UN to POFMA social media but not govt spreading lies and propaganda


Clayton Morris: We better pay attention to what their doing to us - 16 minutes

Once they labelled you as extremist or spreading lies, hatreds etc etc, you are dead meat. Many top American and western professors and journalists have been attacked and cancelled by the American Empire. No more freedom of speech except for the rogue American and western govts. They would not be affected and they can continue to spread lies to start wars. Also all the main media of American cronies and doggies. All social media that are critical of the evil American Empire would have to stop publishing, including Clayton Morris' Redacted, George Galloway's MOATS, MSN, etc etc.

Main media or govts spreading lies would not be affected. They would be exempted and all the western main media can continue to spread their lies and hate against their labelled enemies.

The SOP of the American lies is about a future threat or event, like the end of the world. The world is coming to an end, give me all your money. They are spreading the lie that China would be as evil as the Americans in the future, like wanting to be a world hegemon, starting wars everywhere. So much join the American gangsters, the current world hegemon, the warmonger, to attack China.

In a simpler analogy, if the Americans say your father is going to become a rapist in the future, would you report to him to the police now and get him arrested or chase him out of the house? Only silly believers of the Americans would accept this kind of lies without question and turn against a China that is not involved in any wars and has not been a world empire or hegemon. And the believers would believe the next lie of the Americans, that China is peaceful now but can still be aggressive and expansionist in the future. So much hate China and go against China, but not the evil American Empire, the rogue Empire that is starting and fighting wars everywhere to remain as the world hegemon, killing and destroying people and countries.

Stupidity has no cure.


Anonymous said...

"Stupidity has no cure" ya..tell that to our highly paid papies & they will sue you..not pfoma you. Did our papies asked their americunt master where are the weapon of mass destruction in iraq..after all the hula hula..where are the chemical weapon in syria...who blewup the gas pipes....

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.07

Yes, you are absolutely right!

The World's of their Balless Leaders besides those who are the balls carrying Ones of the UAssA and the the Whites won't dare even raise a whimper and bluntly in their waste times what's nonsense so many summits and meetings dared NOT told off the Americunts and their parasites cronies.

Just fark them off by saying "Hey, you bloody wars mongers! Just learn yo co-exist with the Rest of the World and you will have PEACE.

Don't everyday are full full on other's accounts and sweats and blood and you planned for chaos in every continent that do not take your damn sides.

Even our Hen, aiya cannot blame him lah hen aka chicken simply said we be in comfortable place if you buggers started chaos here.

Just simply tell the Americunts, hey you bastards don't create chaos every day In and our and everyone you bastards go.

Oh oh forgot, you cannot say such blunt remarks to your Masters.

Now only some brave African Leaders even their Women Leaders only dared openly criticised the Americunts.

Whio dared in ASIA?

Anyway it's good that the Americunts are now going for the Indians balls and that will have them leaned more to our own Asians Sphere and hopefully more aligned with China.

Don't pick up troubles with China as slowly the Americunts will go after one by one in this part of Asia that do not toe their line.

If all the been bullied do not have the courage to fight and tell off the bullies they be bullied forever.

This Pinoy Marcos always played two sides trying to get both benefits and be the middle one to see the fight and hope to he unscathed.

After his visit to Bejing and his demands that Philippines is also one of the owners of the islands or territories in the South China Seas and Beijing told him that all belonged to China as historical facts, he then went back and purposely invited the Americunts to set up their bases hoping to upset China and maybe will throw him some scraps to swallow.

So China has to be aware of many Traitous skunks here in Asia.

Virgo49 said...


China Wang Yi said in the Security Summit had China had plans and options of ending the Urukians War.

XinGang invited SinkiesLAND FM to go up and knew that Sinkies leaders loved to be in limelight and as Peace Balls Carriers like holding the Shangri-la Gila Dummies will let SinkiesLAND be the messenger of their mediations to persuade both sides to end the conflict.

Thus we shall be in the limelight of the International Community as the punch above the weight Red Dot of Asia.


Anonymous said...

Singapore elite bananas support the US.

Anonymous said...

By supporting the war in Iraq, not criticising the destruction of Libya, the sanctioning of Iran, Venezuela, also attempted regime change, not questioning who are the terrorists behind the NordStream sabotage including the intent of owning so many bio weapon labs.
Come to think of it, makes sense for the papies to support when the yanks have been giving every inch of their love to them.

Virgo49 said...


Loved to see and hear this guy Emil Cosman funny man English and his analogies of the West as Coyotes and Weasesl and Wolves that can only bullied lambs.

When met with Russian Bears they hide.

Especially the Americunts in their women 's panties.

Enjoy and.Cheers

Angry in Bishan said...

RB, is it true this guy is a scammer?A

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just ignore him. Simpleton. Only believes in American lies.

Anonymous said...

They will brand him as a Russian propagandist. Anyone who talks truth about Russia having the upper hand in the Ukraine War is a Russian propagandist. Anyone taking sides with China must have been paid by the Chinese to say such things. It is the norm. And sometimes Youtube will even ban such sites or demoneise their videos.

What about those paid by USA to spread propaganda, all US$300 million to manufacture fake news?

Anonymous said...

US$300m. That is peanuts compared to this www.reuters.com/US/govt-fund-$14bn-propaganda-2023

Virgo49 said...


Rage against the War Machine.

Virgo49 said...

Wow frightening! UAssA Blinking Idiot warned China not to aid Russia!

That Papuer hid behind women's panties still thought that they can dictated threats to China.

Wow, they can supplied and instigated their idiots to support and supply arsenals to Urukiane and China and for that matter Iran and Others cannot supply theirs to Russia.

Still thought that they still ruled the Ubiverse.

China said if you want to carry on and still demonise us we shall carry through to the end.

Does this Blinking Idiot know what's the PRCs meant by that?

In Chinese jargon gangsters talks you want to fight, we shall accompanied you and fight to the end.

That Idiot Hot Airs lah said warned in front of reporters but in actual terms he said we are concerned that China may help Russia.

In front of all said "Warned" but in front of Wang Yi said we are concerned that you may aid Russia.

Hey, go back and tell your President to look for aid to go to the toilet and pee properly lah.

Also tell your female Shrieking VP Hyena to stop laughing like an Ass when she cannot answer any question.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add all these bloody UAssA stooges moderators whenever they questioned any China's Leaders, they will always puts them in a quandary by asking them biased opinions by putting some disinformation about who's who's their adversaries socalled crimes and asked for their comments.

That's damn Moderator first question to Wang Yi is did you see the photos and articles as put up Big Big in front of the entrance of Russia's War Crimes in Urukiane?

What you think of that? Why doesn't they put up the WarCrimes of the Americunts and their lackeys NATO and asked the same?

Wang Yi simply ignored this prompting as he knew that all these hypocrites are trying to draw him into any disputes of for or against Russia.

They still think that China's Leaders are duds? Unlike their own with loose stinking mouths that came out without going thru their numb skulls!

Virgo49 said...


Wang Yi's Speech in Munich