Covid19 - A father's plea


Human? I don't think so.
A personal plea of a father whose daughter was forced by her govt to be jabbed with the experimental vaccine and now worrying what would her future be like?

Who is really the mastermind behind this world wide scheme to get everyone jabbed by an 'experimental drug' that many have proven to be harmful, including babies and children? 

Who is so powerful to do this, to dictate to the whole world? Definitely not the drug manufacturers. The world is now waiting precariously to see what would happen next to those that had been vaccinated.

Who is so brave, so confident, so high handed, to mandate such an experimental drug on the whole world? Who is the invisible hand and what is the agenda and motive? Was it just about money, or something more sinister?


Anonymous said...

The Drug Manufacturers are big sponsors of any candidate they support for the White House, so they do influence the one sitting inside, if it is the one they supported when it is payback time. Big Pharma is a component party of the Deep State, among others. Very powerful, like big Banks, Gun lobby and the Pentagon.

Let us just say that all the pigs drank from the same trough, so all the pigs are to blame. That means the instigator, the protector and the promoter.

Anonymous said...

They are also experimenting with suspect vaccines and experimental drugs which do not work. Even the health care workers disagree with the approach. //www.maryland.org/vaccine-exper-3 dozen-month-2023-01-30.

Virgo49 said...


Apology out of Topic but best to post here as most current.

This video of Jimmy Dole machines gunned the UAssA till not worth a single cent.

Who actually dares in this planet to dare criticised their own Government like that?

Wow not even the 180 plus other World's Leaders dared to say so out of 193 as minus the balance puppies of the UASSA.

Anonymous said...

Why do some folks don't take the Covid 19 vaccine? - Answering Scott Adams' question