Soros and his crimes

Soros and his groups play the long game. For example, his “Open Society” group brags about how it has spent billions of dollars in Ukraine since the 1990s.

A characteristic of his movement is the use of colors — like:

“Rose Revolution” in Georgia in 2003

“Orange Revolution” in Ukraine in 2004

“Tulip Revolution” in Kyrgyzstan in 2005

In each of the above cases, when a pro-Russia leader won the election, Soros turned on his useful idiots and provocateurs, who started large protests. Then, the US/EU governments would cry crocodile tears about human rights, freedom, and democracy. US/UK media operating in those countries would carry out intense propaganda campaigns about corruption. Then the governments were forced to hold another election, in which the pro-US leader won by a small margin.

The interesting and obvious phenomenon is that when a pro-US government is established, Soros quietly shuts down all his “grassroots” organizations. All those protesters and influencers quietly vanish in thin air. Thus, the people are left with the same corrupt system but with different or worse rulers.

Take Ukraine, for example. In 2004, Ukraine became slightly pro-US after the first color revolution; and in 2014, Ukraine became a total American puppet. What did the Ukrainian people gain? In 2021, before the war started, the average pension in Ukraine was just $150 a month. Ukraine was still the poorest country in Europe. Worse, the Ukrainians got a comedian president, rule by the same oligarchy, Nazism, civil war, Russian invasion, millions of people turned into refugees, and utter destruction of the entire country.

While the US has groups like the National Endowment of Democracy (NED), people like Soros are even more effective. Why? It gives US deep state "plausible deniability" -- "Hey, he's just an individual, not the US government."

For Soros, he enjoys immense power — to manipulate millions of people and overthrow governments. Of course, the new puppets installed in these countries will let Soros and his financial buddies in New York and London make enormous amount of money through various “reforms” such as privatization. So, for example, Soros’ hedge fund would be able to buy a natural gas field, a bank or an airline for pennies on the dollar. The investment money belongs to other oligarchs and financial institutions in the US/Europe, and Soros gets a juicy commission. This strategy of OPM — Other People’s Money — is more discrete and smarter than Soros himself becoming the owner of a new bank or an airline — then, even the average useful idiot of the color revolution will be able to connect the dots.

For example, after the fall of the USSR, vampires like Soros descended upon Moscow, handpicked Russian oligarchs and politicians— based on their loyalty to US/EU, and looted hundreds of billions of dollars.

George Soros is part of the US/EU Deep State — a group of elites from the foreign policy establishment, Wall Street, military, spy agencies, and the media.

Thus, it’s not just BBC or Hindenburg or Soros attacking India. The entire Western establishment is targeting India.

And the attacks are not going to stop, unless the Modi government gives into the US demands. And what does the US want?

Stop buying weapons from Russia. Instead buy US weapons.

Allow US military bases in India.

Stop helping the expansion of BRICS, especially with the addition of Saudi Arabia and Iran. (This threatens the petrodollar hegemony).

Be more anti-China. (Recently, the Indian government has been trying to downplay and tensions with China. When there were some border conflicts, it was the British media that leaked the news. Also, India-China trade has been booming. It looks like the Modi government realizes its mistake of over-hyping anti-China sentiments).

Allow privatization of India’s financial sector — let US giants buy shares in Indian banks, insurance companies, stock market exchange etc.


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Anonymous said...

Soros wants to aid the advance of democracy in countries the USA targeted, so that he can ride on the benefits by undermining the financial system by buying up companies, investing in them and when the time is ripe for a regime change, he will pull out his investments and short the market and sell his holdings.

That probably is happening in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Vietnam, yes Vietnam among others and he is also making his move on India now. He could be, or was one of the short sellers, making a fortune by bringing down the Adani empire and the Indian financial system.

Those communist ruled countries cannot be easily attacked and he is sore about China not giving him the opportunity to conduct destabilisation and incite financial chaos. China is too big a morsel that Soros cannot just swallow wholesale. The USA had over the years tried to weaken the Chinese economy using trade wars, chip wars and fabricating all kinds of threats to bring down China. A serious weakening of China would have given Soros some opening to move in somehow, but so far China did not provide that opportunity yet.

He could do nothing earlier in countries like China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, getting burnt himself. That is why he is a hardcore China hater and Mahathir in turn hates him like poison. Soros is poison. He is old, rich, opinionated and dangerous.