Americans lying about 'threats' to frighten silly and unthinking countries

 The Americans are threatening to go to war with China in 2025. Conducting provocative 'freedom of navigation' using warships and warplanes skirting close to Chinese borders. Flying nuclear armed bombers to firing range of these deadly nuclear bombs along Chinese borders. Calling Russia a threat and starting the Ukraine War to want to break up Russia. Conducting provocative wargames simulating invasion of North Korea with tens of thousands of soldiers that could turn into a real invasion. Now attacking Iran using Israel without declaration of war. Threatening Venezuela and several Latin American countries with regime change and sanctions.

On the contrary, China is trading peacefully with countries all over the world, engaging in economic development and infrastructure building. 149 countries, including very small countries are joining the China's BRI. None of them is calling China a threat. None of China's neighbours felt threatened by China except the mischievous India, China's second biggest neighbour, lying about China wanting to invade and capture India's barren land when the land actually belonged to China but stolen by the British and India wanting to claim them as theirs.

In the case of North Korea, it was isolated and sanctioned by the Americans, like many other countries and kept from conducting trade and business with countries of the world. But the Americans are spreading the lie that the North Koreans are threatening everyone, including threatening the USA, like Afghan tribesmen threatening the safety of America. And they keep on spreading these lies like real in western media and media of American cronies. And many innocent and unthinking readers simply believe in these lies without questioning how true are they.

By harping on their fictitious and fabricated China threat, it was reported that NATO and Japan are forming military alliance to counter this fictitious China threat. What has NATO got to do with China when it is thousands of miles from China in another corner of Europe? NATO is threatening to destroy Russia in a war of expansionism. Japan had invaded China and is threatening to mess around with China's internal affair over Taiwan. Both are warmongering entities, are the real threats to China, just like the evil American Empire threatening every country in the world, conducting wars, regime change and sanctions. NATO is trying to extend its warmongering to East Asia, which is a bridge too far.

The warmongering states of the USA, Japan, NATO are the threats to every country in the world, the threats to world peace. But the western media and media of American cronies and stooges continuously repeat these same lies, that others are threat and they are the angels. They are starting wars, fighting wars, provocating for wars, for peace. They claimed to be the peaceful countries, all armed to their teeth, bombing and killing innocent people daily, mothers, children, the oldies.

They can continue with their lies. The rest of the world have seen through their lies and are all trading happily with China, have good relations with China, all their leaders queuing to visit China to negotiate for trade deals and economic cooperation. No country is queuing to visit the USA as there is nothing good that would come out of it. No country is believing in the American lies that China, Russia, Iran, North Korea etc etc are threats to their security. The truth is that every country knows that the real threats come from the USA, NATO and Japan, the butchers of WW2.

And now this silly balloon threat to frighten the shit out of unthinking Americans. Or to prep them for a war against China, as usual with all their fabricated lies. Can you imagine what kind of war it would be between the Americans and the Chinese and how many would perished without knowing what hit them, and how many could survive to live in a world that is worse than living in the Stone Age.

Watch this 2 minute clip of delirious American jokes.


Anonymous said...

The USA is really trying to make the spying balloon narrative stick. Now brainwashing allies to support those fititious claims by asking those countries that the balloon flew over to join the circus.

That balloon flew over many countries, including Canada. Now Canada is probably going to dig up something to claim that the Chinese were spying on - Moose butting each other from behind.

Even simple folks, young and elderly, are asking why need a fighter jet, two in fact, to fire a missile to bring it down? Imagine how much one such missile cost. It is all a show staged to make a mountain out of a molehill. Understand that if they just use another way, much easier way, to take a shot at it to bring it down without so much fanfare, probably the world would not pay so much attention. And they advertently dragged the show for a week, let it float all across the USA, and using the danger of shooting it down earlier. Finally they blew it away using high tech military hardware to capitalise on their top gun capability and trying to frighten China. It also serves the purpose of diverting attention away from Joe's forgotten documents lying in his garage.

The USA is a joke and you will be amazed at all the jokes circulating on social media about balloongate.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are lying to the world that the North Koreans are a threat to the countries of the world, wanting to nuke everyone. And some silly countries and silly people believe so.

The only threat is the Americans trying to nuke North Korea and North Korea is building up a few nukes to throw at the Americans if the Americans strike at them. The threat to use nuclear weapons against countries of the world is from the Americans and no one else. Period.

Anonymous said...

They are not only inventing spy stories, some morons in the USA are using social media to target Chinese products of spying as well. Washing machines, refrigerators, bread toasters, electric vehicles, electrical transformers in substations are said to be used by China to spy on them. That is how paranoid some people can be, from the country with the best universities producing such unbelievable mentality. But then, even the top leaders are of such calibre, so blame not the citizens.

Anonymous said...

USA is the greatest nuclear threat among all nuclear states.

Which country ever used nuclear bombs against another country? None other than the USA. And as Putin always say, the USA will accuse anyone of doing what the USA already did before. Putin was so right!

Anonymous said...

They have driven the hillbillies and the unthinking to a height of frenzy. The devils behind this mischief have an agenda, to incite hate against China and likely to increase the tension to eventually start a war with China. They would not die, but the average American boys and girls would die for their wicked scheme.

Virgo49 said...


Now their NATO lap dogs started demonising China by this StolenBird.

Anonymous said...

They have acknowledged that they have lost the war in Ukraine and wanting to wind it down. They wanted to shift the war to China.

Can't beat the Afghans. Can't beat the Russians, want to court death with the Chinese.

These savage warmongers think war is a gamble with the lives of their people.

Taiwan is like a desert island in the western Pacific, all alone in the midst of nowhere. The nearest state is rabid dog Japan that would be buried for good by the combined forces of China, Russia and the two Koreas.

China has absolute control of a diameter of 2,000km from Taiwan. Nothing can come close from air, sea, undersea, without being destroyed, unlike Ukraine. No hostile warship can stay afloat in the East and South China Sea, submarines too would be taken out.

Anonymous said...

NATO is trying to drag the South Americans into supporting Ukraine. USA is letting NATO do the coaxing while it pivots to China, knowing Ukraine is turning into a lost cause. On the pretext of improving economic ties, Ukraine was never an issue far from the tour by Olaf Scholz, and promises of aid was thrown around to buy the support of Latin American countries.

Even Biden's US$350 billion digital transformation for 51 African countries only transformed into US$350 million, or about US$7 million for each country. To do digital transformation of Africa with US$7 million each? Sholz is using the samme old same old tactic used by Biden, but unfortunately too little too late.

Olaf Scholz embarked on a South American tour and visited Brazil, among others, in an attempt to coax Lula to send weapons to help Ukraine without bothering to look into the history books. When Lula said that Brazil is all for peace, and sending weapons to Ukraine is counter to this belief, Scholz got a pie in his ignorant face, by claiming that South America would not be that peaceful and would be like Ukraine if such imperialistic acts by Russia is allowed to be followed by South American countries. He obviously did not realise that it was the Europeans that were conducting their imperialistic conflicts on the continent, that resulted in their colonisation of the continent and not the South Americans themselves.

Besides loosing Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and the Muslim World, the USA and Anglo Saxon whites are going to lose Latin America as well. These countries know what is the USA's vile and evil agenda, using NATO to try and turn the tide in Latin America. Probably too little too late, with history providing lessons that those countries have learnt from their painful memories. They are not going to continue to revive those days of colonial rule by following the Anglo Saxon whites yet again.

Virgo49 said...

Accordingly to reports fired three shots before one hits it on fluke shot.

Wah, how to fight with China?

Virgo49 said...


Just saw this Tucker Fox News on that Bidamn's part speech of his State of Union Address.

When the cameras turned to his wifey with that Allahma'd hubby and when he spoke of little children been molested and needed the Abortions Laws to be passed, his daughter now a grown woman was shocked at the cameras at her and she looked very uncomfortable.

Why? Because according to news reports from his daughter's month that cheeko old man used to purposely bathe with her and fondled her when she was young.

Woo wee just like the cheekos Japs who also bathed with their daughters.

That's why they needed to pass the Abortions Laws.

Don't know have Hunter Jr Jr or NOT by his daughter?

Real Sia Suay Barbarians decadent lifestyles wanted to follow the Japs.

Anonymous said...

Producer John Pilger also said fired several shots.

Anonymous said...

Up to now it is only a 'suspected' spy balloon. But after adding in the salt, pepper and secret ingredients, it will become a full fledged spy balloon. Americans are good cooks, all Michelin starred from top to bottom. They can cook everything, from food, to evidence (as in Iraq), to economy (like massaging figures on unemployment, jobs and recession), to spying (which they are the de facto king).

Even getting clobbered in Vietnam and Afghanistan, they still are claiming they are able to win over China anywhere in the world. Well, the proof of the pudding is now right there in Ukraine.

Even in non military boasting, are they winning on the economic front? If so, why is Biden so paranoid about China overtaking the USA and becoming the top economic power? Why needed support to form the Chip Alliance, instead of taking on China alone? Why does Biden need to assure his countrymen that he will not allow China to overtake the USA during his watch? What is he afraid of, if the USA is capable of winning everything?

Anonymous said...

Lost in Korea.
Lost in Vietnam.
Lost in Afghanistan.
Now losing in Ukraine.

Won in USA. Shot down a balloon.

Chuan Teck said...

Why didn't China just warn the US that their weather balloon went off-course? Would have avoided all the problems.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Trump, who won everything hands down. From trade wars to COVID, all convincing victories. Trump really had made 'America Great Again'. MAGA hats to him.

But Captain America aka Donald Trump has to return in 2024 in order to save America. That shows how badly Biden has turned America into.

So bad is the situation that America has now been left to two old men to fight it out in 2024 for the Presidency. Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

China did explain that the balloon was blown off course. But the mischievous Americans chose to hype on it as a threat. It was pointless and futile to explain something so basic to a wicked mind. The Americans just blew it up.

Just like Huawei is a threat, a fridge is a spy machine watching the user. The Americans with their twisted logic, would make everything a threat to score political points. In this case it could be more sinister, inciting hate and anger against China over a balloon, maybe preparing the people to start a war with China.

To be fair, many Americans are laughing themselves silly at their politicians and making jokes out of it. The average Americans know that this was not a threat. Only the politicians are making it up to be a threat. If it is a real threat, they would have taken it down immediately. How could they allow a threat to be floating all over America for so many days?

Anonymous said...

Read Clarissa Yong's piece in the ST today about Biden's SOU address in particular on China. I was wondering why ST bothered to send a US correspondent when they can source the same opinion from biased intl news agencies.

Also Sharon Seah's on why SE Asia sees India favorably against China and it is clearer that SPH is licking Uncle Sam's boots.
No wonder it needed dirty tricks to show
their fake circulation numbers

Anonymous said...

Right, China did tell the USA it was a civilian balloon doing some test and was blown off course. But the USA blew it up into a 'spy balloon' and spying on their military infrastructures and all that horseshit. They are hyping it up for conflict.

It is no use for China to explain any more, as the USA is famous for twisting facts into fabricated lies. Just think of Iraq and you do not have to engage further with their twisted minds, or any more talking with them. Nothing will work on twisted minds with vile and malicious intent.

patriot said...

The US and its' Allies are like cats on a hot tin roof, all in jittery. They are all paranoid if all things Chinese.
Soon they will die from the Chinese Haunt without the Need for the Chinese to engage them in any physical war.
Just mention Chinese and it will generate fear and the Whites
will pee
in their pant and panty.

Virgo49 said...


15 Millions died of UAssA's Covid-19 virus Rand Paul Directly Confronts Top Biden Offical on Funding Virus Studies.

As usual their reply that's that we knew off and will come back to you for more info.

All the World's Dafts just simply kept quiet and even WHO also played along.

UAssA the murderers of those who died of the Virus.

Virgo49 said...

Josephine Teo said will still fund them the 9Millions as this is our PAP Official Propgranda Mouth Organ and Media Mouth Piece.

We needed SPH to brainwashed you dafts.

Elections most important time have 90% of Papies Brainwashings all written the good of us and the adverse reports of the Opposition.

Also Channel News America another powerful media giving us all the time to demonise the Opposition and also air time Full-time to wash all your dumb brains.

Anonymous said...

I notice there are many pro US tankies in that Yusof Ishak FP think tank.

Anonymous said...

Yusof Ishak and Rajaratnam School are pro US. LKY School is more neutral.

Anonymous said...

They did on Feb 3 with a FM statement and yet US chose to shoot it down a few days later in a provocative gesture using F22 fighter.and.3.missiles.
Already Pentagon had ready said no harm was done and balloon was already flowing to the Atlantic Ocean.
The media and opportunistic politicians whipped up a mass hysteria calling Biden weak that forced his hand that ironically showed his weakness in cowing to them.
These elements are shaping public opimion to support war with China.

Virgo49 said...

Why must allocated proportionally how many candidates each party contest in the Elections?

OPPO just few mins and the Papies few hours

If you really wanted true DemoCrazy then have all the same air time for all parties that contest the same election and also dared to have debates with one another on your policies.

Lop sided affairs and also the Top Management you put your ex Papies Ministers and MPs to be watch dogs and dictated the directions to put wool on the eyes of daft sheepie Sinkies.