Ukraine - Please return some of our money, please, we are broke.


Yellen flew to Kiev to beg Zelenskyy to return some money to the US.  Photo credit to RT.

Actually the US has a lot of money to give away.

'Yellen’s visit comes days after Washington announced $12 billion in additional aid for Kiev, including a $2 billion arms package and $10 billion more to support energy costs and the Ukrainian government’s budget. She noted on Monday that US support since last year has nearly exceeded $50 billion, much of it devoted to weapons.

In an op-ed published during her junket to Kiev, Yellen acknowledged that Ukraine still has “vast unmet economic needs,” arguing that Washington must continue “fortifying” Kiev’s “home front” to enable “Ukraine’s stalwart frontline defense against Russia.”...

With Congress nearly reaching its $31.4 trillion debt limit, Yellen said the Treasury has been forced to take “extraordinary measures” in order to avoid a disastrous default, which, in a worst case scenario, could mean suspended welfare payments to Americans and chaos in the financial markets....

The big question, the US got money or no money? If no money, can anyhow throw money everywhere to pay for wars, military bases, military exercises, buying influence and dishing out propaganda? If got money, why got so huge debt?


Anonymous said...

"The big question, the US got money or no money?"

Actually the US got money, they just need to build another printing machine that is more efficient and can print one thousand dollar notes.
Next is to extort from EU, Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan and SK. About time the US impose monthly protection money from them. The US can also take control of Canada Australia, NZ and declare sole ownership. Thereafter sell the land to EU to house all the Ukrainians, sell land to the Japs who may need to relocate from their earthquake prone motherland. After all what is the point of having so much military fire power and not use it wisely. Instead of risking so much to take on Russia and China, it is actually prudent to go after much easier prey.

Anonymous said...

Buy more printing presses and print more money. Printing a trillion a year not enough, make it two trillion.

Problem is, it will never be enough, the way they are spending free money. Just like a dog chasing its tail.

Anonymous said...

Usa were originated from Britain and had the same DNA. England annexed Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to form the Great Britain. USA may follows her mum footsteps and eat up her brothers; Canada, Australia and New Zealand if USA failed to take down Russia and China.

Virgo49 said...

Latest News that Urukiane's Bahmut aka BakKut In Chinese as Bahkut Teh had fallen to the Russians.

The Russians would be enjoying their BahKut Teh with Putin.

Now back to Yelling asking for some monies back.

Yelling: Please return some of the billions that our Senile Old man keh tua ya no monies acted as One back to us.

Skky: Cannot. Give to me considered as mine already.

Also your old man will ask for his 50% shares of the billion that we stashed together in when we both kena fired and screwed.

You know he very greedy demanded sixty forty.

I said No Fifty Fifty or no deal.

So how can I return back the monies?

Now my BahKut Tea is over, think better count my loots and cha bike before too late.

You go back lah and said Cannot..for your inflammation aka information I may needed to take over also his shares as my wife needed more for her shopping trips to Europe when we cha bok.

Virgo49 said...


Lost of Bahmut and Dumb Bass

Anonymous said...

No money just asked it silly vassal state like sinkiesland to buy F35..haha

Anonymous said...

Japan also forced to buy 400 Tomohawk missiles. Paying protection money.

Anonymous said...

One hypersonic nuclear missile on Tokyo, and one on Osaka will probably take care of Japan. China does not even need planes to carry the bombs, like those that landed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan will have to sell off more USA Treasuries to pay for those 400 Tomohawks, besides upgrading its military. Japan is being treated like the EU in Europe, becoming the sacrificial lamb in East Asia.

Anonymous said...

Japan has no friends in East Asia. Completely isolated.