George Galloway on the balloon insanity


Just watch from 30 minute to 33 minute, only 3 minutes on the balloon insanity. George disclosed that China was in touch with the US and updating the Americans on the position of the balloon. George also said that 3 missiles were fired at the balloon, each costing US$400,000 against a balloon that costs US$5,000. This is the insanity of it all. But the bigger insanity is that not only the Americans believed in the Biden lie, but many silly Singaporeans too.

Dated 3 Feb 23

They are LYING about this Chinese Balloon on purpose | Redacted with Clayton Morris - 17 min.

The height the balloon was flying was not in American territory, just like satellites. So there was no violation of American sovereignty. The Americans were distorting the truth, telling blatant lies.


Anonymous said...

Three missiles to take down an almost stationary weather balloon, the size of three buses, is a joke. And they are so proud of that.

Anonymous said...

The cost comparison between missile and balloon might give China the incentive to launch more balloons. 1,000 balloons will require the yanks to spend $400M worth of missiles to shoot all down. It could mean less money for Zelenskyy while keeping the US fighter squadrons busy and distracted. Some opportunistic yanks may actually turn it into a live telecast game show. I am inclined to think stealth paintwork on some Balloons will make it more interesting for the yanks.

Anonymous said...

Wah lao, RB. You actually watched 2 hours plus of this. Where you find the time?

Virgo49 said...


Eat too full Americunts with Alien Woman Looks Hostess of Fox News demonising China's Spy Vessel Balloon.

Holding various Committees to look into the Saga.

Let them spend their time on their nonsense and have their Shits Nation ROTS.

Virgo49 said...

ET looks alike Fox News Commenter same surname as Allahma Harris.

All Nincoompoos

Anonymous said...

The whole balloon episode proves US.is a nation with insecured people. Whipped up to ridiculous porportion by the media and opportunistic politicians, US is afraid of its own shadows after creating enemies around thw world.
They may think they got a win, but many.are poking fun with nokes and memes all over social media

Anonymous said...

Now Japan is also latching on to balloongate as dictated by the USA. Japan is relooking into Chinese weather balloons passing over Japan en route to the USA.

We know the Europeans will have to swallow, regurgitate and spit out what the USA vomitted, but how about Asian countries, like South Korea and ASEAN? India is just waiting for opportunities to demonise China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The warmongering evil Americans are agitating for war with China. See how these savages behaved. They are hyping up the war in Ukraine and risking a nuclear war there with Europe being roasted.

And they are now provoking China, another nuclear power to another war. How many silly Asian countries other than Japan would think it is fun to start a nuclear war in Asia?

Are they tired of peace and wanting some excitement and listen to the savage Americans to want a war?

Anonymous said...

George asked, 'What's wrong with you?'

The Americans are peace loving people? They start wars for peace?

Anonymous said...

Now another thing about that weather balloon masquerading as a 'spy ballon' in the minds of the USA. There were no steering mechanisms present in such weather balloons, so how could China be using such a balloon for spying if they cannot steer it into USA territory purposefully? That balloon had to drift with the wind that could be blowing in any direction.

And the Pentagon has come out to conclude that it was not a balloon for spying, incapable of carrying the payload for spying and posed no security risk to the USA. How about that?

Everything is going to pieces out of the 'balloon gate' flimsy narrative that the USA had hoped to capitalised on. Even the balloon itself had been reduced to debris. And China will now have good reasons to shoot down any USA spying gadgets in the air and over the sea.

Anonymous said...

Marcos Jr is playing dangerous game with both US and China. Just after a trip to Beijing where he signed agreements to increase economic cooperation, he offered US an additional 4 areas to host American military bases within sight of Chinese mainland.
Would China be able to trust him again?

Anonymous said...

The Americans are behaving like sheep. They know that their government was lying to them but they went along with the hysteria. It's a spy balloon, it's a spy balloon.

All sheep are like that, accepting lies from their government without protest.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot understand what this Marcos Jr is thinking. Allowing Americans to use Philipppines as a lauching pad to attack China is about the silliest thing to do.

What is the trade off? What did the Americans offer him or not charge him, or not to assassinate him?

China is there to help him rebuild his country and invigorate the economy. Now he has more or less scuttled the deal. Is he blind as to what had happened to Australia under Morrisson?

Anonymous said...

Japan is charting its own annihilation by the combined forces of China, Russia and the Koreas. There is no one else to protect Japan when war breaks out. Japan is on its own. The Americans would be the first to scoot. There is no reason for the Americans to die for Japan.

Anonymous said...

So far, I have not heard the USA said that they will fight to the last man for the sake of any country. It is always the other country that has to fight to the last man for the USA.

The USA will only send arms to any country fighting for them. They only gather the all the benefits by selling arms to sustain their military establishment, prying allies away from previous associations for its own benefit, like killing off cheap Russian energy to Europe and instead buying expensive energy from them. What benefits do the EU get?

Even Africans and Latin Americans are aware of the evil agenda of the USA, but the Europeans are practically blind not to see the evil intentions of the USA. Ok, Ok, Henry Kissinger already warned that being an enemy of the USA is dangerous, being its friend is fatal. So, do not blame other countries not trusting the USA as their friend.

Anonymous said...

Japan has no friends in East Asia but enemies.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines has been so well brainwashed by the USA during its colonisation of the country, it is predominantly pro-USA. It is foolish to deny that fact.

What is even worse is the number of illegitimate kids fathered by USA soldiers over the decades, and who are now basically 'bananas' that worship the USA. Therefore, I am not at all surprise that the Philippines is playing both sides, the USA because of assumed family connections and the need to rely on China for development and eradicating poverty. The USA is not going to do the latter and you can be sure of that.

China must be very careful not being lured to help and in the end getting betrayed out by the Philippines in its attempt to gain influence. That is not the country to be nice to.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON: A US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object drifting high over Alaska on Friday (Feb 10), the White House said, just six days after the downing of an alleged Chinese spy balloon sparked a fresh diplomatic rift with Beijing. CNA

The evil warmongers have gone crazy. China should take this opportunity to fly more balloons or lanterns in the sky and see how many missiles the rogue Americans can afford to fire at them.

Anonymous said...

This time it is an unidentified flying object the size of a small car. Same missile was used to shoot it down, but how many missiles needed dunno. Since it is smaller, will need more missiles as some will miss.

They claimed that China had been flying surveillance balloons over the USA many times. Really? Why didn't they do anything or make a song and dance about it until now? So paranoid that they are going haywire. Maybe now imagining things.

By the way, more incriminating documents have been found, this time pointing to Mike Pence. It can only happen in the USA. When Trump entered the White House, they have Russiangate, E-mailgate, with Biden bringing on Documentgate, Balloongate, and wonder what else is in the pipeline. Before that only Watergate and no other gates. Oh yes, there is Bill Gates.

Anonymous said...


There is now a Huntergate.