US$31.5 trillion in debt. Is the USA going bankrupt?

 Janet Yellen is crying wolf. The Treasury is bankrupt, no money to pay debt, to pay pensioners, no money to pay civil servants, soldiers etc etc. Yellen flew all the way to Davos just to meet America's self proclaimed enemy number one's top official, Liu He, to beg him to lend more money to America, to keep America from going bankrupt and to prepare for war with China.

Is that for real or just theatre? Only a few months back the Americans invited Asean leaders to Washington and for no good reasons, offering to give Asean US$150m. This was followed by another US$350m to African leaders, and not sure how many more millions to the Pacific Islands' leaders. This kind of generosity from the Americans did not make sense to say America is running out of money and needs to beg China for more money.

And don't forget the billions the Americans are throwing into Ukraine, to support the most corrupt govt in Europe to fight a losing war. America is rich, must be very rich, to be able to do that. The act of begging for money is fake, theatre. America has all the money it needs, to fight wars, to act as Santa Clause, and to keep almost 1,000 military bases all over the world, 11 aircraft carriers, to feed hundreds of thousands of soldiers with a US$800b military budget. And all it needs to do is simply to switch on the printing machine and can have all the money it needs.

Oh, it also has a lot of money to want to put a man on the moon ahead of China with nothing to gain except vanity. How many billions would be needed to do this just for some bragging rights?

There is no need for China to lend money to the Americans to be used to pay for soldiers and weapons to want to start a war with China or to fight a war against Russia... and with an intent not to pay back a single cent by starting a war with China.

No, the Americans are not going bankrupt. If they do, if it is true, they could simply cut down on their defence budget, cut down on funding wars and terrorists or propaganda machinery to spread lies and hate against China and their enemies. They could budget US$1.3b for 5 years just to spread lies and hate.

The world must not believe in the vicious Empire pretending to be a beggar, begging on the streets. Let the beggar stand up to work for his needs instead of being a parasite or a gangster demanding protection money from the world.

Now watch this short clip, '65% of Americans at the edge of poverty'. If this is true, how could the American regime continue to throw money everywhere, in the billions and not be helping the going to be poor Americans?


Anonymous said...

Countries of the world must dispose all American T bills and bonds to stop financing the evil Americans from creating mischiefs and starting wars all over the world.

Sell all T bills and American bonds immediately.

Anonymous said...

If only majority of yanks start to confront the truth and start calling a spade, a spade...China uplifted 700M people from extreme poverty with 'collective effort' over 4 decades.
Instead of lamenting about the millions in poverty with no hope in sight, ordinary yanks should ask themselves, why is it China can succeed with 700M despite having 1.4B people to feed ?

Anonymous said...

Money printing by US is just one of their many problems:

'China Demands US "Explain Itself To The World" Over Nord Stream Attack Story'

China has demanded that the United States “explain itself to the world” if the revelations in Seymour Hersh’s story about US intel being responsible for destroying the Nord Stream gas pipelines are true.

According to Hersh’s sources, the explosives were planted in June 2022 by US Navy divers under the guise of the BALTOPS 22 NATO exercise and were detonated three months later with a remote signal sent by a sonar buoy.

One source told Hersh that the plotters knew the covert operation was an “act of war,” with some in the CIA and State Department warning, “Don’t do this. It’s stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out.”

Earlier today, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning asserted that Washington would have to bear responsibility if the report is confirmed as accurate.

“If the conclusions of the investigation are true, then the US behavior is unacceptable,” the diplomat told reporters, adding that the US would need to “explain itself to the world community.”

The Kremlin also responded to the report by demanding a fresh international investigation into the attack, which was preceded by both Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland asserting that the pipelines would be taken out if Russia invaded Ukraine.

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said Hersh’s article showed “the need for an open international investigation into this unprecedented attack on this critical infrastructure.”

Link to article:


Anonymous said...

US offering to give Asean US$150 MILLIONS, while Singapore lends USA US$186.6 BILLIONS in the form of US TREASURY SECURITIES as at November 2022 latest data . . .

Anonymous said...

More like being coerced to lend... extortion ?
Signed up as Pfizer sales promoter...profit motivated or just being dumb ?
Keppel paying huge fines for bribery...bigger crooks did not get their cut ?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.54

They are the World's Biggest Corrupted Skunks and wayang that they are Angels and fined Others who deemed to be Corrupted.

Also what's had Brazil do with them?

Their Rules Based Orders of Extortions and Robberies.

The Americunts with their Daylight and not even afraid if Others singing their Corruptions dared to impose their damn laws on others.

Just collecting Extortions Mafias monies.

Virgo49 said...


This Video tells all their Evil Crime to shut down Germany from getting their Gas from Russia and have to buy from them at four to five times the price.

Daft Germans had lost their balls scared of the wimps Americunts.

Anonymous said...

"More like being coerced to lend"...beholden to Crime Boss ?

Anonymous said...

The Americans are forcing all the Nato members to contribute to the war in Ukraine. Portugal just announced it would contribute 2 antique tanks to Ukraine.

So lucky no Asean country is a member of Nato or else they would be forced to contribute just like they contributed to the Coalition of the Unwilling in the Invasion of Iraq. You are with us or against us. The American gangsters said so, not China.

China does not coerced any country in a war, or twist the arms of countries to take sides. Only silly American cronies said so.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are forcing all the Nato members to contribute to the war in Ukraine. Portugal just announced it would contribute 2 antique tanks to Ukraine.

So lucky no Asean country is a member of Nato or else they would be forced to contribute just like they contributed to the Coalition of the Unwilling in the Invasion of Iraq. You are with us or against us. The American gangsters said so, not China.

China does not coerce any country into a war, or twist the arms of countries to take sides. Only silly American cronies said so.

Anonymous said...

How they blew up the Nord Stream pipelines is like how they they blew up the Twin Towers.

Anonymous said...

India's Adani was targeted and destroyed by the Americans for reselling Russian oil. He was a scapegoat. India was the main target. This is a warning by the Americans to India. We will bring you down if you continue to buy Russian oil.

Anonymous said...

All this time we have been fed the lie that Russia is weaponising energy against Europe. The real people weaponising energy now is, in fact, the USA itself. Think of it. Isn't sanctions against Russian oil and forcing countries not to import Russian oil and creating the oil price cap not weaponising energy? Creating the conflict in Ukraine legitimsed the USA's using this narrative to destroy Russian energy exports to Europe. How different is that with the USA using its US$ hegemony and SWIFT system to put pressure on countries not towing its line? Using sanctions to force the EU to cut off import of cheap Russian energy is not weaponising oil and gas?

Before the Ukraine war, was Russia even talking about wanting to blackmail Europe over energy? It was the USA that kept putting this thinking into the heads of the Europeans, their stooges, and they could do nothing but say yeah, yeah, that is true.

The world needs to relook at reality, think deeper, and will realise that we have been fed lies to brainwash us to think that Russia is weaponising energy. When Nord Stream 1 and 2 were built, that was the starting point of the horseshit, as the USA realised it had to act fast to force Europe away from Russian energy so that they can step in. It was a lucrative goldmine that they could not resist taking over, by hook or by crook.

Weaponising energy is a now an item in the playbook of the USA in confrontation with Russia. Thankfully the Middle Eastern oil producers did not play into the hands of the USA. In fact, it is not Russia weaponising energy, and it is the other way round, and we have been mislead by the USA and MSM and not thinking out of the box. The whole world is being kept ignorant of the reality and fabrication by the USA.

Virgo49 said...


Pinoys double headed Scoundrols with the UAssA Parasites General taunting China and North Korea for wars.

Anonymous said...

How the world is changing. China lifting about 65% out of poverty. USA moving 65% into poverty.

Is this what they call 'what goes around comes around'. Seems climate change is not the only thing changing. LOL

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask the general how they got chased by the young and poorly equipped volunteered PLA soldiers from the Yalu River to the 38th parallel.

Did they do a good job fighting the PLAV? Talking big.

Today the PLA is as well equipped as the Americans. Want to fight with the PLA again?

And there are the Russians and the Koreans ready to take on the Americans and the Japanese. Forget about the Pinoys. They better not join the Americans this time. They were in the Korean War and the Koreans would kick their asses.

Anonymous said...

The US' hypocrisy has been fully exposed in Syria earthquake. On the one hand, it imposes unilateral sanctions to isolate the country and strangle its development opportunities, leaving helpless Syrians digging their loved ones buried in rubble with their bare hands; and on the other, the US continues to exploit Syrian resources, especially its oil, by directly stealing it through smuggling tankers.

The UN Refugee Agency said they echo the sentiments expressed by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who said on Thursday, "This is a moment in which everybody must make very clear that no sanctions of any kind should interfere with relief to the population of Syria in the present moment."

Anonymous said...

The evil Americans even forbid western media and the media of their cronies to report on the earthquake and tragedies in Syria.

This evil American state needs to be punished severely.

patriot said...

How come so many
here think the European Nationd are so daft to be made use of by the US?
most of the Europeans were Empires in their heydays and the US is
a creation of them.
if the Successor
manipulates and exploits its' Forefathers, it is just merely familial affair. The Successor merely inherits the Traits of its Forefathers
Absolutely normal to me.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is a misconception. America does not really have a problem with lack of money. They have an issue with how the government derives money (Republican) and how it is allocated (Democrat). Krugman explained several times that so long as the GDP growth exceeds the interest rate on the debt, the total debt is not a problem. Everyone who is not an economist should read that. Waiting and hoping that America defaults will not help Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Americans' solution to their high debt is to keep inflating it, keep printing more money, or start a war and wipe it off. They do not intend to pay back their debt.

But there is a catch. If things did not go their way.

Anonymous said...

If countries keep on following the same old way, then the USA has no problem with lack of money. But the question is, is the world going to keep being held hostage down by the US$ hegemony that only benefits the USA?

As proven already, trade can still be done outside of the US$. China, Russia, Iran and India as well, are showing the way. Sure, it will take time, but what these four countries have done is a small step in the right direction. The world does not owe its survival to the existence of the US$. Thousands of years have gone by that mankind have devised ways and means to do trade, even before the existence of the US$, and they have not gone extinct.

It is only a question of time when BRICS will find another alternative and fairer system, with an alternative global currency, moving away from a system of one country holding the whole world hostage.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans Flock to Foreign Currency to Lock In Top Interest Rates

Foreign currency deposits rose 13% year-on-year in Dec.
US dollar placements seeing the strongest forex inflows

By Natalie Ching Mun Choy and Marcus Wong
10 February 2023 at 7:32 am SGT
Singaporeans are increasingly turning to foreign currency investments to take advantage of the strong local currency and protect their cash from inflation.

Their investment tool of choice is the humble foreign currency fixed deposit. The product is seeing a surge in popularity in the city-state as banks try to attract investor cash by offering bumper interest rates of as high as 5%, which compares with about 3% to 4% on a normal fixed term deposit.

The US dollar has emerged as the preferred currency to invest in, contributing to the majority of foreign currency inflows among major banks.

The appeal of the product — offered by banks for investors to buy and hold foreign currencies for a fixed term in return for interest — led to foreign currency deposits rising 13% year-on-year in December to S$936 billion ($707 billion), accounting for 55% of total deposits in the country, the latest data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore showed.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Sarah Jane Mahmud expects demand for foreign currency deposits to persist this year as the Singapore dollar holds steady, making it relatively cheaper to buy other currencies.

“Depositors are still likely to want to take advantage of favorable exchange rates to convert Singapore dollars into foreign currencies, with higher fixed deposit rates,” she said.

The Singapore dollar has outperformed nearly all Group-of-10 currencies so far this year, gaining by around 1.1% against the greenback and 0.8% against the pound. The JPMorgan Global FX Volatility Index, which tracks three-month option volatilities, has been steadily declining from the 30-month highs seen in September last year — signaling a more supportive environment for foreign exchange investments.

Still, US dollar fixed deposits work against investors if the Singapore dollar continues to strengthen against the greenback. Forward contracts point toward expectations for a stronger Singapore dollar versus the greenback over the near-term, with 12-month forwards pricing at 1.3092 on Friday.

Singapore’s second largest lender Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. and Standard Chartered currently offer the highest rate of 5.08% on some US dollar fixed deposits.

Anonymous said...

Strong Demand

Communications consultant Justin Teh said US dollar fixed deposits are attractive at this point with guaranteed returns and higher yields than Singapore dollar placements.

“While currency fluctuations could be a concern, the US dollar is considered a safe haven currency and should remain competitive against other currencies,” he said. “I don’t mind taking this risk for the higher yields as this already applies to my existing US equity investments.”

OCBC’s head of deposits Na Kok Peng said foreign currency term deposits have grown more than threefold from a year ago, with US dollar placements accounting for 75% of total.

“As interest rates are expected to remain high through the first half of 2023, we expect customer demand for time deposits will remain strong,” Na said.

United Overseas Bank Ltd.’s foreign currency fixed deposit portfolio recorded its highest growth in the past decade — rising more than 150% last year — with US dollar deposits making up over 80% of the portfolio. DBS Group Holdings Ltd., the nation’s largest bank, saw a tenfold increase in the second half of 2022, while HSBC’s portfolio grew 40% over the same period.

Jacquelyn Tan, UOB’s head of group personal financial services, said it’s important to be mindful of exchange rate exposures when converting Singapore dollar assets in or out of placements, as price fluctuations of the foreign currency will impact the real value of returns.

Certified financial planner Lee Song Yong also warned that unless an investor had a need for US dollars, there was no need to chase the yield by taking on the forex risk.

“The reversal of the interest rates hikes could potentially devalue the US dollar, negating the additional spread to convert Singapore dollars to US dollars,” Lee said.

Anonymous said...

Morning, my laptop doing an update but very slow. Will post after my gym training later. Redbean

Anonymous said...

Don't play play..

US had just legalized theft:

Can suka suka sanction countries then seize that country and citizens' assets


Can guarantee Red Dot will forever be exempted meh??

Anonymous said...

Not me. Just about 1% difference is taking a risk. That risk is for big investors to take. They can go ahead and save the US$. Small and less savy investor like me, buying and later selling a little US$, and losing some on the spread, is not my cup of tea. I'll just stick to local currency fixed deposits. Makes little difference to them big banks anyway.

Countries like China and Japan are shedding US$ assets anyway and Japan is said to be using the proceeds to buy into local bonds. China is moving into gold.

Anonymous said...

The interest rate of a currency is directly proportional to the risk of the currency. The higher the interest rate, the higher the risk. Anyone looking for high interest and don't mind the high risk can go for rupees and rupiahs, even Australian dollars. Invest with your eyes wide open.

American analysts are expecting a hair cut in American dollar deposit with the impending recession and worst, the collapse of the US$ due to dedollarisation.

Anonymous said...

Never play around with 'suka suka' mindsets with your hard earned money. And never say it will never happen to countries that thinks they are allies of the US$. Just remember Henry Kissinger's advice. And there are no permanent friends, just permanent enemies.

Rolex Man said...

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Virgo49 said...

Wow from DBS CEO's mouth that they had 1.8 Billions Loans to their own Kia Kee Liang.

Also now wayang even nothing is been done by that Josephine Teo ex Manpower Minister. of what's LHL had in 2021 enacted an anti-discriminatory law of many Foreigners employing their own siding Siinkies.

They knew of these discriminations but are too scared to really put into force by only a token telling these culprits that they must employ Sinkies first by their weak demands that Sinkies must be first pai loti.

Just by reporting that they cannot find any suitable ones and have to get their own.

No wonder Sinkies now mostly in what's tgey called Platform or Gig Gig workers.

Anonymous said...

Someone must tally how much have been lost in all the investments in India, including the takeover of that Lakshmi Vilas Bank and the losses in the proposed building of a new city that was called off.