UK stole Venezuela's gold by treacherous interpretation of law and politics

LONDON: Opposition leader Juan Guaido's rival Venezuelan government said Friday (Jul 29) it was a step closer to taking control of the oil-rich country's gold reserves, after the latest judgement by a UK court.

High Court judge Sara Cockerill ruled against President Nicolas Maduro's regime in a technical ruling concerning appointments made to the Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) by Guaido....

Cockerill's ruling put the value of the 31 tonnes of Venezuelan gold deposited with the Bank of England at about US$1.95 billion. Maduro wants to recover the gold.

But access has so far been denied as Britain, in line with other countries including the United States, acknowledges Guaido as interim president.

UK judges have already ruled that they are obliged to follow the British government's decision on which government to recognise but had left open the legal point decided on Friday.  CNA

They conveniently recognised a stooge of the USA as the president and rejected the democratically elected president as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. This is the American and Anglosaxon's hideous so called rule of law. They interpret the law in any way they like to suit their political interest.  It is like recognising Pritam Singh as the PM of Singapore and giving him full support in military, financial and political assistance and not recognising Hsien Loong as the legitimate PM of Singapore.

President Maduro might as well confiscate all British companies, assets and funds of British nationals in Venezuela banks and cut off diplomatic relations with UK. The daylight robbery of nearly US$2b is a lot of money to the Venezeulan govt. The Anglo Saxons are behaving like thugs and gangsters. Any third world country still think it is safe to put their gold, money and assets in these gangster run countries and their banks?

When would Maduro be firm enough to put traitor Guaido in jail for the good of the country? The bullying of smaller countries by the Anglo Saxon mafia is getting out of hand and becoming more ruthless and lawless.

By the way, the Americans have thrown Guaido under the bus. He is history. So when is England going to return the money to Venezuela? The robbers and pirates would never return their loots, just like those in the British Museums of stolen goods. Anyone still thinking it is safe to put their monies in AngloSaxon banks, with high interest rates? They can simply confiscate every dollar using their mischievous rule of law.


Anonymous said...

China must unwind faster its holdings of Treasuries and other assets in the West. Understand China already pulled billions out of the property market in the USA.

Once BRICS puts into place an alternative global reserve currency and system for money transfer outside of SWIFT, the de-dollarisation will escalate. Now many countries are still holding US$ as their main reserve, with the US$ still the reserve currency in usage at about 58%, but this will not hold once BRICS gets its system operational.

Anonymous said...

Why do countries want to put their gold with the West is a no brainer? Safer? Gold is safe no matter where it is kept, not necessarily at Fort Knox or Mafia member's strong room.

Why buy and let others keep it for you? Asking for trouble.

Even asking friends to buy 4D and keeping the ticket for you is not safe.

James AMK said...

Hahaha. I put my money in DBS Bank. I also have DBS share. Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

QINGDAO – China is getting ready to take down an unidentified object spotted flying over waters near the port city of Qingdao, The Paper news outlet reported.

Rolex Man said...

JamesAMK - I wrote earlier on the other side. Buy Rolex better than put your money in DBS.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9.36pm Might be a bit hard. I don't think China have any F22 like the US. Not sure the older plane can fly so high.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON - United States military fighter jets on Sunday shot down an octagonal object over Lake Huron, the Pentagon said.

On President Joe Biden’s order, a US F-16 fighter shot down the object at 2.42pm local time over Lake Huron on the US-Canada border, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said in an official statement.

The object appeared to be octagonal in structure, with strings hanging off but no discernable payload, said a US official speaking on condition of anonymity.

It could be a kite, an expert says.

Anonymous said...

Not really hard to take down foreign intruders. The Chinese were shooting down U2 spy planes in the 50s and 60s using MiG17 jets. Quite a number were shot down and finally the Americans stop sending U2s into China, knowing that they would be shot down.

Before that the Americans were teasing China with their high altitude U2s, thinking that China could not reach them.

And in today's context, anything the Americans threw at China would be a piece of cake for the Chinese. It is China's hypersonic missiles that the Americans are unable to take out, including the DF21s and DF26s.

Anonymous said...

Let more balloons, kites and lanterns to fly into American airspace and let them shoot down with their million dollar missiles.

Anonymous said...

China should launch more balloons and kites with laughing faces of Biden and Zelenskyy proclaiming, 'thank you American taxpayers.'

Anonymous said...

China should launch more balloons with either the face of Trump or Biden.
The Trump balloon will say, "shoot Biden"
while the Biden balloon will say, "shoot Trump".

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion.

Congress would be in turmoil. The Republicans would oppose shooting down balloons with Trump's faces. The Democrats would oppose shooting down balloons with Biden's faces. They might end up punching each other in the face.

BTW, Trump might think it is a good way to campaign for his reelection, with Trunp's balloons all over the USA.

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke, both Parties will be launching balloons and blaming China instead.

It is a good tactic to draw public attention away from Trump, Biden and Pence involvment in documentgate. What better way than using the same old modus operandi from the USA playbook, used effectively by both parties to use a bogeymen to divert domestic problems like homelessness, drug addictions and falling infrastructures.

Anonymous said...

Chinese companies have received orders for 1m balloons each from Trump and Biden, with their faces printed on the balloons and wordings, Trump for President, Biden for President.

Trump also ordered another 1 million balloons with Biden's face and a cross over it and with the wordings, Shoot it down!

Anonymous said...

Walmart has been told to stop selling balloons. Balloons are dangerous.

New regulations for the 2024 Presidential Election. Balloons are banned. No balloons allowed in the election campaign. Not even on stage and platforms.

Virgo49 said...

Wow Hi Anon 10.00

Blessings in disguises for China. As they said Opportunities even in adverse climates.

Made good MONIES or is it this is Chinamen's acumen in businesses by flying their ballons over the UAssA.

They needed these for their coming 2024 Presidential Election.

North Koreans Kim will also order a million of that Nerd South Korean Yoon President and blowed them across the DMZ and the South will do the same.

Good business for China's Balloons Factories.

Now they stopped making Condom Balloons and offered the UAssA and the Koreas if urgent then take our Condom Balloons.

Looney Balloons All