Zelensky - The best war merchant

 After Vietnam, the American Military Industrial Complex stumbled on the formula of turning war into a business.  The American war industry was boom town Charlie, producing weapons and ammunition non stop, to supply and support one war after another. Middle East was the favourite theatre for war. Europe came in second with the invasion and breaking up of Yugoslavia by the American and Nato forces. But Ukraine is now top in the list.

America is the world's number super power. Did anyone notice that any war fought by the Americans would last for decades, not a short and brief war like Desert storm? Vietnam lasted 30 years, Afghanistan 20 years. Iraq is war in progress and so is Syria. With the monopoloy of weapons of mass destruction, the war in Afghanistan could be over in a matter of days. But the Americans dragged it over two decades until they got too tired of it. It was not productive shooting at poor tribesmen with small arms. The Americans love to use big and expensive weapons, like smart bombs, cruise missiles, heavy weapons, as these meant big expenditure items and big profits.

Ukraine now is becoming a very profitable war theatre. The American war industry loves it and the factories are working overtime with weapons being expended daily and in big numbers. They are all laughing to the banks. War is big business to the Americans.

Zelensky is now the man that could outdo the Americans in this war business. This poor comedian is latching onto the American war business and stuffing his pockets with cash and more cash from the Ukraine War. He has nothing. He produces nothing. But he has willing Nazi soldiers willing to do the hard stuff and dying for him. And he has the American Military Industrial Complex becoming his accomplice, pushing to extend and expand the war.

The MIC and War Industry are making huge profits working very hard to produce the weapons. Zelensky does not need to produce any weapons. All he needs is to ask and the Americans and Europeans would just give. Now he has reached a stage when he does not need to ask. He can even demand. Pay me, send me this, send me that, and the Americans and Europeans would comply without question.

Zelensky is the biggest winner in the Ukraine War other than the MIC. He makes huge profits without even have to sweat like a salesman. He is above that. All he needs to do is demand to be paid, and he would be paid handsomely, sitting in his office, putting on an army fatigue as if he is fighting a war and sweating it out in the frontline, behind his desk. He is trading the lives of Ukrainians for money.

Brilliant. But what is more brilliant is the racket that is on going with Zelensky outrageously demanding for more and more military aids and the Americans happily and readily obliging. Why is that so?  Ukraine is not a NATO member!  And Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe, maybe the whole world. And nobody could account for what were being sent into Ukraine or not being sent into Ukraine, but on paper were sent. But where have all the military aid gone to? Who could verify how many bombs, weapons or how many tanks were sent into Ukraine?  Anybody cares? Some said it is all a scam to divert funds somewhere, into the hands of individuals or groups behind the whole scam. 

Anyone thinking something is not right somewhere when there is no accountability?


Since last February, NATO has provided “unprecedented support to Ukraine, around 120 billion dollars in military, humanitarian and financial assistance,” Stoltenberg told reporters at the State Department.

While the US has played an “indispensable role,” Canada and the European members have contributed “over half” of the overall assistance, “including tanks, advanced air defense systems” and other weapons, he added.

According to Blinken, the US has contributed “nearly $30 billion” worth of military aid, while other NATO members gave $13 billion, as well as “tens of billions more in humanitarian and economic support.”  RT

The numbers are fishy and do not add up.


Anonymous said...

And the hero is a corrupt comedian. Can you beat this?

Virgo49 said...

The Western Barbarians elevated his Status by welcoming him to speak at their Theatres of Comedies and Crimes aka their Senated and Parliaments.

Dafts Masses of their Own that knew that their Clowns Politicians are prograting Lies and Shits are absorbing and believing them without any protests and uprisings.

Here, the Corrupted Ones lining up their Banks Accounts with each and every consignment of the Killing Murderous Arsenals that made their ways to Him and the Black Markets.

All these bullshits figures of billions that no one can asked for accountability as they were tell you imbecile are classifed materials and are NOT to be declared.

Yes not to be declared into their pockets.

Most countries Presidents, Peeayams and their Defence or that moroon UAssA using a verb instead of a noun Defense instead of DEFENCE Minister are trillions airs.

Mats said Sapuoh or Duapuloh commissi lah!

Ten or Twenty percent commissions lah!

Anonymous said...

Agreed the dude really needed to be sodomized jialat jialat for causing thousands of death

Anonymous said...

The western countries are in a path of inevitable decline.
They worshipped a comedian as their hero in Ukraine. They have forgotten about Superman.
In the USA, their best men to lead the country was two old men, one suffering from dementia and forgets everything he said or heard the moment he blinks his eyes. And another old man is no better than the comedian in Ukraine, an unscrupulous uncouth bully.
An in England they could not find an AngloSaxon good enough to lead the country and settled on an Indian immigrant.
In Canada you have a teacher in theatre to be their PM but not knowing what is the job of a PM.
In Germany after Merkel, they could not find a man that is better than her to lead the country.
In France, they found Macoroni, oops, Macron.
And the bunch of imbeciles got together to start a war with a country that has the most nuclear warheads that could roast everyone in Europe and America alive.

Anonymous said...

Zelenskyy is very keen to join the EU. Good luck to the EU. After the war, the EU will have to support Ukraine in reconstruction, if anything is left to reconstruct. As it is, many countries in the EU are already on life support - Italy, Portugal, Spain among others. The entry of Ukraine into the EU will need massive fiancial support and that is really the 'EU' or 'End of the Union'.

Anonymous said...

Blinken is a blinking dud, trying to pull wool over USA citizens and the world by claiming the USA only sent US$30 billion military aid to Ukraine. Any amount approved and given by Congress to Ukraine is for the war effort, and should be considered military aid. As such, that amount has already passed well over the US$100 billion figure and counting.

Why are USA leaders so totally unaware that they cannot get away with lying, and are yet continuing to go by their playbook of countering the reality, and giving information that really staggers the mind regarding their knowledge pertaining to contributions to the big black hole in Ukraine? Or are they merely pretending to be ignorant, in order to fool their own citizens about those massive contributions, while their own citizens are biting the bullet with homelessness, inflation and drug abuse needing urgent attention? Those figures in aid to Ukraine of US$30 billion by USA and US$13 billion by NATO quoted as what they contributed are a joke, and fishy is and understatement. It is a blatant lie.

Maybe those are to be discarded obsolete weapons to be scrapped and cost nothing, with just a little refurbishment and therefore cost little. North Korea is firing their obsolete weapons as welcoming gifts for visiting dignitaries to Taiwan and military exercises by USA, Japan and South Korea at its doorstep. North Korea is now parading its new nuclear missiles.

But then, what do clowns do best? They are good in fooling people with their antics.

Anonymous said...

The West now want to make the IMF change its lending rules in order to give $billions to Ukraine, indirectly to pay for arms purchases from the West

Anonymous said...

Does that give any clue as to who controls the IMF? Likewise the World Bank, UN, WHO, and even NGOs. Does that also give any clue as the why the world needs BRICS to succeed?

So, Ukraine will eventually be under the debt trap of the IMF. Massively! What does that entail? The IMF will control the fate of Ukraine. Now, who controls the IMF?

Anonymous said...

The next episode would be coming soon to Asia. Taiwan, South Korea, Japan would be one of the possible candidates. Many countries in South East Asia also profitted from wars in Vietnam and Korea peninsular.

Anonymous said...

Since the end of the WW2, and as the most prolific supplier of arms during conflict and later, the biggest giver of aid to destroyed economies and the resulting benefits from their rebuilding, the USA discovered the gold mine of weapons sale and capitalised on it.

From thereon, they had the Korean War, then the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, now the Ukraine War and in the interim they are already planning the War against China.

How much weapon sales, pre and post war, have they made over those wars that they instigated?

Do not forget the minor conflicts and insurrections in so many countries, using the CIA to support the opposition, armed the rebels, even supporting terrorist groups that created chaos, by giving aid and weapons to them. ISIS was reported to be their creation. Now they are revitalising neo-Nazi groups and rearming them in Ukraine. This will be another terrorist group that will be creating trouble in Europe.

Anonymous said...


Based on Forbes list of billionaires, ranked no.100 is worth 16B+
I tend to believe Zelensky the comedian is already a billionaire but somehow wants more from the US-EU criminal enterprise. This partnership is likely to give the comedian the mother of all climax.

Anonymous said...

Weapons sent to Ukraine have been discovered elsewhere, no doubt sold by Ukraine leaders. How big was the scam that Ukraine committed? Now all the co-scamers and corrupt ministers have been purged, all enjoying luxurious lifestyles with their ill gotten wealth.

Zelenskyy continues to ask for more. And they continue to give. And the corruption continues. They knew Ukraine was already the most corrupt country in Europe, and they turned a blind eye.

Historian said...

The numbers are fishy and do not add up.

Can you please provide more details Redbean. There are only 2 numbers, but there is no source. Thanks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Stoltenberg talked about $120b. Blinken talked about $30b plus $13b and tens of billions.

Try asking the two to explain the numbers. I don't have the info to make what they said to make sense.

Historian said...

I think you have to look at the actual statements and understand the context. One might have been talking about total NATO commitments (which includes US), and the other might have been referring only to US military and/or non-military commitments. You also have to consider whether it is the same time frame, the same set of donors, past donations or included future commitments, otherwise it won't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Missing money is not the only NATO problem:

'It has recently dawned on the West that it takes lots of factories to produce weapons and ammunition for a long war. The war in Ukraine has vividly illustrated this point, with NATO scrounging the world trying to find more military hardware and ammunition to send to Ukraine. It would also be preferable to have said factories nearby and under one’s own control.'

'This struggle has allowed cracks to develop in the “International Rules-Based Order” that was developed and managed by the US since WWII. Numerous nations that felt disadvantaged by that order have begun to exercise their sovereignty and to decline to take direction from the US. Washington can sense that Western control is slipping away, but is unable to agree on a suitable course of action to counteract the ongoing breakdown.'

'One of these changes concerns the US dollar and its exchange rate with foreign currencies. The US dollar had been supported by arrangements with some of the major oil-producing countries, especially Saudi Arabia. This arrangement, in effect since President Nixon, had oil sold only in US dollars, forcing oil-importing nations to acquire dollars, thus keeping the dollar very strong.

This allowed for relatively cheap imports of consumer goods into the US, thus keeping up a high standard of living and low inflation. This has been one important component of the “Rules-Based Order” supporting US hegemony. However, Saudi Arabia is now making deals to sell oil in Chinese currency, and other big producers such as Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are doing likewise. If this trend keeps up, the Petroyuan will replace the Petrodollar.'

Furthermore, the US uses its financial power to crash the exchange rate of other countries’ currencies when the US is promoting a regime change operation. When Russia began the SMO in Ukraine, the US sanctions on Russia collapsed the ruble in an effort to make things very difficult for Russia to continue the war. Many analysts were surprised that the tactic did not work as expected.

Instead, Russia had prepared for it and proceeded to survive without the Western imports. Suppose the end of the Petrodollar causes the US dollar to similarly collapse; would the US be able to survive as well?

The breakdown in the global order also affects the US-China relationship. The US has declared China to be the number one enemy for the future and is heating up the controversy over Taiwan. The US is already putting some sanctions on China, but the question is whether they will have the desired effect—or will they backfire as is the case with Russia?

A shooting war around Taiwan would interrupt commercial shipping between the US and China, thus causing many shelves in big box stores to go empty. Analysts disagree on which country would be worse off: China for lack of exports to the US, or the US for lack of imports from China.

The West is not in a military, nor economic, nor social position to be very successful in negotiations with the East and South. Even having negotiations is problematical, since the East and South view the West as being “not agreement capable.” Thus it will dawn sooner or later on the Western leaders that they bit off more than they could chew.

Link to article:

Anonymous said...

Merkel revealed that the Minsk Agreement was to give Ukraine the time to strenghen its military capabilities, not to avoid war. That Ukraine had never intended to stick to the letter and continued to kill Russian speaking residents in Donetsk and Luhansk, shows that the West had more vile plans for Ukraine than meets the eye.

The second time an agreement was reached for peace, just right at the start of the conflict, was sabotaged by the West, with Boris Johnson doing the honours of making sure the agreement never see the light of day. Of course, behind him we can only guess who was calling the shots, but the guess is more an open secret that everyone knows. Just like asking who bombed the Nord Stream pipelines.

patriot said...

Zelenskyy is a blessing to the World's Future.
Through his ambition and deed,
the World gets to
see through the Ambition and Motive of the US to
control the World. Zelenskyy makes Russia to take the lnitiative to neuter the Threat pose by Zelenskyy Ukraine and NATO. It also exposes how the US exploits and makes use of the European Nations though the Latters are willing parties.
Of course, as it is, the US, NATO and the EU will suffer much from the Russia Ukraine War and if the War escalates, they shall suffer more
Severely and do too thr World at large. And l surmise Sin shall be greatly affected.
I do hope
that Russia will rein Ukraine fast and save the World from sufferring further.