Covid19 - After hundreds of millions of infection and deaths....and billions wasted

 After billions spent on a questionable experimental vaccine, after hundreds of millions of infection and tens of millions of deaths, the Pandemic is over, just like that, like Donald Trump said. When the heat was on, when the perpetrators were hyping the threat and hysteria, exactly like the frenzy over a hot air balloon, the masses were the first casualty of fear. 

Look at the lies over the hot air balloon insanity. Look at how easy the masses could be turned into unthinking paranoid beans, including silly journalists, unable to sieve out the simple truth from available evidence and facts that even a child could figure out. The insanity of the Pandemic is no difference from the hot air balloon insanity except at a bigger scale, a world wide scale. If the American propaganda machine has its way, and keeps paying silly anti China journalists of Chinese origin, then the hot air balloon insanity could go on and on. The American journalists called the American bluff to name the alleged 40 countries that balloons were found, but the American spokesman could not answer.

Just before the final nail was slammed into the coffin of this drummed up Pandemic, more hysteria were fabricated with the opening up of China. China was the only country that introduced very stringent measures to curb the spread of the virus, even being attacked for 'draconian' measures like large scale lockdowns. But China succeeded in managing the Pandemic with the least infection and death on a per capita basis. 

What happened when China decided to stop its zero Covid policy and to open up? China was immediately smeared with hundreds of millions of infection and millions of deaths within days of its change in policy. The virus all of a sudden was spread across the whole of China, affecting almost 90 percent of the population. This is more than 1b Chinese infected. And the callafare countries with lax or no control like the USA and India reported only 104m and 44m infections. And the total infection cases for the whole world is less than 700m cases. Can you believe the farce in the numbers? Your commonsense would tell you these are lies.

Compare this with countries that did not have stringent measures, people going about without masks and inter mingling happily in large crowds, some with very poor hygiene practices and unhealthy environment? Strangely, these countries did not have any outbreak or widespread of infections and deaths. How come? No control, loose control, reckless behaviours, careless and total disregard of the virus, and they are safer than China, a country that was obsessed with stringent measures to protect its people from the infection. Does it make sense? What is the agenda? What is the intent?

Not only China was flamed as a country being devoured by the virus and people dying everywhere, a nation and people in grief. The next narrative is that more dangerous mutant virus would come out from China. Why no more dangerous mutants could come out from countries that have poor hygiene, unhealthy environment, reckless behaviour and little preventive measures? Why no one is expecting more dangerous mutants to come out from the USA that was having a new mutant called XBB 1.5 and spreading across the country like wild fire? Why dangerous mutants could come out from China...in the future but not from the USA or other loose and reckless countries? What kind of logic is that?

The other bizarre narrative is about how effective was the experimental vaccine that were injected to billions of people and still could not stop the spread of the virus and hundreds of millions of people were infected. And the narrative was to call for more boosters and boosters, and the result was more infections. How silly can this be? What is the agenda or motive for urging or even coercing people to be vaccinated with 4, 5, 6 or more booster jabs when it was so obvious that the vaccines were ineffective in preventing infection? And the other narrative that it could prevent serious illness was questionable. It was as difficult to prove that it was effective in this claim as the case of proving people dying from the vaccines.

Now that the Pandemic is as good as over overnight, are there still calls to get people to be injected with more boosters?

By the way, China has already relaxed all the stringent measures and its people are travelling everywhere around the world. Where is the grief in China? Where are the dangerous mutants that was expected, according to the lies of the West? Why no new mutant appearing in China? Why are the Chinese tourists and visitors not spreading new viruses everywhere they go?  Something went wrong with the scaremongering? Or was it all lies and mischievous lies that stupid people were made to believe in?

This Pandemic would go down in history as the most mischievous and disturbing event in humankind with unnecessary losses of lives and money. The next Pandemic would be hot air balloons. Be prepared, be warned. Now, what kind of vaccines can they produced to protect the masses from hot air balloon Pandemic? 

Oh, according to Bill Gates, the next real big one is coming in 2025 originating in Brazil. Be sure there will be a new kind of experimental vaccine all ready to tackle the new Pandemic. Trust Gates the new God with omniprescience ability.


Virgo49 said...

Good morning All

All the World's Masses after been brainwashed and conditioned by their Rogue Governments which they themselves elected them in are now like Sheppies to be slaughtered.

See even the White supposed to be enlightened and smart masses with the exception of some only thinking ones dared to openly criticised and condemned their Rogue Leaders.

The sheepies knew that what's these scoundrels are corrupted to the cores and are doing greatly harms to the masses but not many dares to protest and rebelled against them.

Like the Urukians who are suffered immensely under their Regime of a Lap Skunk or Dog.

The Americunts who claimed that each and one of them are smart and freedom loving ones are also been brainwashed as Zombies.

Only so far the Frenchies who are the most robust and rebellious ones who dared goes into strikes and protests.

As for the Sinkies, the worst lots of the human beans.

Now just walked a mile to the SGH polyclinic and even now the lifting of no need masks even in the Public Transports, on the way saw out of ten at least six to seven of even young ones wore full masks.

Wah piano, see how the Sinkies even now unleashed still wanted to be leased.

Sinkies been conditioned till now worse than Zombies.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly they found more UFOs, even in Canada, and Japan is also being roped in to search for them over their sky as well. The Canadians are said to be hunting for one UFO they just shot down. They probably did not remember where they shot it down and need to hunt for it. Or was it just an imagination or hallucination, which the USA told them to pretend? If the USA tells Trudeau to jump over the cliff, he will shout 'yes sir' and do it.

With no other gate to fit their agenda, now it is UFOgate being the threat to be unleashed upon the world, all Chinese UFOs. Now, why is China using all these easily visible gadgets to spy on the USA, when it has reportedly more than 300 satellites up there, half of which are probably already doing all the surveillance work of targeting military bases and airfields and other important installations, including the White House and The Pentagon. A few will be tracking the USA's aircraft carriers and other warships.

One thing though, such UFOs need expensive missiles to take down. A US$400,000 missile to take down a cheap civilian balloon is good way to exhaust the USA's missile stockpile, knowing the USA is already scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find weapons for Ukraine.

The USA is now making tanks, modified of course, without the special armour, to be delivered to Ukraine months or even longer than a year. They are wondering why Russia is still able to launch 60,000 missiles a day and not exhausted yet. Russia had eight long years to prepare while the West were caught with their pants down, thinking they had a plan, which they really do not. Now they are just building toilets when the need to poo is imminent. Now Europe is suffering even worse than Russia. But Europe is worth the sacrifice for the USA, just like 500,000 Iraqi children.

Anonymous said...

The new God can even give us the date of the next pandemic, which is 2025. Of course, two years from now, they will have all the vaccines by then to tackle that, knowing what virus is going to cause the outbreak. They made those viruses, and it is up to them to release what version they want.

Since China, Russia and other enemies do not know the nature of what virus will be released in 2025, they cannot have vaccines beforehand and ready for that.

That is how vile and evil minds work. But, as in all cases, man proposes and the true God disposes. It may come back to haunt them. Backfiring has been happening very often.

Anonymous said...

Brazil is in the crosshairs of the Evil Empire. The next outbreak is in Brazil. They could pinpoint who gets it.

How could they know, with the knowledge that virus outbreaks follow natural circumstances and mutation, it must happen in Brazil? Isn't it true that only man made ones can be planted anywhere they want it to break out. And one man is telling us where it will occur. Does that tell us anything suspicious?

Anonymous said...

Indian Army also found UFOs..


The US military did not regard Venus and Jupiter as unidentified flying objects and clamored to shoot them down, at least they are much better than the Indian army😁

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Hazardous Ohio Train Derailment. A horrific environmental disaster is happening in Ohio.

This is not on the MSM at all, though it happened on February 3, and even people in USA are saying they just found this out. All the news the whole last two weeks was about a balloon.

Watch the streaming video on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are controlling the main narrative of the western media and also the media of American crony media. They would all sing the same song. What they can print or cannot print is controlled by the Americans.

There are hardly any news and support for the Syrian earthquake victims. American cronies are not allowed to report to them or send aids to them. And the wicked Americans are still imposing sanctions on Syria.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.51

Just saw one report that the United Nonsense aka U.N. said still no help as send to Syria.

The U.N as a International Agency of all Nations should NOT be biased towards Syria.

They claimed logistics difficulties.

WTF! Lame excuse. Think control by the Scoundrols Americunts.

So many Military Helicopters and Aircrafts Logistics Problems?

Send paratroopers don't waste their training carry sacks of flours and rice and jump lah!

Also can claimed Jumps incentives and Bonus jumps incase break legs.

Anonymous said...

China is sending aids to Syria. I bet the Arab countries are also doing likewise. Only the Americans and their cronies would not help the Syrians but pretending to be very helpful and merciful to the Turks, only helping Turkey and turning a blind eye to the Syria and Syrians.

See the wickedness and hypocrisies? Where are the humanity and compassion for fellow human beans?

Anonymous said...

Americans treat all Arab and Muslim countries as enemies and with contempt. Turkey is an exception, a member of Nato. Saudi Arabia was also an exception when it was useful with petrol dollar to trade oil. Now Saudi Arabia is also on the enemy list.

Anonymous said...

If they had compassion, they would not have 'genocided' the Native American Indians, killed millions of innocents in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and called them collateral damage. Everyone that died under their evil hands is dispensable, just to benefit and suit their agenda.

Even allies are dispensable, pushing Europe under the bus. There is no evil they will not do.

Anonymous said...


These are just some of the salient points from nytimes :
"It was the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind ever." > Pfizer

"The whole culture of Pfizer is driven by sales, and if you didn’t sell drugs illegally, you were not seen as a team player,”

" Almost every major drug maker has been accused in recent years of giving kickbacks to doctors or shortchanging federal programs" > US pharma industry

"prosecutor, accused Pfizer of aggressive marketing tactics."
"Among other things, Pfizer did the following: Pfizer invited doctors to consultant meetings, many in resort locations. Attendees expenses were paid; they received a fee just for being there,” > Pfizer greasing the palms

" decision to make the Pfizer announcement in Washington suggests that the political environment for the pharmaceutical industry has become more treacherous". > kickbacks to politicians, etc

Africa with population of 1.4B has only 6% vaccinated while India and China with combined population of 2.8B adhered to their respective non-mRNA vaccines. It seems the 3 most populous on the planet managed to neutralise the depopulation exercise by the US-EU criminal enterprise.

*Does it make sense to consult and seek treatment from a clinic, hospital or purchase drugs from a pharmacy with a track record of being found guilty by the court for serious medical offences and medical ethics?
*Does it make sense to trust those who sign up as Pfizer sales promoter ?

Virgo49 said...

When the Americunts attacked Syria, no logistics problems?

Poll : 97% polled that the Americunts should not come and disturb the rest of other nations in helping Syria.

They proclaimed only to loot Syria.

TCK said...

Bill Gates is not God. He is just a very rich man. He cannot know where the next pandemic will start. https://www.reuters.com/Europe- covid-cases-exploding-Germany-France-Italy-new variation-2023-02-13/.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog TCK.

TCK said...
Bill Gates is not God. He is just a very rich man. He cannot know where the next pandemic will start.

....Unless he starts one himself.

Anonymous said...

But he knows. That is the most curious part. When he knows what others do not know, that begs the question of how does he know?

Anonymous said...


Virgo49 said...


Anonymous said...

Ursula Undress texts mssgs with CEO Pfizer.

Conspiracy theory?

Anonymous said...

The World Health Organization (WHO) has convened to discuss a new outbreak of a highly infectious virus in Central Africa, looking at several vaccine candidates that could potentially stop the pathogen that causes hemorrhagic fever with a fatality rate of up to 88%.

WHO officials held an “urgent” meeting on Tuesday to review the Marburg virus now spreading in Equatorial Guinea, where at least nine people have lost their lives to the illness, in addition to more than a dozen suspected cases. The agency announced that medical experts and protective gear would be sent to the country, and said samples would be brought to a lab in Senegal to help trace the origin of the new outbreak.

“Marburg is highly infectious. Thanks to the rapid and decisive action by the Equatorial Guinean authorities in confirming the disease, emergency response can get to full steam quickly so that we save lives and halt the virus as soon as possible,” Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO regional director for Africa, said. RT

A new circus in the making? More fake vaccines, more boosters?