Covid19 - When would WHO stop lying and do the necessary?

GENEVA: The World Health Organization will continue pushing until it finds an answer to how the COVID-19 pandemic started, the agency's chief said on Wednesday (Feb 15) following a report suggesting it had abandoned the search....

The Nature report suggested that the WHO has "quietly shelved the second phase of its much-anticipated scientific investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic".

It quoted Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO expert leading the agency's COVID-19 response, saying that "there is no phase two".

The WHO planned for work to be done in phases, she told the report, but "that plan has changed", adding that "The politics across the world of this really hampered progress on understanding the origins".  CNA

Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO chief is still lying. It is still blaming China and using China as the scapegoat in this Pandemic. China is the only country that opened itself for WHO to inspect and they could not find anything wrong.

On the other hand, everything is pointing to the Americans, Fort Dettrick and the 36 bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Why is WHO so afraid to conduct an investigation on the Americans? They could not or did not want to see the elephant in the room?

Until WHO starts to investigate the USA, there will be no truth to talk about. Anyway, by now the Americans would have destroyed or removed all evidence on the origins of the virus coming from the Americans.

This creep still dared to open his stupid mouth to accuse China of not cooperating when the USA refused to cooperate from the start and spread all the lies about the origins from China.

When is WHO going to investigate the USA?

The credibility of WHO as an American running dog is no difference from the UN. Period.
PS.  When would WHO investigate the crimes against the Pacific Islanders for testing hundreds of nuclear weapons in the surrounding islands, destroying the environments, marine lives and human lives?

When would WHO investigate the environment disaster in the blowing up of the Nordstream pipelines?

When would WHO investigate the disastrous chemical explosion in Ohio, USA, another man made disaster on mother earth?

When would WHO put a stop to the release of nuclear waste by Japan in the coming months?


Anonymous said...

"....On the other hand, everything is pointing to the Americans, Fort Dettrick and the 36 bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Why is WHO so afraid to conduct an investigation on the Americans?..."

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the Biggest funder of WHO. So we should also be worried about the WHY and WHAT!!! Look deeper to know why it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

To really find out the source, the UN and WHO have to investigate every country that hosted such and any biolabs. Why are they only targeting China? This shows that their intention is not to find out the truth, but to make sure the accusations and fabrications stick with China.

That is why China refused initially to allow the UN to investigate the Wuhan Lab, as any result arrived at therefrom will still be skewed towards blaming the Chinese, no matter how China tries to convince otherwise. Realistically, the refusal by the USA to allow any investigation of Fort Detrick is a very solid indication that the USA is trying to hide the truth.

And another reason is that the origin of COVID19 is obviously not China, because of the obvious fear and reluctance of the UN and WHO to investigate other sources, which means there was an agenda already made to target China, with an apparent source of pressure exerted by some powerful country, not to widen their investigation, for fear of revealing the real culprits.

We can surmise at the hyprocrisy of the whole affair conducted clandestinely, just by looking at the Nord Stream bombing investigation that Sweden conducted and their refusal to divulge the culprit for fear of reprisals. Why would they not want to reveal who was responsible, as it is of international concern regarding what Putin called 'International Terrorism'? We know that Sweden was intending to join Nato and revealing the truth will be detrimental to their aspiration.

Further, can we really believe that if Russia had conducted a false flag to destroy their own pipeline, Sweden would not hesitate to capitalise on using the evidence to put the whole crime on the Russians and improve their chances of Nato membership support? Think about that!

Anonymous said...

Fyi, UN/WTO/WHO..etc all these are just vassal organization of the americunt. So don't need to expect them to do anything for world peace.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't China withdraw from these vassal organizations?

Anonymous said...

When BRICS pull it off, you can be sure all the fake organisations - the UN, WHO, IMF, ICC will be history and of no moral value. New independent bodies will be formed as needed and nurtured into existence.

An example is the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO). BRICS itself is also an example of an organisation that values equality of every member, big and small, all having a voice and not one party alone controlling and doing the dictating to others.

And it certainly would not be a lone Pipe Piper leading everybody into wars and suffering all the destruction, while the Pipe Piper enjoys the benefits and preservation of its hegemony, at the expense of others who are cheered on to fight to the last man. A dead hero is a stupid hero.

Building Brics said...

The Shanghai Co-operation Organization is a good initiative to show the power of the BRICS. The free trade area proposed in 2004 is on track. It will soon be bigger than the EU once they are able to finalize the small details. Onward we go.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

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