Dumping toxic waste into oceans

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil plans to sink a decommissioned aircraft carrier that has been towed around the Atlantic for months with a damaged hull, drawing criticism from environmentalists, who say it is packed with toxic materials....

"Given the situation and the growing risk of towing (the ship), in light of the deteriorating buoyancy of the hull and the inevitability of a spontaneous, uncontrolled sinking, there is no option but to jettison it in a planned, controlled sinking," it said.

Environmentalists attacked the decision, saying the aircraft carrier contains tonnes of asbestos, heavy metals and other toxic materials that could leach into the water and pollute the marine food chain.

The director of the Basel Action Network (BAN), Jim Puckett, accused Brazil's navy of "gross negligence".

"If they proceed with dumping the very toxic vessel into the wilderness of the Atlantic Ocean, they will violate the terms of three international environmental treaties," he said in a statement. CNA
Japan on the other hand is going to dump hundreds of thousands of gallons of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant. Which is more deadly and toxic, an old aircraft carrier or radioactive nuclear waste water? Why are these so called do gooders, people with great conscience, wanting to protect the earth and human life, so silent about what the Japanese are going to do?
Why are they picking on Brazil, a country deemed unfriendly to the Americans and not Japan, a semi colony of American and now set up to be the point man or pit bull of the American Empire? Japan no gross negligence?

The discovery of 36 bioweapon labs in Ukraine not dangerous, not deadly, not irresponsible, not evil?


patriot said...

Dumping toxic waste is not as bad as selling toxin like the COVID Vaccine that caused the Deaths of Many to make sinful money.

The World had gone to the Dogs.

Anonymous said...

What about CECA, not toxic meh for our jobs market?

Anonymous said...

There is something very fishy about the CECA. When are the opposition parties going to do something serious and ask some serious questions about the CECA?

Anonymous said...

What happened to vessels carrying plastic waste that was denied acceptance by many countries from being disposed in their backyard? What about the numerous container loads of plastic waste sent back to the West by many Asian countries, like Indonesia and Malaysia? Where do they eventually went? They probably just dumped those cargoes into the ocean and are not degradable.

There is a report of an island of plastic waste floating in the Atlantic Ocean. Where does it come from? Please do not blame China, which is on the other side of the world. Had China been nearer, we can guess who is to be blamed.

Anonymous said...

They do asked esp psp just that they don't respond or replied or give the information they asked

Anonymous said...

U never kept up to date lar so stop blaming the opposition

Anonymous said...

There is one way to deal with opposition. When they asked, ignore, keep quiet, don't respond. Just like issues raised in social media. Keep completely quiet. After a while no one would talk about it and no longer an issue.

Some IBs would then be used to attack people that keep bringing up the same subject as if it is wrong to repeat them when there is no response from the government. Critics cannot keep repeating an issue. So everything dies a natural death from no response.

Some critics also feel bored bringing up the same issue so many times and did not get a reply.

Silence and ignoring complaints are clever tactics and very effective. Or just say not meaningful to explain.

Anonymous said...

The old man taught well. Admitting mistakes are a sign of weakness. That is why the PAP never admit mistakes, even if they committed them. They kept quiet, but discreetly they do look into it, knew their mistakes and do damage control. Of course not all mistakes can be corrected as easily, so they just kept quiet and ignore the questions, thinking it will go away in time. Now they are even smarter, asking for feedback and tried to avoid making serious mistakes to be dug up by the opposition.

Just look at the initial stage of the blogging community where so many blogs were bringing up multiple issues against the Government. The Government just brushed aside those issues brought up over the years, and now less than a handful of blogs, like RB, are still active and bothered to write about Government incompetence. The rest just died a natural age related death, which the PAP knows.

Anonymous said...

The USA 'Rule of Law' is based on double standard interpretation. Itself, allies and friendly countries follows one ruling. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and other unfriendly countries will be judged using another ruling.

Just look at one ruling now in the limelight - War Crimes. Did the UN, ICC bothered about the war crimes in Iraq, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Palestine? But they are said they have collected so many proofs of war crimes committed by Russia just in Ukraine alone. Unbelievable but true.

Anonymous said...

Why are they picking on Brazil?

Well, Brazil is a founding member of BRICS, an economic contender. Brazil has a new President, not particularly friendly to the USA, unlike stooge Jair Bolsonaro. Brazil is the leader trying to set up a new Latin American currency together with Argentina to rival the US$. And last, but not least, Brazil is a big country, rising in global economic ranking and an upcoming power like India.

The USA does not tolerate another country rising like China to compete with them. That is why they are making life miserable for India, also a BRICS founder, as well. Hope the Asian Indians are not sleeping.

Anonymous said...

3 of 5 BRICS countries under attack by the Americans. Brazil, Russia and India. China is about to be attacked.

The Americans are so peaceful country. How many silly buggers still believe in this shit?

Who is going to start WW3? According to the silly buggers, it must be China. China is so aggressive, expansionist, wanted to conquer the whole world. The current American Empire are so nice, wanting to prevent China from conquering the whole world, wanting to protect the whole world from China.

Stupidity has no cure. The Americans even set a date to start a war with China in 2025. The savages would always want to start wars to control the whole world.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

Dumping of toxic waste into the ocean would affect the livelihood of those involved in seafood industry. It would also affect the seafood you put on the table and those that consumed them.

Anonymous said...

Actually USA is attacking four of the BRICS founding members, Russia, China, India and Brazil.

The fifth founder, South Africa is still not a threat, but these four are facing a co-ordinated attack, with Russia already under full military attack.

The reasons are obvious and it is just a matter of putting two and two together.

Anonymous said...

Former Israeli PM confirms West ‘blocked’ Russia-Ukraine peace process

Peace might’ve been agreed between Russia and Ukraine shortly after the start of the conflict, but Kiev’s Western backers blocked the negotiations between the two neighbors, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who mediated those contacts, has said.

Bennet, who gave an almost five-hour-long video interview to Israel’s Channel 12 on Saturday, claimed that his efforts as a middleman came close to succeeding as both Moscow and Kiev appeared to be ready to make concessions and agree to a truce.

It didn’t happen because “I think there was a legitimate decision by the West to keep striking [Russian President Vladimir] Putin… I mean the more aggressive approach,” he said.

When asked by the host if the US and its allies “blocked” the peace process between Moscow and Kiev, the former PM replied: “Basically, yes. They blocked it.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacted to the revelations by the Israeli politician on Telegram, saying that they were “yet another confession” that the West wasn’t interested in peace in Ukraine.

[ RT ]

Anonymous said...

The Japanese can do no wrong because they have become to bull dog of the USA watching over the this part of the world. They have not had the humility to apologise for the atrocities they committed in China and the far east during WW2. Recently they have become brazen and brave because the evil empire is backing them against China. Karma will visit them one day. Dumping toxic waste into the ocean will come back to haunt them one day in the future. Lets wait and see,

Anonymous said...

The karma of the toxic waste would not only come back to haunt the Japanese. The tidal wave flows to California and the Canadian coasts and would bring the toxic waste to the Americans and Canadians.

Months after the Fukushima nuclear accident, the marine life of the western American shores were already affected. This time it would be no difference as the tide flow pattern would be the same.

Anonymous said...

Never forget the saying - What goes around comes around. Exceptionalism does not matter.

Just look at climate change. Can the USA do anything with their exceptionalism? Hurricanes, droughts, fires, floods that took ages to repair the damages eg Hurricane Katrina with damages still visible unrepaired, and infrastructures decaying that have to be redone, which exceptionalism can never do justice.

Speedwing said...

If war ever start in this region, it will be because of the Taiwan issue. Japan will participate in the conflict and in that instant China will be able to take revenge on the Japanese for their atrocity during WW2.

Anonymous said...

Actually the sabotage of the peace agreement in the early stage of the Ukraine War is already common knowledge. Immediately after the agreement, Boris Johnson visited Ukraine and that was the end of the matter regarding the peace agreement. What he did does not need to be disclosed by the former Israeli PM. The disclosure does not bring surprises.

Earlier, Angela Merkel already revealed that the Minsk Agreement was to buy time for Ukraine's military buildup. That means they never wanted peace and would scuttle any attempts to go for peace.

Anonymous said...

Was Chinese panda Le le murdered by China haters in American zoo ?

The Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens (CAZG) extended deep sorrow and regret for the sudden passing of the 25-year-old male giant panda Le Le at the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee, the US on Wednesday, noting that an expert team will be sent to the US to investigate the cause of the panda's death.

The related Chinese department is very concerned about the sudden death of the giant panda and has informed the US side to preserve its body properly. A team of Chinese experts will be set up in a timely manner to go to the US zoo to investigate the panda's death, the association said in a statement released last Thursday.

Anonymous said...

When did Brazil become unfriendly towards Americans? Obama & Biden have a good relationship with Lula, and Trump had a good relationship with Bolsanaro. Brazil is a regional power and has its own interests, but seems like they generally get along.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan Senior Opposition leader is reported to be paying a visit to China. China must give him a high level treatment befitting a leader. If Pelosi can visit Taiwan and getting paid for it, Taiwan opposition leader can also visit China. Two can play the same game. Things are getting really interesting. Let us see what the Taiwan Government and the USA will say.

Anonymous said...

When did USA become unfriendly towards China? They were on relatively good terms before Trump, but became enemies starting with trade wars, cold wars, now chip wars and going into hot wars.

Brazil also had a spat with the USA over spying by the USA and they patched up when Bolsonaro came to power. Bolsonaro left Brazil when Lula came to power in December, applied and was given a six month visa to stay in USA.

That has given rise to a diplomatic row between Brazil and USA over accusations by Brazil that Bolsonaro was supporting insurection and unrest in Brazil using USA as base. Of course he will deny. Democrats are putting pressure on Biden to force Bolsonaro to leave the USA, as his stay will sour relations further with Brazil. As they say, there are no forever friends, only forever enemies.

Since Brazil and four others founded BRICS, even under Bolsonaro's leadership, do you think the USA will just look away and let the matter rest, knowing what BRICS is all about?

Flying Tigers said...

If war ever start in this region, it will be because of the Taiwan issue. Japan will participate in the conflict and in that instant China will be able to take revenge on the Japanese for their atrocity during WW2.

@Speedwing - they might need America's help once again.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog, Flying Tigers.