'China Demands US "Explain Itself To The World" Over Nord Stream Attack Story'


Money printing by US is just one of their many problems:

'China Demands US "Explain Itself To The World" Over Nord Stream Attack Story'

China has demanded that the United States “explain itself to the world” if the revelations in Seymour Hersh’s story about US intel being responsible for destroying the Nord Stream gas pipelines are true.

According to Hersh’s sources, the explosives were planted in June 2022 by US Navy divers under the guise of the BALTOPS 22 NATO exercise and were detonated three months later with a remote signal sent by a sonar buoy.

One source told Hersh that the plotters knew the covert operation was an “act of war,” with some in the CIA and State Department warning, “Don’t do this. It’s stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out.”

Earlier today, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning asserted that Washington would have to bear responsibility if the report is confirmed as accurate.

“If the conclusions of the investigation are true, then the US behavior is unacceptable,” the diplomat told reporters, adding that the US would need to “explain itself to the world community.”

The Kremlin also responded to the report by demanding a fresh international investigation into the attack, which was preceded by both Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland asserting that the pipelines would be taken out if Russia invaded Ukraine.

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said Hersh’s article showed “the need for an open international investigation into this unprecedented attack on this critical infrastructure.”

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Virgo49 said...


Good morning All

The Whites of UAssA and the Canadians are now wayanging putting up a Charade that they shot down an undentified flying object above the Canadians skies.

An due to the extreme weather still unable to retrieve the object.

They are the Worst World's Liars and Impersonators who tried to claim that this must be China's Spy Machine.

They are like little rascals with numb brains and each waking day must fund some childish and rascal actions to keep them alive.

This bullshits Flying Object could be just a hoax by them to drum up animosity towards China and fooled all their sheepies that are now like Zombies.

As what's GG said in humour now the Whole Human Dafts will only be in unison if this undentified flying object is from Mars an Alien that going to attack the Earth.

Like their Movie "The Independence Day" where all the Nations Militaries combined and fought together against the Aliens.

Anonymous said...

China: americunt, why you blew up the gas pipe line?
USass: actually we are helping the russian to release some gas..otherwise they may have constipation..haha
UN: cina, please provide evidence..otherwise dnt anyhow said.

Virgo49 said...

Hi, just to add.

UAssA: Hey China's it's none of your business! Russia don't ask, why u ask? Busy body ah!

China: What's busybodies? Now we friends friends best buddies with Russia cannot ask meh?

All the time, we just kept quiet and you thought we are dumb ah?

Also so many crimes and bad nonsense that you bastards done to so many countries that now we must chok.chok chok and asked more to let the whole world know about your damn shits bullying.

We vocal you said we assertive and wolf Fighters or warriors.

Now we going to be White Tigers and Green Dragons Fighters to let the whole world know your evil deeds.

Anonymous said...

Actually, even before the pipelines were blown up, Biden already gave a big clue, saying that the invasion of Ukraine will see the pipelines put out of service, by any means.

Immediately after the pipelines were blown up, ex Polish Foreign Minister, Sikorski thanked the USA for damaging the Nord Stream pipelines. Why did he thanked the USA and not any other country around the region, or Russia which they were trying to put the blame on later.

And Blinken, immediately after the attack on the pipelines, said that this was a 'tremendous opportunity' for Europe to move away dependence on Russian energy. Now, the 'tremendous opportunity' actually was nothing of benefit to Europe, but it was for the USA to step in to sell expensive energy to Europe. That remark clearly indicates who stood to benefit most by taking out the pipelines, and who had the biggest motive for doing so.

And why was Sweden so afraid of releasing their investigation and saying it was a security issue to do so? Sweden was then planning to join NATO and antagonising the USA was not going to do them any good.

Virgo49 said...


China ready to shoot down object near their coast.

Tick for Tat?

Anonymous said...

The airspace above Taiwan is Chinese airspace and China can shoot down any foreign aircraft that flew into Chinese airspace without permission.

China is now planning to shoot at McCarthy or any American senator or congressman flying into Taiwan. It would be legitimate as they violate China's sovereignty.

This is a red line that the Americans helped to draw for China after shooting down the balloon.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Yibing Wu made history on Sunday ! He edged out American John Isner, the No 5 seed, 6-7 (4), 7-6 (3), 7-6 (12) to lift the Dallas Open trophy at the Styslinger/Altec Tennis Complex.

Wu is the first Chinese to win an ATP tournament. He will be ranked 58th in the world on Monday, the highest rang for a tennis player from China in history. “You’re gonna be a bright spot for the sport of tennis in the future”, stated his opponent after the final.

Anonymous said...

The US navy SEAL team which destroyed the Nordstream also trains SAF special forces and also our Naval Diver Units. Very saat, tough guys like Harvard-educated Jonny Kim (Sniper, Mathematician, Doctor, Astronaut, and now Pilot) Next time, anyone play play with Singapore, we will do the same to them.

Anonymous said...

The previous Afghanistan Government troops were also claimed to be well trained by the USA. But they scooted after seeing Taliban farmers with rifles coming for them. You can't train an unwilling soldier to become a hero. Not everyone is a Rambo in waiting. That is all make believe that only exists in Hollywood.

patriot said...

Foreign object is best retrieve and capture in its' orivinal conditoon, if possible.
To shoot and destroy it is only if it is impossible to
retrieve it safely.
Net may prove useful for retrieval.

CSM said...

Anon 5.32 - our NDU is not Hollywood Rambo. They are the real deal. I have seen them train before. You sound like a foreigner who didn't do NS, or else kheng during NS.

Anonymous said...

Kirby had announced the downing of a “high-altitude object” off the coast of Alaska on Friday. US fighter jets brought down an “unidentified, unmanned object” over Yukon in northwest Canada on Saturday. The third “object” was shot down on Sunday afternoon over Lake Huron, as it approached Michigan.

“While authorities don’t yet know what the objects are, they are not a threat,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters on Monday. “They do not present a military threat to anyone on the ground. They do however present a risk to civil aviation and potentially an intelligence collection threat. And we’ll get to the bottom of it,” he added.

Austin also said the three “objects” were different from the Chinese “spy balloon” the US shot down over South Carolina last week. The aerostat, which Beijing described as a weather balloon blown off-course by the winds, had passed over most of the continental US before it was destroyed by a F-22 fighter jet. RT

Now madly shooting at everything they see in the sky to keep up the pretence.

Anonymous said...

Now also madly shouting - "It's a plane, it's a bird, it's superman".

Anonymous said...

Now it is getting more hilarious. Soon they will be shooting at round objects, cylindrical objects, pentagonal objects, even at the moon and Venus.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what the objects are, but knows they are not a threat? What is he talking about? Gorilla language?

Virgo49 said...

Yesterday saw a ST's photo of the daft Americunts surrounding the usual Police Crime Scene Tapes round that retrieved Balloon that they had shot down in their godown.

Wah. Crime scene weather balloon?

That's Balloon criminal?

Whats a joke and just see how paranoid and scared these imbeciles are.

Anonymous said...

They are going implant or fabricate fake evidence to show the world that it was a spy balloon, just like the detergent Colin Powell brought into the UNGA.

These wicked and shameful animals do not know what is shame, after being caught red handed for so many times. They must be punished severely by their bad karma.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 12.30

One journalist asked that Sly Vester Kirkby as that Negress Girl too much flak falls sick M.C. of what's they shot down recently in their own sky as well as in Canada.

What's objects are these pentagon, cylinders and also octagon shapes?

This Sly guy said we are still investigating and will let you all know soon.

Same breath as all daft Americunts he said we are getting our contractors to paint the China and North Korean and Russia Logos on all the objects.

Then their own damn dumb painters painted the UAssA logos with that Bidamn in underwear and also that Hygena Shrieking Kallama on the objects that they trying to blame China, Russia and Kim for them

Anonymous said...

American spokesman told a lie that 40 countries had reported Chinese balloons flew across their airspace. When pressed by the journalists he could not name the countries.

Anonymous said...

The Americans think the people of the whole world are like stupid Singapore bananas. Everything they said would be taken as the gospel truth. That Americans are the most truthful and honest gangsters and they would never lie.

When you hear the stupid banana Singaporeans happily regurgitating American Phlegm through the main media, you feel so sick and nauseating.

You can't believe there are so many stupid bananas in this piece of rock.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.50

China exclaimed that their UAssA had 10 balloons or flying objects that flew over China in 2022.

Straightaway, they denied.

Polls shows who are lying:

UAssA at nearly 100 % that they are liars as they are notoriously famous for.

China less than 10% mostly polled yes by their cronies Whites and Japs and some Japs Taiwanese and Sinkies Bananas.

Anonymous said...

At least 21 cars operated by Union Pacific were derailed in the incident, leaving a portion of the tracks destroyed. Some of the cars were carrying household chemicals and a hazmat team has been called in to ensure there is no threat to emergency workers, police spokesman James Teller told a local news outlet.

🚨#BREAKING: Emergency Crews Respond To Deadly Train Derailment Near Houston⁰⁰📌#Houston | #Texas⁰⁰Officials are now responding to another deadly train derailment near Houston, TX. Over 16 rail cars, carrying “hazardous materials”crashed, prompting Union Pacific to monitor… https://t.co/Fe17VJ3Zj7pic.twitter.com/8iiA8NFvmC

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) February 13, 2023
Footage of the scene was captured by local media, showing a pile-up of railcars as well as a fleet of police vehicles and fire trucks.

BREAKING: Another train derailment in South Carolina, the SECOND one this month. Something seems fishy! pic.twitter.com/ao9Z624d7k

— Preston Parra (@ThePrestonParra) February 13, 2023

And there were shootings after shootings in schools and public places.

And Biden got the cheek to say Xi is in deep trouble. The only trouble Xi is having is too many dignitaries and heads of states visiting him and he is crammed for time to take a break.

At the same time America is on fire, floods, storms, killings, infrastructure breaking down, no money to pay debt, and Biden still fighting real war in Ukraine and fake wars against balloons and aliens. And his homes being searched, his son Hunter waiting to be persecuted.

Who is in deep trouble?

Virgo49 said...


Anonymous said...

Seems the drivers of the two trains that crashed were busy looking up at the sky for balloons and UFOs, LOL. The two seperate train crashes were all carrying toxic chemicals, which when mixed together are said to produce a deadly cocktail that kills animals. Whether that means dangerous to humans as well is up to those living around those areas to protect themselves.

The US Government is trying desperately to keep people from knowing the severity of the two crashes by arresting journalists trying to cover the news on the ground.

There seems to be scanty news reports so far.