Ukraine War - A strategic masterpiece by the Americans

 Many are looking at the Ukraine War from the conventional perspective. It is a war between two sides and one side is good, one is bad, and one would end up the winner. But looking at it from another perspective, the depopulation of mother earth, I think the Americans are doing the right thing. The world is over populated and tough actions are needed to reduce the world population. Bill Gates and Soros are doing their jobs in this direction. The Ukraine War is another way to achieve the same goal

One good point about the Ukraine War is that it is more selective and targeted in the solution. What Gates and Soros are doing is a bit indiscriminate, using a broad brush to wipe out people of all races in one sweep. The Ukraine War does it a bit differently. The Americans are destroying the warmongering blue eyed blonds, the most warlike and dangerous specie of mankind. If the Americans would be allowed to have their ways, Europe would be less populated and with lesser blue eyed blonds by the time this war ends.

Let the Ukraine War go on not only to the last Ukrainians, but to the last blue eyed blond European. There will then be lesser warmongering blue eyed blonds to go around the world to start wars and to invade countries of the non whites. The Americans are doing a great service towards peace and to save the world. This time it is real, for peace. You can only appreciate the outcome by seeing how aggressive, intense, enthusiastic and perverted the Europeans are in wanting to escalate this war at all costs with no regards to its consequences.

With lesser of the warlike blue eyed blonds left in Europe, it would be easier to repopulate Europe with the refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Very likely they would be encouraged to go forth and multiply as Europe would need more people to replace the blue eyed blonds that were taken out in the war. The surviving blue eyed blondes would need to find their mates from the Middle Eastern and Africans men that are in Europe. The next generation of Europeans would be less white and no longer have blue eyes, and less warlike than the blue eyed blonds.

Europe would become a more peaceful region in a generation or two. This is the masterpiece of the Americans. Great works are made in this way, unintentionally, like the breeding of the best physical specimen of the human race in America. This experiment in Europe would end up with a new human specie that is less warlike, less aggressive than the blue eyed blonds.

Well done, America.  The rest of the world must thank the Americans profusedly for this masterpiece. But do not get involved to mess up the great plan of the Americans. This is the best thing the Americans have ever done, for once, and for the better of all human beans.

PS. In a way, if Singapore were to replace its no talent and lazy Singaporeans with talented foreigners. Singapore would also become more progressive and competitive with a new generation of talented citizens.  Social engineering?  And all the countries of the world can learn from this Singapore experiment and become more successful by replacing their no talent natives with top talents from the rest of the world.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Good idea!

We can replace the entire Red Dot cabinet w Xi & his team...������

So much cheaper and more effective in reducing poverty.

What u'all think?

Anonymous said...

Not that good an idea.

Think the preference is for Biden and the Americans or Modi and the Indians.

Anonymous said...

Wild boars CECA red dot alert!

Wild boars have naturally recolonised most of the viable green spaces in Singapore, except the southern forests, but are likely to do so in the next decade, a recent study has found.

Within 20 years, wild boars have rapidly spread and increased in many forest patches sampled, according to the study.

Anonymous said...

" if Singapore were to replace its no talent and lazy Singaporeans with talented foreigners. Singapore would also become more progressive and competitive with a new generation of talented citizens."

*Replacing the no talent and lazy Singaporeans should start with those buggers in parliament lording over this island. They have so many job titles doing very little and yet paid very handsomely.
These good for nothing pap buggers is the reason why singkies are assessed as having no talent. They actually believe superior talents come from a place with universities that are world rank 497 to 566. If this is not being dumb, how about this...SG became the 1st in Asia to rollout dubious mrna from a highly questionable pharma industry, the only Asean member to sanction Russia who can be a reliable alternative for oil and gas at lower price.

Anonymous said...

Usa had been using ammunitions clothed with depleted uranium for their wars in Iraq, Libya, etc. The hardness of the shells of the ammunition would be increased more than 300%. Its can penetrate any normal armour vehicles easily. Sides effects like cancers had been found in civilians peoples effected by the wars. Putin had warned Biden not to use them in Ukraine.