Who has more problems? Xi or Biden?

The unravelling Ohio train disaster is starting to be a topic that the USA Government originally had been trying very hard to suppress, with balloongate taking top attention by the USA Government to divert attention over the environmental disaster unfolding, Biden's hidden documents, Hunter's laptop, Biden's involvement in blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, and the perceived failure of all the sanctions against Russia. What is less prominentaly discussed is the effect of those sanctions hitting the EU more than Russia. It backfired badly.

Toxic chemicals are now said to be leaking into groundwater and acid rain is forming over a wide area. Social media is now covering the disaster widely, with mainstream journalists arrested earlier on the pretext of interfering with Government people fighting the chemical leak. The long term disastrous effect is unknown, but will certainly not be admitted.

By the way, another train derailement occurred in Texas, also carrying toxic chemicals. This is the result of infrastructures not being propertly maintained, which is going to haunt the USA going forward. They have an unending flow of money for the Ukraine War, US$350 million (originally it was US$350 billion) for Digital Transformation of Africa, US$150 million for buying patrol boats for ASEAN, US$600 billion (US$200 billion from USA) for global infrastructure developments to compete with the BRI, but unable to have money to refurbish their falling infrastructures. Besides the real money flowing into Ukraine, the rest of the planned aid are probably just basically hot air that never got off the ground.

PS. Biden alleged that Xi has more problems. 

Yeah, Xi is trying to find time to meet foreign heads of state visiting China. Big problem. 

Xi also trying to find time visiting the villages to greet the Chinese people Happy Chinese New Year.  Big problem to meet 1.4b people across the China.


Anonymous said...

The dangerous cargoes were meant for Palestine. But the duft train driver dumped it to 'East Palestine' in the US.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the danger posed by the failing US Empire:

'2023.02.15 Is Poland Going to Invade Belarus?'

As it looks increasing likely that Ukraine is collapsing; it's probably time for Poland to attack Belarus and the 150k fully armed and ready for war Russian soldiers stationed in Belarus..


Anonymous said...

Poland is proving to be a warmonger just like in WW2.

Anonymous said...

The advantage that Biden has over Xi is that he has his dementia to fall back on as an excuse, and does not need to remember what problems he is facing. He needs to be told what is happening by his handlers, appointed by the Deep State. So by saying that Xi has more problems than him is not wrong, as he cannot remember what problems he himself is facing.

Even on the rostrum, he needs to refer to prompt cards telling him when to sit down and when to move on. Sometimes, after a speech, he turns around to shake hands with invisible people and sometimes he just wanders off in a daze. He is definitely suffering from 'elderly abuse' by his handlers.

The most ridiculous part is that he has a Vice President that is not able to help him, but instead is a big liability, totally unable to do anything correctly. Kamala Harris made basic mistakes visiting countries and embarrasing her host, and makes loud cackles to cover her inability to answer serious questions by laughing them off. On being given the job of looking after the Southern Border, she is reported to have made blunders that the Administration had to correct afterwards.

Of course there are also mistakes that Biden himself made, like boasting of a 'US$350 billion Digital Transformation' for Africa that had to be walked back afterwards by the
Administration and reduced to a mere 'US$350 million', or US$7 million for each of the 51 African countries. US$7 million to do what Digital Transformation? That is worse than the US$15 million given to each ASEAN country for patrol boats, which is already an insult.

Biden is basically looking down on Africans as beggars with such meagre aid, that had Africans and the world sniggering at it. That US$350 million is not even enough for each African to buy a roll of toilet paper, knowing that Africa has a population of 1.4 billion. Even beggars in Red Dot are asking for much more to buy lunch, which you can imagine how much it is.

Oops, sorry, are there beggars in Red Dot?

Anonymous said...

One demented ,the other
Flower vase

Virgo49 said...


The cunning Americunts now putting on a Charade that they going to be on good terms with China.

Wow, be careful of their Evil Agenda.

Sometime fishy cooking up!

No good intentions. Borrow monies ah?

Then will pluck you wholesale and screwed you later.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Xi has more problems than Biden. Biden needs a personal handler to ensure his pants are zipped up, reminds him where he is, where to walk to, what to say, etc, etc. Do the yanks actually believe Biden can remember problems and solutions proposed to him...1 hour thereafter or even 5 minutes?
In other words, where got problems for Biden if he cannot remember any.

Xi's problems are very tough to resolve. Like how to choose the best amongst the best...to manage the economy, military, foreign affairs, education system, infrastructure system, space technology...neutralise the never-ending criminal activities directed at China by the US-EU criminal enterprise.

Anonymous said...

actually our papies got more problem to solve (everyday need to go through thousand of news to see which to pofma), that why are paid the world highest salary. papies also need to prepare million chicken wings every now & then to satisfied the sinkies.. otherwise sinkies will not give them back the chicken happily..

Anonymous said...

Asking for help and then screwing China had already been proven after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. This time around, China must never commit the same mistake again. That talk of wanting to keep communication lines open and telling the world that the USA wants competition and not confrontation against China is all a pack of more lies.

After all the lies that they concocted over the decades, the USA still thinks the world will continue to believe in their lies is beyond comprehension, especially after Iraq. But, the amazing thing is it still works among the doggies and they still swallow line, hook and sinker. Just look at the well developed EU countries as an example.

But strangely, less developed countries in Africa, Latin America, Central Asia and Middle East are no longer buying those lies. Now, who is dumb and who is in fact dumber?

Virgo49 said...


Killing Marts in UAssA.

Retribution for Killing Fields in Cambodia and Vietnam