changes in disabilities on a wider time frame (since 2008) we observe that the disability rates rose or fell from month to month but tended to be relatively stable over time. However, as shown in part 1, the change in behaviour since early 2021 is clearly an abnormal occurrence with high level of statistical significance. It happens to be highly correlated to the cumulative Covid-19 vaccine rollout, but we cannot state that the correlation is statistically meaningful as it is based on a cumulative plot with obvious autocorrelation.

In this section we provide further evidence that the most likely cause of the rise in disabilities is the Covid-19 vaccines. For that purpose, we model the expected rise in disabilities due to the vaccination rollout in the general population. We do so by using the rates of Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) obtained by the safety analysis of the mRNA vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) clinical trials, performed in the Vaccine journal paper we reviewed here, and our analysis in part five.

The rate of estimated SAEs appears to be under-reported relative the recorded rise in disabilities (according to the BLS survey) by about 2.6 times. These results were expected as we had already shown in part 3 of our study the high correlation between the rise in the disability rate since 2/21 with the vaccine rollout. We realise that performing the correlation of cumulative time series is misleading & the R2 should not be taken as an indication of establishing a statistically significant relationship as both time series have autocorrelation."

Link to article:

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Thanks Anonymous. Will post this in the next few days.

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More disturbing news (if true) for those who had taken the booster shots: Pfizer Knowingly Allowed Dangerous Components In Its Vaccines

'Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine contains mRNA fragments called “truncated mRNA.” This is a serious issue on top of the vaccine’s life-threatening safety events. Stunningly, Pfizer submitted falsified mRNA analytical reports to multiple health authorities.

The issue of truncated mRNA led the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to raise a “major objection” before its December 2020 conditional approval of the vaccine. What has happened? How have these issues been considered resolved? This two-part series article will address the matter in depth and examine its potential consequences for human health.

Summary of Key Facts
Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine contains truncated mRNA, which the EMA flagged as a reason for its “major objection,” indicating a preclusion of their approval.

Pfizer has not investigated the detrimental outcomes of truncated mRNA in its vaccines.

Pfizer submitted Western blot figures to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the EMA that were digitally generated—not from actual experiments.

There has been an alarming lack of action taken by health authorities on this issue.

Truncated mRNA potentially contributes to multiple vaccine-related injuries, including misfolded spike protein-induced fibrous blood clots, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.

These problems with the Pfizer vaccine could have resulted in drastic product quality variations from batch to batch. This could explain the difference in adverse events experienced by vaccine recipients.

The root cause of such irresponsible conduct by pharma and health authorities is a lack of ethics.

'What Is Truncated mRNA? Why Does it Matter?
Our DNA contains gene codes composed of nucleotides. DNA makes proteins consisting of amino acids. Between the gene code and protein, there is a bridge molecule, a “translator”—called messenger RNA (mRNA).

The full-length mRNA sequence of the Pfizer vaccine coding for the spike protein is 4,284 nucleotides in length.

It consists of a 5′ CAP structure to prime its translation into a spike protein. It works like an ignition box of a car. At the end of the translatable region, the open reading frame, there is a stop codon, which is like a car’s brakes. If a truncated mRNA does not contain a stop codon, it fails to give a “brake” signal. The protein translation process will continue endlessly.'

Truncated mRNA’s missing stop codon is highly detrimental to humans. It can lead to the production of toxic protein products.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Contains Truncated mRNA
The EMA is responsible for approving all medicinal products for human use in Europe, including drugs and vaccines. The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) is the EMA’s committee responsible for interpreting the agency’s opinions.

In an EMA assessment report coded EMA/CHMP/448917/2021, the EMA requested that Pfizer address the impurities of its vaccine product, which the EMA report described as “truncated and modified mRNA.”

Pfizer’s report to the EMA clearly showed that Pfizer’s vaccine contained impurities, as indicated by “Peak 1” in the graph below, based on a screenshot from page 14 of the EMA’s August 2021 report.

In short mRNA seemed to be gene editing...as mentioned in Gonzola Lira's utube podcast:

Link to article:

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This is actually good news. All the evil and irresponsible people that coerced people to be jabbed by Pfizer's dangerous vaccine would all have to answer for their crimes.

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Already the former health minister of Switzerland who is now its president is being prosecuted for lying about the jab efficacy and safety. The doors are wide open now.

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Now you understand why the no liability clause, no responsibility clause, cannot sue clause, because knew their vaccine was a fraud.