Ukraine - Treacherous Americans running out of options

The USA and the West are now claiming Russia does not want peace in Ukraine. When peace was within reach, they scuttled it time and again. What are they talking about?

Now that the war is dragging on in Ukraine, with Russia getting ready for the big assault, they are talking about wanting peace, even using the UN for leverage. They had only planned for the war to last for a short spell, with sanctions expected to cripple Russia and causing its quick collapse, and ripe for a regime change. Now, they realised they had it all wrong and could not untangle themselves.

The fact is, they are unable to keep aiding Ukraine without knowing when the war will end, and are generating all kinds of excuses like telling Ukraine they needed months to manufacture tanks for them, fooling Germany to commit tanks to Ukraine like a fool. Now Olaf Schulz is having his testicles caught in seaweed as what the Chinese like to say.

Undoubtedly, Germany is burning its bridges with Russia for eternity. Putin has long memories and he planned his move after bidding his time. Eight years of letting the West play around with the Minsk Agreement, is time enough for him to get ready his stockpile of weapons, and his weapons manufacturing industries are now churning out missiles and weapons that the West found unsettling.

The USA is caught in a bind, tangled up in Europe and unable to pivot towards China. There is only a short time frame for them to capitalise on their slight edge over China overall, but that gap is closing fast. They knew it, but they have to deal with Russia seperately first, and they are finding out the difficulty of doing so the hard way.

With Russia and China sticking together, they USA is unable to have any edge taking both of them together. But destroying Russia is now not a fait accompli and confronting China now is not to its advantage. The USA is roping in Japan, allowing Japan to expand its military to take on China. Japan should remember North Korea is now watching. Neither is Russia unaware.



Anonymous said...

The unravelling Ohio train disaster is starting to be a topic that the USA Government originally had been trying very hard to suppress, with balloongate taking top attention by the USA Government to divert attention over the environmental disaster unfolding, Biden's hidden documents, Hunter's laptop, Biden's involvement in blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, and the perceived failure of all the sanctions against Russia. What is less prominentaly discussed is the effect of those sanctions hitting the EU more than Russia. It backfired badly.

Toxic chemicals are now said to be leaking into groundwater and acid rain is forming over a wide area. Social media is now covering the disaster widely, with mainstream journalists arrested earlier on the pretext of interfering with Government people fighting the chemical leak. The long term disastrous effect is unknown, but will certainly not be admitted.

By the way, another train derailement occurred in Texas, also carrying toxic chemicals. This is the result of infrastructures not being propertly maintained, which is going to haunt the USA going forward. They have an unending flow of money for the Ukraine War, US$350 million (originally it was US$350 billion) for Digital Transformation of Africa, US$150 million for buying patrol boats for ASEAN, US$600 billion (US$200 billion from USA) for global infrastructure developments to compete with the BRI, but unable to have money to refurbish their falling infrastructures. Besides the real money flowing into Ukraine, the rest of the planned aid are probably just basically hot air that never got off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Russia is very fortunate that it is Putin and not the likes of Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, handling the Ukraine war, Economic sanctions, Covid pandemic, NordStream sabotage, Fake media news... completely engineered by the US-EU criminal enterprise to create mayhem for Russia.
I wonder how far Putin will go to ensure the wellbeing of Russia and its people for the longterm, knowing that he is unlikely to outlive the Ultra Satanic Alliance.
I am inclined to believe it has to be USA R.I.P for world peace.

Anonymous said...

The Russia Ukraine War shall be the
Nemesis of the US,
NATO and the European Union.
Man-made and natural disaster shall speed up the Damages.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Russia is fortunate to have a strong leader in Putin.

But it is unfortunate for the USA that Russia is led by a strong leader. That goes for China as well. More unfortunate is that the USA had, in succession, two flawed leaders, one an egoistic maniac, who himself claimed that he was accidentaly elected to the White House, and the other a dementia afflicted and abused old man, put into the White House, to be totally dictated to and supported by a swamp full of basically clowns, all controlled by the Deep State.

Trump and Biden are in a competition to see who will be the one doing the R.I.P. for the
Evil Empire. It could still be Trump. After all, he was the de factor No. 45 who was supposed to be the last President of the USA as prophesied.

Anonymous said...

Eagle Donald Trump will want to salvage the Glory of the US before it goes the Way of the Dodo Bird.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the train derailments and the disaster unfolding, the USA Government still thinks it is able to cover up the reality, with the MSM clearly not reporting on it.

Many outside the USA are calling the train derailment and the spillage of toxic chemicals 'A Chernobyl Event'. Some are even saying that the town of East Palestine, where the accident happened, had suffered a nuclear bomb explosion.

Yet, some are also saying that the town faces the same problem as those Japanese living near the Fukushima Power Plant, and will not be able to return for a long stretch. But authorities are already allowing some to return, not appreciating the true extent of the aftermath of the disaster yet. Or just ignoring it like Trump ignoring COVID in the early stage. Groundwater and streams are already contaminated. That is how serious the situation is.

Anonymous said...

They have yet to blame the Russians, Chinese or ISIS.

Soon they will claim they have found passports of Russians or Chinese or Muslim individuals at the crash sites.

Anonymous said...

Could the Two Train Accidents were caused by the Train Crews looking out for balloon?

Anonymous said...

Seems the 'Spy Balloon' fiasco has now been spun into UFOs and Aliens coming to attack earth. Anything, just anything to divert attention away from Biden's classifed documents, Hunter's laptop, Biden's call to blow up Nord Stream and of course the train derailments.

When trains crews looking out for balloons gets into the narrative, China will be implicated, LOL. Anything, just anything that can be stuck on China, they will go for it.

Like what they are now doing to Putin, claiming he has a certain number of days to survive, he has this and that disease, he will disappear soon. By the way, China has still not collapsed yet after more than twenty years of Gordon Chang's pronouncement, but is still on a year by year basis now. Every country that has an axe to grind with the USA or not towing the USA line is collapsing, except the USA and its doggies.

Anonymous said...

China's economy is doing better than the West, including the USA. And Russia's economy is doing better than the UK. Those are facts, not fiction.

Now that China has reopened, you can expect its growth rate to be even better this year. I think the West would not like it, as China will need to import more energy and that is making Europe nervy about inflation. They do not like China under lockdown and demonised China to no end. On the other hand, they also do not like China growing too fast after lifting all lockdowns.

IQ 98.6 said...

In which month was peace within reach? I'm still curious.

Anonymous said...

Reported that some 8 million Ukraine People abandoned their Motherland.
Will Ukraine collapse by itself?

Anonymous said...

I read that China is getting ready to send some support troops (not many estimated 5000-8000 only) to Russia for the new offensive. Those troops will be well prepared and battle ready when they decide to move on Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when will the offensive begin? I heard right just before the 1 year anniversary so that they declare victory on 24 Feb 2023. Doesn't leave much time. The Ukrainians are going to be running like this. <a href="//www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11742061/Graphic-video-evidence-shows-Russia-suffering-catastrophic-losses-31-armoured-vehicles.html”> www.mail.co.uk/news/article/graphic-video-shows-ukraine-suffering-html</a>

Anonymous said...

Even with 1M Ukraine people remaining and if most are neo nazis or sympathisers, Russia must still remain vigilant...the US-EU criminal enterprise will use them for criminal mischiefs.

Anonymous said...

In this Ukraine War, the US has proven itself to the world that it is the warmonger, the mastermind in this war. How many silly people still believe the Americans are peaceful people?

Anonymous said...

Highly unlikely. But it is plausible China sends military observers. China and NK supplying ammo to Russia can be assumed as a sure thing. Russia losing to the US-EU criminal enterprise is not an option for Russia's staunch allies.

Anonymous said...

China buying massive amounts of oil and gas from Russia is already of great help to Russia fighting the war. No need for China to send weapons. Now, with opening up, the demand for energy by China is even greater and with Russia cutting another 500,000 barrels of oil per day, Europe is having to pay more for energy. That is not good news for the EU.

OPEC+ has turned a deaf year to USA's plea for more oil output, that is why the USA has to release more oil from its already depleted stockpile to keep inflation down, by a tiny meagre bit. That talk by the USA of planning to reduce inflation to 2% is a fantasy.

I could not help noticing that immediately after the USA's release of its inflation figures, the UK will follow immediately. How could they be acting like conjoined twins or is there something that we do not know? Anyway, many people are saying the inflation figures for the USA and UK are just fiction and the real figures are double that. I tend to agree, since lying is in their DNA. If they can lie on most things, why not inflation figures?