Americans out to wreck India and bring down Modi

George Soros is now targeting India and Modi, and talking about a regime change before 2024. Soros is leveraging on the Muslim issue in India, hyping it up to create more chaos, like what the USA and allies were doing in Xinjiang before. The USA and its doggies knew Modi is a strong leader and difficult to hold down, and we in turn know who is behind George Soro's move.

India is in the crosshairs of the Evil Empire over its stand on Ukraine, and its continued support for Russian energy exports and its war funding. It does, however, come as quite a surprise that this is happening to India so soon, and the attacks so co-ordinated after the release of the Hindenburg Research papers that was supposed to create turmoil in the Indian stock market and financial system. That the damage was minimal is now forcing the hand of the USA and the West. They have to move up a notch with their attack.

The USA is trying very hard to make India move away from Russia, the same modus operandi they were used to split the China/Russia alliance. The effect of these three breaking up is instrumental to the USA's successful designs on Europe, which is the total collapse of Russia leading to a regime change. The oil and other sanctions failed, so far, to curb Russia's ability to sustain the war in Ukraine. The biggest shock was that despite Russia being the most sanctioned country on earth, it is still doing much better than the UK and Europe. This is giving the USA and the West something to think of.

With the weapons support by the West for Ukraine looking unsustainable, they are desperately asking Allies to step up their support by sending tanks to Ukraine for Zelenskyy. Will tanks be another game changer? Russia has thousands of tanks engaged in the war in Ukraine. What is a few dozen tanks for Ukraine going to achieve?



Anonymous said...

RB this is my first post since taking over the presidency. If u view many other social media posts, Basically they said that Russia is winning the war.

David Ho
Singapore Kuda Club

Anonymous said...

With almost the whole Anglo Saxon clique backing Ukraine, Russia is alone fighting the war ironically on two fronts, military and economic. With all that support and aid by the clique, isn't it surprising that after a year, they still failed to chase the Russians out of Ukraine? So, the question is, is Russia losing the war? Russia ought to have been beaten back by now. Instead, what we know is that Russia is beefing up its forces, up to 500,000 troops, now said to be used to defend their hold in Eastern Ukraine. That is a formidable force.

The most obvious immediate sign, from the start, of failures was turning the Russian Ruble into rubbles, that turned out to be a fantasy. The second obvious failure were the sanctions, making Russia undoubtedly the most sanctioned country in the history of the world, and yet doing Russia is doing better than the UK economically. That is a turn out from the books.

The most telling failure was cutting off Russian energy exports to Europe, which has done more harm than good for the EU. What is the EU going to do going forward, realistically having to pay for energy that is four times more expensive than what they were getting from Russia via pipelines? Sorry for repeating that. This is not a short term issue, but will take years to overcome.

This winter in Europe was relatively mild and stockpiling before the war was able to compensate for the shortage of Russian gas. Can industries in Europe afford the wait for cheaper energy and lose its competitive edge without more cheap Russian imports? The answer is obvious. Moreover, OPEC+ is no longer the fall back energy tap for the USA to turn on and off as it likes. USA producers themselves are not willing to ramp up production with more investments, designed to flood the market with oil, which is detrimental to their bottom line.

Even if Russia loses the war, Europe will still suffer the consequences of expensive energy for a long time to come. Russian energy supplies have now pivoted towards the East, with India now the biggest importer of Russian energy, followed by China and surprisingly Saudi Arabia. These three countries alone can easily absorb what the Russians failed to pump to Europe, so who loses? With China opening up, and India picking up economic momentum, more energy from Russia will be in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

"He is old, rich, opinionated and dangerous, because what happens is, when such people and such views and such organisations - they actually invest resources in shaping narratives," Jaishankar said in a response to a question about Soros at the Raisina@Sydney conference.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog, President David Ho.

The Americans and their propaganda machine and cronies are also boasting about how well the Nazi Ukrainians are doing and Ukraine is winning the war. What is important is to look at the facts on the ground and judge for yourself.

Today, many main media, especially the American media, western media and media of American cronies and doggies are just spreading lies, outright lies to con the stupid and the unthinking.

Russia can take out the USA. How can Russia lose to a failed and poor state like Ukraine that is begging for weapons and money everyday? How can Ukraine be winning when Russia has taken over the eastern part of Ukraine, and Russia can hit every corner of Ukraine, but Ukraine and Nato cannot hit Russian territories?

Anonymous said...

Soros invested US$50 million to support NGOs around the world, with the intended purpose of creating chaos in many countries on the pretext of advancing democracy. That plus the US$300 million by the USA, and more by the West, is no small potato to destablise countries they do not like. Using that leverage, Soros was also able to launch attacks against currencies across the world to benefit his empire. He failed in Hong Kong and also in Malaysia going against strong leaders like Mahathir and Xi.

According to reports, Soros invested about US$12 million in NGOs in India alone, most of which primarily in advancing democratic parameters in India. Now, India is already touted as the biggest democracy in the world, with elections held according to schedule. Why is there a need to promote more democratic parameters in India? The crux of the matter is, the USA failed to control Modi as their stooge and they need a regime change to fix that.

By openly advocating a regime change in India using Soros, it sends a clear message to India and Modi that further unrest in India is not impossible, using the Muslim issue as base. India and Modi must now realise that what the USA is doing against China is also what they are in for moving forward. It may be unthinkable for the USA to kick up another confrontation on another front with India, but they desperately need to pry India's suppoort away from Russia, knowing Ukraine is in dire straits. Attacking India and Modi seems the only way out.

Biden had also broached the subject of a regime change in Russia, which came under criticism worldwide. It is gross interference in the internal affairs of another country. They may be able to do regime changes in smaller countries, but Russia is no small country and a military power as well. On top of that Russia is a resource rich country and will not fall so easily.

Virgo49 said...

The UAssA thought that they are Gods Ah?

Suka suka regime changes others ah?

Takd care own backsides arse holes first with so many crimes and Shits in your backyard before wanted to kah poh others affairs.

Good that they after the Indians's arse holes so that they can jell and lean to Asia.


Virgo49 said...


Anti wars rally at Munich and later in UK and interesting events coming out.

See how their Polis Gangsters react

They said HK Police brutal.

Haha let's see.

Anonymous said...

RB thank you

David Ho
Singapore Kuda Club

Anonymous said...

Will British PM Sunak help the US
to destabilize lndia?