What is wrong with you?

 How many Koreans and Chinese did the Americans killed in the Korean War?

 How many Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians did the Americans killed in the Vietnam War?

 How many Afghans did the Americans killed in the Afghan War?

 How many Iraqis did the Americans killed in the Iraq War?

 How many Syrians and Muslims did the Americans killed in the Syrian War?

How many Libyans and Muslims did the Americans killed in the Libyan War?

How many Slavs and Muslims did the Americans killed in the Kosovo War?

And we are not asking about the native Americans and black African slaves killed in North and South America.

Other than the Korean War, when hundreds of thousands of Chinese young men and women died fighting the Americans, China was not involved in any of these wars and did not kill anyone, 0, not even 1.

And the Americans demonise China as an aggressor, the bad guy, and you believe in this lie?

What is wrong with you?

And so many Arabs and Muslims have been massacred by the Americans in the above wars and in Palestine everyday, and you believe in American shit that there is genocide in Xinjiang and China is violating the human rights of the Uyghurs?

What is wrong with you?

And no Muslim countries, not even one, believes in the American lies about Xinjiang, but you still believe in the American lies! 

What is wrong with you?


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and All

Also what's is wrong with the Vietnamese, the South Koreans etc which the Americunts had killed so many millions of you and your for the Korean Peninsula Case your same Northern Bros and Sis and Kins that you now sucked up and be lap skunks or sad to use this word Dogs to them.

Also the South Koreans going against and going to kill even your own by been stupid on the Instigations of the Americunts.

Oh, forgetting to mention the Daft Taiwanese who been brainwashed by their half Japs Leaders and the Evil Americunts that they are going to fight against their own descendents.

Well, for the Japs they are in league with the Evil Whites past history and now as lap skunks and Dogs to them even though the Americunts killed millions of them it's their karmas that they have to be such as this is in their genes.

Also as Heavens predestined they have to be wipe up for their actriocites in the past for murdering so many Chinese that now as Devils in collaboration with the Evil Whites they have to be exterminate for good.

Also so many Asian Bananas that also been brainwashed and simply loved their so called freedom of decadence loose and sinful lifestyles of their White Masters also have to meet their Demise.

Anonymous said...

The Uighur population in Xinjiang has increased significantly, more mosques have been built for them, their overall standard of living has also been raised significantly...so what is this bloody American BS about genocide in Xinjiang?
What is wrong with you Hongkees, Taiwanese who are anti China and pro americans ?

Anonymous said...

Further questions:

Who was the aggressor during the Korean War, sending troops into South Korea in an attempt to destroy the North and still stationing troops in the South?

Who was the aggressor during the Vietnam War, sending half a million troops half way round the world to fight the North Vietnamese, and killing millions of innocent women and children from the resulting war?

Who was the aggressor during the Iraq War, dragging allies into a war based on blatant fabricated lies and killing millions of innocent women and children? This was a war crime that was daylight clear and simple and they got away with it.

Who was the aggressor during the Afghanistan War, withdrawing after twenty years and after destroying the country. Was the Afghanistan aggression just a war waged against terrorism, or to kill more innocent people and help the military establishment sell more weapons? They should withdraw after taking out Osama bin laden, who was accused of the 911 attacks, but they stayed on for 11 more years until they were chased out by the Taliban.

We have to remember also the countless attempts at regime changes, false flags and CIA instigated protests and assassinations, killing more innocent people which they claimed are just collateral damage material. The USA is still at it in Africa, Latin America (particularly Venezuela), Middle East (particularly Iran), Europe (stuck in Ukraine) and stirring up shit in South and East Asia, Pacific Islands and South East Asia (particularly Myanmar).

And to add to these, they are already creating conflicts up in space as well.

Virgo49 said...

Why take out Osama?

It's you the White Devils who in the first place had killed and bullied all these ME and other Muslims that they in retaliation killed you skunks WHITES!

Always remember that there's a action there be a reaction!

What's wrong with you EVIL Whites?

Anonymous said...

Chinese officials are reported to be visiting Taiwan. The fourth ranking Communist Party Leader, Wang Huning, is expected to visit Taiwan. This is following the visit by KMT Vice Chairman Andrew Hsia's visit to China, which just concluded. China was reported to have laid out a red carpet treatment for the visiting KMT leaders, who were in China for a 10 day visit.

The Mainland Chinese officials visit to Taiwan will be interesting to watch, and will be an irritant and eyesore to Taiwan's ruling party and the USA. China can play the same game as the USA.

Virgo49 said...


America is a FAILED State

By Kim Iverson and Jimmy Dore.

Wow bang on the head and faint

Anonymous said...

Easiest way to expose the American lies is to allow the western journalists and media to freely interview the people in Xinjiang without obstruction. Oh wait............!

Anonymous said...

No use. The journalists are either paid or simply stupid after years of feeding on American propaganda. Just read or listen to Channel News America and you can only shake your head in disbelief at their parroting of American propaganda word for word.

They are incapable of forming their own ideas by looking at facts on the ground or realities.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.30

CNA and ST just simply cannot report any adverse news on the UAssA and the Whites EU or any country that are their Allies as Commonwealth Papuers with instructions from the Papies Ruling Government.

Their parrots reporters and newscasters and.cannot be called Journalists are just going thru their motions of dummies and just pay collects Sirs or Madams.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add for that matter all the Sinkieland so called News Medias and even their so called Analysts and Unis Spokesmen and Women in public and private sectors.

Anonymous said...

Today st. Times big big still talking
Chinese balloons, no mention of
US sabotage of pipeline

Anonymous said...

There is not a single reliable journalist among the 600 000 people who are journalists in the world. Everybody is either bought or brainwashed. In fact, students study journalism not because they want to reveal the actual story and inform readers, but because it is lucrative (2nd only to business degree) and you can also be paid off by anyone or country to say what they want. That's why they call it the 2nd oldest profession in the world.

Anonymous said...

Denial is a giant river in Europe..

Paraphasing Pepe Escobar: 'Pustula von der Lugen EXPLODES the "garden" Stupid-O-Meter:

"The version of US involvement in sabotage on gas pipelines seems absurd to us. In all the years of America's existence, not a single fact of violation of international law... has been established and confirmed."'

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/RealPepeEscobar/status/1626545659330322432?s=20

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you? ...sinkies...

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, after giving chicken wings and being in big debt is a bad sign. Better run for cover.